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David Hall Bowman is a musician and author originally from Durham, North Carolina.

Bowman's first short story "A Surprise for Jeanie" was published in Abberations Magazine in 1995 and nominated for several science fiction and horror awards, including Evening Tide's "Best New Short Story". It was called by one editor, "A sickly humorous mix between Roald Dahl and Flannery O'Connor". Mr. Bowman seems to have abandoned short fiction after this publication because the next time his name appears is for the novel "The Churchtown Puffers"(2001), a dark romance set in Nashville Tennessee during the early nineteen nineties.

The plot of "The Churchtown Puffers" involves a group of working-class friends seeking to uncover the secrets of alchemy in a gritty, alcohol-fueled summer that ends in death and madness. The book combined elements of magic-realism and biblical allegory and was largely considered too dark for horror publishers and not dark enough for specialty publishers. The "Churchtown Puffers" was published online at in 2001 and garnered a small cult following.

Mr. Bowman is reportedly pursuing an advanced degree in English Literature at a university in North Carolina, and an academic paper titled "Divergent Paths: University Writing Centers and Subject Tutoring" was published by a David Hall Bowman in The University of North Carolina Wilmington's online graduate English publication "Speculations" in 2008. It is not certain that this is the same person.