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Tony Gleeson, a United States artist and illustrator, was born June 9, 1949. His first published work was for Ultimate Publishing in Queens, NY, an interior illustration for the Dave Skal story "Spirit of Seventy-Six" in Amazing Science Fiction, December 1974. He subsequently created interior illustrations for Amazing, Fantastic, and other science fiction publications until 1980. He created paintings for cover and promotional art for the Science Fiction Book Club, 1979-1983; H. Rider Haggard's "Allan's Wife" for Newcastle, 1979; and cover paintings for other paperback book publishers through the 1980s. Many of his cover pieces were collected in the Doubleday anthology The New Visions, 1982. His work in the science fiction and fantasy fields was sporadic thereafter as he turned his efforts to television and film work, advertising and concept design, and magazine illustration. On occasion he returns to the science fiction genre. He worked for Neal Adams's Continuity Studios through the 1990s and since 2000 has worked as a freelance illustrator in Los Angeles, California.