What's New from 2004

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What's New from 2004

What's New - 19 Sep 2004

  • Yet another data fix release. Deleted about 700 duplicate books and 150 duplicate authors.
  • 'Soundtrack: Eagles of Death Metal - Peace Love Death Metal

What's New - 13 Sep 2004

  • Another data fix release.
  • There is a new ISFDB Blog.
  • I have a new email address at alvonruff@gmail.com.
  • Reading: Susanna Clarke - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.
  • Soundtrack: Foo Fighters - One By One.

What's New - 3 Sep 2004

  • Multiple failures (login failures, system space problems, and email problems) ultimately led to the ISFDB domain name timing out. All but the email download problems are now fixed.
  • Lot's of data fixes. Lot's more to go.
  • Reading: Neal Stephenson - The Confusion.
  • Soundtrack: Velvet Revolver - Contraband.

What's New - 18 Jul 2004

  • Forthcoming books update.
  • Reading: Neal Stephenson - Quicksilver.
  • Soundtrack: Tool - Undertow.

What's New - 4 June 2004

  • Exceeded 135,000 titles.
  • Have completed the work to represent the ISFDB in MySQL tables, and have constructed converters to move data to either format. This release was completely derived from the MySQL database. The next step will be to finish all editing tools need to maintain the data in this format.
  • Reading: Dan Simmons - Ilium. I can't believe I'm actually reading a book of fiction; it's been over a year since the last one. It's a bit ironic that I created the ISFDB as a way to find good books to read, but don't really have the time to read them anymore.
  • Soundtrack: The Vines - Winning Days.

What's New - 4 April 2004

  • More data fixes plus some minor tweaks to the ISFDB engine.
  • Index to the New York Review of Science Fiction is now up to date.
  • Index to the Asimov's Science Fiction is now up to date.
  • Soundtrack: Tool - Aenima.

What's New - 26 March 2004

  • Ported the ISFDB cgi applications to Python. The original apps consisted of 14,000 lines of C code written over the course of 9 years; the new scripts consist of 2300 lines of Python written over the course of about... 9 days. The ISFDB should be running on the new Python scripts 03/29. If you want to test-drive them, try the python test search page. This is a drop-in replacement for the old applications, so no links will have to be updated. Tarball, for the interested, is available at python.tar.gz.
  • Everytime I tested a page in the ISFDB with the new Python versions, I found and fixed a data error. Lot's of fixes here, lot's to go.
  • Performed a final merge with awards update.
  • Soundtrack: Queens of the Stone Age - R

What's New - 11 January 2004

  • Copious data fixes, plus some end of year updates.
  • Soundtrack: Jet - Get Born.