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Award Listings

This Wiki page supports the ISFDB Award Directory, which has a list of all the awards currently in the database. The table below has a link to individual awards and indicates the current status of incorporating them into the ISFDB. Awards are listed in alphabetical order; when the award is named after an individual, this order uses the last name of that individual.

Note that of the many awards given, some are published as for the year in which they are awarded, and some are published as for the year of eligibility of the works being evaluated. For consistency, we always list awards for the year of eligibility. This means that we may list "The XYZ Award - 2010" while Locus or the XYZ awarding group calls it "The XYZ Award - 2011". Our policy, in addition to this basic consistency, makes it more likely that a title receiving multiple awards has them listed for the same year, and makes it much easier to handle cases where an organization "catches up" on back awards by announcing 2 years of awards during one calendar year.

Award Status
Multi-Category Awards - "General" Awards covering all forms of Speculative Fiction
Dragon Awards Complete through 2019.
Goodreads Choice Awards Complete through 2017.
HOMer Award Complete
Hugo Award Current through 2019 winners
Imadjinn Awards Current through 2019 winners
Locus Poll Award In progress.
Nebula Award Current through 2019 winners
Nihon SF Taisho Award Complete through 2018. Only Special Services Award entered for 2019.
Quill Award 2005-2007 (complete)
Retro Hugo Award In progress
Seiun Award Current through 2019 in all categories
SF Chronicle Award In progress.
Sub-Genre Awards (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Alternative History)
Science Fiction
British Science Fiction Award In progress.
John W. Campbell Memorial Award Up to date through 2013
Philip K. Dick Award Complete to 2013.
Robert A. Heinlein Award Up-to-date (2003-2014)
August Derleth Award Initially, the name of the award now called the British Fantasy Award. After the scope of the award was changed in 1976 to add more categories, the name "August Derleth Award" was retained to refer specifically to the British Fantasy Best Novel Award, which see for details.
Balrog Award Uncertain
British Fantasy Award In progress. Winners up to date thru 2011
Gandalf Award Complete? The 1981 award seems to disagree with Locus.
Gemmell Award Complete through 2018 awards.
"The three awards are the David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel, the Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer and the Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Cover Art." (Wikipedia)
International Fantasy Award Complete (1951-1957)

Japan Fantasy Novel Award Complete through 2018.
Mythopoeic Award In progress.
World Fantasy Award Complete through 2011.
Bram Stoker Award In progress. Up to date through 2004.
Deathrealm Award Complete
International Horror Guild Award In progress
Rondo Hatton Horror Award No data online for 2007. 2008-2012 complete. 2013 nominations entered. (Only awards for ISFDB-eligible books about written SF are listed.)
Alternate History
Sidewise Award Complete through 2014 (As of August 2015)
Writing Form Awards (Short Story, Poem, Screenwriting)
Short Story
Asimov's Undergraduate Award Complete through 2011
Dell Magazines Award The award usually called the "Isaac Asimov Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing" is now sponsored by Dell Magazines, and the name was changed in 2005 to the "Dell Magazines Award ...". ISFDB lists these awards as "Asimov's Undergraduate Awards / Dell Magazines Award"
James White Award Complete through 2010.
Sturgeon Award Up to date through 2010.
Rhysling Award In progress.
Ray Bradbury Award 1992-2013
Thematic Awards (Gender, LGBT, Race / Ethnicity / Cultural, Libertarian)
Gender and LGBT
James Tiptree, Jr. Award Up to date through 2010, except for a few awards (1 to a web page, and 1 to a title series) that are difficult to include correctly just yet.
Lambda Award Up-to-date through 2010, awarded in 2011. (The award includes many categories of different genres and LGBT themes. The only award consistently included here is "Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror".)
Norma K. Hemming Award Complete through 2013.
Race, Ethnicity, PoC / Cutural
Association for Mormon Letters Award Complete to 2022
Carl Brandon Society Award Complete to 2011
Whitney Award Complete to 2022
Prometheus Award Finalist Nominees and Winners complete through 2015. Some Preliminary Nominees may still be missing for the Hall of Fame Award.

Young Reader Awards (Young Adult & Children's books)
Andre Norton Award Complete through 2014.
Carnegie Medal Up-to-date through 2013.
Eleanor Cameron Award The Golden Duck Award for middle-grades was renamed "The Eleanor Cameron Award" as of 2004, and is given in honor of the author most famous for her "Mushroom Planet" and "Julia Redfern" books. These awards are classified with the Golden Duck awards.
Golden Duck Award In progress
Hal Clement Award for Excellence in Young Adults Science Fiction Literature This award presented in memory of Hal Clement at Worldcon each year. It is one of the Golden Duck Awards, and is classified with them.
Ruth and Sylvia Schwartz Children's Book Award Up-to-date through 2011.
New "..." Awards (New Author, Artist, Novelist)
Compton Crook Award In progress. Winners up to date thru 2012.
Gaughan Award Up-to-Date
John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer Up to date through 2012
日本SF新人賞 (Japan SF Newcomer Award) Completed.
Artist Awards
Chesley Award In progress. 2003-2009 have Winners of published works only so far.
Personal (Individual) Awards - Career Honors, Lifetime Achievement, etc.
Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award A lifetime honor presented annually by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America to no more than one living writer of fantasy or science fiction. Founded as the "SFWA Grand Master" in 1975, it was renamed in 2002 after the Association's founder, Damon Knight, who had died that year -- see under Nebula Award/
Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction The formal name for what is more commonly called the Skylark Award.
First Fandom Hall of Fame Award Complete to 2013
Skylark Award Up-to-date through 2013.
Solstice Award Listed in ISFDB as a category under Nebula Awards. Complete to 2013.
Academic/Professional Awards
William Atheling Jr. Award
Publication Specific Awards - Best works in a specific publication
Analog Award Complete through 2014. Still collecting the awards for the "All-Time Best" poll (see the award narrative).
Asimov's Reader's Poll Award Complete through 2011
SFBC Award In progress.
National Awards
Aurealis Award Novel winners complete through 2011. 2013 totally complete. Note: The year is the publication year, not the year in which the award was announced. [Although the eligibility year started about November of the previous year - up to about 2010, I think ... clarkmci]
Australian Science Fiction Achievement Award Now called the Ditmar Awards
Ditmar Award In progress.
Aurora Award In progress. 2004-2010 need French titles.
Sunburst Award Up-to-date through 2012.
Imaginaire Award In progress
Prix Tour-Apollo Award Complete.
Kurd Laßwitz Preis

See note in award overview

New Zealand
Sir Julius Vogel Award Does not include the "New Zealand Science Fiction Fan Awards" from 1989-2001. In progress under the new name through 2013.
United Kingdom
Arthur C. Clarke Award Up to date through 2011
United States
Endeavour Award Up-to-date.