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Space Art Poster Book (Stackpole, 1979) Editor and contributor. Collection of poster-sized reproductions of paintings by well-known science fiction and space artists. Includes a brief historical introduction by the editor.

Space Art (Starlog, 1979) Editor and contributor; includes essay: "The Archaeology of Space Art." German translation, 1980. The first history and overview of space and astronautical art. Repruduces art covering a period of over 100 years. Includes a long historical essay by the editor and artist biographies.

The Grand Tour (Workman, 1981) 100 illustrations; editions in six languages; nominee for Hugo Award for best nonfiction; Book Club feature selection. Six printings (141,000 copies in print). New, revised edition for September 1993. [with W.K. Hartmann] A "traveler's guide" to the solar system, it takes the reader on an illustrated tour of the planets and their satellites. Revised edition has updated text and thirty new paintings. Third printing, September 1995. Main selection of Book of the Month Club, Astronomy and Science Book Clubs.

Worlds Beyond: the Art of Chesley Bonestell (Donning, 1983) Editor [with F.C. Durant, III] An illustrated biography of the father of astronomical art. Includes biography by Durant, picture editing, section introductions and captions by Miller.

Out of the Cradle (Workman, 1984) 65 illustrations; editions in two languages; Ten Best Books of the Year -- Astronomical Society of the Pacific; 46,000 copies in print. [with W.K. Hartmann and Pamela Lee] Discusses the future of mankind's place on earth and in the solar system, and the exploration, exploitation and colonization of the planets.

Cycles of Fire (Workman, 1987) 85 illustrations; Book Club feature selection; Ten Best Books of the Year --Astronomical Society of the Pacific; one translation; 2nd printing (58,000 copies in print). [with W.K. Hartmann] An illustrated tour of stars, nebulae, the galaxy and beyond.

Stars and Planets (Doubleday, 1987) Illustrator; Outstanding Science Trade Book -- National Science Teachers Assoc./Children's Book Council. [with C. Lampton] Children's book.

Decalcomania -- a Tourist's Handbook and Guide (privately published, 1987) A tourist's guide to a non- existent country.

Mathematics (Doubleday, 1989) Illustrator. [with I. Adler] Children's book.

20,000 Leagues Under the Seas (Unicorn, 1988) Illustrator, translator and editor. First complete, unabridged English edition that also tries to preserve Verne's personal style. Nearly 20% longer than the "standard" translation. Includes 35 full-color and B&W illustrations, plus maps and diagrams. In the Stream of Stars (Workman, 1990) Editor and contributor; includes essay: "The History of Space Art." [with Vitaly Myagkov, W.K. Hartmann and Andre Sokolov; introduction by Ray Bradbury] A pictorial anthology of Soviet and Western space art. Created as a spinoff of US/Soviet space art workshops held in Moscow, Iceland and the US, as well the touring exhibition "Art of the Cosmos."

Bronwyn: Her Trials and Tribulations (Berkley, 1991-1992) Trilogy of novels: Palaces and Prisons, Silk and Steel and Hearts and Armor. Trilogy of novels in the "steam punk" genre. Covers and interor art by the author.

Planetarium (Bantam, 1992) Illustrator. [with Barbara Brenner] Children's book about the solar system and space exploration.

The History of Earth (Workman, 1992) Illustrator. [with W.K. Hartmann] New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age, 1992. Film rights optioned for production as a 3D Imax movie. Outlines the story of our planet from its formation to several billion years into its future.

The Dream Machines (Kreiger, July 1993) Author and illustrator. [Introduction by Arthur C. Clarke] A 744-page, 200,000-word history of spaceships, arranged chronologically from 380 BC to the present. Includes some 1200 illustrations, drawings and photographs, many never reproduced before. The book is two-color throughout with a 16-page section of full color. IAF Manuscript Award. Booklist Editor's Award, 1994.

Extraordinary Voyages (Black Cat Press, 1994) Author and illustrator. An atlas/companion to the works of Jules Verne. Includes more than 100 maps, diagrams and schematics of machines, ships and inventions, and an annotated bibliography.

BrainQuest (Workman, 1995) Co-author. Part of a best-selling series of children's learning games.

Firebrands (Paper Tiger, 1998) Co-author, illustrator. A pictorial history of the heroines of science fiction and fantasy. 100+ illustrations. With an introductory essay by Pamela Sargent. Science Fiction Book Club main selection

Rockets! (Franklin Watts, 1997) Author. A history of rockets for young adults. New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age, 2000

Bradamant: The Iron Tempest (Timberwolf Press, 2000) Novel based on a character in Orlando Furioso. Illustrated by the author and Gustave Doré.

The History of Science Fiction (Franklin Watts, 2001) A history of science fiction for young adults.

The Art of Chesley Bonestell (Paper Tiger, 2001) [with Frederick C. Durant, III] Coffee table-sized book on the life and work of artist Chesley Bonestell. Science Fiction Book Club feature selection. Hugo Award, 2002.

Worlds Beyond (Millbrook Press, 2002-2005) Author and illustrator. Ten book series: Extrasolar Systems, The Sun, Jupiter, Venus, The Earth & Moon, Uranus & Neptune, Saturn, Mercury & Pluto, Mars, Comets, Asteroids & Meteors, Stars & Galaxies. American Institute of Physics Award of Excellence.

Velda (Timberwolf Press, 2003. Author.

The Grand Tour (Workman, 2005). Illustrator and co-author [with W.K. Hartmann]. Entirely new edition of 1981 book with all new text and art.

