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The Red Centaur (Faber, September 1939) was published as by Marjorie Mack. According to a newspaper review, it was Miss Mack's first novel; non-genre, featuring a London(?) family on vacation in Brittany, from the viewpoint of a girl child. The King of Fiddles (Faber, November 1941) was published as by Marjorie Dixon; non-genre, featuring two children with adult cousin and nurse on vacation in Ireland. Some other books by Marjorie Dixon are set in/on Ireland or lesser islands. Some evidently historical fiction, or steeped in Celtic British Isles, maybe borderline spec-fic. WorldCat shows no US edition of The Red Centaur or The King of Fiddles. Reviews in The Observer were very positive.

The Velveteen Jacket was probably published in 1941 as by Marjorie Mack.

Apparently as of 2016-04-30, Marjorie Mack Dixon has not been identified by the Library of Congress, although there are eight records for her works in LC Online Catalog (new and old). At LC Authorities ( there is no hit for Marjorie Mack and no authorized hit for Marjorie Dixon. That is, no LCCN assigned and no page for her at, although the complex name and birthyear 1887 suggest that this US national library believes her to be one person.

Search at hits her only in the national library of Ireland (and one undifferentiated name in the German library) [1]. Marjorie Dixon in the national library of Canada seems to be another person [2]. does have a main page for Mack Dixon. Unfortunately it lists only six works; same as LC Online Catalog without the two "from old catalog". There are more hits for her works at WorldCat, however.