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Shaking Crab

liquor license only to midnight, hoping for later hours soon
closing at midnight (Fri-Sat) or earlier
yesterday there was kitchen malfunction, no hot food except boiled seafood, so they had closed early for food and soon after I arrived did also last call and clear out early


1m -- 2M

2S to 3H, simple new suit = strong, forcing and natural (altho unlikely to be raised until opener rebids it, as a direct raise should show four cards) 2N = extra-strong, nonforcing 3C = strong, nonforcing 3S to 4H, splinter raise of M

1C 1D 2M, same except 3D = strong, forcing to game (provisionally no fit,

reasonable alternative but non-standard 2N = your agreed Weak Two convention, such as "Ogust" (alert here) 3M = preemptive, a distinct agreement, does not follow from the preceding

Anyone who prefers 2N* by opening bidder is likely to prefer the same in reply to a weak jump overcall (1C) 2H -- 2N Here 3C should be a good raise and 3H a preemptive raise


2C*-3S; 2D...3D; 2D...3S

April 2018

2018-06-08, 18

Publishers 0218-05-27

eL Charles Wiley > [John Wiley] Wiley, Lane--nidb >
LD Wiley and Putnam > >
e John Wiley & Sons
e George P. Putnam [G. P.] > (G. P. Putnam's Sons > Putnam)
e Academy Editions >
LL VCH Publishers [nidb] > Wiley-VCH

LCCN Academy Editions (1)[15] VCH Publishers (0?) Wiley-VCH (0?) John Wiley & Sons (171)

Queen Marie

most need check newspapers

-OH.£ 1913 hdl --niLC, check Amazon
LO.£i 1915 gut --PV Chavey
Bibliolife 2009 credits "Carmen Sylva" on the front cover ISBN-978-1115519182 at Amazon ; but CreateSpace 2014 gets it right at Amazon
-OHm£i 1916 hdl --niLC
-- 1922 --nidb Kildeen o[1] Juvenile
LO.£ 1924
-- 1926 --nidb Ilderim --$2.50 non-genre medieval romance
-- 1927 --nidb Fairy Book
LOm$i 1929
[2] Chi Trib 1929-12-.. Christmas price list
[3] Phi Inq -11 Scribner's advertisement of Rachel Field "For Children's Book Week"
• features Nancy, "a little American girl 'magicked' over the sea to visit in a Roumanian peasant home, and thus gain insight into the life and customs of the people." --brief review Phila. Inquirer 1929-12-07 p14 "Fairy Tales and Folk Lore Invested With Ingenuous Charm" (Books for Boys and Girls, ed. Sidney Williams)

Kildeen (Kildine)

o[4] 1921 ; o[5] ~1920
o[6] signed, OUP 1922; o[7] 30 copies [Harcourt, 1922?],
o[8] Harcourt, 1926, 96pp
o[9] 1926?, 148pp ; o[10] Harcourt, 1927, 148pp

JOB = André Jobin


[11] NYT 1923-10-28 pBR2, review of both Naughty Kildeen (Harcourt) $7.50 and Voice on the Mountain (Knopf, $2)
as featuring Marie as a girl, as a woman


[12] Frances Jenkins Olcott, annual Wonder Tales (from Pirate Isles, 1927, $2)
The Story of Naughty Kildeen, Mary QoR, $2.50 ACM, Children's Books of 1927
Kildine, une Méchante, Petite Princesse (French), J.O.B. (Google translate = Evil, Little)

Carmen Sylva --nidb (29) A Real Queen's Fairy Tales

1901 Davis -hdl o[13] at Amazon
"translation of eight stories, selected from the original collection, and six additional tales, translated from the manuscript"
1901 Newnes at Amazon


1913 front cover: A fairy story by the // Crown Princess // of Roumania"; title page:
A Fairy Tale by
The Crown Princess of Roumania

Dedicated to my daughter Elisabetha ...

1915 (no e-copy) Gutenberg Ebook #40950 cites Internet Archive
by The Queen of Roumania

"Dedicated to my daughter Ileana" (Princess Ileana of Romania (1909–1991) mis-cat at HDL

1916 publisher advert: "By Her Majesty the Queen of Rumania"; title page:
A Legend
Marie, Queen of Roumania

"Dedicated to my Husband" (Ferdinand I, King of Romania from 1914 to 1927) ISBN-9781447448976 at Amazon w Look (no title leaf 2018-06-08) as 2015

2017 Pook Press o[14]
LCCN 25-10498 "Main title // The lost princess; a fairy tale, by Marie, queen of Roumania; with illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell."
1929 front cover: "By Queen Marie"
LCCN 29-25351 "Main title // The magic doll of Roumania : a wonder story in which East and West do meet, written for American children / by Marie, Queen of Roumania ; pictures by Maud and Miska Petersham."



Carrie Ellen Holman, In the Day of Battle: Poems of the Great War (Toronto: William Briggs, 1916) --includes 4 from Kulturland 1916 Contents at HDL, poems p13-166 [1917, p13-180] 1918, poems p13-224

87 - The Place Was Basking in the Sun
90 - You Are Old, Father William
136 - How Doth the German Press Bureau
141, 223 - Result of Great (Blank-Dash) Attack

(augmented with more poems in 1917; same 1918 with at least p141-42 reset and Wyatt's fourth poem moved to the end)

Malice in Kulturland (1912 to 1917)

The Athenaeum 1915-02-06 4554 p118-20 "Books Published This Week" (p118, no price); -02-20 4556 p165 - brief review 1/-
The Graphic 1915-01-23 91:2356 p98 - listing "Books About the Great War" 1/-
The Academy and Literature 1915-02-27 2234 p139 - review quoting 1/-
"Wyatt's adaptn of [LC]'s two famous books into one lively pasquinade", the "most successful" of many satiric treatments of the war
Tell "follows Sir [JT]'s designs in a spirit of admirable burlesque, and sometimes gives us original drawings in the same manner"
The Dial 1916-03-16 LX:714 p287 - "Announcements of Spring Books" (annual list, 11-1200 titles) "However it may be abroad, the activities of publishers on this side the water seem little curtailed, if at all, by the war." ... with qualifications "comprehensive summary of American publishing plans from the beginning of February until well into the summer" $0.60
The Advance 1916-10-05 68:2656 p1708 - $0.60; 1917-07-05 50:2695 p927
the latter also lists The Humming Bird by Owen Johnson (Little, Brown, $0.75) "This is a reprint of a famous baseball story, with perhaps the choicest collection of slang ever heard on the diamond."
The Bookman 44:3 Nov 1916 p311 - $0.60 net, 45:3 May 1917 $0.75
The Living Age 1917-05-12 p383 - review quoting

Note: in the augmented search of 76 databases, no extra hits for Alice's Adventures in Cambridge

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ISFDB:Community Portal‎#Variants of COVERART titles

One cover illustration by Tenniel and publisher Michael Everson (credited to Everson alone in the books) is used on a long 21st century series of Alice-related editions from Evertype.
P318497 --bad URL ?

WorldCat Alice Through the Looking/-/Glass

Academy ; St. Martin's

1974 Philosopher's Alice as Academy (no ISBN); o[15] w ISBN-0856701262 "Also published: New York : St Martin's Press, 1974." at Amazon w cover Amazon UK
1974 St. M (no ISBN) at Amazon no cover, as Pbk ISBN-0312605188 ; at Amazon as "Hardcover – Import, 1974" cover also states "The Thinking Man's Guide to a Misunderstood Nursery Classic"
1983 St. M o[16] with ISBN-0312605188 (2 as 1983, none as 1982) ; at Amazon w cover as 1982-12-01; Amazon UK

There are exceptions to the side-by-side layout of annotations in the inner or gutter column of each page, with text and illustrations, with superscripts, in the outer column only. Occasionally both columns show the novel text and illustration (no superscripts) and no notes. The Looking-Glass front material by Carroll (1897?) is printed in two columns on each page, ending in a one-sentence footnote reference to Martin Gardner, The Annotated Alice (1960). The Wonderland front material by Carroll, which is the poem "All in a golden afternoon" alone, is printed in two columns on page 12 without any notes. See also pages 222, 241.

The Wonderland title page ([11]) follows its frontispiece (10); the Looking-Glass title page ([123]) precedes its frontispiece (124). Page [123] is entirely blank.

p[1] Contents
p3-9 Introduction
p244-46 Appendix A: Select Bibliography of Commentators
p247-49 Appendix B: Select List of Philosophical Authors Who Quote or Allude to Alice

The two novels, chapters I-XII only, span pp. 13-121 and pp. 127-242. The latter ends with the untitled poem "A Boat, beneath a sunny sky" which --like the two opening poems that precede chapters I and

1976 Nymphets o[17], o[18] --as co-publishers
1976 Wonderland o[19] ISBN-0856701890, 28 cm, 42 ill --as co-publishers "Giant illustrated ed." ; at Amazon as Academy
1977 Looking-Glass o[20], o[21] with ISBN-0856702161; both as 28 cm, 50 ill --co-publishers ; at Amazon as St. M

"philosopher's alice" heath (3)

[22] Newsday -06-02 pB23
[23] Hartford Courant -06-09 p22F
[24] Was Post -06-23 pBWFOUR

St. Martin's Press n81-091143

search newspapers 1976 1977

"st. martin's" looking glass alice (17, all but 3 spurious; all 1977)

[25] PhiInq -06-05 p179 (small bookstores), [26] Newsday], [27] PhiInq -12-25 p93

"st. martin's" wonderland alice (22; one 1976 spurious

[28] softcover $4.95,
[29] SLPD -12-11 p34 [4C] "original Tenniel tipped-in color plates" 206, 236 $7.95 ea; [30] NYT -11-13 pBR8 Alison Lurie The Classics Remain "a new deluxe two-volume edition ... with the original Tenniel illustrations, some of them converted into highly colored plates rather heavy on the yellow ink" [and other books],

"academy editions" (9)

el   Terri Blackstock 156280 (54) --re Walker Publishing 
el f Geraldine McCaughrean 8291 (72) 
In [nidb] A Pack of Lies: Twelve Stories in One (coll of linked stories 1988), a mysterious figure – apparently materialized from a volume of Wisden's Cricketing Year but in reality (perhaps) a divine being – comes to work in an antique shop, where he tells prospective customers a Story which forces them either to buy or (if they are unworthy) not to buy various items on sale. The stories themselves, neatly and compactly told, are likewise mostly fantasy.
el  .David Parkins 98033 (54) 

[The Epic of] Gilgamesh [the Hero] T[31]

Oxford Myths and Legends --in queue ; Library Thing lists 22 titles[32] (4 associated ISBN this title; Melvil MDS 398.20956702)
2002 tp, hc
2003 hc
journal articles
1959 [33] Roger W. Holmes
1976 [34] E. J. Borowski
[35] PhilPapers reports reprint year 1983
[36] Google Books as 1974, no ISBN


1974 Academy Editions [37] original black cloth gilt , [38] royal blue buckram covers, dustwrapper
1974 St Martin's [39] (no image) black cloth binding, gold spine letterin in a mylar protected DJ that is price clipped, white spine
numerous St Martins Pr (1982) ISBN 10: 0312605188
 ls  Peter Heath (Fine) 95581 (3) [corrupt?]
 lw  Peter Heath (I) 206009 (11)[12] 
The Philosopher's Alice: [...] T32056 --in progress
1974 Academy at Amazon; 1974 St. Martin's Fo[40]
1982 St. Martin's P45264 --in progress; at WorldCat only as 1983
As a philosopher, Heath found a special pleasure in reading and interpreting the works of Lewis Carroll. The two Alice stories, in his view, "are works of unsleeping rationality, whose frolics are governed by close attention to logical principles". In justification of this belief, he wrote what is probably his most popular work, The Philosopher’s Alice (1974), in which the left-hand pages reproduce Carroll’s text, with Tenniel’s drawings, facing Heath’s philosophical comments.
He was, of course, a member of the Lewis Carroll Societies both in Britain and North America, and for a time president of the latter. He gave many talks to both, including one on the gender of the pig-baby in Alice in Wonderland. He also wrote the article on Carroll for the Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.
Read more at:

:.el  .Elenore Plaisted Abbott 141649 (7)
Elenore Abbott at HDL (9)
1912 Alice omnibus [1912] o[41] George W. Jacobs and Co. --series The Washington Square Classics nidb
7 no Alice --inclg Grimm's FT and Hawthorne, Wonder-Book & TT

Elenore [Plaisted] Abbott barely found in newspapers 1911 to 1917 (2 hits 1912)

listed LATimes 1912-12-15 pBR1 New Books Received, under Juvenile Reprints "Illustrated in color by Elenore Plaisted Abbott"
also Hawthorne, Wonder Books and Tanglewood Tales (Grant Richards, 6s.), ill Elenore Abbott and Helen Knipe (praise); some also published separately at 1s. ill Patten Wilson ; 1911 US ed. illus Abbott & Knipe
1911 Hawthorne
elw  .Helen Alden Knipe P141650 (1)[9] 

At HDL (Knipe 3, Abbott 9)

Abbott-Knipe writers

 lw  Millicent Olmsted 157427 (3)[6] 
els  Edwin L. Sabin 1200 (56) = brother of Elbridge per UIowa
 ww  Elbridge H. Sabin 141648 --niLC niVIAF [3 Elbridge] [1 Eldridge] 
WorldCat au:Sabin, Elbridge Hosmer [42] (4)
WorldCat au:Sabin, Eldridge H. (1 that also reports the other name)

At HDL (Elbridge H. 2, Eldridge 0 ; Edwin L. 3, Henry 12)

1910-07 Mirth as by Elbridge [43] w cover
1904 Educational Publ as by Elbridge [44]
1900 Henry and Edwin L. at HathiTrust [45]
Henry Sabin at UIowa, sons Elbridge and Edwin [46] --and Wikipedia says Edwin is brother of author Elbridge

Elbridge/Eldridge H. Sabin --niLC

o[47] 1907 Stella's Adventures in Starland 210p, ill Edith Brown
o[48] 1910 The Magical Man of Mirth 233p
o[49] 1929 Dollie's Big Dream, or The Magical Man of Mirth 233 [8], Abbott-Knipe, cover Alexander Key
o[50] 1911 The Queen ... 164p
ElBridge at LibraryThing as (1865–1934) [51] --span maybe from Find-a-Grave Eldridge
ElDridge at Find-a-Grave as 1865, 1934, d. California Find-a-Grave --identity?

