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Areas of interest

German publications

I will occasionally add German editions of both translated and original works. Publishers of particular interest are Heyne and Goldmann.

Organizing series

Whenever I stumble upon titles (especially short fiction) that should be part of a narrative series, I will try to add to or create a series. This might be pieces by a single author with recurring characters or the same fictional setting, it might be part of a larger licensed world (see next item) or it might be a multi-author shared setting. I also put excerpts into the same series as the source books they come from if they are part of one.

Licensed fiction

i.e. fiction based on movies/TV/tabletop/video games/etc.

I try organizing these into series if I find them (see above). Another point of interest is licensed fiction found in publications not usually covered by ISFDB. These include gaming/movie/TV magazines as well as gaming rulebooks/sourcebooks which include fiction of the relevant setting. Examples:

  • Babylon 5 short stories in The Official B5 magazine
  • Farscape short stories in The Official Farscape magazine and the Farscape RPG
  • Fiction by Margaret Weis in the Serenity Role-Playing Game (2005)
  • Short fiction in Star Wars Gamer magazine
  • An exclusive story by James S.A. Corey in The Expanse role-playing game.
  • Virtual Realities - A Shadowrun sourcebook currently in the database as a novel. It does include a novella-length piece of fiction.