What's New from 2009

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What's New - 31 December 2009

  • Highlights of patches r2009-23 through r2009-75 implemented between September 8 and December 31:
    • You can now remove invalid pseudonyms
    • You can now delete empty Series
    • You can now dissociate Series from their parent Super-series
    • Automated the addition of cover scans to publications
    • Edit Pub no longer allows editors to change constituent Titles if they also appear in other Pubs
    • Remove Title lets you remove all Titles, including duplicates and container titles
    • CHAPTERBOOKs have been re-enabled at the Title level to allow documenting standalone appearances of Shortfiction and Essays
    • Editors can cancel their submissions before they are approved/rejected
    • Magazine pubs now link to their parent Series (or to the EDITOR Title if it's not in a Series)
    • You can now search magazine titles from the main search box.
    • The Forthcoming Books page has been redone.

What's New - 8 September 2009

  • Highlights of patches r2009-14 through r2009-22 implemented between July 29 and September 8:
    • Serials are no longer matched to their parent Novels/Shorfiction lexically. They now use the regular Variant Title logic. This eliminates many cases of incorrect behavior, e.g. when Hubbard's "To the Stars" was appearing on Heinlein's and Harrison's pages.
    • Split the "Title" search option into "Fiction Titles" and "All Titles".

What's New - 29 July 2009

  • Highlights of patches r2009-07 through r2009-13 implemented between July 1 and July 28:
    • Implemented Advanced Publication Searches by Publisher, Price and Page Count
    • Implemented Advanced Title Searches by Reviewed Author
    • Editors now see a "My Messages (new)" in the navigation bar when they have new messages in the ISFDB Wiki

What's New - 30 June 2009

  • Patches r2009-04, r2009-05 and r2009-06 were installed on 20 June, 27 June, and 30 June respectively. Highlights include:
    • Pseudonym Search fixed;
    • Reviews where the reviewer or reviewee are using pseudonyms or non-canonical names are handled better;
    • Submitting editors can see if their submissions are being held, and if so, by which moderator;
    • Errors in Advanced Author search have been fixed;
    • Additional verification sources, including OCLC/Worldcat and multiple primary verifications are now supported;
    • Support for creating and editing "Chapterbook" (chapbook) titles has been restored and improved;
    • Display of series pages has been improved.

What's New - 14 June 2009

  • Development resumed as of May 2009. 4 developers are currently implementing minor changes while we are debating more far reaching proposals.
  • Patches r2009-01, r2009-02 and r2009-03 installed on June 4, June7 and June 14 respectively. Highlights include:
    • Empty Series eliminated; Short Fiction Series and Non-genre Series implemented
    • ISBN linking to Amazon, B&N and other stores fixed
    • Links to the sites hosting images that we have permission to link to added
    • All bugs and feature requests have been moved to Sourceforge Ahasuerus 21:44, 14 June 2009 (UTC)