ElDridge H. Sabin --several hits google "Eldridge H. Sabin" inclg 1904, 1912, 1914

1920 plausible marriage announcement Des Moines Register 1920-12-21 p3 "A wedding of Interest to older Des Moines residents is that of Mr. Eldridge H. Sabin and Miss Lillian Leonard of Chula Vista, Cal., which took ..."
1913-03-16 Daily Iowan "ELDRIDGE H. SABIN, Sec. and Tre ... Manhattan Bldg., Des Moines, Iowa. For twenty years we have paid particular attention to securing good pOSitions in ali the western states for Inexperienced gradu- ates. Before enrolling anywhere send for our Papers ..."
1904 recd, co-authors of Early Amer Hist for Young Americans (Bos: Educational Publ Co)
1913 retail advert, Brooklyn Daily Eagle 1913-10-15 p11 "The Queen of the City of Mirth, by Eldridge H. Sabin, with seven full-page illustrations in color; published at $1"


1914 publ, Prince Trixie or Baby Brownies' Birthday ($1.00) --listed in New Books, back pages of The Bride of the Moor (1914 bound volume?)

ElBridge H. Sabin reports Census (3): 1870 Winnebago, Illinois (the county of Rockford, or near Rockford, the 1870 birthplace of Edwin L.); 1880 Clinton, Iowa; 1930 San Diego, California ;; City Directories, Iowa and California ;; California voter registration San Diego 1918...1934

(with newspaper search for *book title* 1907 to 1914)

1907 Stella's adventures in Starland o[52] 210


1910 The magical man of mirth o[53] 233 --also HDL

(7) PhiInq 1910-12-04 p14 Under "Illuminated Books" TMMoM by ElD is a beautifully prepared volume of weird fairy tales, somewhat of the Alice in Wonderland sort. There are all sorts of fairies and animals participating in curious events which will stimulate the imagination of every child." (no price);

longest [54] Bos 1911-11-04 p9 as Elbridge
"a fairy tale of adventure at the bottom of the sea" Chi Tribune 1915-10-06 p26 (only hit 1915 to 1929)
1911 o[55] 164

(5) [56] N-Y Tribune 1911-10-07 p9 (no price) 11 fairy tales ; [57]

[58] SLPD -12-02 p9 "six very handsome full-page color illus[.]" ... Dollie's very wonderful adventures with griffins, conjurers, the King of Contrary Land and its strange denizens"

"a fairy story" PhiInq 11-12-23 p6 ; "Pleasant story with illustrations about Dolly Lane's trip to Cloudland with the Mournful Griffin. The Queen, the Magician, the Inquisitive Pig, Sir Oliver Owl help to make the journey interesting." [in full] LCJ 12-05-18 p5

[59] both "formerly $1.25 now 35c" retailer advertisement "Because a Great Publishing House ..." 1914-09-12 p7 ; NYT -10-31 "Last Day of the Great 'Juvenile Week' Book Sales"
c1914 Prince Trixie : or, Baby Brownie's birthday o[60] 142 [8]
c1920 Fly-away wonder tales o[61] 233p
c1929 Dollie's big dream: or the magical man of mirth o[62] 233 [8]


at ABEbooks

  • Starland (no image) [63]
  • Magical Man (no image) [64]; also 2017 Reinke Books, 2018 Deluxe print on demand
  • Queen [65]
  • Prince Trixie [66], [67], [68], [69]


dnf 1907 newspapers

Magical 1910 at Amazon

1920 Fly-Away at Amazon
not found in 1920, 1929 newspapers

The Queen, unknown ed. at Amazon w distinct cover

The Queen at BauerRareBooks [70] w cover and front/title images

Prince Trixie at Amazon

Prince Trixie, antique fairy book [71] w 5 images
1914 (1) $1.00 per A. C. McClurg & Co. retailer advert Chi. Tribune 1914-12-18 p9

Reilly & Britton (18)

Reilly & Lee (10)

Ernest Nister, first publisher of Gordon Robinson (ca. 1905, suggests Victoria & Albert Museum)

N-Y Trib 1907-08-31 p5 (quote) "Alice in Wonderland" goes out of copyright in November and more than one publisher has an edition of it in press. Ofcourse, too, more than one illustrator has been set to work upon the book, ... (unquote) ; looking forward to Robinson and Rackham

Maybank's Alice

Routledge; Dutton [1907] o[72]
Routledge; Dutton [1910] words of one syllable o[73] o[74]
1917 Gregg shorthand ed o[
Brodie 1927, The Adventures retelling 64-page o[75]
Pook 2017 o[76]

btw see 1905 one-syllable ed P259101 o[77] orig. 1905 A. L. Burt o[78] frontispiece pirated; 1905 Geo. M. Hill Co. o[79] (out of business 1905?) 202p

Gutenberg #19551, as A.L. Burt (c)1905
cf (c)1905 Black Beauty o[80]
Mrs. J. C. Gorham 259101 (3)[6] --Alice and black beauty alone
Gulliver in words of one syllable o[81]
Water-Babies (another writer) o[82]
Charles Pears 225765  --British illustrator best known as a marine painter --Wikipedia
1908 Alice(?) --indb as 150th only
[1908] Collins w THRobinson o[83] "Col. plates signed Charles Pears; illustrations in text signed T.H. Robinson. Publication date from Lovett." 190pp [4] ; also as [1911?] [1912?] [1914?] etc
[~1930] Rountree & Pears edition o[84]
2017 Pook Press w THRobinson o[85] 190pp ISBN-9781473307025 at Amazon UK as 2015-05-27 --front cover credits THRobinson only
[1922] Collins alone o[86] 64pp
[1927?] Collins w WMAckroyd o[87] 190p [1]
[196-] Collins w WMAckroyd o[88] 136pp [4]

Rountree INTERIORART as 1908 T2362923 --NEED notify Rtrace

1908 o[89] 1908], 246, [12] of 92 coloured illus.
o[90] 1910, 160, [8]
o[91] [1908] 64, [8] (or three?)

[92] Bos Globe 1973-06-27 p36, review of The Illustrators by Herbert S. Kenny

2011 Calla o[93]

Rountree omnibus

o[94], o[95], and others

[96] Manchester Guardian 1904-12-03 p5 "Christmas Books", under "Fairy Tales" --Macmillan eds. of Sylvie and Bruno (abridged 3/6) and both Alice (2/- each)

Rountree in newspapers 1900 to 1910 --no alice

1 or 2 items in newspapers 1903 to 1907, usu Dec, evidly picturebooks (some wri S. H. Hamer) and annuals (MG 1906-12-18 p5 Mr. Punch's Book of Birthdays by Olga Morgan and HR (Punch); several 1908 of the same sort
S. H. Hamer --nidb (3)[many]
1908 The Wonderful Isles ... o[97] 106pp 3/6

2018-05-04 check newspapers ("harry rountree" "lewis carroll") 0 hits 1907 to 1916 !

Alice Decoded T1928924 --contents at (no title page, no back cover)

xi Introduction [text begins? xiii -xxii]
 I. What's in a Name?
 II. A Portmanteau Mind
 III. Wonder Words and Riddles
 IV. The Reason Why
1 Part One [text begins p5]
259 Part Two: After Wonderland
 I. Sentence First--Verdict Afterwards!
 II. From Alice to Malice
 III. Through the Looking-Glass and Beyond
 IV. Last Years
291 Bibliography [all this p292-96?]
291 Acknowledgements
293 Image Credits

ebook format ISBN-9780385682275 o[98] ASIN: B00NDTS5VQ at $21.99

illustrated largely with photographs of people, photo and other illustrations of Oxford

T1104035 The Illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Wilder Publication, (c)2010) --6 illustrators inclg Gordon Robinson, John R Neill

T2294531 The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland (Pook Press, 2015) at Amazon --at least 22 illustrators

ebook --in queue 2018-05-05

el  .E. Gertrude Thomson 159138 (3)

The Nursery Alice T1262787 (various search newspapers 1889/1890)

--NEED magazines 1889/1890
coloured by whom? the first coloured ed.?

(nursery alice =229) ("the nursery" alice =45) (^ "the nursery" alice carroll =12, only 3 1889 none genuine)

  • (the nursery alice) (5, all 1890, 4 US)
Manchester Guardian 1889-12-17 p9 Sylvie
notice The Scotsman 1890-03-31 p3 "Minor Books", this one last, no price; reviewed as if new
* advert The Observer 1890-04-13 p8 "Messrs. Macmillan and Co.'s New Books"; this one "4to. 4s." --compare 3s advert in back of People's Edition
* received $1.50 NYT 1890-08-18 p3, CTrib -09-13 p12Sun -09-16 p3, [L]CJ -09-20 p7
[99] "Macmillan & Co.'s New Illustrated Books" (not this title) 112 Fourth Avenue, New York ; inclg In Poppy Land, fairy stories by Boston-based Mabel Louise Fuller, $1 ; also Brentano's new Christmas Carol, 250 copies signed $5 (bookseller/stationer or publisher too?)
2010 Macmillan

The Nursery Alice (2010) "Look inside" (UK/US selection differs) t.p. verso states 1890 Macmillan & Co Ltd

58-59, Preface to the 1890 Edition. (Addressed to Any Mother.) --signed "Easter-tide, 1890."
60, A Nursery Darling.
61-63, An Easter Greeting to Every Child Who Loves "Alice."
64, Christmas Greetings. (From a Fairy to a Child.)

Amazon US reports Pan Macmillan 2011-05-01 List Price: $17.99

Publisher's Note --first printed page, or follows title leaf, apparently when available as "Look inside"

"Carroll's original preface, along with three short additional works which were all included in the first edition. "A Nursery Darling", ...
Christmas, first inserted as leaflet into copies of Alice at Christmas 1871
Easter, bound into the first ed. of Through the Looking Glass.
"this edition reproduces the typesetting of the 1890 version ..."

2010 Evertype

Evertype "Look inside" at US

(front) "The cover of the 1890 edition"
(title leaf)
IX, A Nursery Darling
XI, Preface (Addressed to Any Mother) --signed 
[xiii], Contents
65-67, [An Easter Greeting]
68-69, Christmas Greetings (From a Fairy to a Child)

at Amazon UK blurb : 1881-02-15 diary entry, 1889-02-20 "the text was at last ready", <7000 words

[100] 2010 Evertype

to be continued

2017 The Nursery "Alice" (from Nought to Five)

at Amazon ISBN-1910880477

Lewis Carroll The Nursery "Alice" (from nought to five)

Illustrations by John Tenniel Book design ... Paintings by Arthur Hughes and Arthur Claude Strachan

Robin Books

A Nursery "Darling"
(no intermediate pages available)
back cover

(title leaf)
A Nursery Darling
pre-Contents leaf: (two-page) PREFACE. // (Addressed to Any Mother.) ; closing, "Eastertide, 1889."
p1-2 ...
[turn over] An Easter Greeting / to // Every Child Who Loves "Alice" ; closing, "Your affectionate Friend, // Lewis Carroll."
[59-60] complete that 3-page item
[61] Christmas Greetings. // (From a Fairy to a Child.) ; signed "Lewis Carroll"
[62-65] Works by Lewis Carroll. // Published by // Macmillan and Co., London.
the latter provides first publication data for every listing, including 1865, 1871, and The Nursery "Alice."[sic] ... With Text adapted to Nursery Readers by Lewis Carroll ... (First published in 1889.) 4to, boards, price 3s."
also Wonderland, 82nd thousand; Looking Glass, 59th thousand; Under Ground, 2nd thousand; 1887 omnibus, 2nd thousand

1151000, 1458752 = Easter, Christmas ; page numbers

[58] [61] ; 1889 People's P356427
Gutenberg P624761 --leave it for now
61 [64] ; 2010 Macmillan P347729 --in which p2 of Preface to the 1890 Edition matches that of the 1889 People's Edition except closing --in queue
65 68 ; 2010 Evertype P319408 --in queue

A Nursery Darling, Preface (Addressed to Any Mother) (The Nursery "Alice"); Preface to the 1890 Edition (Addressed to Any Mother) (The Nursery Alice)

0.1 0.2
60 58 --in queue
ix xi --the latter in queue

Easter and Christmas --NEED title note info on first publication

The Nursery Alice

The original title was The Nursery "Alice" and Macmillan issued a People's Edition with title page date 1889 (viewed at HathiTrust). Also there was a Preface with closing "Easter-tide 1890."--or so it is published as "Preface to the 1890 Edition. (Addressed to Any Mother.)" in the 2010 edition. To be continued, I hope with access to some 1889 periodicals online.

