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This is an ISFDB Bibliographic Comments page for the author (or artist or editor) Richard Kennedy. This page may be used for bibliographic comments or extended notes about the author, or discussion on how to the author's works are to be recorded . The link above leads to the ISFDB summary record for Richard Kennedy. Please use Bio:Richard Kennedy for a biographical sketch of this person. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page. For more on this and other header templates, see Header templates.

The Library of Congress shows 20 records for this Richard Kennedy as of 2016-05-05 (browse LC Online Catalog via his identity as linked below). All 20 credit him as writer with at least one other person as illustrator; one also credits another person for music.

LC cites Contemporary Authors for the full name "Jerome Richard Kennedy". Apparently Hodder & Stoughton published one of his books as by "Richard Jerome Kennedy" (per OCLC, also Amazon as of 2016-04-27).

  • OCLC 849740822, OCLC 16596886, Inside My Feet: The Story of a Giant, Hodder & Stoughton, 1981-03-01 (date from, ISBN 0340258888