Help:How to link a magazine to its wiki page and add it to a magazine series

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Adding a Magazine to the Magazine Wiki Page:

The main magazine wiki page can be accessed by clicking Magazines under the Other Pages menu heading on the primary page. Each page will have a wiki page associated with it which has links to the magazines. In order to edit the magazine wiki page click Edit This Page in the Edit Page menu. In an existing wiki page there will be entries like {{p|196765|Feb}}. The number in the first argument of the p template (delimited by pipe bars; in this case the number: 196765) is the address of the pub within the ISFDB. It is the pub id or record number from the publication data. In order to link a magazine a similar entry must be made in the magazine wiki using the pub id of the magazine to be linked. If there is no wiki page for a magazine it can be created using these instructions which can currently be found on the main magazine wiki. Note: The pub id or record number is not visible when viewing the Publication Listing of a magazine; The ISFDB Publication Search Form of Advanced Search can be used to determine the value. In addition to the title of the pub you can also enter the year of publication in the search from to narrow things down.

Adding a Magazine to a Magazine Series

The Editor records of a magazine must first be merged by year. The merged title is then added to the magazine series. Use the following illustrated steps:

  • Use Advanced Search to find the Editor record for issues published in a given year. The Title Search screen will list candidates for merging.
  • Select the titles to be merged being careful not to select any publications that should not be merged. Only titles with the same editor(s) should be merged. See this example where the editor credit changed in the middle of 1953.
  • Carefully view the Title Merge Results then click Complete Merge. Select the earliest date. It does not matter which title is selected because the title will be modified in the next step. The Moderator will review and approve the submission.
  • Bring up the title record for editing. Edit the title record. In this case "Strange Stories, April 1939" should be changed to "Strange Stories - 1939" and "Strange Stories" entered in the series field. The Moderator will review and approve the submission which will create the merged editor records for the year and be a part of the magazine series which also means the series can be accessed from any magazine which is included in the series using the View All Issues link.