The original title was The Nursery "Alice" and Macmillan issued a People's Edition with title page date 1889 (viewed at HathiTrust). Also there was a Preface with closing "Easter-tide 1890."--or so it is published as "Preface to the 1890 Edition. (Addressed to Any Mother.)" in the 2010 edition. To be continued, I hope with access to some 1889 periodicals online.


New York 1890 as 1889 London
McGraw-Hill [1966], Mayflower [1979]
Macmillan 2010 ; Evertype c2010 --to be continued

Under Ground

2009 Evertype (set in type), Under Ground at Amazon ISBN-1904808395 £7.95 $10.95 ; signed "Michael Everson // Westport, 26 November 2009", vii-x, "Who will Riddle me the How and the Why?" signed "Lewis Carroll // December 1886", p5-, 63 64 portraits, 65-67 Easter "Easter, 1876", ?69-70, Christmas 2015 Under Ground at Amazon ISBN-1604335726


Under Ground: #374-388 by title, the last as "underground" Oneworld c2009 (PV Rtrace as Under Ground)

end alice ?

 lw  Amelia Carruthers, ed. 271459 (0)[many] Read Books LLC [Pook Press] 

Little Red Riding Hood and Other Girls Who Got Lost in the Woods (Origins of Fairy Tales from Around the World [Pook Press series])

2015-03-15 ISBN-1473326362 $15.99 £12.99 print at Amazon with "Look inside"
t.p. verso: (c) 2015 Pook Press // An imprint of Read Publishing Ltd. // (address) // Introduced and edited by Amelia Carruthers."
1, An Introduction to the Fairy Tale
5, The History of Little Red Riding Hood
9, The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing // (A Greek Tale) [Aesop]
(and so on, 7 tales)
71, The Golden Age of Illustration

2018-05-03 "Look" shows only front cover, copyright page, Contents, p1-3 [of 1-4 evidly], back cover

back cover "... It includes an in-depth introduction to the fairy tale genre, as well as the folkloric provenance of the 'Little Red Riding Hood' story itself. ..."
2015-09-24 ASIN B015SYGEKW $5.99 £6.59 (Kindle $3.99) at Amazon with "Look inside"
(title) LRRRaogwglitw // Amelia Carruthers // Origins ... [comparison with print "Look" that includes t.p. verso only shows that this material represents t.p.]

The Illustrated (2010) interior illustrators

Tenniel, Carroll,
John R. Neill --indb 1916 Looking-Glass (only as 150th)
(c)1908 Children's Red Books series at WorldCat --eg Little Red Riding Hood in which Sleeping Beauty spans pp. 33-57
(c)1908 Children's Stories That Never Grow Old series at WorldCat --perhaps matching half-volumes in the other series
Arthur Rackham --indb 1907 Wonderland
Harry Rountree --indb 1916 Wonderland (only as 150th)
 lw  .Gordon Robinson 267665 (2?)[several] fl 1911-15? active 1905-19 picturebook specialist? --WorldCat conflates 3 or more
--indb 1916 Wonderland 48pp! P655301 [12891397],
Alice as 1911 o[101] publ NY:Gabriel
Alice as 1916 o[102] publ London:Kelly, o[103]
Alice as 192- o[104] o[105] "4 leaves of plates"
Alice as 2015 o[106]
Alice singles o[107] o[108]; o[109] o[110]

Wonderland illustration at Carleton College; as Gordon Robinson- 1916 ; one from another named site {dead}

Blyton Books claims three 1935, 1936, 1951 [111]

Gilbert Wolf Gabriel = Gilly Bear (9)[20] "Gabriel, Gilbert W. (Gilbert Wolf), 1890-1952"

Samuel Gabriel, publisher person obituary 1920

Samuel Gabriel, autumn 1915 at least 3 picture books (inclg The Green Tulip of stories from the Evening Sun column "Gilly Bear's Corner" (and at least one 1916 o[112]); in newspapers as "Samuel Gabriel Sons & Co.", same at Metropolitan Museum except "Company
"samuel gabriel" in newspapers (5, 1911 to 1916; 4 US Nov/Dec 1915, 1 Toronto Aug 1916)

Bibliopolis lists 24 books, chiefly if not wholly picture books and toy books (pop-up, put together, paper dolls)

2010 illus. Rackham and Gordon Robinson ISBN-9781451555585

Robinson's HCAndersen at Amazon o[113] o[114] 513pp ~

William Woodburn --dnf VIAF

Victoria & Albert (1), ~nil info [115]

As of 2018-05-02 WorldCat credits the work of multiple people to "Gordon Robinson", evidently including a forester and an illustrator of late 20c picture books published by Gannett of Portland, Maine, USA. At WorldCat the books rank 1-2-3-5 on the list of "Most widely held works by Gordon Robinson".

Gutenberg #55040 in html format includes images of cover illustrations, in sequence at start and end, as if front and back cover. Does that matter and if so should they be reported as interiorart, coverart, or neither? --and what about those Gutenberg title pages?

Charles Robinson 1907 Cassell ed. o[116] --not found in [=all&lookfor[]=%22charles%20robinson%22&sort=yearup&page=3&ft=ft&page=4 Charales Robinson at HathiTrust]

at ~/Lewis Carroll == Robinson 6/-, Mayhew 2/6 and 6/-

Davy at HDL

Davy and the Goblin 1885 [117] 1913 [118] T876915 --1885 indb library records only, NEED more
St. Nicholas 12.1 pp. 93-103 (ch 1-4,6), 162-70 (ch7-9), 250-59 (ch10,5,11), 333-42 (ch12-13,15)
Beside relocation of book-chapter 5, chapters 12-13 are much expanded from serial ch 12.
(as 1885 and 1913) full view with cover of the 1913 ed. in unidentified/first and 23rd thousand)
copyrights 1884, 1885, 1912, 1913 Century; 1885 Ticknor; 1913 Carryl --ie 1884/1885 and 28-year renewals

1928 newspapers

[119] uncredited NYHT 1928-12-02 pJ10 "Children's Books of 1928" (long)
[120] Agatha L. Shea Chi. Tribune 1928-12-08 p23, juveniles for Christmas
Om$ 1885 Ticknor P264123 --NEED lccn and more 1885/1886 explanation
O-L 1886 Warne P664048
LO- P551569 Houghton Mifflin c1885 no date; --[1896?] 14th noted
1928 Riverside []
Unicorn c1988

ABEbooks, 66 records sort by price

1. P264123 Ticknor 1886 (inscribed "Xmas 1885" ; 1st ed. 1st state ; blue cloth in blue drop box #306121
1st ed, 1st state Ticknor & Co 1886 describes front cover and illustrations
2. P664048 Warne 1885 #41200
3. HM as reprint c1900, same cover except hue; interior image shows (c)1884/1885 only
9. HM as 1891

Davy at Amazon

as 1898, 10th at Amazon no image
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin (1913) ASIN: B003ZPH79E at Amazon w cover as 18th thousand
as 1967 160-page University Micro at Amazon w cover

160-page HM 18th impression as "[(c)1930]" o[121]

vii+198-page HM Riverside Bookshelf as "(c)1928" o[122], illus Bensell and Bacharach ; "vii, 198 pages : illustrations, plates (some color), color frontispiece ; 22 cm"

EoF notes that Cervantes "Don Quixote (1605; Part Two added 1615) is a Taproot Text for fantasy, though the book may fairly be read as a sustained assault upon the falsities of Romance."

Smuggler's Island and ..., Kneeland --nidb ; Adventure, Robinsonade

Smuggler's Island (1915) - IMDb Coincidence or not, the first edition of a novel titled "Smugglers' Island and the Devil-Fires of San Moros", by Clarissa A. Kneeland, was published by Houghton Mifflin, Boston and New York, in 1915. See more » ...

 lw  .Herman I. Bacharach P271559 --nidb niWD (0)[4] 

Riverside Bookshelf

1915 Water-Babies o[123] x+319
1923 A Wonder Book and TT o[124] 421 [4] o[125] 421pp, also at HDL
1925 (20 of Lambs) Tales from Shakespeare o[126]
1926 Pilgrim's Progress o[127] xli+333 "Printed in Great Britain." from facsim, with facsim t.p.
: 1927 Riverside Bookshelf Pinocchio, transl Sweet o[128] vii+212

H. R. Millar picture book text? 1927 o[129] --steam locomotive adventure story ; Dover ebook 2014 o[130] 9780486790923 at Amazon UK w "Look inside"

1989 hc Croesor Junction Press , facsimile at Amazon UK w 9 images !

A[-/to]Z of Tolkien ISBN-1851529217 PV Rtrace User talk:Rtrace ; cf. User talk:Jorssi

[264311841] as 1996 (c)1993
[35043481] as 1993
[802103508] as 1996

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Decoded[: ...] T1928924

  1. belongs in the Alice series certainly
  2. as an edition of the novel by Carroll? (not NONFICTION by Day) --compare many others in series Alice
  3. as by David Day and Carroll? --whence not in Day's bibliography, but his name appears in the Alice series bibliography [as does Martin Gardner once]
  4. re the 1951/1971, how little/much other content by Carroll justifies treatment of a publication as an omnibus edition of the novel (or both novels)?

Peter Dickinson trilogy Changes, some illus. Robert Hales

1 Weathermonger 1968 B68-05560 ; 1969us
+LO-£i 1968uk
LO-$ 1969us
–O-£ 1970 Puffin
–O-£i 1972 Puffin
2 Heartsease
+LOd£i 1969uk
–LO- 1969us --not found in US newspapers 1969 to 1971
–O-£i 1971 Puffin (PV Clarkmci) --my novel Title note on lower 1972 price
3 Devil's Children,
LOm£i B70-10250 --NEEDs date fix and British Library
[131] The Guardian 1970-05-08 p9 review by John Rowe Townsend ; "just published at 20s", book 1 Puffin at 4s ; also John Christopher The Guardians 21s
–– $ 1970us (PV Marc Kupper) ; starred Kirkus
–O-£ 1972 Puffin

Helen Waddell 1969, posthumous, retold by The Princess Splendour and Other Stories

Price 20p from brief review in "Briefings" edited by Helen Dawson, The Observer 1972-08-27 p22; "Splendid fairy tales found among the author's unpublished papers after her death in 1966. Beguilingly told (from far-ranging sources--Scotland, Ireland, Persia, Arabia, Japan), they are the genuine stuff ..."

e s  Lewis Gannett, 1952- 3003 (10)[] --undifferentiated ; conflated with Lewis Stiles (NYHT reviewer) at WorldCat 
Lewis Stiles Gannett, reviewer 1891-1966 (10)[]
els  E. C. Tubb 113 (19+ 17 authorized pseud.)
els  Esther Meynell 190152 (28)

publisher Academy Editions --NEED note with address from the (c)1972


1975 Walter Crane as a Book Illustrator o[132]
1976 Charles Robinson o[133]
1976 Alice in Wonderland o[134] "Giant illustrated edition" ! only 28cm

end alice ?


Fattypuffs and Thinifers T1622716 --with at least two English-language translations, 1940 and 1941

1930fr Hartmann, Bruller P424388
A propos de P et F 1930, 92 o[135] "This edition constitutes the original edition."
as "et", 94 o[136]
as "&", 92 o[137] o[138]
as 2 "et", 92 o[139] o[140]
as 14 "&", 92 o[141], 325 limited ed.
as 18 "&", 92 o[142]

other French language

1948fr hc Patapoufs, at Amazon B000OYSE6E
1948us French schools Heath o[143], or 1950 o[144] (one of 4)
1967fr Nathan o[145]
1991fr Gallimard o[146] o[147] 2070332586
2013fr Albin Michel-Jeunesse o[148] facsim 92p ISBN-9782226249418


1940us hc Holt, tr Benét ill Bruller P424389
(also ASIN: B00GL1K9KI no image) Amazon CA B002HF6ESS (dustjacket image)
; "&" all three library records and in newspapers (1 of 5) caption in Gannett column
1940ca hc Oxford, tr Benét, ill Bruller P424391
1941uk hc Lane, tr Denny P?424415
1943 hc Bodley, tr Denny at Amazon B00CMNKSBY
1954uk hc Bodley, tr Denny ill Bruller at Amazon B0016VKZL6; at Amazon UK B0016VKZL6 (different images)
1968 hc Bodley o[149] 0370010299 "A Young Puffin" ! "This translation originally published: London : Bodley Head, 1968. Translation of: Patapoufs et Filifers. Nouv. éd. Paris : Nathan, 1967." (but also credits [tr. Denny]) at Amazon 0370010299 ; at Amazon UK B012HUSONA
1969/68 1st US Knopf, o[150] o[151] o[152] (all "&") ; ASIN: B00LV7SUYO at Amazon as Thinnifers
1972 Bodley, Denny Wegner, 96 o[153] 0370010299
1972 Penguin, Young Puffin, Denny Wegner, 106 o[154] and 96 o[155] 0140305181
1981 Bodley, tr Denny ill Wegner, 96 o[156] "New ed." o[157] "Reprint" 0370010299
1982 Puffin, 105 o[158] 0140305181
1972 Puffin, 112 (Amazon US) and 1991 Puffin at Amazon UK 0140305181
1993 pbk Red Fox, ill Wegner P663338 at Amazon UK 0099141116
2000 pbk Jane Nissen, ill Wegner\Briggs at Amazon 1903252075 ; at Amazon B01K967444
2013 pbk Vintage at Amazon 0099582929
EFls André Maurois 11230 (443) 
.Jean Bruller 192536 = Vercors 1734 --ask (94) (URL update)