Special Effects: An Introduction to Movie Magic (Millbrook Press, 2005) Author and illustrator

The Elements (Millbrook Press, 2005). Author and illustrator.

Space Innovations (Lerner Publishing, 2006-2007) Author and illustrator. Four-book series: Rockets, Satellites, Planetary Probes, Space Exploration.

Digital Art (Lerner Publishing, 2007) Author and illustrator.

Extreme Aircraft (Collins, 2007) Author

Cleopatra (Chelsea House, 2008) Co-author [with Sommer Browning]

The Seven Wonders of Engineering (Lerner, 2009)

The Seven Wonders of the Rocky Planets (Lerner, 2010)

The Seven Wonders of the Gas Giants (Lerner, 2010)

The Seven Wonders of Meteors, Comets & Asteroids (Lerner, 2010)

Articles and papers

"Space Art's Radiant Revelations" Reader's Digest June 1979 "The Media and UFOs" Second Look Nov/Dec 1979 "Ludek Pesek" Future September 1980 "David Egge" Future August 1981 "Futures Past" Starlog, April 1982 "The Worlds of Chesley Bonestell" Starlog August 1982 "The Great 1951 Space Program" Starlog "The Grandest Tour" Passages April 1982 "Ralph 124C41+" Starlog February 1982 "The Evolution of the Spaceship" Starlog May 1982 "The Evolution of the Spaceship — part two" Starlog June 1982 "Jules Verne's Predictions" Starlog March 1982 "Prophecies That Failed" Best of Starlog vol.4, 1983 "Evolution of the Space Station" Science 83 September 1983 "Space Visionary" Science Digest January 1983 "The Astronomical Visions of Lucien Rudaux" Sky & Telescope October 1984 "Catastrophes" Science Digest April 1984 [with W.K.Hartmann] "Far Visions" Omni August 1984 "Days of Future Past" Omni October 1986 "Chesley Bonestell" Starlog December 1986 "Lunar Fantasies" Omni 1987 [with F.C. Durant, III] "Jules Verne and the Great 1890s UFO Flap" International UFO Reporter May/June 1987 "Speculative Spacecraft — 1610-1957" AIAA, 38th IAF Congress, October 1987 "Astronauts by Gaslight" Space World August 1988 "State of the Art" Space World August 1988 "In Pursuit of the True Nautilus" Scale Ship Modeler June 1988 "To Mars and Jupiter via Iceland" Final Frontier January 1989 "Lucien Rudaux — Grandfather of Space Art" AIAA, 39th IAF Congress, October 1989 "The High Road to Jupiter" Final Frontier October 1989 "A Collection of Historic Spacecraft Models" Spaceflight March 1990 "The Seven Wonders of the Solar System" Final Frontier Nov/Dec 1990 "Jules Verne and the Helicopter" Aviation Heritage January 1991 "The Evolution of Spaceship Design," (essay) Blueprint for Space, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1991 "Lucien Rudaux" Final Frontier October/November 1991 "Spaceflight and the Cinema" AIAA, 43rd IAF Congress, October 1992 "Silent Space" Filmfax March/April 1995 "The Fabulous Film World of Jules Verne" Filmfax May/June 1995 "Pulp Fiction's Femme Fatales" Femme Fatale October 1995 "The Archaeology of Space Art" Leonardo 29:2, 1996 "Who First Suggested the Rocket for Space Travel?" Quest Winter 1996 "Jules Verne: Misunderstood Visionary" Scientific American April 1997 "Chesley Bonestell" Outre Fall, Winter 1997, Spring 1998 "Firebrands" Outre Fall 1998, Spring 1999 "Max Valier" Air & Space nd "Jack Coggins" Outre February 2001 "Chesley Bonestell" Space Illustrated Fall 2001 "Chesley Bonestell" American Heritage Science & Technology Spring 2002 "Hugo Gernsback, Skeptical Crusader" Skeptical Enquirer Summer 2003 "Spaceflight's Impact on Literature and the Arts" Societal Impact of Spaceflighti NASA 2007 "Interview With the Mad Scientist" (short story) Strange Pleasures Prime Books 2005 "The Funeral" (short story) Visual Journeys Hadley Rille Books 2007 "MS Found at the End of the World" (short story), Backbay Review, 2008

Other Publications:

DAKKAR magazine -- publisher and editor (two issues, 1968) A fan magazine devoted to the life and works of Jules Verne and his contemporaries.

Firebrands (Comic Images, 1994) Set of 105 trading cards. Illustrator. Based on the book Firebrands.

Grand Cosmos (Second Nature Software, 1995) Computer screensaver (based on art from The Grand Tour and Cycles of Fire)

The Solar System (White Mountain Puzzles, 1999) Jigsaw puzzle and poster

The Human Figure in Motion (Finlay Holiday Films, 2000) CD-ROM

Velda: Girl Detective (Black Cat Press, 2004-2008) Comic book series based on the novel, Velda.).Author and illustrator.

Motion Picture Production Design, Art Direction & Special Effects

Dune, production illustrator Total Recall, production illustrator Contact, visual consultant Ronnie Rocket, conceptual art Twilight of the Dogs, matte paintings Ghost Lake, matte paintings Mars Project, conceptual art Comet Impact!, production designer Dark Descent, illustrator New Alcatraz, illustrator Epoch, illustrator Future Flight, conceptual art First Encounter, conceptual art