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Watertown Housing Authority

September 2017

  1. U Florida Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature Baldwin BLHCL
  2. Indiana U Wright American Fiction [1] bibliography
  3. Wayne State U Eloise Ramsey Collection
  4. Internet Archive F. Anstey, A Fallen Idol (1886); Search report: Edmund Dulac

titles actual and hypothetical

Shakespeare's ...
Grimm's ...
Stories from Hans Andersen
Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
Andersen's Fairy Tales

el  .(F.O.C.) Felix Octavius Carr Darley 133413 (179)
el  .(Augustus) A. Hoppin 222872 (29)

FictionMags Index

Stawell not found
Stowe these stories not found
el   Harriet Beecher Stowe 112819 (309)

1871 as Houghton Mifflin is gullible T2200395

at HDL Oldtown (Illustrations by 3 artists) 12 illus., 10 stories; we list 15 as 1899/1871

at HDL 1887 Sam Lawson's Oldtown 15 stories, 13 illus. by 3 artists

LC Catalog Oldtown titles #160-168

1872/71 Oldtown Fireside Stories (James R. Osgood, 1872)
1896 Oldtown Folks and Sam Lawson's Oldtown Fireside Stories (2-vol. OMNIBUS)

LC Sam Lawson's #204-206

(Osgood, 1872, 216pp, 11 stories) 1899 1967

HDL Sam Lawson's

1887 91 93 1967 --all 287 pp

Wikipedia Oldtown Folks as 1869 novel Fields, Osgood, and Co. EN --no mention of Sam Lawson at Wikipedia

newspapers 1870 1889

[2] Hart Cour 1870-05-20 p2 June Atlantic begins Oldtown Fireside Stories
Detroit Free Press 1870-05-28 p3 The Ghost in the Mill
Chi Trib 1870-06-05 p6 The Ghost in the Mill.
Chi Trib 1870-08-07 p5 Mis' Elderkin's Pitcher
Chi Trib 1870-10-30 p5 Captain Kidd's Money
NYT 1870-11-19 p2 another installment in December Atlantic
[3] NYT 1871-12-16 "Choice Holiday Books Published This Day" (simply) OFS $2.00 "with vignette of 'Sam Lawson, the Story-Teller' and 13 illus by [DHH]", large, 12mo "nearly one-half of this book [11 stories?] is entirely new" --w/r newspaper/magazine series?
[4] Chi Trib 1872-08-05 p1; "this day" Sam Lawson's OFS "in response to a general demand for a cheaper ed. It contains new matter and illustrations." (ie, 15 stories?), 16mo, 13 illus; paper $0.75, cloth $1.00
[5] NYT 1880-11-20 p3 "Literary Notes" Sam Lawson's OFS (Houghton, Mifflin) "enriched by three new sketches" --vs 1st ed. or cheaper ed.?; probably her best work
NYT 1886-08-09 p3 "Books Received" $0.50
The Atlantic Monthly

Volume 25, Jan-Jun, pp. 1-764 (Numbers 147-52) Volume 26, Jul-Dec, pp. 1-764 (Numbers 153-58)

? One story by Harriet Beecher Stowe in the same volume (p688-74) is neither credited at its head, nor signed or bylined at its tail, but it is credited to "Mrs. H. B. Stowe" in the Contents. Later in 1870, stories by Stowe in the same Oldtown series conclude with the byline "Harriet Beecher Stowe". Eg, December p659

Title page (of volume 26 as bound, U Michigan copy)

The Atlantic Monthly.
A Magazine of Literature, Science, Art, and Politics.
Volume XXVI.
(American flag vignette)
Fields, Osgood, & Co.

The front cover for July is available and shows one listing:

Oldtown Fireside Stories [not the particular title in this issue]. By Harriet Beecher Stowe ... 62
page 62 heading (in full): Oldtown Fireside Stories. / The Widow's Bandbox.
page 68 byline: Harriet Beecher Stowe.


Jonathan Swift's Gulliver (indb without Swift as co-author, nor in series Gulliver) series: Gulliver's Travels Universe

T157235 chapbook as by Jenkins and Riddell

For this ISBN as of 2017-09-29, Amazon US provides "Look Inside!" 2010 paperback format (different cover illustration, 2004 copyrights, "retold by Martin Jenkins")

Amazon labels them Author, Editor, Illustrator


2010 paperback [6]

Lilliput alone as picture book (short story?) [7]

Chris Riddell-introduced Alice

T1243700 - corrupt somehow UK as 2008-05-14 17.6cm (US 6.9in) UK as 2008-02-28 17.8cm (US 7in) --what do the 3 images represent? ; now RRP: £6.99

Amazon gives February for "2"/132107-3 and May for "1"/132562-0 ; Fantastic fiction distinguishes implied US and UK editions
Fantastic Fiction, perhaps following Amazon cover images and months, identifies both as "UK edition" [8]
Penguin Random House biz shows 132107 $5.99 on sale 06-19-2008; 132562 not listed; perhaps two covers for one ISBN? RandomHouse HS teachers supports that supports the two cover images
BL dnf 132562-0

Tanglewood Tales

1938 H&S Dulac o[9] 222 ; as Dulac 1st o[10] 222, 14 b/w plates? and P484592 citing! o[11] "19--" 244, 14
1918 H&S Dulac o[12] o[13] o[14] 244
1936 Windermere, Milo Winter o[15] 283, 7 o[16] 283
1914 Duckworth, Milo Winter (unique record) o[17]
1913 Windermere, Milo Winter Fo[18]

Dulac at Amazon (oldest first, nominally) -incl 1907 Arabian Nights cover as "German" --GOOD 51sI460YiAL._AC_SX60_CR,0,0,60,60_.jpg

Andersen 1911[19] --good but WE HAVE JACKET
Nightingale and Other, as 1911 [20] --two-volume version, with Snow Queen?
Snow Queen and Other, as 1912 [21] (also as 1911, as 1913)
and both vols as 1920 Nightingale Snow Queen (no image) --no page-counts
Princess Badoura 1913[22]
(1914) Sindbad 1988[23], Kindle[24] with Look Inside
1915 Picture-Book[25] --in queue as ASIN: B001GZVYVW; also in queue one story import
1915 Dreamer[26], no image --WE HAVE A DOUBLE IMAGE
1916 Stealers[27] --WE HAVE A BETTER IMAGE
Arabian retold by LH as 1920[28] Doran 237 pp
Arabian as 1920 [29] H&S 3rd ed., no page-count
Fairy Garland 1928, signed[30]
HDL Scribner's 1929 as 251, 12 col pl, 24.5 cm

H. Piazza, French-language Dulac Henri Jules Piazza (1861–1929)

canonical form

"H. Piazza", Library of Congress, which reports also the other and "H. Piazza et Cie" ("Paris publisher, appears in imprints from ca. 1895 to 2000")
"Édition d'Art H. Piazza", Center of Warsaw University Library
H. Piazza (corporate) (0)
Hadji Mazem [31] (0)
  viaf-   np- (dnf any of 3)

HDL full view of undated (later than 1910)

Ces Contes ont été adaptés de la version arabé par hadji-mazem (google: "These Tales have been adapted from the Arabic version by hadji-mazem")

text spans p[5]- pagination 5/7-18 [12], 19/21-30 [10], 31/33-57 [25], 59/61-84 [24], 85/87-94 [8], 95/97-112 [16] = 95 pages text -- Table des Contes, [113] -- Table des Illustrations, [115]-116, list of 50 -- p[117] lists 4 other works by Dulac including 1908 09 10 "les autres ouvrages illustrés par Edmond Dulac sont:

La Tempête [1908]
La Belle au Bois Dormant [1910]
La Reine des Neiges [Snow Queen, 1911]
Le Rubaiyat d'Omar Khayyam [1909]

page-count 116 matches LC report of Stories retold by Laurence Housman

-- p[118] "Imprime a Paris par Gauthier-Villars" --two sellers give date 1912, and these dates

1912 Hadji-Mazem as "first French trade edition" [32], as 131pp transl by Mazem; title page image does not match HDL 19--
1914 Badourah
1919 Sinbad

HathiTrust HathiTrust --SHOULD report Dreamer of Dreams "New Title: Nash's and Pall Mall magazine Nash's magazine" but click on those links hits only other copies of the 1893-1914 run as The Pall Mall Magazine (no pre-1914 as Nash's nor post-1914 as merged Nash's Pall Mall) The Brushwood Boy, as Doubleday, Page 1905 c1899, links another copy of the Macmillan 1907 illustrated by F.H. Townsend --same edition as apparently, with original cover that those views lack

The Lady's Realm: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine

London monthly, 1896j-- at HDL, another
jointly Vols 1-2, 4-27(1898 to 1909/10), 29-30, 34(1913)
missing 3, 28, 31-33

Vol 22 (1907) p288 p419, illus. S. B. de la Bere at HDL: Index p288-93, 419-23

dnf "Tales of a Woodcutter" in Index v21 or v23
S. B. de la Bere --nidb at VIAF at Wikidata (3 inclg "A Carroll"[33]),%20stephen%20baghot/ (6 inclg Gulliver and Quixote)

Lemuel Gulliver, Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World (Black, 1904) 307pp +16, illus de la Bere o[34] o[35]

P385475 Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World by Swift -- why not Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World: In Four Parts by Gulliver?

Swift/Gulliver (539) of which Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World #466-477 and other Travels -480


P337387 why not Annotations by Isaac Asimov?

search Notes; Annotations, eg in Martin Gardner bibliiography ; Hearn T1284205

Stawell's Fairies


Fairies 1910[36] --NEED correct source of our cover, perhaps one of Dulac's illustrations manipulated
HDL copy Toronto:Musson 1910? shows frontispiece and plates facing pages 24 36 46 54 68 74 82 (none for the later stories --one for each of the first 8 stories)

p[119] The Gresham Press / Unwin Brothers, Limited, / Woking and London

facing page 54 facing page 82 (source for book cover illus.)

My Days 1913[37]
and 1920[38]

the fairies figured in the two cover illustrations are from two of Dulac's interior illustrations

Fairies I Have Met (1900-1912, 2 hits only: UK 1907, US 1911)

[39] The Times of India 2Rs 10a [1907-11-21 p3 Thacker & Co. Ld. / Booksellers Bombay "From Thacker's Catalogue" P635589
also The Adventures of a Do-Do, "with Seventy Illus. by Willy-Pogany" 2/10 P608132 done;
also The Brushwood Boy, illus. F.H. Townsend 4/8 P635579 - no date info
NY Times 1911-12-09 p5 Loeser's, 8 plates in color, small quarto, $1.25

Toronto: Musson; London: H&S, printed in Britain at WorldCat 3 print, 1 ebook as [1910?]; o[40] [1911?]

Gutenberg o[41] 2011 as Maud Margaret Key Stawell

Nabu 2010 ISBN 9781171486664

Dover, from stated 1910, 2014 ISBN 9780486780863 o[42] with list of Contents (12 stories), 138pp "originally published by Hodder and Stoughton, New York, in 1907"

Middletown DE: Pook Press 2017\2015 ISBN 9781447449010 o[43] with our cover illustration; at Amazon 2015-05-27, 132pp, with Look Inside (no t.p. or t.p. verso) incl numbered Contents

google books Library of Alexandria as by MMKS (2013?) ISBN 9781465517364

Gutenberg #38252 (2011) --from images at Internet Archive (H&S, no date) --as by MMKS

Pinterest shows book covers "Fairies I Have Met" top, as 1907; "My Days With the Fairies" not far below

1913 My Days at ABEbooks, with girl seated cover

1907 ed. in queue --this text not used

WorldCat records report 7 and 8 leaves of plates.
The Musson edition (Toronto, 1910?, viewed at HathiTrust) with identical page count lists 8 interior illustrations, the frontispiece plus 7 plates not included in the pagination.
The Project Gutenberg edition (#38252, 2011, from unidentified Hodder & Stoughton edition) matches the Musson ed. in both respects.

Fairies I Have Met, 1st ed., 1907

crucial dealer Arroyo at [44] at at

As of 2017-10-01 this is one vintage book cover displayed by "psychiccourtney" at [45]

and (maybe her source)

1907 newspapers and magazines (17 hits, of which 15 UK, 2 US)

The Athenaeum 4173 (1907-10-19) "List of New Books" p482, price 3/6
The Spectator 99.4138 (same date) "Publications of the Week" p576, 4to (Lane) 3/6
The Saturday Review 104.2714 (1907-11-02) p554 "This Week's Books"
The Spectator 99.4140 (same date) p641
[46] review The Athenaeum 4178 -11-23 p653 "presumably designed to appeal to the very young"; "owing to some carelessness in the binding, one tale is given twice, and another is half repeated. The illustrations in colour by Mr. Dulac are suitable, but not striking." --and approves of Fairy Tales from the Arabian Nights, ed. E. Dixon, ill. John D. Batten (Dent & Co., no price) --and adequate Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales, ill Helen Stratton (Blackie & Son)
[47] The Academy 73.1858 1907-12-07 p215 "Illustrated Books for Children" (16 selected books) p215-18

US (2 hits)

The Bookman 1907-12 p445ff Book Received ... p453 under Juvenile, John Lane Company, Illus in colour by ED
Life 1907-11-21 p625 Latest Books [Cabell, Gallantry, Harper, $2] John Lane Company (no price)

1910 (10 hits, of which all UK)

The Athenaeum 4328 (1910-10-08) p421ff List of New Books p423, price 3/6
The Sphere 43.559 (same date) p24 Books Received 3/6 (Hodder & Stoughton)
review The Athenaeum 4331 -10-29 p519 (negative) "none is guiltless of the undertone of improvement and instruction which is apt to be tiresome to children, as well as repugnant to the best traditions of fairy lore" (earlier citing Andrew Lang) (positive concerning the illustrations)
The Bookman 1910-11 "New Books of the Month" 0910 to 1010

1911 (2 hits, both US)

NYT above and The Dial 1911-09-16 p208 Announcement List of Fall Books, "Fall and Winter season of 1911-12" (listing not found in 21-page dense run-on)

The Brushwood Boy


[48] The Scotsman 1899-97-10 p9 Scribner and Putnam editions of Kipling, copyright dispute w Kipling

NYT 1899-08-12 pBRA529, in preparation Orson Lowell ed.


1899 illus Orson Lowell --done
1899 Macmillan New York : Doubleday and McClure Co. --at HDL, and 1903, and o[49] 1905 (catalogued at HDL but not available)
1907 illus F.H. Townsend, 1-[92]pp Macmillan at HDL --in queue --check newspapers, note Times of India report:

[to be revised] The Times of India 1907-11-21 p3 "From Thacker's Catalogue" under "Trade Announcements": lists an edition likely to be this one (no publisher, 70 illus. by Pogany) at price 2 Rs. 10 a. (2/10 Rupee).