Rosemary Benét, tr. (13)[many]
 lww Norman Denny, tr. 94905 (15)[18] = Norman Dale (5)[15] 
1954 The Secret Motor Car, 1956 The Casket and the Sword, 1960 The Six Stone Faces


1940 Holt [159] NYHT 1940-11-10 pH10 "Fantasy at Sea and Underground" (as $2.50) --Edmond and Thierry Double, "one of the year's most copiously illustrated books"
[160] NYHT -11-15 p17 Lewis Gannett (as $2.00) Edmond to Fataburg, Thierry to Thinigrad, capital cities of the Fs and Ts
NYT 1940-11-15 p18 "Books--Authors": "After several misfortunes, the worst being the loss of the color plates that were shipped from France aboard the Champlain, Holt has finally put together André Maurois's children's story called 'Fatapoufs and Thinifers'."
[161] Janet Jones Bos. Globe -12-01 B4 capsule as "&"
[162] Edith Weigle Chi. Tribune -12-18 p20 capsule with one illus.
1941 Lane Scotsman 1941-12-18 p7 review as "(7s. 6d. Lane.)" --Edward and Terry --in queue
1969 [163] SLPD 1969-12-07 p3MA [186/515]

1940 to 1979 newspapers (fatapoufs, 10; namely 8 1940, 1 1943, 1 1957)

[164] NYHT 1940-10-27 pH8, Benet and Benet on Maurois; listing the last item in the Engl-lang Bibliography The Fatapoufs and the Thinifers

(fattypuffs, 4; namely 1941 1969 1972 1989=Pavarati)

The Observer 1972-08-27 p22 brief review (Puffin 20p) Edmund and Terry
[165] also Helen Waddell, The Princess Splendour and Other Stories, retold by HW "Briefing: Entertainments round-up edited by Helen Dawson" --all 3 Peter Dickinson 20p.

el   Duncan Williamson 154376 (14)[19]
 lw  Linda Williamson, ed. 271267 (8)[18] 
2011 ; 1989 o[166] o[167]
Fireside Tales (c)1983

For this ISBN as of 2018-04-29, Amazon UK (as RRP: £8.99, 19.7 cm) provides "Look inside" the <a href="">companion ebook</a> that includes cover image, title page, Contents list, and the entire Introduction by Linda Williamson.


(sections) The Coming of the Devil on Earth The Night of the Circle Editor's Note (closing) Linda Williamson

A Tarpaulin Muster, 1907 P259794

1907-04 ("First Edition   April 1907" stated in 1913-08 2nd ed.)
1908 HDL also with original cover (red cloth with gold stamped lettering, non pictorial) o[168], 1986 microfilm o[169] ;
1913-08 "Second Edition   August 1908" HDL (lacks original cover, which is attributed same as the 1st ed.) --p[11] Note; p13-224 o[170]
1919 -hdl o[171]
1970 "Short story index reprint series" o[172] with list of Contents o[173]
0000 Ayer ISBN 0-8369-3677-9 --niWorldCat
2009 BiblioLife ISBN 0559996314 at Amazon

The only stand-out spec-fic title is XV. "Some Irish Fairies", 150-59 (1st) 146-55 (2nd)

1908 newspapers

NYT -04-25 p26 "Books Received"; this one 12mo., $1
[174] NYT -06-13 pBR335 "Best Books for Summer Reading" --reviewed in this multipage (100 books)
[175] NYT -10-03 pBR540 --brief review "The contents are for the most part impressions molded into the semblance of short stories."

1907 The Inchcape Rock T2361671

Symington, Lindsay Dening = Buona Fortuna (0)[14]
Abbot Gasquet = Francis Aidan Gasquet, Cardinal Gasquet, Vatican Librarian (1846–1829) EN
Everard Meynell (4) - cousin of Esther EN

Bell Rock Lighthouse, 1807 to 1810 (Wikipedia), first lighted 1811-02-01 (The Globe "February 1 in History", 1907-02-01 p5, 1908-02-01 p13 [176] --70 vessels wrecked on the Scottish coast in one 1799 storm!

Five Children and It 47 (frontispiece plus 46 plates not included in the pagination) (manual count from copy of the 1905-10 US ed. at

in the chapter "Grown Up"
LGL cover image not found as one of 47 interior illustrations

Five Children and It, Introduction by RLGreen, 1959 o[177] --7 in queue; NEED cite OCLC and credit the coverart (Millar from the original)

Puffin Books PS128, multiple reports as 215 pp

1959 [1008416107]-credits RLGreen [24617163]-ISBN, 1966 [477500740] [9839009], 1971 [51211995], 1973 [352218063]

Puffin 1959, stating ISBN at Amazon US/UK

Penguin, 1995 ed., w RLGreen intro at Amazon

Puffin Classics, 1996 ed. (w Look inside 18th printing) Stewart Bodeq coverart at Amazon

Puffin, 2008 ed., intro Quentin Blake, endnotes (c)2008 Penguin Books (w Look inside 1st printing) 978-0-141-32161-5

User talk:Hifrommike65#Of Other Worlds: Essays and Stories

Lewis, Of Other Worlds,

Harvest Books o[178] 2002?, o[179] 1997?
HarperOne o[180] as 2017 w Contents --(quote) Notes on "After ten years" -- ISBN-9780062565808 not yet at Amazon 2018-04-18

at Amazon Dark Tower 0-15-602770-4 Of Other Worlds 0156027674--nidb, with "Notes to After Ten Years" at pages 155 and 146 respectively (both as 2002 publications, -11-04 and -10-01 respectively, both tp)


3 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The great carbuncle. Rappaccini's daughter. Edward Randolph's portrait.-
1 Poe, E.A. Ms. found in a bottle.-
1 Gaskell, Elizabeth C. The old nurse's story.-
1 Dickens, Charles. The bagman's story.-
2 Trollope, Anthony. The journey to Panama. La mère Bauche.-
1 Melville, Herman. Bartleby.-
1 Collins, W.W. The lady of Glenwith grange.-
1 White, W.H. Esther.-
1 Garnett, Richard. The elixir of life.-
2 Harte, F.B. The idyll of Red Gulch. Mr. Thompson's prodigal.-
1 Bierce, Ambrose. An occurrence at Owl Creek bridge.-
2 James, Henry. The middle years. The abasement of the Northmores.-
1 Stevenson, R.L. Will o' the mill.-
1 Gissing, George. A daughter of the lodge.-
1 Coleridge, Mary. The friendly foe.-
1 Porter, W.S. The cop and the anthem.-
2 Gilchrist, R.M. The end of the world. The last posset.-
1 Munro, H.H. The strategist.-
1 Crane, Stephen. The open boat.-
1 Middleton, R.B. The ghost ship.-
1 Mansfield, Katherine. Life of Ma Parker.

27 stories(?) by 21 writers

Everyman publisher search (2)
Everyman publication series search (7)
Dutton Everyman Paperback -- 1 from 1960, Dutton
Everyman Classics -- 3 from 1984, Dent
Everyman Fiction -- 8 from 1983, Dent
Everyman's Library -- scads from 1906 ... Knopf in 21st century
Everyman's Library Children's Classics -- 11 from 1992, Knopf
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World's Classics
World Classics publication series (3) --all 21st century
World's Classics publication series (2) --both Oxford UP

Oxford World's Classics and [The World's Classics] both NEED Title notes; see also the 1982 Otranto publication record

OUP "[The] World's Classics", later "Oxford World's Classics"

World's Classics (19000 records) from #201

Grant Richards "The World's Classics"

search 1903 newspapers ("the world's classics", 7 hits inclg 4 Times of India)

Was Post 1903-06-21 p2 "Watson's Books Seized" (alleged embezzler JMAWatson of District funds) "Deputy Marshal ... seized sixty volumes of the World's Classics, thirty-two volumes of Dumas' works, ..." value about $150
Times of India 1903-07-04 p5 retailer listings "New Vols. of The World's Classics. Price 14 annas each in Cloth, or Rs. 1-12 each in leather." (one Gibbon, one Burns)
Manchester Guardian 1903-12-12 p5 "To-Day's New Books" ; "From Grant Richards ... The World's Classics." Vol 46 (Tolstoy I) and Vol 47 (Bronte IV) 1s. net each
The Observer next day p8 "The Week's Books" ; "Essays and Letters. By Leo Tolstoy. ... A fresh addition to Mr. Grant Richards's wonderful series of "The World's Classics" ..."

Walpole, Otranto

PubUpdate and Clone done –

Otranto only

–LO 1886 P348048 --Munro, much discrepancy, dual formats maybe
––O 1886 P348048 --Cassell's
––– 1996 P338196 --Gutenberg, from Cassell's New Series, 1901 --in queue
––O 1907 P348050
ABLO+$i 1964 P662627 --dnf UK newspapers --cover uncertain (as 1969/64 at Amazon)
BLO+ 1969 P662711 --no cover, Amazon maybe
–LO i 1982 P663007
––O £i 1996 P359313 --
"First published as an Oxford World's Classics paperback in 1998" (stated much later)
Apparently the series was re-branded Oxford World's Classics only in 1998. See the Pub. Series record for more information.
––O i 1998 P663188 --NEED [Oxford/The] World's Classics pub series notes; --to be continued
–LO $i 2004 P663009 --Dover Thrift, cover unlikely
BLO+£i 2008 P337899 --BNB link does not work
–LO £i 2014 P469586
AL– £i 2014e P516742

The Castle of Otranto, Vathek, and the Vampyre ; or, Three Gothic Novels

––– $ 1966 parent P833263 --Mhhutchins from Tuck
ALO $ 1966 child P224681 PV Swfritter Ret --no cover
––– $i 0000 child P608069 PV Ldb001
el   Caroline F. E. Spurgeon 117745 (31)
el  .John Singleton Copley 147997 (31)
 lw  Joseph W. Reed, ed. 271102 (31)[many] 
el   Ernest Rhys, ed. 146189 (88)
el   William J. Locke, ed. 122513 (77)
  newspaper reviews of his ed. La Reine Pedauque [182] [183]
el   Nick Groom, ed. 271081 (8)[15]
 lw  E. J. Clery, ed. 148903 (4)[many] 

o[184] 1995 Cambridge studies in romanticism, 12 (from PhD thesis); 1964 o[185], 1996 o[186] ISBN-0192823515 "The World's Classics" evidently; (c)1998 o[187] ISBN-0192834401 (ISBN-13 first listed) "Look" inside 12th printing per numberline; LCCN 96-4301 (hc?) "First published as a World's Classics paperback 1982; Reissued as an Oxford World's Classics paperback 1998

 lw  W. S. Lewis, ed. 271055 (?)[many]  
P662627 1964 GB64-18882 =>BL 003842426
P662711 1969 , intro Lewis, "with explanatory notes and note on the text by Joseph W. Reed, Jr." ISBN-019255302X B69-09195 =>BL 003842428 --pbk per Amazon ; "[New ed.] reprinted with additional notes.", xviii+115
1982 , intro Lewis, same (pbk) ISBN-0192816063 at Amazon w wrong Look as 1982-09 (Oxford World's Classics, 1st)
P359313 1996 , ed Lewis, intro Clery (Oxford World's Classics, 2nd)
P337899 2008 , ed Lewis, intro Clery "with a new introduction" o[188] BNB GBA865700 =>BL 014614020
P469586 P516742 2014 , intro Nick Groom (Oxford World's Classics, 3rd)

Otranto, Oxford 3rd Ed., Nick Groom "Look inside" at Amazon UK
little but copyright page and Contents list 2018-04-28 ; same selection at Amazon US 2018-04-28 (as "List Price: $10.95")

ix, Introduction xxxix, Note on the Text xl, Select Bibliography xliv, A Chronology of Horace Walpole

5, Preface to the First Edition
9, Preface to the Second Edition
15, Sonnet to the Right Honourable Lady Mary Coke
17, The Castle of Otranto

106, Appendix: Gothic Contexts [subtitle matches the 1st subsection of the Introduction) 113, Explanatory Notes

reported page numbers and page-count li imply much-expanded Bibliography and Chronology

(Amazon blurb, 2nd par) In this new edition Nick Groom examines the reasons for its extraordinary impact and the Gothic culture from which it sprang. The Castle of Otranto was a game-changer, and Walpole the writer who paved the way for modern horror exponents.
Otranto, Oxford 2nd as "Oxford World's Classics", E. J. Clery --from Look inside 1998 ed., 12th printing per numberline at Amazon

vi, Acknowledgments vii[-33], Introduction xxxiv, Note on the Text [not "Notes"] xxxv[-36], Select Bibliography xxxvii[-38], A Chronology of Horace Walpole

[1, facsim Title-page of the first edition, as ", A Story."]
[3, facsim Title-page of the second edition, as ", A Gothic Story."]
5, Preface to the First Edition
9, Preface to the Second Edition
15, Sonnet to the Right Honourable Lady Mary Coke [closing "H. W."]
17, The Castle of Otranto

p[116][-126?], Explanatory Notes p[127?-31] A Selection of Oxford World's Classics [Author Title list] no back cover

"Look inside" 2008 ed., 1st printing per numberline at Amazon

p[116]-25, Explanatory Notes p[127-36], A Selection [[137-], More About OWC back cover L4.99 RRP $8.95 USA

HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL)

