What's New from 1998

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What's New from 1998

What's New - 8 September 1998

  • Exceeded 85,000 titles.
  • Forthcoming books look pretty solid through March 1999 now, thanks to John Boston.

What's New - 24 August 1998

  • Exceeded 80,000 titles.
  • Author web pages now have their own field in the database, correctable from the author's page. This changes the data base engine to version 1.11.

What's New - 10 August 1998

  • Author email address now have their own field in the database, correctable from the author's page. This changes the data base engine to version 1.10.
  • Htmlized version of the Most-Reviewed books are now available online, under DERIVED/Most-Reviewed Books.

What's New - 27 July 1998

  • After a long period of inactivity, major renovations have begun. Notable changes visible today:
    1. The data submission facility has been disabled. The lack of error checking in that facility, combined with the high volume of errors in the data submissions, has caused the daily integration of user submissions to overload time resources. This has caused other areas of the ISFDB to fall fallow. The facility will be reenabled after it has been redesigned and all data still in the queue has been integrated. I will most likely enable specific types of submissions as they become available.
    2. The html pages at this site have been partitioned for 3 years to cover browsers that don't have full support for tables. Since Mosaic was the problematic browser in this area, and Mosaic is rarely used anymore, these duplicate pages have been eliminated. The remaining pages have been tested with Netscape, Explorer, and Lynx.
    3. The data submission for author information corrections has been overhauled and re-enabled.
  • Integrated 45 user submissions.

What's New - 26 May 1998

  • Integrated 786 user submissions.
  • Added a page for Adventures of Sword and Sorcery.

What's New - 11 May 1998

  • Integrated 458 user submissions.

What's New - 27 April 1998

  • Integrated 574 user submissions.
  • Added support for Chesley and Analog awards.

What's New - 13 April 1998

  • Have made the source code and data files of the ISFDB available for download. Look on the title page under Information/Download.
  • Thanks to John Boston, forthcoming books look pretty solid again.

What's New - 16 March 1998

  • I'm back; things should start progressing again. Integrated about 450 user submissions.
  • Exceeded 75,000 titles.

What's New - 9 February 1998

  • Integrated about 600 user submissions.

What's New - 17 January 1998

  • Integrated about 350 user submissions.
  • Indexed 7 issues of Beyond Fantasy (Data thanks to Bill Anderson).

What's New - 12 January 1998

  • Added support for back cover artists. This changes the database engine to version 1.9
  • Indexed 121 issues of Fantastic (Data thanks to Bill Anderson).
  • Indexed 4 issues of Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine (Data thanks to Bill Anderson).
  • Indexed 36 issues of Fantastic Adventures (Data thanks to Dan Kurdilla).
  • Indexed 46 issues of Amazing Stories (Data thanks to Dan Kurdilla).
  • Indexed 34 issues of Astounding (Data thanks to me).

What's New - 5 January 1998

  • Added a page for Startling Stories, which is completely indexed from 1939 through 1948, with good coverage elsewhere.
  • Since the year has incremented, and the Top 100 lists use the current year to calculate the points per title, you should see some drift in the lists.

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