1907 3-73pp Doubleday at HDL (with two illustrated covers; that from U Michigan lacks title page)

4 early eds. at HDL

See also collection The Day's Work T39136 (12 stories, 6 now indb)

At Wikipedia The Ship anthropo parts of a ship, The Devil, .007 anthropo locomotives --it apperas that The Devil is non-genre; no information on The Bridge-Builders
[50] Man Gua 1898-10-11 p4 "Macmillan & Co.'s New Books."; "New Six Shilling Novels." 6/- ; another is Mrs. Molesworth, The Magic Nuts
Toronto The Globe 1898-08-30 p10 Doubleday & McClure forthcoming 09-30; -10-05 p5 $1.50, The Howell Book Company $1.15
US 3 -10-08 listings, no price

HDL provides full view of 8 copies including at least one from U California with original cover -- cover dark green with black line and gold stamped illustration -- Contents -- Illustrations, lists 8, frontispiece and 7 plates not included in the pagination; credits all but one to --none indb

W. D. Stevens,
E. L. Blumenschein [51] (13)
W. L. Taylor,
W. Louis Sonntag, Jr. - VIAF 58527345, LCCN (1); Sr. at Wikipedia

credited in the Illustrations list, and captioned --except one signed W. Louis Sonntag Jr. (illegible, but clear given the Sonntag signatures that are credited)

front Stevens --locomotive, probably "The Bridge-Builders" or ".007"
144 150 Blumenschein -- "The Tomb"
200 218 Taylor -- "William the Conqueror"
88 312 324 Sonntag -- "The Ship" and 'Bread Upon the Waters'

The Day's Work

N-Y Trib -09-25 pC15 "Literary Notes"

[It] "will contain his various stories of ships and machinery. The first edition is said to be one of 20,000 and it will be ready on the 30th of this month. It will have eight full-page illustrations."

The Times of India 1907-11-21 p3 Thacker & Co. Ld. / Booksellers Bombay "From Thacker's Catalogue" The Brushwood Boy, illus. F.H. Townsend, price 4Rs 8a (4/8 rupees)

o[52] Macmillan, as 1910, reissue of 1907, Orson Lowell, and 91pp

el  .(Sir) Frank Brangwyn (R.A.) 202406 (65)
The Girl and the Faun
Arabian, limited ed. 250 o[53]
Edward William Lane (47)
Antoine Galland (30)

The Girl, reviews

The Spectator 1917-01-06 (earliest), in some archive
[54] The Observer 1917-03-04 p4


[55] Price $2.00 from review SF Chronicle 1917-10-14 pE2 (very positive)
[56] NYT 1917-12-23 p50

One US newspaper notice of the 1st ed. describes the decoration by Brangwyn, Christian Science Monitor 1917-03-01 p8: "A feature of this decorative book is the dull orange border which frames Mr. Phillpotts' picturesque pages, telling their tale of the Fauns, Dryads and Nymphs, and their fancied conversations with mortals."

One earlier issue of the same column ("English Notes" by a London correspondent, frequency unknown), CSM 1916-11-16 p8 had announced the book briefly: Phillpotts "is also bringing out a story, "The Girl and the Faun", which he describes as a fairy story for grown-ups. To this Frank Brangwyn is supplying colored illustrations." Notice of this work not found in either newspaper, CSM and The Observer, between November 1916, as forthcoming, and March 1917, in review.

The Diamond Fairy Book, 1897?, illus. Pape and Millar at HDL

els  John Rowe Townsend
 lw  Mrs. Rodolph Stawell 227171 (7) --see User:Pwendt/FFM#Dec 2016

Michael Foreman

Amazon UK as 2004-08-01 [57]
as Paperback 2008-09-15 [58]; "Look Inside!" shows cover "Michael Foreman's ...", t.p. "Alice", "Chrysalis Children's Books"

WorldCat search: alice, michael foreman [59]

2004 Alice's o[60] 1402716524
2008?/2004 Alice's o[61] 9781843651161
2009 Alice's o[62] 9781742481487
2009/2004 MF's o[63] audio 9780739367667
2015 MF's o[64] 9781843653080

Packet Alley T2257863

Alice 1916 P364162 --compare 1916 HDL cover illus.

Northern Paper Mills cover illus. is "When the Rabbit took a watch out of his waistcoat-pocket, Alice started to her feet." p13, facing p16, in Rand McNally ed.;
Rand McNally endpapers by M. Winter ;; cover is paste-down "It may kiss my hand, if it likes," said the King, page 78, facing p80
HDL provides full view of one copy with original cover apparently (paste-down replica of illus. facing p80), frontispiece missing
12 distinct illustrations, 7 Wonderland and 5 Looking-Glass
1934 ed. per WorldCat only [8] leaves of plates

Christmas Carol 1912 P634424

el  .William O'Connor 26585 (5)
 l  .Lucy Corvino 35040 (30)
 l   Tania Zamorsky 166972 (6)
J. Paget-Fredericks --nidb (2) ; 1927 o[65]
Mildred Napier Anderson --nidb niLC,%20mildred%20napier/ ; 1951 o[66] ; 1953 o[67]
Elisabeth Meg 259533 --niLC; but see Elisabeth Wenning 
  also 1950 A Cheese for Lafayette o[68] as Amazon hc
  1953 Plenty of Pirates o[69] as Amazon pb
 lw .Bruno Frost 230895 (6) 
el   C. B. Colby 30706 (115)

[70] NYT 1951-06- review of Gabbit o[71] and other children's books

Arthur Sherburne (A.S.) Hardy EN in newspapers

NYT [72]
In 1898 Hardy and Grace Aspinwall Bowen, the daughter of an American expatriate, were married in Athens.["when he was Minister to Greece"] They had one son.[NYHT] [73]
Hardy lived about 25 years in Woodstock CT, where he died at home following a heart attack on March 13, 1930. He was survived by his wife and two grandchildren.[HC] [74]

Mrs. A.S. Hardy, Mary (Earle), evidently a different Hardy (4)

 el   Stuart Merrill, transl. 236183 (2)
 els  W. D. Howells, William Dean 11227 (391)
 el   Henry Mills Alden 122714 (26)
  lw  Georg Schock, pseud. 258724 (2) --Katharine Loose Riegel 

Pastels in Prose T2052805

HDL catalogs together 7 e-copies of which one each from Harvard (hvd.hwp9hx), Michigan (3901500904891), and California (uc2.ark:/13960/t56d5sm2m) appear to be 1st ed/printing, with original cover, front pages complete.

[v]-viii "The Prose Poem", closing "W.D. Howells." over "New York, April, 1890."
[ix] "Translator's Note", closing "S.M."
[xi]-xv "Contents" (in 23 sections by writer)

p[269] shows a concluding illustration, "The End."

evidently reprinted in the Master-Tales series(?) as Pastels in Prose: From the French, with introduction as by W. D. Howells (which matches the closing of that item, p.viii), date unknown [75] o[76]

and in The Odd Number series(?) as Pastels in Prose: From the French; or perhaps Pastels in prose : from the French : an anthology of prose poems o[77]

Contents include The Angels, The Goddess, Miracles, ... ; most very short but including

Ephraïm Mikhaël 251303 FR, Solititude: Anywhere Out of the World, p134-48
Maurice de Guérin [nidb] EN, The Centaur p221-36

el  .Hablot Knight Browne 258584 (189)
elw .Millicent Sowerby 225764 (3) 

A Child's Garden illustrators

1895 elsf.Robinson --illustrations now in db as recent ebook T2248731, NEED 1895 cover art too [needs Alice]
1900/02 Mars & Squire --nidb nidb --done at EN
1905 el  .Pease A225763 --NEEDs canonical name exchange [indb: Alice; sequel?]
1905 el  .Smith --in db INTERIOR and COVER
1908 elw .Sowerby 225764 (3) [indb: Alice; sequel?]
1916 -----Sheldon, born 1893 (3) --nidb
1919 -lw .Kirk [needs Alice]
1948 el  .Eve Garnett --in db INTERIOR and COVER(2) --in db only as illustrator