1791, 6th [189]
18-- Griffin [190] (19--?) --UCSD copy, below
1811 Edinburgh: Printed by Ballantyne [191] --Princeton copy, below
1823 Chiswick: Whittingham [192]
1854 Baird [193]
1892 Cassell [194] --Illinois copy --paper $0.10, cloth $0.20
t.p. London, Paris, Melbourne ; [3]-6 Introduction closes "H. M."; [7]-12 Preface 1; [13] Sonnet; [15]-191 "The End" p[192] "Printed by // Cassell & Company, Limited, La Belle Sauvage, // London, E.C. // 59--292";
1901 Cassell [195] [evidently this is the 1811 from U Michigan]
--no cover, half-title "With a Critical Introduction", p.iii-xxxvi (unsigned, uncredited); xxxvii The Entail: A Fable; xl La Substitution: Fable Traduite de L'Anglois; n.s. i Preface 1; vi-xii Preface 2; [xiii] Sonnet; 1-152 closing "The End" and "Edinburgh: // Printed by James Ballantyne & Company."
1908 Spurgeon [196]
1929 Scholartis [197] limited ed.
1820, 1820, 1883 Reeve/Walpole The old English baron and The Castle of Otranto
1823 The Novels of Sterne, G, J, M, HW, and Reeve
1925 The castle of Otranto, and the Mysterious mother, ed. Montague Summers [198]

HDL Otranto cat 1811; xliii, xii, 152 title page (no cover)

secondary title page "with A Critical Introduction"
[iii]-xxxix, Introduction
xl-xliii, La Substitution (poem)
[i]-v, Preface 1
[vi]-xii, Preface 2
1 leaf, Sonnet
1-152, The Castle of Otranto: A Gothic Story

HDL Otranto cat as R. Griffin, 18--; with illegible thumbnail (no cover)

(front pages missing)
iii-xiii, A Memoir of the Author [by G. M. B.]
[1]-157, The Castle of Otranto
[161]-220, The Enchanted Horse: An Eastern Tale --title page p[159] [199]

plates not included in the pagination

[221-24], adverts

The Enchanted Horse

Walpole o[200] [18--] xiii, 220; o[201] ~1840 xiv 220
o[202] 1841? 10; o[203]; ; o[204] [1845] theatrical scenario; o[205] 1853 from the Arabian Nights

el   Magdalen Nabb 110321 (35)
 lw .Julek Heller 25791 (17)[18]

novel/la/ette Fo[206]

Od£ 1992 1st 0001854267
1993 0006747213 o[207]
Om 1993 1st US 0531068056 0531086550 (lib. bdg.)
1995 0786810297 1st Hyperion pbk
2014 o[208] 96, 19.6cm; o[209] 1 volume; o[210] 122, 20; o[211] 122, 20 --problematic records
OdC$i 2015


as 1993 Young Lions [212] o[213]
same ISBN as 1995 Red Storybook o[214] "Winner of the Smarties Prize in 1995 and a best-selling title." o[215] "Winner [...] 1993" with second-listed ISBN 0001005499
same ISBN as 1999 o[216] and 2001 o[217]
as 2001-08 pbk Red Storybook with cover image at Amazon
2009 First Modern Classics o[218] ISBN-0007317336 o[219] at Amazon
2009 o[220] same ISBN as second-listed with 0007580290 (2014 pbk)

At Amazon UK, ISBN 0001005499 hits 2014 Kindle ; source ISBN: 0007580290, ASIN: B00LE3LDW6

1992 to 1994 newspapers

[221] The Observer 1992-11-29 p74 Naomi Lewis
[222] Irish Times 1993-05-08 pA8 Eilis O'Hanlon "Moonlit Magic"
[223] The Guardian 1994-01-08 "Journeys into the realms of fantasy" various capsules (1993 pbk)

in Joanna Carey column The Guardian 1994-01-08 p27 "Journeys into the realms of fantasy".

1964 newspapers (OUP)

[224] NYT 1964-11-29 pBR22 --New Series The Oxford English Novels

1966 newspapers (Dover)

[225] review by Vincent Starrett Chi. Tribune 1966-06-12 pJ11 $2.00; "Just 150 years ago this week ..."
[226] review by Anthony Boucher NY Times 1966-06-12 p316 $2.00
[227] Anthony Boucher $1.75
[228] Irish Times 1966-08-08 p8 as "From New York" and also "Three Gothic Novels, Constable 16/-" Constable!

1969 newspapers (OUP)

[229] NYT 1969-04-13 pBR31 Dover eds. inclg Three Gothic Novels
[230] The Guardian 1969-09-18 p8 Oxford Paperbacks inclg the first 4 Oxford English Novels, inclg Otranto at 6/- ;

22/ The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle 6/ The Castle of Otranto 6/ Castle Rackrent 10/ Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress

[231] The Observer 1969-10-05 p33 "new Oxford Paperbacks have been published with the needs of university students in mind."; the first four Oxford English Novels "put into paper covers for the first time, at prices from 6/- to 22/-."

1982 newspapers (OUP)

OUP reissue not found except notice The Irish Times -11-06 p13 "Recent Paperbacks", from OUP this and the two Alice novels (no price)

1996 newspapers (OUP)

1998 newspapers (OUP)


1964 [232] or 1969?
1963 [233] with the Classic Introduction and a new one
2011 [234] with a critical introduction
1971 [235] MMP, no publisher
1976 [236] Folio Society
2002 [237] Penguin ; [238]
2004 [239] Dover, no ISBN
2008 [240] SMK Books, no ISBN
2015 [241] With a Memoir ...
2015 [242] With a Memoir ... ; 2016 [243]
1948 [244] Everyman's Shorter Novels
1993 [245] Everyman, Otranto and Hieroglyphic
as 1832 [246] Three Gothic Novels, EFBleiler
as 1966\2003 US\UK both as "2nd ed. edition" [247] with Look inside 2014 printing, $12.95 back cover, front cover differs; compare ASIN: B01FIYSVIU as 1966 (same late? cover image)

P608069 PV Ldb001 as date unknown

o[248] as "cop. 1966" with ISBN

T833263 The Castle of Otranto, Vathek, and the Vampyre -- "The"

Note Mhhutchins added these records from Tuck 2007 and Reginald1 2014 under two different titles

BL and BNB

2008 P337899 -- BNB link does not work
1964 P662627 -- GB64-18882 (old format)
1969 P662711 -- B69-09195 (old format)


1886 --in queue
1923 o[249] Spurgeon, Scott
1930 " "
1964 --?
1966 Three --?
1969 --?
1975 Limited Editions Club
1982 --in queue
1996 --?
c2001 Penguin, Michael Gamer
2004 B&N, Annie Pécastaings
2004 Dover ISBN-0486434125 --in queue

Cassell's National Library

The Great Triumphs of Great Men, [1875] o[250]
Famous Historical Scenes, 1875 o[251]
3, School for Scandal, 1883 o[252]
Maundeville, 1883 o[253]
Warren Hastings, 1885
(many titles), 1886 --including Otranto o[254]
8, Plutarch's Lives of Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar
9, The Castle of Otranto --two "Just published", NYTrib 1886-03-27 p6

back cover (1892) lists Cassell's National Library including (about 50, not Otranto)

Trips to the Moon(?)
Sintram and his Companions, &c.
The History of the Caliph Vathek

1886 newspapers

[255] N-Y Tribune 1886-03-27 p6 "Just published", Cassell's NL #8-9, $0.10, $0.25 ; Cassell & Company, Limited // 739 & 741 Broadway, N. Y.
paper covers $0.10 confirmed Atl Const -04-05 p4

Newspaper search


2017-05-23 organized by year with digressions such as #Walck

[256] NYT 19790-11-08 p326 "Harper Junior Books"
[257] NYT 1970-11-08 p324 "Fall 1970" Doubleday
[258] CSM 1970-11-12 p19 "Games Children Play" Hunter, Snyder, Dickinson, Aiken

Publication search 2017-03-25 :
Notes contains:

cover artist must be (dozens) ; is (hundreds) ; is interior (5)
cover art must be (0) ; is (hundreds)
cover illustration must be (1) ; is (hundreds)
cover illustrator must be (0) ; is (1)

1951 [259] 8 Nesbit available 1951-12-06 @7/6 (and 2 Moomins)

1959 [260] 15 Nesbit are now in print 1959-12-04 (and 5 Moomins 11/6 11/6 8/6 11/6 11/6)


2013 Kindle "Fairy Tales of [GM]" distinct collection at Amazon

WorldCat (The) Fairy Tales of George Macdonald

1904 5 vols 17cm Fifield o[261]
1904 v1 one vii+82p o[262]
1904 v3 two 87p o[263]
1904 v5 one o[264]
1978/61 The Complete o[265]
1961 ... being the complete o[266] Gollancz!
1973 2 vols Eerdmans o[267]

WorldCat (The) Fairy Tales

1904 5-in-1 435p 20cm o[268], with list of Contents
1906 reprint 435 19 o[269]
1913 96p 15x12cm Heidelberg (only 2) o[270] Edited by Wilhelm Lehmann; illustrated by Paul Scheurich
1920 as centenary o[271]
1924 435p o[272], with list of Contents that differs only in use of "Photogen and Nycteria"

Newspaper search 'fairy tales' 'george macdonald'

1903 0
1904 1
1905 3 (obituary)
1920 0
1924 several (centenary)

search fifield 'george macdonald'

1903/1905 3 --all 1905, two below, also new ed The Diary of an Old Soul

search fifield 'fairy tales'

1903/1905 4
1904-10-31 p2 The Scotsman "New Books" under Christmas Books The LP, The GH, and The GK. The Fairy Tales of George Macdonald. Edited by Greville Macdonald. London (no price)

search 'greville macdonald'

1903/1905 6
1904-12-19 p3 "New Editions" The Scotsman, new edition of eight as "Fairy Tales of [GM]" [273]

NYT 1904-10-08 pBR676 "Mr. Alden's Views" W L Alden // London, Sept. 26, 1904

"there is to be a reissue of his fairy tales in a uniform edition", no mention of publisher or editor

no other hit 2017-04-17 ('fairy tales' 'george macdonald') in newspapers 1904

1905 Macdonald death

[274] obituary MG 1905-09-20 p5
reissue Phantastes, ill Hughes A.C. Fifield 4/6 --MG -12-02 p6 "Christmas Books. II. Fairy Stories, New and Old."
[275] WIT 1905-10-07 p4 "Personal Recollections" C J Hamilton

1924 Macdonald centennial material inclg the Greville Macdonald "biography"

[280] NYT -08-24 pBR16 (The Fairy Tales)
publisher adverts as "Fairy Tales" ill Hughes Centenary ed. 6/- The Scotsman -12-11 p4 ; footer George Allen & Unwin, Ltd., Ruskin House, 40 Museum St., London, W.C.1
Books Received as "The Fairy Tales" Centenary ed. 6/- (Lilith 7/6) (biography 21/-) MG -05-26 p5
publisher advert as "Fairy Tales" ill Hughes 6/- The Scotsman -05-29 p2 (Centenary Edition of Two Books. with Lilith: A Romance ed Greville ...[281] 7/6)



LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. American Literary Gazette and Publishers' Circular (1863-1872); Jan 1, 1872; 18, 5; American Periodicals pg. 75

Eva's Adventures also listed, as "Cl. $1.25" (not 'Extra cloth')

[283] 1871 "Books for Christmas", 21 pages

includes Lee & Shepard's Gulliver's ... Regions ... by Dean Swift, ill. T. Morton, intro John Francis Waller

[284] US weekly? The Independent ... Devoted to Considerations ... 1882-12-07 p34 "[JBL] Have Just Published"

includes The New Arabian Nights $2.00

ISFDB Search 'New Arabian Nights' [285] (hits RLStevenson only)

Goblin and Curdie --both need original publication at EN The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature By Daniel Hahn (via Google Books), p362-63 (McElderry is p363-64[missing])

  1. At the Back of the North Wind, serial from first number 1868 [MacDonald editor from sometime 1869]; as a book 1871
  2. Goblin; as a book 1872 ; [per Language and Control in Children's Literature

By Murray Knowles, Kirsten Malmkjaer, "The Fairytale" on MacDonald, Wilde, Nesbit (via Google Books), p164: 1870-11 to 1871-06 (weekly?)]

  1. Curdie; serial 1877 ; [per KM: Good Things: A Picturesque Magazine for Boys and Girls 1877-01 to 1877-06]

Good Words For The Young (Strahan, from 1868) at VictorianWeb

Good Things HDL: Contents v6, Curdie as 35 chapters 1-3, 65, 177-79, 193-95, 257-62, 321-45(!)

pp 1-5[i], 65-68[iii], 177-80[iv], 193-200[vii], 257-63[ix], 321-46[xiv-xxxv]; one illus ahead each instalment

Semiannual volume at HathiTrust does not indicate periodical publication, 384pp =6@64

KM The Light Princess "as an interpolated story in the novel Adela Cathcart (1864)

Princess and Curdie, as 1883? -- Advertised among the publisher's new books in several UK publs 1882

All the Year Round 1882-08-26 p4 "With 12 illustrations. Small crown 8vo, cloth extra, 5s. [Just ready."
The Spectator -09-23 (image not available to me)
The Academy -09-30 p.iii "Just ready"
Time Advertiser 1882-10 p4 "Just ready"

Capsule review The Saturday Review 1882-11-25 p711 "Christmas Books: I."

"Christmas Books seem to come out now rather late in September, so eager are authors and publishers to take Time by the forelock. The donors of Christmas presents are probably not in so great a hurry."


