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Speculative fiction is defined to exclude: [first two of six items, the only ones that carry question marks]

  • Techno-thriller, political thriller and satire works set in a future indistinguishable from the present (?)
  • Fairy tales with no known author (?)

collections of folklore with no known editor? oral historian?

adaptation as a novel, perhaps episodic?

adaptation of Homer?


Rosemary Jackson ? uncertain identity at LC

British Library search: Rosemary Elizabeth (R. E.) Jackson

1965 001835620
1968 001835619
1969 001835618 isbn 0701102780
1970 ISBN 0701103108; BNB GB7025656; System number 009933245

Physical Description: 55p. : ill. ; 25cm.

dnf 1971 Mars
dnf 1972 Finfolk

Title ends with

etc (5) etc. (49) --of which Etc (3) Etc. (31)
&c (3) &c. (14)

Title starts with

mr * (231) mr. * (1553)
mrs * (74) mrs. * (474)

Title contains

[hyphen] -- {or --* *-- *--*} (581); -- * (180); * -- (192); * -- * (118)
[emdash] — {or —* *— *—*} (6361); — * (3853); * — (3873); * — * (3728)

title T1940497 --and ill work by Nihonjoe

new section 2020-01-31
 lw  Alan K. Russell, pseud. 10863 (9)
     = Lionel Leventhal (0)

2020-02-01 we have no price for any of the three works ed. by Russell, all publ. by Castle Books:

O.. 1978 The Best of Jules Verne w/subtitle: three complete, illustrated novels, with original illustrations
List price $7.99 to $11.99 is implied by Hudson's price $5.99 and "save 25% to 50%".
Om.i 1978-04 (1st) The Collector's Book of Science Fiction by H. G. Wells w/subtitle: from rare, original, illustrated magazines
C$12.50 --outstanding inquiry to PV User:Vornoff
LOm.i 1979-04 Science Fiction by the Rivals of H. G. Wells w/subtitle: thirty stories and a complete novel
C$12.50 noted
---- 1978 Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, 40 stories
---- 1979 Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, 86 stories xv 502
LOm£i 1986 The Book of the Dead, 13 tales --unknown source of data (no essay) with some discrepancies
---- 1986 The Book of the Sleuth, 14 tales 380p
[2] "The Book Barn ... Science Fiction, Astrology and Occult Week", The Globe and Mail (Toronto), 1979-12-01 pG19


User talk:Markwood#Science Fiction by the Rivals of H. G. Wells --two other PV inactive since 2014, 2016
User talk:Markwood#Collector's Book of Science Fiction
User talk:Vornoff#Collector's Book of Science Fiction

Nesbit ("These Little Ones") T196574

The Academy Autumn Announcements II 1908-10-10 p346

(Allen) Daphne and the Dormouse: A Novel, 6s
(Allen) These Little Ones: Studies in Child Life, 3/6

The Academy Spring Announcements 1909-Mar -03-27 p928

(Allen) Daphne in Fitzroy Street, 6s
(Allen) These Little Ones: Studies in Child Life, 3/6
(Alston Rivers) Salome and the Head, illus Pryse, 6s


[3] Man Gua 1909-06-09 p5 "New Novels", by E. G. R.
[4] Sat Rvw -08-28 p266 "Short stories for children about children, but starting problems too deep for their parents, and challenging adult judgment in child language that has a literary charm."

The Lord of the Rings

1st ed., 3 vols (as three novels) PV Rtrace only 2019-04-06!

  1. 1954, us1954 "Fellowship of the Ring" 65 --earliest hit -03-13
  2. -11-11, us1955 ("Two Towers") 150 (" " tolkien) 29 (" " fellowship) 24 --earliest hit -11-09
  3. 1955, us1956 ("Return of the King") 29 (" " lord) 12 (" " tolkien) 13
earliest New Statesman "List of Spring and Summer Books" 1954-03-13 p328, 30/-
review WHAuden Encounter -07-01
notices Aug 4, Sep 1, Oct 2 --actual price 21/-
earliest advert Fellowship HMCo $5.00 NYT -11-03 p27 "Just published"
US coverage primarily Dec
earliest advert Two Towers 21/- Man Gua -11-09 p4
Man Gua -12-17 p4 21/- each, vol 2 is now ready
NYT 1955-03-31 Two Towers forthcoming Apr 21, vol 3 next fall; reviews Apr/May
NYT -12-21 Return forthcoming 1956 Jan 5
Walter Lorraine [5]
 Further, a closeup of this illustration --back view of the hobbit with umbrella, on the ground before impressive tree roots and trunk-- accompanies a review the Chicago Tribune review of The Two Towers (Edward Wagenknecht, "The Making of a Classic", 1955-04-25 pD3 --in case you have access and interest) with this caption: Illustration by Walter Lorraine in "The Two Towers".