Bessie (Collins) Pease (Gutmann) at Amazon

Child's Garden -- at HDL ;; 1905 [78]; 1907 [79]
Wonderland -- Toronto: Musson at HDL; o[80] 1907 ;; 1907 "early"; 1929 [81]; 1932 [82] as "Bessie Pease"; 1933 [83] as "Bessie Pease"; 1988 Gutmann & Tenniel [84];
[85] publisher adverts NY Times 1907-12-06 pBR779 $1.50 'the "Pease" edition'; retailer -12-20 p3 "illustrated by Bessie C. Pease" $1.08
AlicewinksLite, illus. 12 early 20c eds. [86]
Looking-Glass -- o[87] 1909 ;; 1990 [88] Tenniel, Gutmann & Winter
[89] The Sun (Baltimore) 1909-11-07 p20 $1.50

Alice editions in db needing illustrator credit

1899 o[90] Tenniel
1899 McManus --I&C done
1901 Newell no cover?
1902 Cory no cover? --Canterbury Wonderland, Baldwin and HDL show cover; o[91] as 336-page OMNIBUS 1902
Cory, illus., Lucy and Their Majesties (Madame Tussaud, etc., are alive) o[92] at HDL
el f Benjamin Farjeon 186036 (84)
1907 Sowerby --I&C done
1907 Rackham --I&C done
1911 Tenniel no cover
1916 Milo Winter --I&C done --NEEDs two vols and omnibus?
1917 Herford no cover
1917 Woodward no cover

abridged & illus. Tony Ross 7478

1993 94 2015 Wonderland
1992 93 2016 Looking-Glass

Sterling Publishing (Classic Starts)
 lw  Arthur Pober 36063 (1) 
 l  .Dan Andreasen 9086 (137) 
 lw  Eva Mason 33485 (7) 


2008 Journal/Journey? novelization?
2005 picture book?

Milo Winter, Windermere series

el  .Milo Winter: 1916-09 133003 (40)
Amazon, with many Windermere [93]
ABEbooks, A Christmas Carol 1912 as 1912 as 1938
NYTimes 1938-11-20 p122? p37? "Latest Books" 16mo. $0.10[!]
no hits 1940
no hits 1911 to 1913 except other works (a) Chi Trib 1912-11-30 p9 Mary E. Hardy The Little King and the Princess True 8vo. cloth $1.25 Rand McNally; (b) NYTimes -12-21 p11 Billy Popgun self-ill $2.00 net Houghton Mifflin [94](see also Scribner's)

retail price $1.20 Gulliver's Grimm's Tanglewood Wonder Book (4)

[95] Price $1.20, each of four 1912 to 1913 volumes, advertised by retailer Kann, Sons & Co., Was. Post 1913-12-20 p7

retail price $1.35 Arabian Grimm's Gulliver's Wonder Book (4)

[96] Price $1.35, each of four 1912 to 1914 volumes, advertised by retailer Marshall Field, Chi. Tribune 1914-12-12 p9 matches

retail price $1.35 Arabian Crusoe (2)

[97] Price $1.35, advertised by retailer Frederick Loeser & Co., NY Times 1914-12-19 p10

1916 retail price $1.35 Alice, Andersen (2)

"milo winter" andersen -- also 1 hit 1916

Ralph M. Townsend, A Journey to the Garden Gate (Houghton Mifflin, 1919)

Reviews NYHT -12-07 pF4

LATimes -12-07 pIII-34 (no price); she wakes in the end, so it is only a dream novella perhaps 25000 words

NEED synopsis/review -- WorldCat summary from dustjacket is good

Illustrated end papers and t.p. vignette also by Milo Winter
Summary --in queue

Kessinger facsimile at Amazon 2009-09-24 $36.95

Townsend --niLC (title search => none other clearly genuine), useless at WorldCat (only the 1 genuine by this writer)

? Other works certainly by this Ralph Townsend not found 2017-10-01 at LC and WorldCat. No LCCN.

Flora Spiegelberg, Princess Goldenhair (Rand McNally, 1915) o[98]

1932 at Amazon (Cleveland: The World Syndicate) - WorldCat records show 1931, 1932

Spiegelberg --niLC (3 hits catalog search 'spiegelberg, flora'),%20flora/

Winter at LC (40)

1914 Hawthorne from Duckworth o[99]; 1936 Rand McNally o[100]
c1916 Andersen
1917 JCHarris
c1935 JCHarris
c1938 Grimm
2012 20,000 Leagues

Winter at HDL (17) (oldest first)

1916 Swiss (Ed. of 1933; lists front + 18 plates) --endpapers Fachwerk
1916 Alice (lists 1 + 11 plates) --endpapers Teal "M. WINTER"
1916 Andersen (Ed. of 1936; lists 1 + 7 plates --most missing) --endpapers Fachwerk
1918 The Trail Book
1919 The Wonder Garden [FJO] --2 copies w/o cover or endpapers
1919 Aesop (no cover, Windermere not stated, lavish illustration, many in color p.13 --no cover or endpapers
1919 A Journey to the Garden Gate [Townsend] --endpapers b/w "M W"
1922 Swiss (states (c)1922; 1+18 illus.) --endpapers Teal
also 1922 20,000 Leagues (no cover, (c)1922; 1+7 illus.) --no cover, endpapers Teal
1923 Musketeers
1932 Perrine
1932 Crusoe [full view] --no cover, endpapers Fachwerk
Edition of 1932; (c) 1916; p9-382
"The Illustrations", p7, lists 8 (front + 7 not incl pagination)
1935 Animal ABC Book
1936 Real Nature Stories [cover only?], Barnyard Babies
1946 Animal Inn
1954 Crusoe [full view] [frontispiece only --confirmed] --cover by another artist?
3rd printing 1956-09-15; Windermere Readers school edition; (c) 1914, 1942; p9-382
1960 Aesop [full view] --cover, no endpaper

Man Gua 1914-11-06 [101] -11-21 [102] UK Windermere series Duckworth 5/-

The Scotsman 1914-11-26 p3 [103] reports 6/-

1916-09-17 pBR369 "exactly a baker's dozen of illustrations", both Alice and Andersen, $1.35

[A] Christmas Carol P634424 --not found 2017-09-20 in automated search ('christmas carol' 'milo winter') of multiple newspapers 1911 to 1913 --NEED continue from HDL copy --in queue

["Some Choice Additions to The Canterbury Classics", p[158] --inclg Kingsley & Carqueville, The Water Babies; Craik, Washburne & Vawter, Adventures of a Brownie]

WorldCat series: Canterbury classics (includes "The Canterbury classics")

1902 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, ill. F.Y. Cory --in queue, both Baldwin and HDL
1903 The King of the Golden River, self-ill. Ruskin ?
1909 The Story of Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims, retold by Bates, ill. Angus MacDonall
1911 Adventures of a Brownie, ill. Will Vawter
1912 The Water-Babies, self-ill. Kingsley ?
1912 A Christmas Carol
1917 Through the Looking-Glass, ill. F.Y. Cory --not in Baldwin

(20 as 1902 to 1930) (13 as 2009 to present)

el   Katharine Lee Bates 191851 (80) 

picture book eds. with text from some of her Fairy Tales?