The Athenaeum 1882-10-14 p495 "List of New Books"
The Spectator 1882-10-14 p1324 "Publications of the Week" (image not available to me)


Articles likely to be useful later, eg publisher adverts and reviews that cover multiple titles


[286] The Globe (Toronto) 1920-12-04 p24 "Juveniles: Real Revival to be Noted in This Year's Production of Children's Books": recovery from the war years, current 7th successive annual children's book display at Toronto Public Library, long list of books with some capsule reviews
[287] SLPD 1920-12-04 ; Books for All Ages Among the New Publications for the Holiday Season ... Heller, Otto


[288] 1921-11-13 Children's Books Week 14th-19th, list of books bound in Interlaken Book Cloth
[289] DFP 1922-06-22 School Children Name Their Favorite Books (grades 3 to 8)
[290] NYT 11-21 Macmillan For Boys & Girls


[291] Cin Enq -11-12 pF12 "Seen on the Literary Horizon" "Children's Book Week"; "A Shelf of Children's Books" (25, from the ALA NEA conference)

1922 (2)

[292] Chi. Tribune 1922-12-02 p8 panel advertisement A. C. McClurg & Co. "from all publishers"
[293] Chi. Tribune 1922-11-22 pG25 Fanny Butcher "Children's Books" "This is the first day of Children's Book Week. ..."


[294] ACMoore The Three Owls "The Children's Hundred" NYHT 1924-12-07 pF7


[295] 1926- ACMoore on Number # Joy Street holiday annuals (and 2 Asquith anthologies)
[296] NYHT 12-05 pF10
[297] NYHT 12-10 pF8


[298] ACM NYHT 1929-09-29 pK8 "Children Under 10"
[299] ACM NYHT 1929-12-01 pK10,42-43 "Children's Books of 1929" (out of 850 published)
[300] Kroch's 1929-12 panel advertisement


NYHT Children's Book Number will be -11-12 but see [301] NYHT 1933-12-03 pF12; [302] -12-10 pG9 review May Lamberton Becker


[303] Stokes Fall 1937 Children's Books - includes Lofting, Tommy Tilly revised



[304] Books for the Young 1951 ; [305] another ; [306] another


[307] review column Man Gua 1955-10-07


done Loretta Mason Potts and others (4)


-- .Catriona Macdonald, ill 251139 --niLC VIAF=315690637
--  Rosemary Graham, Canada? 251138 --niW (5, only 2 hers?)

The Furry Forest Bears, wri and ill Graham 1956 ; McClelland & Stewart cited in Toronto review 1958-11 o[308] (c)1956, another gives [1956]; o[309] Dent

as [A tale for children.] Fo[310]

Walter Lorraine, ill Allth (18, none 1950s) --identity uncertain (HM career likely distinct from the US illustrator of Sid Fleischman and Kath Lev

1970 o[311]
1964 o[312]
c1960 o[313]
1956 o[314]
1954 o[315]

1952 Houghton Mifflin design, 1965-95 Children's Book Dept, 1995 imprint, 2007 retire

imprint Walter Lorraine Books (none in LCCat)

WorldCat search [WLB] 147 hits, earliest first --all picture books?
2007 retirement

Hans Baumann (nongenre?) EN (136)

Barke 1956 [7295872], 1958 Walck
1967 Lion Gate and Labyrinth
1975 Hero Legends

check page history if needed to recover these 1958 ?

NYHT includes Farjeon, Jim at the Corner; for younger children than The Little Bookroom [1955] "humorous marvels", "imaginative absurdities", new edition illus Ardizzone

NYT covers 7 of which 5 done; 2 not yet in database: Margaret J. Baker, Homer the Tortoise book 3; Alastair Reed Allth

Margaret J. Baker 212407 (37) , Homer [the Tortoise] Goes to Stratford [book 3] o[2012046] 141p ; UK 119p (one of 3 Homer in LCCat) ;; [1] 1949 UK 95p 1950 US o[1444909] 149p ; [2] 1953 US o[1444513] 153p
Kirkus 1950 Homer 1[316], 1953 Homer 2[317]
consider also The Sand Bird both
Alastair Reid --nidb EN (52), Allth --niK dnfUK 51p o[318]

Martin Pippin

Series 41519

2017-04-07 search 'Martin Pippin' 1949 1961

1952 (search Martin Pippin)

publisher advert Manchester Guardian 1952-10-10 p4 "at last available again, filled with delightful illustrations by Richard Kennedy" 12/6
[319] Anne Purves Man Gua 1952-10-10 p4 "More Away Than Home" [but this one is domestic]; this reprint "six long variations, with a lot of laughter and some cynicism in them, on the theme of true love"
Katherine Garvin The Observer 1952-12-14 p8 "Fairy and Adventure Tales"; this one "ennobled from the [OUP 12/6] and labelled as suiting all ages. Richard Kennedy's black-and-white drawings add virility and confirm its strong English traditional character." --also Borrowers 1


[320] Naomi Lewis The Observer 1954-11-28 p11 "Five to Fifteen [reader ages]" Oxford, 12/6, 7 shorter stories, no hyphen
[321] Pamela Brisbane Manchester Guardian 1954-12-03 p10 "Magic to Machinery" 6 main stories --includes Half Magic
Man Gua -12-16 p11 "Books Received"

1952 1955 Toronto

The Globe and Mail (Toronto) 1952-11-15 p12 or PI2 "Outstanding Oxford Juveniles for Young Canadians" C$2.75 with image of Kennedy jacket illustration


[322] Eleanor McNaught The Globe and Mail (Toronto) 1955-11-12 p9 "Martin Pippin" (review Daisy-Field Oxford; 294pp., C$2.50 --illustrator not identified


brief review of "a new edition" (Oxford) Was. Post 1953-06-07 pB6 Maxine LaBounty "School Vacation"
[323] L.S.B. NYHT 1956-05-13 pE22 The Little Bookroom" --also The ENormous Egg

1961 (search Martin Pippin)

[324] NYT 1961-11-12 pBRA43 "Lippincott Books for Fall 1961" (and same day ChiTrib, NYHT)
[325] by Thomas Lask NYT -11-12 pBRA62 "Repeat Performances"; [326] Chi. Tribune -11-12 pE47 "Welcome Return of Old, Familiar Faces" [327] P.M. CSM -11-16 pB6 "More-Than-Twice-Told Tales" --re Martin Pippin, brief reviews in the first two columns note the new illustrations
Martin Pippin Series 41519 User:Pwendt/save#Newspaper links

Martin Pippin (two collections/novels? see SFE-F) --compare The Little Bookroom, Tanglewood Tales and A Wonder-Book

LOm£ (-LOHd$) Apple Orchard 1921 T1978355 both +T
1922 /5th printing 1925 w Lofting jacket [328] "Dust jacket specially designed by Hugh Lofting, featuring a purple and green scene of figures in and around trees, with orange-outlined titling"
1949 Lipp Kennedy w jacket [329], [330] "probably 1960s printing", [331] "probably a 1960s printing"
1949 Lipp Kennedy o[332] Lipp 305, with list of Contents (6) "A clever wandering minstrel rescues an imprisoned young lady when he charms the seven man-hating damsels guarding her by telling them stories, one by one."
1952 OUP Kennedy o[333]
1961/49 Lipp Lipp 305 o[334]

Newspaper search 1949 1961 'martin pippin' (22 hits, earliest 4 UK Oct-Dec 1952)

LOm£ (LOx$) Daisy-Field 1937 T1978357 both +T
o[335] Lipp 294 , ; Penguin/Puffin 270p ; recent Red Fox 324p 9781782950448
Martin Pippin 2 --US ed. maybe delayed --check newspapers 1938

7 tales or 6? eg [336] NYHT 1938-03-20

1937-10- Kirkus [337] [338] --confused reference to both books



  Henry Z. Walck, Inc.
  101 Fifth Avenue, New York 3 [same except "N.Y.3" 1958-11-30 NYT and CT "For Christmas giving ..."]
  Successor to Oxford Books for Boys and Girls 

1958/59 books include several by Sutcliff and Farjeon

[339] 1950-01-18 p47, [340] 1951-09-15 pB3, [341] 1951-09-23 pI10, [342] 1954-04-26 p34
sut [343] 1958-06-29 BR18 earliest publ The Silver Branch
far [344] 1958-11-02 pBRA42 Jim at the Corner
[345] 1958-11-02 pBRA50 "Repeat Performances"
sut [346] 1959-01-04 pBR26 Warrior Scarlet
[347] 1959-05-10 pBRA16 Japanese Tales and Legends
sut [348] 1959-11-08 pBR64 The Lantern Bearers ; Kirkus


"Spring books from Walck" : hits 1965 to 1968 only, NY Times at least
"Fall books from Walck" : hits 1964 to 1966 only, Chi Trib only
"Walck Spring Books" and "Walck Fall Books" : 0 hits but see below
f62 [349] Walck fall 1962 NYT
f64 [350] Chi 1964-11-01 pP34A "New Fall Books from Walck" (many)

also James McNeill The Double Knights

f65 [351] Chi 1965-11-07 p22A "Fall Books from Walck" (many)

Finn Family reissued $3.00, Farjeon, Farjeon/Mayne, RLGreen, Sutcliff T19519; "book for Eleanor Farjeon" dnf Title or Publ Notes (but search Cavalcade)

f66 [352] Chi 1966-11-06 pP26 "Fall Books from Walck" (many; identical to NY Times that I recognize but title search hits only this one)
s65 [353] NY Times 1965-05-09 pBRA28 "Spring Books from Walck" (Chi -05-09 and CSM -05-06, both only 9 of those bks)
s66 [354] NY Times 1966-05-08 pCBBR16 "Spring Books from Walck" (17)
s67 [355] NY Times 1967-05-07 p375 "Spring Books from Walck" (Chi -05-07, only 6 of those bks)
s68 [356] NY Times 1968-05-04 pBRA30 (Chi -05-04, same) "Spring Books from Walck" (CSM -05-02, only 6 of those 14 bks)


Publisher Walck, mainly 1960s, just above #Walck


[357] Chi Tribune
[358] NY Times
[359] Observer Naomi Lewis (multiple)
[360] Irish Times (multiple) Tales of Make-Believe ed. RLGreen


[361] 1962-11-11 NYT (also Chi) Crowell Books for Boys and Girls


[362] Chi 10-11 pO11 (mediocre)
[363] Bos 11-01 pB13 "New for Children" (Enemy at GK negative) (inclg Mary Poppins 1-2 omni)
[364] Chi Tribune 1964-11-01 p46A "Other Noteworthy Books Published" capsule, one of dozens
Return of the Twelves $3.75 PV Nihonjoe
[365] The Strange Light and other reviews

1964 (2)

[366] Observer 11-29
[367] Irish 12-05


[368] Chi. Tribune 1966-11-06 p26


[369] Chi 1969-05-04 pR13 Farrar,Straus&Giroux
[370] NYT 11-09 pBRA12 Farrar,Straus&Giroux
CLHaupt [371]
Norma Magid [372]


[373] Barbara Wersba NY Times 1970-11-15 pBR22 ; Zemach & Zemach Awake and Dreaming Ages 4 to 8

review by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt NY Times 1970-12-09 p59 (positive)

(capsule) The Trumpet of the Swan T21313 ; Harper & Row $4.50
In the Night Kitchen Harper & Row $4.95

[374] Was Post 1970-11-08 p25 Dutton inclg 3 picture books

[375] NY Times 1970-05-24 pBR25 "Come Fly With Us" (Macmillan, spring 1970, apparently)
[376] Price from review by Jane Yolen 1970-11-08, Chi. Tribune pQ8 and Was. Post p8 (with other reviews and reviewers)


[377] publisher advert Christian Science Monitor 1971-05-06 pB6 (and -05-09 p6 Chi. Tribune, Was. Post) "Spring Books for Young People" (14)
[378] NYT 1971-11-07 pBRA42 Richard Elman "A Goulash of Ghouls"
[379] Chi 1971-11-07 pI4 Jane Yolen "Splendid and Gory Folk Tales"


[380] Wersba review of The Impossible People (super-positive)
[381] CSM review includes A Cavalcade of Sea Legends
many others May and later


[382] Robert Nye CSM 1974-05-01 p17 "For Older Readers: Folktales ..."
[383] Price from publisher advertisement NY Times 1974-05-05 p33 "Macmillan Children's Books Spring 1974"


Series 6824

Moomin-only hits

[384] "Finnish Trolls Go International" CSM 1963, on Jansson and the series
[385] NY Times 1968-05-05 pBRA43 Barbara Werbsma negative review of bks 4a 160, 8 192, 2 192

Moomin websites

cover images The Moomin Trove [386] (focus on UK Puffin, nearly complete for 70s 80s 2000s' 1 Benn/Black almost complete --all Jansson or based on Jansson
first eds., site not found again

Wikipedia images

SV 3 6
EN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (all Jansson)

ISFDB bks 2-9 images only Happy Moomins and book 8 (2)

book 1

SHORTFICTION T1223093 WorldCat also shows

1991 facsimile both Bonnier ISBN-10 9148519731 and Schildt 9515005353 o[387]
2012 both Profile Books and Gardner Books ISBN-10 1908745134

2005/2012 need INTERIORART and ESSAY

WorldCat library records should note the preface

[388] Publ date 2012-11-01 supported by advance coverage The Guardian 2012-10-16, Alison Flood "Moomins' first adventure reaches UK; reviewed -12-07, Esther Freud "The Moomins and the Great Flood by Tove Jansson - review" (no price)

