What's New from 2000

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What's New from 2000

What's New - 17 December 2000

  • Completed indexing Authentic Science Fiction (1951-1957).
  • Completed indexing Imagination (1950-1958).
  • Completed indexing Science Fiction Quarterly (1940-1943, 1951-1958).
  • Completed indexing Nebula Science Fiction (1952-1959).
  • Completed indexing Startling Stories (1939-1955).
  • Completed indexing Planet Stories (1939-1955).
  • Completed indexing Fantastic Adventures (1939-1953).

What's New - 9 December 2000

  • Exceeded 100,000 titles.
  • Have made a first rough pass at Forthcoming books. Should be completely back on track by the next update.
  • Made some radical changes to the Magazine page. The most obvious change is that there is now a timeline of magazines in table format. Clearly, the tables are not entirely complete yet.
  • Got caught up on numerous magazines through 1999.
  • Added a new FAQ section concerning misconceptions about the ISFDB.
  • In a bold experiment, I have decided to re-enable data entry functions.

What's New - 16 November 2000

  • As you've probably noticed, there haven't been any updates to the ISFDB for some months; okay - it's been more like over a year. Actually an attempt was made to do an update last December (just before my computer equipment and reference materials were packed up), and another in January to fix a Y2K problem, but I couldn't get through the various firewalls, disk quotas, and email thresholds between me and SFSite. Since you're reading this note, that means that computers are back online and getting updates onto SFSite is no longer a problem.
  • It will be some time before things are normal again (whatever that turns out to mean), but the first order of business will be to get Forthcoming books back online, and get caught up on the awards. I have a few magazines to enter that stacked up over the hiatus, but every one of my subscriptions ran out at some point over the last year, so there will be spotty coverage for a while.

What's New - 5 January 2000

  • Fixed a Y2K problem in forthcoming books. This prevented the display of all forthcoming books beyond Dec99. See - there really were some Y2K problems.