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This page is a help or manual page for the ISFDB database. It describes standards or methods for entering or maintaining data in the ISFDB database, or otherwise working with the database. Other help pages may be found via the category below. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page.

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When an author's bibliography is displayed, there is a "Titles" link in the left navbar. Clicking on this will display a list of every title by this author in the ISFDB, sorted by title, 100 to a page. This view is primarily for merging titles. The list provides links to each title, and shows whether it is already listed as a variant. A checkbox next to each title allows you to mark those titles which you wish to merge; clicking the "Merge Selected Records" button at the bottom of the screen gives you the merge results screen. See the help on merging titles for details on that screen, and when to merge.

However, this screen is not as often used for title merges as the Advanced Search title screen, because this screen does not permit merges of titles that do not happen to be on the same page.