(Flood quoting publisher Natania Jansz, "Written in the dark days of war – and as an escape from them – she uses a mixture of beautiful sepia and ink washes and pen and ink line drawing," she said. "It would take another decade before the Moomins could burst into full colour with The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My."
(review, quote) Sort Of Books published their first Moomin story in 2001, the year of Tove Jansson's death. The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My was exquisitely produced, with a witty and lyrical translation and Jansson's own illustrations.
book 4

T17324 --some more in queue

cLOm£ (LO.$) 50 52/66
(-) (cLOm$) 68 /94 ;; (iOm$ 1994 US paperback "Sunburst" with cover image)
2002 1969 ; ISBN 0140303235; take Rtrace to task thruout 1969 (c)1966 ; no ISBN (c) 1952 ; ISBN-10 0141328649 0140303235
(-) 4a swedish 1950 ; 1956 Stockholm:Geber ; Fo[389]
(cLO) 4b swedish 1968 ; 1992 Esbo:Schildt ; Fo[390]


  1. icLOd (icOOOOd) ; 45 2012 (2005 FI) Great Flood 2012 Fo[391] includes 1991 facs ; ISFDB also 2012 Kindle iOd£ --dnf news Moominpappa 2005, 2012 (but at
  2. LO. (LO.$) 46 51/68 Comet ; Fo[392]
  3. cOm£ (icLO.) 48 50/51 FFM/Happy ; Fo[393]
  4. see above 50 52/66 // 68 /94 --dnf news Moominpappa 1993/94
  5. cOd£ (LO.$) 54 55/61 M-summer ; Fo[394]
  6. cOm£ (cLO.$) 57 58/62 Midwinter ; Fo[395]
  7. (cO.) (cLOd$) 62 63/64 Tales ; Fo[396] (as London, E. Benn; New York, H.Z. Walck) --in queue
  8. LO.£ (cLOd$) 65 66/67 Sea (as Benn/Walck 1955 one WorldCat says)
  9. iLOd£ (icLOm) 70 71/71 November (as London, E. Benn; New York, H.Z. Walck)

ISFDB title dates: English fiction ; illus

  1. 2005 ; --NEED preface notes at essay title and 2012 ebook
  2. 1946 >51 ; 46>51 news done, UK 1951-10/11/12? (above); --no US hit 1952 to 1967
  3. 1950 1952; 50 52 --dnf news US 1950s both
  4. 1952 1994; 52 94 both version 1 NEED 1994 failure notice
  5. 1954 >55 ; 54>55 both
  6. 1957 >58 ; 57>58 both
  7. 1962 >63 ; 63 --NEED search 63 ; no hit 1962/64 Moomin[ ]valley, no Contents ISFDB ; o[397] 2012 with list of 12 contents, 10 stories? ; [398] collection as The Invisible Child also not found; appears to be the Swedish title o[399] 1992
  8. 1966 done; 65>66
  9. 1970 >71 ; 71 news done --no hit 1970/72 Moomin[ ]valley


Good Words for the Young, US publ Lippincott

v11 1870 at Google Books [400]; [401]
1871, 686pp, at Google Books [402]; [403]

Alexander Strahan. Thackeray's decorated initial T. he ambitious Scottish publisher Alexander Strahan (c.1835-1918) --per Victorian Web

William 1715 1785
Alexander WD VIAF=40810077 (0) BNFlong=cb12063350s

Strahan & Co. (0)
A. & R. Spottiswoode
Strahan and Spottiswoode‏ (Andrew Strahan, to 1819)


try old-time and recent ; divide /People on same principle ; combine Series and People?


Frank Aubrey
G. E. Farrow
Jean Ingelow
George MacDonald
Before Oz writers: Bangs Carryl Champney (Lathrop?)


Eleanor Farjeon
Ursula Jones
Naomi Lewis, ed.
Sorche Nic Leodhas
James Reeves

Who may be considered FFM? maybe limit that to retellings, etc (no modern literary fairy tales)

Frank Aubrey

e s  Frank Atkins 122730 (5+2); as Frank Aubrey LCCN WorldCat; as Fenton Ash LC search (2) WorldCat

Monella Series 44292

UK (US) ; Arno 1970s reprints
  1. Oyp£ (iLOHyp$) L yp$ ;; 1985 microfiche "Early science fiction novels ; 5"
  2. O.p (I Oyp$) L yp$ ;;
  3. Oyp (dnfUS) L yp$ ;; early US ed. not found in newspapers or WorldCat


CAN Toronto News 1897 as "devils-tree" xx+392
2017-0129 late HDL is down apparently; SHDBE ADD PREFACE "Shall Roraima be Given Up to Venezuela?"
1895-99 border dispute

2, 3

James Reeves


James Reeves 82345

1954 coll English Fables, retold ; 1983 Chinese/English ; 1999 as Fairy Tales from England ;
1954-11-28 per Kirkus [404] "For the first volume in a projected new series presents a collection of familiar stories very companionably retold ... Future titles will include collections of Scottish, Irish and Welsh folk-tales." Oxford Myths & Legends
Amazon 1978[405]; 1989[406]; 1999 ill Fowler[407]-Look Inside
Jacobs/Batten Kindle ed. [408]
1959 Don Quixote, retold 1960-08-24 per Kirkus [409]
1956 coll Pigeons and Princesses, ill Ardizzone 113p coll o[410] states ISBN 0434958832 ; o[411] "Fairy tales" ;; ASIN: B006U1ZU30 at 1966 as 1st ed. with cover image
1964 Strange Light both
1967 The Cold Flame, ill Keeping both
[412] NY Times -05-18 pBR26 ; [413] Was Post, Times Herald 1969-05-04 (Jane H. Clarke review of The Cold Flame also Chicago Tribune pR26 --syndicated?)
Price from reviews Jane H. Clarke Chi. Tribune 1969-05-04 pR26 (and same date elsewhere, mixed), Barbara Wersba NY Times -05-18 pBR26 (positive)

Pigeons (WorldCat shows no US ed.)

publisher advert The Observer 1956-07-29 p9 10/6 "New fairy stories on traditional themes"
received Man Gua -08-14 p2
[414] The Globe and Mail 1956-12-01 p38 C$2.25 5 stories ; review by V.P. recommends read-aloud bedtime

Eleanor Farjeon

Farjeon 112169


The Little Bookroom

1999 microfilm ; o[415] with list of Contents xii+302
1955 Oxford uk o[416]
1956 Oxford us o[417]
1955 Walck
2004 Oxford new cover illus.
ISBN 1590175484 314p per Google Books New York Review of Books, 2012; with "Tea" by Godden --nonfiction? New York Review children's collection
[418] search 1956, 14 hits
2012 ebook P464353 confused with 2003 print?

OCLC: <a href="">785572663</a> uses the long title, gives this ISBN and the known print page-count 314,

    As of 2017-01-18
  • Amazon UK features a different Kindle edition, much smaller (no illustrations?), ASIN: B005OKG7OO
  • Amazon US shows no ISBN, states "Print List Price $19.95 // Kindle Price $11.99"
  • Amazon US "Look Inside!" includes: -- cover image (as displayed here) -- illustrated title page: description "Eleanor Farjeon's Short Stories for Children Chosen by Herself, sometimes interpreted as subtitle, appears below the illustration and above the credits Ardizzone and "Afterword by Rumer Godden" -- Contents lists Title P., Author's Note, The Little Bookroom (28 items, dedication plus 27), Tea with Eleanor Farjeon (the above-called afterword), Biographical Notes, Copyright -- Author's Note signed "E. F. // Hampstead // May 1955" -- the first two stories, one b/w drawing at the head of each

Rumer Godden (1907–1998) contributed "Tea with Eleanor Farjeon" to the 1966 commemorative Book for Eleanor Farjeon

Naomi Lewis, ed.

1952 uk [419] column includes one Patricia Lynch "Brogeen" story; new ed. Martin Pippin

The Eleanor Farjeon Book T2118228 --one story only entered

 Poor Stainless 
el    The Italian boy, by G. Avery.-- 119909
el    The gold angel, by E. Dillon.-- 198677
el f  Gabble-gabble, by J. Reeves.-- 82345 presumably (multiple ; title not found here)
el f  The chief's daughter, by R. Sutcliff.-- 1532
el    The white horse, by R. Ainsworth.-- 122677
el    The best shoes Brogeen ever made, by P. Lynch.-- 229398; newspapers identify picture book series featuring leprechaun Brogeen (W. numerous other Brogeen 1947 to 1964)
el    The frog and the ox, by I. Serraillier.-- 19761 (W. from Aesop)
elsf  Rainbow, by W. Mayne.-- 2955
el    The reindeer slippers, by B. Willard.-- 243794
----  The sampler, by D. Clewes.-- (? Dorothy Clewes, D.M. Clewes (45) VIAF=79303939 GND=1108132057 ; VIAF=85335915 csk
el    Tea with Eleanor Farjeon, by R. Godden 19837
US A Book for Eleanor Farjeon; a tribute to her life and work, 1881-1865 184p
$3.95 advertisement by the US publisher NY Times 1966-05-08 pCBBR16 "ages 9 up"
el  Naomi Lewis, nf 8378 (42) --not inclg Eleanor Farjeon

some coll/anth/bibliog by Naomi Lewis

1975 Fantasy Books for Children bibliog 46p ; 1977 new ed. 55p
1977 Nesbit xx+171
1981/79 Doll, ed. 223p
1985 Grimm's, ed. 99p
1986/85 Grimm, ed. 99p
1986 Andersen, retold 80p
1987 Arabian Nights, retold 222p
1989 Marie de France, transl. 100p
1996 Classic Fairy Tales, selected 224p
2000 Dolls and Toys, compiled 126p
2004 Andersen, transl. 207p

Sorche Nic Leodhas

ell  Sorche Nic Leodhas 94293 (18)

8 collections per Wikipedia and libraries

1960 Heather 128 o[420] with list of Contents (as edited); Kirkus as 1960-09-26
1962 Thistle US 143 o[421] with list of Contents
1st ed. cover 1962 cover as 1st UK 1965
1964 Gaelic Ghosts 110 --10 humorous ghost stories from Scottish lore ; Contents in db
1st ed. cover (as 1963)
1965 Ghosts 128 --both these as "A collection of 10 ghost stories from Scottish lore" ; Contents in db
1967 Claymore 157 "Eleven tales from Scottish history. Introductory notes provide background information on the long and fierce struggle for Scottish independence."
1968 Sea-spell xvi+207
1969 By Loch xiv+130 with list of Contents
1971 Twelve great black cats US xiii+173 with list of Contents--DELETE COMMA Kirkus short, trivial, no date (very positive) --1 story in db ; UK ed. w cover image as 1872-10-19

George MacDonald

User:Pwendt/People/George Macdonald

Jean Ingelow

Jean Ingelow 73761

1869 Mopsa the Fairy T485911

1869 uncred
1876us uncred at HDL w cover, col signed illegible Author's Ed ; apparent double signature facing p.99, J.M. and illegible
1884us at HDL w cover, b/w Author's Ed ; 8 illus (front + 7) =same as 1876 illus.
1901 uncred ,,
1910 Kirk a125232 at HDL (w 5 others) ; at UPenn
1919 gutenberg source, as uncredited P515369 = same as 1876 illus.
1925/12 uncred Everyman's
1927 uncred
1927 Walker
1964 Curtis & Stanley o[1170871] Dent/Dutton "With illus. by Dora Curtis a227622, of which four have been redrawn in colour by Diana Stanley." The children's illustrated classics [no. 62] ; cf. Granny's Wonderful Chair (Everyman's Library, 1906/08/10) with 14 illus by Dora Curtis
1977 uncred reprint of 1869


SFE-F: Ingelow "produced also a volume of Fairytales, The Little Wonder-Horn (coll 1872), in which most of the protagonists strive for an ideal world though do not always have the potential to realize it. These stories were later issued in separate booklets and collected together in a gift box as The Little Wonder-Box (6 vols; omni 1887), which was a much treasured Victorian gift."

Stories Told to a Child (2 vols)

I. Stories Told to a Child

1865 US "Ready December 1" (no price) NY Times 1865-11-18 p5 "New Publications"
NYT 1865-12-21 "Ready This Week" 14 stories illustrated with 14 pictures "Cloth, gilt edges." $1.75

o[422] HDL as 1866, 227p; o[423] as 227p with list of Contents, no illustrator credit; o[424] Baldwin as 424p, with list of Contents matching UK ed.