1902 Marble Faun and other Hawthorne HDL
1902 Norse Stories o[104], editor HDL
1903 King of the Golden River; HDL HDL - Canterbury ?
1914 HDL
Chaucer's Canterbury pilgrims, retold by Katharine Lee Bates ... illustrated by Agnus MacDonall, with color plates by Milo Winter.
1916 -HDL
Fairy Gold, poems
1921 (1986 ed. (c) 1949) o[105] 94pp 13 stories!
Once upon a time : a book of old-time fairy tales, ed. intro. Bates, ill. Price, 128p; [2097497]
Tom Thumb and other old-time fairy tales, ed. Bates, ill. Price; 32p 5 stories

Copyright Entries (1912) 12-18554 at HDL as by "Milo K. Winter" (no other hit as Milo K.)

[106] review The Western Teacher v21-22 p156

157 pages, 1912 o[107]
144 pages, 1940 o[108] (c)1912 o[109]

WorldCat search: 'Milo Winter' Windermere (22)

Publ series: Windermere (8) --in queue; tbctnd

  • P364151 Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift, 1912 [illus. Milo Winter] ;; 1940
  • P364153 Grimm's Fairy Tales, The Brothers Grimm, 1913 [Hope Dunlap]
  • P364154 Tanglewood Tales, Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1913 [Winter] ;; 1941
  • P364159 A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys, Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1913 [Winter] ;; 1913
  • P500424 The Arabian Nights Entertainments, uncredited, 1914 [Winter] ;; 1914 at Amazon "1St Edition edition (1914)"
  • P364162 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, Lewis Carroll, 1916 [Winter] ;; 1916 ;; 2017 Pook Press 9781446533369 o[110] (multiple 2017 Pook Press Alice) Andersen's Fairy Tales (?) at Amazon Alice: "There are exactly a baker's dozen [13] of illustrations, with nice little inside cover page pictures and an extra picture of Alice cutting the cake on the outside of the book." (Alice had seated herself, facing p200, which implies that the HDL e-copy is not a 1st ed.) Andersen: "the same baker's dozen of pictures, some even better than those reproducing the famous scenes of Alice's Wonderland days". --NYT 1916-09-17 pBR369
  • Andersen's Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen, 1936. ;; 1916 o[111], o[112] with list of Contents (21), with cover image
  • Ivanhoe: A Romance, Sir Walter Scott, 1918. ;; 1918 at Amazon
  • The Aesop for Children, uncredited, 1919. [Winter] ;; 1919 attested o[113]
  • Heidi: A Story for Children and Those Who Love Children, Johanna Spyri, 1921.
  • P364680 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Jules Verne, 1922. [Winter] ;; 1950
  • (non-genre?) Series 28811 The Swiss Family Robinson, or the Adventures On a Desert Island, Johann David Wyss, 1922. ;; 1922
  • (non-genre?) The Adventures of Perrine, Hector Malot, 1923 (ed. of En Famille) ;; 1941
  • King Arthur and His Knights: A Noble and Joyous History, Sir Thomas Malory, 1924.
  • (non-genre?) The Adventures of Remi, Hector Malot, 1925 (ed. of Sans Famille)
  • (non-genre?) P364142 Robin Hood, Edith Heal, 1928. [Dan Content] ;; 1938 also in db
  • Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe, 1932. ;; c1914 Rand McNally New Junior Library o[114]
  • Jungle Babies, Edyth Kaigh-Eustace, 1934.
  • Tales of India, Rudyard Kipling, 1935.
  • The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas, 1935. ;; 1923 o[115] ;; 1951 -- Reader, front. by Winter
  • Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates, Mary Mapes Dodge, 1936. o[116] ;; 1954 o[117]
  • Kidnapped: Being the Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour in the Year 1751, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1938. ;; 1954
  • The Adventures of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi, 1939.
  • Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, 1939. ;; 1912 ;; 1915 at Amazon
  • ------ 1941 The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe -- Windermere Reader, front. by Milo Winter

not Windermere:

1912 A Christmas Carol -- Canterbury Classics P634424 --in queue
A Christmas Carol (Canterbury Classics, 1912) at ABEbooks[118] --good cover image
1916 Alice -- Northern Paper Mills at Amazon
1917 Nights with Uncle Remus o[119] -- Houghton Mifflin
1918 The Book of Elves and Fairies, Olcott anthology o[120] -- Houghton Mifflin
HDL provides full view of two copies, apparent 1st printing, that from Harvard U with original cover
1919 The Wonder Garden, Olcott anthology o[121] --Houghton Mifflin
HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of two copies, without original cover, that from Penn State U apparent 1st printing
title page displays (four lines): "Boston and New York / Houghton Mifflin Company / The Riverside Press Cambridge / 1919"
Foreword, p[vii]-ix
Acknowledgments, p[xi]-xiv
Contents, p[xv]-xxiii
Illustrations, p[xxv], lists 4 (frontispiece and 3 plates not included in the pagination)
-p442, Appendix 445-467, Subject Index 471-83

cover appears to be paste-down copy of the frontispiece

1920 Story-Telling Ballads ..., Olcott at Amazon
1919 A Journey to the Garden Gate, Townsend at HDL -- Houghton Mifflin

August 2017 and earlier

Pl  .W. T. Mars 27513 (50) 
el   Mr. S. C. Hall (Samuel Carter) 166938 (39)
el   Mrs. S. C. Hall (Anna Maria Fielding) 166939 (38)
el   Owen Meredith 222152 (81) --Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, son of Bulwer-Lytton ()
(Bangs illustrators)
el  .Gustav Klimt 108291 (119) 

JKBangs illustrators

-lw  Sydney Adamson  125027 (2) 
el   E. M. Ashe, Edmund Marion 183209 (9) 
-l   Edd Ashe, E.M. Jr.  252041 (0) 
el   Arthur E. Becher  183237 (18) 
-l   F. G. Cooper  221971 (13) 
el   Clare Victor Dwiggins  235185 (12)
el f A. B. Frost  112538 (229)
el   Charles Dana Gibson 35326 (137) 
el   Oliver Herford  233241 (418)
el   Charles Howard Johnson  233056 (7)
-l   Albert Levering  121191 (38)
el   Charles Raymond Macauley  115597 (13) 
-l   H. W. McVickar = Harry W. 236184 (22) 
el   Jno. R. Neill = John R. 5102 (89)
el   Peter Newell  38931 (48)
e Edward Penfield [nidb] (236) --nidb
-l   F. T. Richards  185214 (4) --and J.T. credited on one title page?
-l   S. W. Van Schaick  196596 (3) ; NY times, 2-27-20 ; b. New York, USA --check newspapers
- Frank Dempster Sherman [nidb] (13) Wikidata --nidb 
el   W. T. Smedley, William  182856 (138) 
el   Frank Ver Beck  130668 (41)
el f G(ustave) Verbeek  185229 (4)
el   Grace G. Wiederseim  235923 (8+)
McVickar, sometimes credited as "Henry W."

