What's New from 2002

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What's New from 2002

What's New - 24 December 2002

  • The old site at www.sfsite.com/isfdb was retired today, with a final tally of 17,886,980 queries served.

What's New - 02 December 2002

  • This update includes a major awards update, including the addition of 4 new awards: The Endeavour, Goldenduck, Sunburst, and White.

What's New - 01 December 2002

  • If you're reading this, you may be wondering what this data is doing here at isfdb.org instead of at sfsite.com. Sites currently hosted at SFSite, including the ISFDB, will be required to pay for hosting at the beginning of the year, so I will consolidating all ISFDB data here at isfdb.org.
  • Expect some flux while things are being moved. Since everyone will be required to change their links to the ISFDB, I'll probably be making some changes to the URLs to simplify them.

What's New - 28 July 2002

  • Submissions Integrated: 304
  • Submissions In Queue: 2909
  • Added about 100 more titles to the forthcoming books section.
  • To reduce the amount of abusive email received, changed the code that displays awards for a particular year such that it doesn't generate links for people who don't have any bibliographic information entered into the bibliographic database.

What's New - 13 July 2002

  • This update is a first pass at catching up on forthcoming books.
  • Exceeded 120,000 titles.
  • I'm getting back to integrating user submissions, and have noted lots of abuses lately, including using submissions as some sort of email system to authors (authors can not see your submissions), requests for how to get in touch with authors (I don't know any more than you do), vast numbers of of erroneous submissions, and a fair number of deliberate vandalisms. So, once again, I'm going to turn off the ability to submit corrections. This will last until I'm caught up, and will probably go on until design of the new submission system (which will address these issues) is complete.

What's New - 1 July 2002

  • This is just an end-of-the-month cleanup.

What's New - 22 June 2002

  • New York Review of Science Fiction listings are now up to date thanks to Mike Cross.

What's New - 9 June 2002

  • Repaired all orphaned publication tags in the database.
  • Interzone listings are now up to date thanks to Mike Cross.

What's New - 2 June 2002

  • Submissions Integrated: 372
  • Submissions In Queue: 2827
  • Integrated 290 submissions by jad.
  • There's a new section under Lists called Author Communities. You can read the page for more details, but this page basically attempts to locate author communities within the genre via analytical techniques.

What's New - 22 April 2002

  • Hugo Awards update. Rebuilt all top 100 lists as a result.
  • Note that all ISFDB source code and data is now available at www.isfdb.org .

What's New - 21 April 2002

  • Submissions Integrated: 683
  • Submissions In Queue: 2516
  • Integrated 160 submissions by jad.
  • Reading: Kim Stanley Robinson - The Years of Rice and Salt.

What's New - 3 March 2002

  • This is mostly a bug-fix update, although the display format for Publication Bibliographies has been completely redone.
  • Reading: George Basalla, The Evolution of Techology. Tamsyn Barton, Ancient Astrology.

What's New - 17 February 2002

  • Submissions Integrated: 574
  • Submissions In Queue: 2882
  • Reading: John Robert Christianson, On Tycho's Island: Tycho Brahe and His Assistants, 1570-1601.

What's New - 12 February 2002

  • Modified the forthcoming books page such that the title links directly to the publication data. Fixed a display book in forthcoming books. Added significant numbers of forthcoming books.
  • Reading: Dava Sobel & William J. H. Andrewes, The Illustrated Longitude.

What's New - 03 February 2002

  • Completely caught up on Realms of Fantasy listings.
  • Submissions Integrated: 374
  • Submissions In Queue: 2871
  • Reading: Ellis Peters - A Morbid Taste for Bones; Bryan Sykes, The Seven Daughters of Eve.

What's New - 27 January 2002

  • This update contains a few corrections, an update to forthcoming books, and the contents of some recent magazines.
  • Links on the publication lists to online booksellers are now operational again.
  • Made the Ballantine catalog available under [Publishers]. This is still a work in progress.
  • Submissions Integrated: 127
  • Submissions In Queue: 3066

What's New - 19 January 2002

  • After a decade of modem use (with long-distance dial-up charges), I now have broadband at home. This is no small feat, since my house is located amidst cornfields, miles from the nearest town. I'm now connected via an 802.11 wireless WAN. This means that I can now do ISFDB updates in about 7 minutes, instead of 2.5 hours of dial-up time, which means that you'll see far more frequent updates.
  • This update contains a few corrections, an update to forthcoming books, and the contents of some recent magazines.
  • Reading: Umberto Eco - The Name of the Rose.

What's New - 6 January 2002

  • Year in Review: Although 2001 began poorly (with the ISFDB forced offline for several months), it was nonetheless one of the ISFDB's better years. The ISFDB received consistant attention by the editor throughout the year, and the number of hours poured into the database very nearly matched those of its first years (1995-1996). Almost 20,000 titles were added this year (an increase of about 20 percent), we caught up on most current periodicals, several thousand user submissions were integrated, the first publisher catalogs were brought online, and five new magazines were completely indexed. In addition, substantial progress was made in converting the ISFDB into XML, the first step needed to bring the www.isfdb.org site online.
  • Added a new tab at the top of each bibliography. Actually, it's a reuse of a pre-existing tab. The [Chron] link now produces a strictly chronological bibliography, without regard to series. By request.
  • Added auto-generated pages for Ace Doubles, the various Ace Specials, and Tor Doubles to the [Publishers] section. The Ace listing has been substantially cleaned up.
  • Submissions Integrated: 315
  • Submissions In Queue: 3081
  • Reading: Gregory Maguire - Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.