HDL 227p US 1866 text from p9-227; frontispiece only? The Grandmother's Shoe p9-36 (same 14 stories in new sequence)

HDL 424p UK 1867 ill J. Lawson F. Eltze A. B. Houghton 10th thousand ; text from p[1] The Grandmother's Shoe p[1]-59

--J. Lawson may be in database

II. Stories Told to a Child: Second Series (US title)

1872 US Roberts with list of Contents (13) --also at HDL
1872 UK King with list of Contents (14) ; 2nd 1877 o[425]

Stories Told to a Child: Second Series NY Times 1872-03-09 p3 "[Roberts] New Books", subheading "Ready This Day" -- Uniform in style with Stories Told to a Child ; $1.25 ; 6000 copies of the first series ... have been disposed of

HDL iv+322 US 1872 ill J. Mahoney H. Tuck Townley Green Francis Walker By the same Author; contents same as UK ed., less the final story

page numbers from US ed. viewed at HDL

  • The Ouphe of the Wood, p[1]-29, plate by J. Mahoney (frontispiece)
  • The Prince's Dream, p[113]-35, plate by Francis (Sylvester) Walker (some signed FSW) plate facing p113
  • The Fairy Who Judged Her Neighbours, p[52]-69, plate by H. Tuck
  • Nineteen Hundred and Seventy-Two, p[222]-52, 2 plates by Townley Green
  • A Lost Wand" p267-322, plate by Walker
1872 coll The Little Wonder-Horn --dnf 2017-01-13 o[426] with list of Contents (14), states 15 illus. ; Formats[427] shows eds. 1872, 1877
1887 omni The Little Wonder-Box o[428]

Ursula Jones

A176846 Author:Ursula Jones

  1. Dear Clare, My Ex Best Friend (1991)
  2. ? Kidnappers 79p
  3. The Witch's Children, ill Russell Ayto (3 picture, 2001 to 2008?): The Witch's Children K 2003-0401 airy pos, The witch's children and the queen, The witch's children go to school
  4. The Youngstars /aka Star Turn 367p (2012) K 2013-0201 neg
  5. The Lost King 349p (1st of trilogy) K 2012-12-01 starred --submitted US no price
  6. The Princess, ill Sarah Gibb (2 picture): The princess who had no kingdom, The princess who had no fortune
  7. Beauty and the Beast, ill Sarah Gibb (1 picture) K 2014-0301 neg
  8. Eva and the Hopeless Prince: a story for six to eight-year-olds
  9. Islands of Chaldea (2014) K 2014-0422 mod pos --submitted

G. E. Farrow


[429] GEFarrow1stEditions at Google Sites


Wallypug, 1900-1907, 20 hits [1895-1899, 16 hits] -- commonly as Christmas Books

1907 3/6 Adventures of a Dodo [430]
1906 Irish Times 1906-03-10 p18 "The Adventures of a Dodo" begins in serial Lady's World March -/3 "A Children's Section" directed by Farrow
1905 1/6 W Book (Treherne's Humpty Dumpty series for wh Dorothy and Harry Furniss illustrate)
1905 5s W in the Moon Man Gua -11-23 p5 ; 77, Henrietta-street, London, W.C. square crown 8vo
1904 5s W in Fog-land ; brief review Scotsman -10-10 p3, price Man Gua -11-10 p5 square crown 8vo
1904 2/6 Birthday Routledge ; 3 days per page, 4 lines per day (12 lines per page; 122 pages?)
1903 blurb Philanderpan Obs -11-08 p7
1903 capsule Absurd Ditties Routledge 5s, brief review/summary Philanderpan Pearson 5s, both Man Gua -12-12 p5 Christmas Books IV
1902 Search "The Week's Books" no price Obs 1902-11-09 p8; Pearson Scotsman -11-14 brief review no price
1900 to 1895 --return later
The Wallypug of Why ; (Gollancz, 1968)

The Wallypug of Why both 1st (dnf UK newspapers) Series 42500 WorldCat search

  1. 1895 "the Wallypug must address all the citizens as 'Your Majesty' and do what people tell him to do" ;; Formats[431] ;; favorable capsule review NY Times 1896-12-12 pA6 "Holiday Books" (in particular, the Harry Furniss illustrations, which SF Chron espy dislikes) ; 1st not found in newspapers
  2. 1898 The Wallypug in London (Methuen), ill Alan Wright ; 1st, which is source for Gutenberg #26478
  3. 1898 Adventures in Wallypugland (Methuen), ill Wright ; US, which is source for Gutenberg #52393
  4. 1903 In Search of the Wallypug (Pearson), ill Wright ; xvi+205p o[432] --submitted 1st
  5. 1904 The Walllypug in Fog-Land (Arthur Pearson), ill Wright ; 207p o[433] --submitted 1st
  6. 1905 The Wallypug in the Moon or His Badjesty (Pearson), ill Wright "best" someone says ; o[434] --1st submitted 2017-0125

picture books, specialty book

  1. 1898 The Wallypug at Play, ill Wright (picture book; undated)
  2. 1904 The Wallypug Birthday Book (Routledge), ill Wright ; 143p o[435]
  3. 1905 The Wallypug Book (Treherne), ill Furniss Formats[436] (picture book, 82p alternate openings)

1. Why

ASIN: B015RRX84A as Pearson (illustration same as 1st ed., per GEFarrow1stEditions) [437] (color difference)
ASIN: B0019X13VW as Pearson 1910 --front cover (different illustration)
ASIN: B01AS7CL0Q as Pearson --front jacket, same as previous
ASIN: B01LBO1G7Y as Frowde 1927, same as Fog-Land --probably new ed of series with identical covers

4 In Search 1903 Pearson [438] ASIN: B01MCSQW6K [negative, same as 1stEditions]

4 In Search 1903 Pearson [439] ASIN: B001OZS0NE

5 Fog-Land 1904 Pearson [440] ASIN: B003I762Q8 [same as 1927 Why, probably uniform for reprint of the entire series] --probly new ed of series with identical covers

5 Fog-Land 1904 Pearson [441] ASIN: B003I762Q8 [negative, same as 1stEditions]

6 Moon 1905 Lippincott [442] ASIN: B00JRF9G04 (identical)

6 Moon 1905 Pearson [443] ASIN: B00JRF9G04 (identical image, wrong color for Pearson?) (color difference)


Missing Prince 2016 [444] version of original

Little Panjandrum 1899 Skeffington [445] ASIN: B001GA35GE (poor quality)

New Panjandrum 1902 [446] ASIN: B001FS2ZK4 (wrong color?)


1896 The Missing Prince This is Farrow's second book. Published by Hutchinson in 1896 with illustrations by Harry & Dorothy Furniss. SFE: "None of his books are easily understood as sf, though two of his earlier tales involve journeys in space: in The Missing Prince (1896), a Pierrot character descends to Earth from the Moon ..."
both 1st (no US price)
1899 The Little Panjandrum's Dodo Published by Skeffington in 1899 with illustrations by Alan Wright T1364598 5/- capsule Manchester Guardian 1899-12-09 p5 "Christmas Books"; The Observer -12-03 p7 "Christmas Gift Books--I" notes that "Wallypug books have greatly delighted young readers for the last two or three Christmases" (1895, 97, 98 most likely)
1902 The New Panjandrum Published by Arthur Pearson in 1902, illustrated by Alan Wright
1907 The Adventures of a Dodo Published by Fisher Unwin c1907 illustrated by Willy Pogany with 70 black & white illustrations and colour end papers.
A Mysterious Voyage or The Adventures of a Dodo Reprint of 'The Adventures of a Dodo', published by Partridge in c1910 with illustrations by K M Roberts

[#1 "became the first book in Pearson's Children's Library series" per GEF 1st Editions

[#3 at HDL (only 1 other Farrow at HDL, Absurd Ditties)

Before Oz writers

Before Oz P261608

Selected contents

  1. Bangs
  2. Carryl --not yet submitted 01-09
  3. Champney -- 3 episodic novels submitted
  4. Lathrop --evidently another excerpt, so submitted 2017-01-09 ; check newspapers 1886

1891 Tiddledywink Tales T2110341 --both novel and Excerpt

1892 UK ed., Griffith, Farran & Co. o[447]

-- p46 (red cover) at HDL, the White and Black Tiddledywinks see-saw on a letter opener; with some baby-talk from the boy protagonist

HDL - where the two from U California may be identical

HDL(2) blue Harvard; red U California
HDL(3) blue NYPL, Michigan; red California


1884/85 Davy and the Goblin T876915

1885 Carryl/Bensell, Davy and the Goblin HDL HMCo no date [448] (c) 1884, 85, 1912, 13 The Century Co.; 1885 Ticknor and Company, 1913 Charles E. Carryl
St Nich vol XII, no 2-5 from p. 93 as by "Charles Carryl" p93-103 ... 333-42
1885 (2 hits serial, 4 hits book)

Scribner's 1885-12-22 p5 among "new editions ready to-day" Ticknor & Co., Boston

NY Times Books Received -11-02; Ticknor & Co. (no price)

Publ date (inferred) and price from notice Cin. Enquirer -11-01 p13 "New Books" $1.50

1886 (2 hits)

[449] The Scotsman 1886-12-20 p3 (quoting a review by The Scotsman, not found)

Frederick Warne & Co. (from the Christmas Catalogue) by Charles Carryl 5s. 15 Bedford Street London

advert by retailer Thacker & Co., Ld., Bombay (no publisher) The Times of India -11-25 p1 3/6 rupee

1913 ed. P261664 needs downcase too

HDL shows apparently nearly-identical copies catalogued as 1885 and 1913; the latter copyright page states "twenty-third thousand" -- text spans p[11]-160 -- cover black stamped illustration and lettering on red cloth and olive green cloth -- tp shows The Riverside Press Cambridge colophone

see also 1967 U Michigan mncrofilm reprint of 1885 ed.

at Internet Archive 1886 (c) 1885 Press of Rockwell and Churchill Boston

Ticknor 1885 xiv+160 o[450] "Publisher's advertisements follow text"; 1886/85 online resource(where?) o[451]; 1886 o[452] Summary (quote): A little boy, who believes that fairies and goblins are strictly creatures of fantasy, gets taken on a "Believing Voyage" by a hobgoblin.

HMCo. (c)1885 o[453] 160+[5] "Publisher's catalogue follows text"; HDL copy o[454] same data

HMCo. 1891 o[455]; ... 8th 1893, 96, 10th 1898, 00, 13, 28

Warne ca. 1887 o[456]

1892 The Admiral's Caravan T1254179 --as novel

(from vol XIX bound as one volume, 2nd contents follow p480)

Baldwin digital collection The Admiral's Caravan only [457] -- long list of illustrations -- text spans p[11]-140

1899 The River Syndicate [458] (2 w cover) crime/detective, at a glance

Elizabeth Williams "Lizzie" (36) sky garden not found
James Wells "Champ" EN (13) all(?) non-genre

(July 16, 1843 – May 1, 1903) Boston; illus Three Vassar Girls (abroad) series,

(non-genre) Champney's Witch Winnie orig publ 1989 White and Allen (of New York and London; Rose Pub Co. of Toronto) Formats[459]

1877 In the Sky Garden

at HDL HDL provides full view of 2 copies including one from Harvard U with original cover
Dedication "To Professor Maria Mitchell // this little book of fables of Astronomy, written in the hope of interesting the small people, and leading them to a study of its more fascinating truths, Is Gratefully and Lovingly Dedicated, by her pupil and satellite, the Author."
plate (at least 1) not included in the pagination
p.17 "Well, come this way with me: I want to show you some curious insects that feed on our flowers."
including "science fiction" in the sense that it presents some scientific knowledge of the heavens in its fables
Contents organized primarily in terms of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, one tale each? tours with Puck
text p13-211
plates and guard-sheets not included in the pagination
at Internet Archive
at Baldwin
2015 pb Classic Reprint at Amazon
1877 Sky-Garden o[460] (681450564 HDL is Lockwood 1877),
Sky-Garden 1877 copyright page (c)1876 shows pictorial Welch, Bigelow, & Co. [horizontal line] University Press.

Sky-Garden nearly-identical HDL copies, that from Harvard U with original cover, differ in page layout and pagination, although stated Contents match; NYPL copy text spans p13-217 rather than p13-211, also in placement of plates and guard sheets not included in the pagination. Examination shows the introduction p13-26 identical; chapter I Aries begins p29 both eds.; but pagination differs at pages (NYPL p85 and HU p85)

87 and 86
105 and 103
139 and 136
163 and 159
169 and 164
183 and 177

ending pp 217 and 211

catalogued by HDL as 217 p.

as 211p o[461] 1877, o[462] (c)1876 (four other records as 217p)

oLothrop 1883 + 14 leaves of plates (not 18)

ISBN 9781174861857 Nabu 2010

ISBN 9781154746884 2012

1878 All Around a Palette Children's Art series Open Library

1878 at HDL
1883/78 at HDL

BOTH to be continued from HDL

1878 Palette o[463] (HDL Lothrop (c)1883);
Palette 1878 copyright page (c)1877 shows "University Press: Welch, Bigelow, & Co. // Cambridge"

The Bubbling Teapot, 1st UK ed. 1897 Christmas season (as 1888) both

1886 The Bubbling Teapot: A Wonder Story T2109371-child --both novel and Excerpt

1886 D. Lothrop 266p
1888 Blackie & Son o[465] 266p
1893 at Baldwin Collection online o[466] "Flossy Tangleskein changes back and forth from a bubbling teapot to a weeping girl as she imagines she is a child in the countries of the 24 paintings she modeled for Mr. Rose."

at Baldwin "Chapter II. // In a Chinese Home. // (Second Transformation.)"

1893/86 at Internet Archive
2015 Forgotten Books at Amazon [467]



AMC Boston

Framingham, Providence


Todd P(eter), north shore MA (scary background search)
The Buffalo News
Jon J.


Concord Coach

Boston to Bangor $43.00 concord trailways

dep 8 10 12 (2.15 -)
arr 1230 230 630 (630 -midcoast route)

Boston to Searsport, $37.50 Mid-Coast schedule

dep 12
arr 5.10

1-800-639-9090 (Concord Coach) bicycle?

Searsport to BH, 52 miles Bangor to BH, 48 miles

DownEast Transport

Bangor to Bar Harbor, Monday and Friday only, $9.00

dep 230 (from Concord Trailways)
arr 405 (to Hannaford)

207-992-4670 bicycle?

Broadway Bike School

351 Broadway; open til 6 617-868-3392

Bar Harbor Bike Shop

141 Cottage St - bike rental [468]

All bicycles have water bottle cages, and include helmet, lock, map and expert advice.
$25/day Trek
1.5 mi from carriage roads

207-288-3886 "This winter" TF9-5 S9-3 huh?