Pastels in Prose (1890) ill Henry W. McVickar HDL catalog record

Reptiles (Nov 1905) wri ill Henry W. McVickar HDL title page ; as Harry W[hitney]

"The Reprisal" Harper's Nov 1898 p.925-31

A Guide to Supernatural Fiction : John Kendrick Bangs [GSF] lists many but omits some of the contents of these Bangs collections, presumably as non-genre

The Water Ghost (8); GSF omits "The Speck on the Lens"

Ghosts I Have Met (7); GSF lists 7 including "Ghosts I Have Met" rather than "Ghosts That Have Haunted Me: A Few Spirit Reminiscences"

Over the Plum-Pudding (12); GSF lists 7, omits (quote) "Over the Plum-Pudding" ; An Unmailed Letter: Being a Christmas Tale of Some Significance ; A Glance Ahead: Being a Christmas Tale of A.D. 3568 ; A Great Composer ; The Rise and Fall of the Poet Gregory

Olympian Nights (12); GNF lists among novels

Jack and the Check Book (6); dnf GSF

Gustave Verbeek(?) and Bangs

Verbeek, Gustave > Comics Harper's debut likely v103, missing at HDL; found in v104 Contents as Gustave Verbeek G. Verbeek 185229 - identity uncertain

Thesaurus-based index

HarpWeek search: Verbeek (primarily 1898-12-17 p1241-42, 6 paintings of which 4 in the collection)
HarpWeek search: Bangs

JKB's Best Books (8-book set) illustrated CDGibson, ABFrost, HWMcVickar, CHJohnson, FTRichards, EPenfield, PNewell

Thurlow's illus. Frost

Full-text search

"G. Verbeek" hits for one 1896 painting "Enchantment", as illustrator of 1898 Amalgated, and 1900-12-15 with Newell Mother Goose for Grown-Ups by Guy Wetmore Carryl

el   Guy Wetmore Carryl 22630 (12)

Guy Wetmore Carryl at HDL --first 3 of 7 works at Wikipedia

  • Fables for the Frivolous (with Apologies to La Fontaine) (1898) (see Jean de La Fontaine) --illus Newell
  • Mother Goose for Grown-Ups (1900) --illus Newell and Verbeek
  • Grimm Tales Made Gay (1902) --illus Levering

1901 coll. (Harper's Portrait Collection of Short Stories, vol VI) Over the Plum-Pudding, frontispiece plus 16 plates not included in the pagination, facing pages?

3) "The Flunking of Watkin's Ghost"
5) "The Amalgamated Brotherhood of Spooks"
  88 unsigned (same?) --4 by one artist from ch5 
  94 illegible
  98 G VERBEEK (exceptionally clear)
 100 " "
6) "A Glance Ahead: Being a Christmas Tale of A.D. 3568"
 108 unsigned (pen)
 126 unsigned (same)
7) "Hans Pumpernickel's Vigil"
 148 [T or J?] 95 Paris[?] 
 150 logo (same?)
8) "The Affliction of Baron Humpfelhimmel"
 162 " "
 166 " "
 170 " "
9) "A Great Composer"
 188 illegible script
T) "How Fritz Became a Wizard"
 200 logo [here, clearly "F."]
 *202 illeg script [T/Jenninger?] 1894
 204 F.[?]
unillustrated: stories 1, 2, 4, 11, 12

"Thanks are due to the Publishers of _Harper's Round Table_ [1895-99 rename of Harper's Young People], _Harper's Weekly_, _The Delineator_, _Life_, _Brooklyn Life_, and the New York _Mail and Express_ for permission to republish these stories in collected form."

Harper's Weekly v44 (1900), v46b (late 1902) --18 months missing

44a p.iii Index covers full year; Illustrations (no Verbeek); Portraits; General (no Bangs)
44b p618-1276, no index
46b Index: ... Fiction (one Bangs, 1822--61, "From the Memoirs of Santa Claus"); Illustrations (no Verbeek); Santa's Christmas Nightmare, some page 57, illus F. Strothmann 

Index to Supernatural Fiction lists titles 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12

Bangs at FictionMags -- I recognize no title from this collection 2017-08-29

Mabel Lucy(ie) Attwell 226763 (6) --needs works

Other artists' portrayal of fairies were based on the putti of renaissance painting and the cherubs in the ceiling frescoes of the Baroque period. Charles Robinson favoured this style in his drawings for Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses (1885) [not found at Google Books]; Robinson went on to illustrate well over 100 children's books, and a great many artists followed his example in portraying fairies as plump babies with tiny bird-wings. This tendency led ultimately in the UK to the apple-cheeked cuteness of the work of Mabel Lucy Attwell (1879-1964) in her 1921 edition of Barrie's Peter Pan and Wendy and her 1915 edition of Charles Kingsley's The Water Babies and, in the USA, to the awful, chubby-faced "Kewpie Dolls" of Rose Cecil O'Neill (1875-1944).

Croker: The Bunworth Banshee 1825 at HathiTrust --illus. Brooke

The Legend of Knocksheowgowna, p3-12 (per Contents < The Shenfro) Legends of the Shenfro

p11 p11 (endnote to first story)

The Bunworth Banshee, p219-30 (per Contents < The Banshee) p221 (break from essay voice to narration) p227 (return to essay voice)

1826 transl Grimm Fo[122] ; 1980 ed. attrib Grimm simply o[123] at Amazon.DE

WorldCat search

au: "w. h. brooke" [124] (18)
au: "william h. brooke" [125] (8)

Brooke at WorldCat links many more

11th listing "Irische Elfenmärchen by Thomas Crofton Croker( Book )" shows long summary
number of publications
variant author
2  2005 9.  85-104 [as "... Bottle-Hill"] Legend of Bottle Hill (1825)
3v 1997 14. 181-98 Master and Man (1825) [also as by Thomas Crofton Crocker]
6  1992 12. 149-68 The Haunted Cellar (1825)
3v 1997 3.  23-36 The Legend of Knockgrafton (1825) [also as by Thomas Crofton Crocker]
Tv 1970 II - 30-58  The Soul Cages (1825) [also as by T. Crofton Croker]
3v 1997 20. 277-94 Daniel O'Rourke (1829) [also as by Thomas Crofton Crocker] (278-91) (p. 291)
1v 1888 18exc  Legends of the Banshee (1888) [only as by T. Crofton Croker]
2v 1956 II - 164-77  Teigue of the Lee (1956) [only as by T. Crofton Croker] 
1v 1956 17. 219-30  (as ESSAY) The Bunworth Banshee (1956) [only as by T. Crofton Croker] 

that is 1825 (7) and 1828 (2)

import 83797, [new], 83812, 83807, 83794 ; 1386518, [new parent of 1364767] at page numbers 23|3, 85|9, 149|12, 181|14, 277|20 ; 219, 231

five sections "The Shefro", The Cluricaune, The Banshee, The Phooka, Thierna Na Oge

1825, p.v at HDL

[i] dedication "to Lady Chatterton, Castle Mahon" [iii] author's note [iv] illustrator credit [v]-vi, Contents

section title pages

1828, p.xi at HDL

Part II: 1155013, 1384390 at page numbers 30, 164

from 1825 Contents list viewed at HathiTrust

Daniel O'Rourke - legendary material in multiple editions?

1829 Wikipedia: Croker

3 versions attribd to Croker somehow, progressively shorter first paragraph

  1. [126] 97-105, Croker credited by ed. Yeats
  2. [127] "by Dr. Maginn (1793-1842)" p1-8
  3. [128] 150-58, " DO's wonderful voyage to the moon", one of numerous 'prose chap-books'
1872 NY
1882 at HDL [129]
2008 Dover

219-30 The Bunworth Banshee (221, 227) 231-64 The Mac Carthy Banshee (259)

All three volumes Printed by Thomas Davison, Whitefriars.

II. 1828 [v]-x "Preface", [xi]-xii Contents;, 3-326 (328?) III. 1828 [iii]-xxviii, signed 1827-11-12; xxix-xxxii Contents, 1-294 "Translation of the Brothers Grimm's Essay" (p1-154 only?), "The Mabinogion, and Fairy Legends of Wales" p[155]-294, "Notes ..." [295]-300 "Notes ..."

Frontispiece signed "WHB [?)Jr"

Excerpt Published in 1825 as p231-59 in p231-64 "The Mac Carthy Banshee" in The Banshee (per list of Contents) or Legends of the Banshee (running header), which is the third part of Fairy Legends. That part comprises p217-64; in turn Bunworth 219-30 and Mac Carthy 231-64.

