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This is an ISFDB Bibliographic Comments page for the author (or artist or editor) R. H. Horne. This page may be used for bibliographic comments or extended notes about the author, or discussion on how to the author's works are to be recorded . The link above leads to the ISFDB summary record for R. H. Horne. Please use Bio:R. H. Horne for a biographical sketch of this person. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page. For more on this and other header templates, see Header templates.

Born Richard Henry Horne 1802 or 1803. Changed to Richard Hengist Horne 1867 per SFE. Apparently his works (primarily non-genre) have been published under all of the forenames Richard Henry, Richard H., R. H., Richard Hengist, and R. Hengist.

R. H. Horne and Richard Henry Horne were distinct authors in the database before 2016-04-06, with different birthdates 1802-12-31 and 1803-01-01 and different Webpages. As of 2016-04-06 Richard Henry is an alternative name of R. H., for whom we give birthdate New Year's Eve 1802 and list three Webpages:

  • LCCN: "Horne, R. H. (Richard [1]
  • SFE3: "Horne, Richard Henry" [2]
  • Wikipedia: "Richard Henry Horne" [3]

Born 1802 per LCCN; born 1803-12-31 per SFE3. The Wikipedia biography states 1802-12-31. Its online sources include Blainey 1972 in Australian Dictionary of Biography and Mennell 1892 in The Dictionary of Australasian Biography, which give the New Year's Eve 1802 and New Year's Day 1803 dates respectively.