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This category contains vanity printers or self publishing houses. Many of these are also print on demand meaning they can manufacture individual books to ship them directly to the purchaser.

To include a publisher's article in this category add {{Vanity press}} or [[Category:Vanity press|{{PAGENAME}}]] to the bottom of the article.

Also see

  • Imprints lists imprints used by publishers and publishing groups.
  • Verified publishers lists companies identified as the "publisher" for a publication. Note that this category is not the same as the Publishers category which contains a mix of publisher and imprint names, some of which have not been verified.
  • Publishing groups lists companies identified as "publishing groups" in the source publications. Sometimes these are identified by the words "Distributed by ..."
  • Verified common names lists common names for publishers/imprints.
  • Logos lists logos used by publishing groups, publishers, and imprints.
  • Publisher series series that are identified with a particular publisher. This category does not include article's on an author's series for example.
  • Printers lists book and magazine manufacturing companies.
  • Vanity press lists vanity, self publish, and print on demand publishers.
  • Publisher verification sources, that contains the publications used as source references for the Verified Publishing Names project.

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