Harry Leon Wilson

el Harry Leon Wilson (2nd wife Rose Cecil O'Neill [Latham; Wilson] 2nd husband) 255077 (42)

"Little Old New York" --in queue

Saturday Evening Post 189.9 (1916-08-26) p3-6 and p38-45 passim , illus F.R. Gruger p.3
-l   F. R. Gruger 142872 (82) 

non-genre? ch 9 1916 at HathiTrust

Ma Pettingill series at FictionMags (1916-08-26) = ninth and last of 9 collected as Somewhere in Red Gap, containing none of the 8 plates nor other illustrations, p361-408

Ruggles of Red Gap, novel
1916 Somewhere in Red Gap, 9 stories -HDL [621020] (c) 1915,16 Curtis
1919 Ma Pettingill, 11 stories -HDL [2023696] (c) 1916,18 Curtis --no overlap

Frank Papé

251741 26984 2017-09-02

User talk:Chris J#Frank Papé, SFE3
User talk:Rtrace#Frank Papé, SFE3

SUDOC "F.C." [130]

Maitland 193620 1852 as The doll and her friends [short] (Boston, Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1852)

The Doll at HDL --catalogued as by R. H. Horne (Mrs. Fairstar)

Cat and Dog at HDL

HDL search: Weir (55)

HDL search: Maitland (3)

Memoirs of a London Doll

1852 at HDL
[1893] at HDL

2013 short fiction "The Doll and Her Friends; or, The Memoirs of Lady Seraphina" T1632565 --wrong title

newspaper search 1850 to 1859

lady seraphina (2)
Hartford agate adverts 1852-09-01 p3, 09-04 p3 (dnf)
doll and her friends (5)
Hartford agate adverts -09-01 p3 [col 1b], 09-02 p3 [col 2b] retailer advert (no price) "just received" 0901;
[131] NYT 1852-12-17 p2 "Juvenile Books for the Holidays" "From Messrs. Evan & Brittan, agents of Ticknor & Co., of Boston ... The Memoirs of a Doll and her Friends are amazingly brilliant and the vignettes of Hablot K. Browne inimitable."
Man Gua 1853-12-21 p1 "Publications" > "New Illustrated Children's Works" Cat and Dog by the author of The Doll and Her Friends
[132] NYT 1854-03-18 p5 "New Publications", col 4, publisher advert "The Cat and Dog" will be published on Saturday $0.50
cat and dog (29)
"cat and dog" captain (9)
"cat and dog" puss (2)

The Doll and Her Friends (UK 1851?)

1893 Brentano's "reprints illustrated with the original etchings of Mrs. Fairstarr's [Memoirs and The Doll]" [133]

Brentano's new books

by "Mrs. Fairstar" "two old favorites that reigned supreme 50 years ago as standard juveniles in E and A, and which have been illus. by Mr. Gregory" [134] Bos Globe 1893-09-28 p9
"Two little books ... by Mrs. Fairstar" [135]

N-Y Tribune 1893-12-21 p8

 lw  Frank M. Gregory 242721 
Goethe's Faust, transl. Anster
Wine-ghosts of Bremen; by Wilhelm Hauff

Owen Meredith, Lucile (81)

Cat, Dog, Puss and the Captain, illus. H. Weir, 2/6 and 3/6 ; Manchester Guardian 1853-12-21 p1 "Publications" > "Christmas Books Just Published" retailer notice [136]

Reginald megapacks

T1201618 --should we do this variant title (or dual 2006 dates)
... . . Reginald Contents list (Cats megapack)
Dolls megapack at Amazon

at Wikipedia

[Robert Beatty] --mentioned at Serafina/phina disambig
Rachel Hartman 118942 --redirect
Julia Maitland
Moira Young 155663

Siona discussion
Serafina [137] S42226
Seraphina S38413 EN
Julia Maitland, The Doll and Her Friends, or, Memoirs of the Lady Seraphina (1852)

Sweetwater Supernaturalist

Siona 2017-08-09

Irish Fairy Tales
Wilson, Bad Girls --non-genre
Peck, Blossom Culp (Egypt) T15771

Siona 2017-06-30 --interested in Harry Potter ancillaries and in Horrible Histories

(Asimov anth), Extraterrestrials P178133
E. Colfer, The Supernaturalist P562749
M. Henry, King of the Wind --non-genre
?, The Bronze Pen
(RLGreen adapt), Tales of Old Egypt
Nesbit, The Enchanted Castle
Nesbit, The Treasure-Seekers?

crash 2017-07-08

important work lost, mainly newspapers

1894/96 --dnf "Fairy Tales of the British Empire"
1917/19 (macmanus) --[lost notes], 1919 hits only (3 advert, 1 review, no price)
1922/23 (alden) --[lost notes], 1922 hits only, chiefly Outlook $1.75(?) ; dnf 1934
1957 (de osma) --2 reviews; Title note not done
2003, 2013 (leach) --dnf
1931 (malkus) --noted

work on: de Osma, Leach,

illustrators nidb: Armstrong, Berger, Hasselriis,

Pogany 1913 at Amazon

Ghosts and Goblins, ed. Wilhemina Harper, 1936 (30) and 1965 (34) anthologies (38 distinct contents)

LibraryThing coverage is expanding [138]
error "all editions" where 1936 and 1965 differ (stories/poems and probably illustrators too)

check newspapers (not limited to Ghosts & Goblins contents: 1921 (wickes), 1934 (Sechrist), 1948 (Sechrist; Dolittle too)

1926 1970/71 1994 Skunny Wundy

1921 (henderson/jones), 1924/25 (henderson/calvert), later (Wonder Tales olcott)

see #Wonder Tales

check for each original anthology/collection whether Amazon shows 21st century editions

Ashley & Contento, The Supernatural Index T102454

  1. Editor List, -45 (Harper, p22)
  2. Book List, [47] 49-
  3. Story Index, -698 (Black Cat, p611)
  4. Book Contents, [699] 701-937?

--[expanded from / in part] The Supernatural Index, snippet[s] viewed at google

Homeville : Bibliographic Resources : by William G. Contento [139]

The FictionMags Index : edited by William G. Contento and Phil Stephensen-Payne stories by Author

-fmA (11) : Calvert, Capes, Henderson, Leach, Ledwidge, Masson, Parker, Pogany, Olcott, Sechrist, Wickes
-fm (16) : Alden, Baker/Baker, Bennett, Chrisman, Cocke, Davis, De Osma, Dixon, Eastman, Esenwein, Fisher, Lindsay, Malkus, Stockard, Wahlenberg
fm (7) : de la Mare, Finger, Jacobs, MacManus, Poulsson, Sandburg, Widdemer,

Miscellaneous Anthologies

-fmA (20) : Baker(2), Calvert, Capes, Chrisman, Cocke, Davis, de Osma, Dixon, Fisher, Henderson, Leach, Ledwidge, Lindsay, Malkus, Olcott, Parker, Pogany, Poulsson, Wickes
-fm (7) : Alden, de la Mare, Eastman, Finger, Sandburg, Wahlenberg, Widdemer
useless (4) : Bennett, Esenwein, Masson, Stockard [this anthology and later]
fm (3) : Jacobs, Macmanus, Sechrist

Joseph Jacobs User:Pwendt/FFM#Joseph Jacobs

1890 English (43, #1-43) (HDL, not linked, us nidb) ; o[140] with list of Contents; includes Teeny-Tiny (HDL)
1892 Celtic (#1-26) (HDL, not linked, us nidb) ;
1892 Indian (29) (HDL-us linked)
1894 More Celtic (#27-46) (Project Gutenberg #34453) (HDL us o[141]
1894 More English (44, #44-87) (HDL-uk

series NEEDs more editions and use of HDL sources

series advertised by Nutt at HDL

1890 E, 91 C, 92 I, 93 More English, 94 More Celtic
1895 The Fairy Tales of the British Empire [series name?] "Square Crown 8vo. Each volume upwards of 270 pages sumptuously printed on special paper, with wide margins, in specially designed cloth cover. 6s."

Maud Lindsay

1919 The Joyous Travelers, LCCN: <a href="">19-9661</a>, which links e-copy at HDL
1921 The Joyous Guests, o[142]
1926 The Toy Shop, o[143]
1947 Mother stories and More mother stories (omnibus of 1900, 1905) -no HDL links

The Wishing-Well title note

listed thus in the magazine and book Contents thus:

"The Wishing-Well: Tale Told by the Nurse"

Alida Sims Malkus --source for biographical data?

since 2013 SFE3 gives realname Lyda, died Concord MA 1976-09-27 --not found in newspapers
-lw  Lowell Houser, illus. The Dark Star (1930) 200863 (0) 

Houser also illus another writer's Maya collection, Dorothy Rhoads, The bright feather and other Maya tales 1932 o[144]

listing NYHT 1931-08-16 pJ17 "Books of the Week" (no price)

$2.00 from advert NYHT "The Spindle Imp is a story of two children in the Yucatan, filled with the myths, folklore, and deep-forest atmosphere of that ancient civilization" (suggests frame, not simple collection)

[145] review The Dark Star $2.50 and The Spindle Imp $2.00, Barbara Nolen "NYHT 1931-11-08 pJ8 "Maya Lore for All Ages"; refers to "the children of the tale" singular, "the story of two Mayan children whose everyday life is impregnated with folk lore and spirit worship"

Malkus, House both members of the Carnegie expedition = Carnegie Institution of Washington expeditions to the Yucatan

$2.00 Harriet Hammond Saturday Review does call it a "volume of short stories", evidently with continuity "the


newspaper search: 'Wonder Tales' henderson : 1920/34 (23 hits, one spurious 1920, else earliest 1924)

Frances J. Olcott

1929 parent/child note(s)? display year 1929
1930 parent/child dilemma again --display year 1936

newspaper search 2017-07-08: 'Wonder Tales' olcott : 1920/34 (41 hits, earliest 1925, latest 1931; 1927-12-04 Children's Books of 1927)

Jay Van Everen, ill Davis 230725 
 l  .Guy (Edgar) Fry, ill Sechrist 160999 (4) [8 by Sechrist or Woolsey],%20guy%20edgar/ [1] 
 l  .Gertrude (Alice) Kay, ill Wickes 174805 (15) at Pook Press(death discrepancy) 
  two 1926 George Macdonald
  1917 self, The Books of Seven Wishes -HDL
  1918 self, The Fairy Who Believed in Human Beings -HDL o[146]
 lw .W(illis) R(udolph) Lohse, ill Alden 157733 (?, none so credited) 

identity Lohse, all as illustrator 1920s

W. H. Lohse (evident mistake for W.R.) (only 1, Alden 1923) [18885932] ; in Catalog of Copyright Entries 1923 and 1951, published 1924 and 1952, viewed at google, for the one work only (c) 1923-11-17, first of three Nov/Dec dates stated
Willis Rudolph -- LC correctly attributes none (one to W.H., at least one to William R.)
William R., illustrator of No Time for Glory, WWII stories (5, inclg 1 or 2 by Willis

date-display dilemma

P485247 contents date displays (1844) and ---- (1959)
P374547 another (1936) and (1891)

contents numbering: Charles J. Finger, Tales --compare Contents T1843966; Contents displayed in new sequence after pagination (latterday ed.) or ordering (1930 ed.), not easy to transfer

remove all contents from (1924 ed.) and from 1930 ed. export all with page numbers

publisher Macrae Smith Company at Open Library, which covers variants separately; images suggest that "Macrae-Smith" may be derived from the publisher's use of "Macrae • Smith • Company"

Cosmopolitan Magazine

1903, vol 34 The Cosmopolitan: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine (cover heading)
The Cosmopolitan (page 3 heading)

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

User:Pwendt/Series#Doctor Dolittle, 1948 book club ed. (1 of 2? at WorldCat states) "This edition has been specially edited, and some material has been deleted, for book club use."--Title page verso.

P368451 1948 ordinary ed. (1st as by Lippincott?) --repair in progress

Bookseller images of two used copies at 2017-06-22 show a red book cover that matches the linked image, whose illustration matches some early printings (see Wikisource); and an off-white dustjacket whose illustration matches the 1920 first printing red book cover (see Wikipedia book article).

ASIN: B0007E6ETA at multiple websites

[147] US as The Story, 366, 1st, with book 1 front cover only, with description and review (Wikipedia) of Secret Lake
[148] UK as Secret Lake, 366, 512894YuPAL.jpg (1st of 4 images)
[149] FR as Secret Lake, --, 5th or later Ed., same book 1 images (4)
[150] DE as Secret Lake, 172, 5th or later Ed., same book 1 images (4)
[151] CA as Secret Lake, --, 1st ed. same book 1 images (4)

4th of 4 images (inside flaps) shows

front, "A New Edition from New Plates" ; 52nd printing $2.95(?)
back, lists all 12 Dolittle books, hence no earlier than 1952 offer-listing/B0007E6ETA $54.00 BookRescue! 31Iv13Qxx3L.jpg $27.50 rare-book-cellar 51JivQa0C9L.jpg

o[152] xvi+172 (c)1948 o[153] 172 1948

o[154] x+182 42nd printing (c)1948 "A Stokes book" o[155] 182 (c)1948

Formats and Editions, 1967 point of entry

Wonder Tales

Henderson, 22 hits 1924/34

Amazon US shows Wales as 1922 (Small, Maynard); Japan, Spain as 1924; Alsace, Tyrol as 1925; UK shows Wales 1921, else same

Olcott, 41 hits 1925/31

Windmill Lands, NYT 1926-10-10 pBR28 $2.00
Fairy Isles, Chi. Trib 1929-11-23 p14

vary the search

'Wonder Tales' wales (11 all decade)
spurious 1923 lists Wonder Tales of the East (Donald A. Mackenzie, Blackie, 5/-), Celtic Wonder Tales (Ella Young, Dublin: Talbot, 3/6, new ed.)
also spurious 1923 is Canadian Wonder Tales (Cyrus MacMillan, C$4.00)(Eaton's, no publisher)
genuine [156] NYH, NYT 1924-11-09 pG7, $3.00, 1st US ed.?
'Wonder Tales' japan (25 all decade) 'old japan' (5, 1924/25)
'Wonder Tales' spain (14 all decade) 'ancient spain' (5)
'Wonder Tales' alsace (6, all 1926)
'Wonder Tales' tyrol (6, all 1926)


[157] 1926-01-07 both @6/- ; :[158] -02-15 p2 brief review, as 2 in series
[159] Latest Books, Stokes eds. NYT 1926-08-29 pBR21 $2.50
[160] MWBianco review both NYHT -09-26 pF6
incl The Hungarian Fairy Book (new ed., no price) 1913 ed. at Amazon
incl The Queen of Roumania's Fairy Book $3.00
publisher adverts NYT -11-07 pBR13 "Notable New Books for Young People"
ACM [161] Children's Books, 1926 --see also 1927, lost in crash
incl Skunny Wundy $3.00

Tyrol --same hits except

[162] The Irish Times 1926-01-08 p3 "Publications Received", "uniform with the same writers' tales of Spain, Alsace, Japan, and Wales"