So I propose to replace your one line with "Front jacket illustration is that of all three volumes in this edition, by Walter Lorraine." and import that COVERART record

I guess that User:Chavey, who uploaded the ISFDB image in 2014, wrote the primary one-paragraph note and you added the four words "Jacket design by Walter Lorraine".

I hope to revise the publication note:

  • Replace "Jacket design by Walter Lorraine" with "Jacket illustration is identical to those of vols. 1 and 2 in this edition." or "The identical front jacket illustration is used ono all three volumes in this edition."
  • Publication date 1956-01-05 (Thursday) is reported two weeks earlier in The New York Times, 1955-12-21 p27, "Books and Authors". "Publication next fall" had been planned, when the same column reported imminent issue of The Two Towers.

"Next fall" publication had been reported in the same newspaper The earliest mention found in automated search of US newspapers is in NY Times 1955-03-31 report of The Two Towers publication date. NY Times 1955-12-21 reports that The Return of the King will be published 1956-01-05.

Wuthering Heights (1st ed., Newby, 1847) --need clean-up and merger of 2 records
elf  Charlotte Brontë 1698 (345) --Encyc primarily for shorter works (novels all non-genre?)
[Angria series?] [EoF, Mike Ashley] The stories were collected initially as The Twelve Adventurers and Other Stories (coll 1925) ed Clement Shorter, and then more comprehensively as Legends of Angria (coll 1933 US) ed Fannie Ratchford and W C de Vane. A selection was issued as Tales from Angria (coll 1954) ed Phyllis Bentley.
el   Emily Brontë = Ellis Bell 22699 (230) --q


1955 Gondal's Queen: A Novel in Verse
1973 Gondal's Queen: A Novel in Verse
2010 Glass Town

From SFE3 Charlotte: "Also of interest is Gondal's Queen by Emily Brontë (1955 US) ed Ratchford."

Emily at British Library: "Wuthering Heights, which was published in 1847, is reminiscent of Gondal in its moorland setting and passionate war between two families. One review dismissed it as ‘coarse and loathsome’. Emily began another novel, but it was destroyed by Charlotte after Emily’s death, aged 30, from tuberculosis in December 1848. Wuthering Heights was only rescued from obscurity in the 1880s, championed by Algernon Swinburne, Matthew Arnold, and G K Chesterton, who described it as ‘written by an eagle’."

HDL Wuthering Heights

UK 1847(UIll) 1905 Nelson, 06? Collins, 07 Dent, 07 Grant, 11 Grant, 11 H&S limited, 24
US 48(NYPL = Duke) 58; 1907 D,Page 07 07 11 11 24
1847 t.p. I p[1]-348; II. p[1]-416 "T. C. Newby, Printer, 72, Mortimer-St., Cavendish Square."; t.p. III p[1]-363
1848 t.p. NYPL p1-288 (Originally issued in two parts ...) --no cover, no publisher adverts; no Contents list, nor indication of two parts

HDL omnibus

WH and Agnes Grey -- [1847] 1851 51 (tauchnitz 2v and 2-in-1); 70 73 89 1900 04 27
1851 Tauchnitz 2-in-1 #201 (see images 5,7,9) front page t.p. I Biographical Notice p[5]-14 (Currer Bell 1850-09-19), Editor's Preface to the new ed. of [WH] p(15)-20, WH by Ellis Bell p[21]-321, 336 "END OF VOL. I."; (image 344, "Tauchnitz Edition Latest Volumes [...] March 1927", #4744-4472) II p[5]-56; Agnes Grey p[59]-268; Selections [269/71]-316; Contents p[317] only
Biographical Notice of Ellis and Acton Bell, [5]-14, closing "Currer Bell. // September 19, 1850."
Editor's Preface to the New Edition of Wuthering Heights, [15]-20, closing "Currer Bell."
Wuthering Heights, [21]-

Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights was first published in London in 1847 by Thomas Cautley Newby, appearing as the first two volumes of a three-volume set that included Anne Brontë's Agnes Grey. The authors were printed as being Ellis and Acton Bell; Emily's real name did not appear until 1850, when it was printed on the title page of an edited commercial edition.[59] The novel's innovative structure somewhat puzzled critics.

1847 o[6] as "1 online resource (417 pages)." marble boards; o[7] as protective case 20cm; o[8] 19cm, o[9]
1848 Harper o[10], o[11], o[12]-HDL 288p
also as by The Author of "Jane Eyre", o[13] 144p, o[14] 390p

1st ed. t.p. EN: [15] --source Houghton Library, Harvard University


1848 Harper 288
1851 [1899] Tauchnitz, New ed. --ie new edition edited by Charlotte(?)
1878 Munro 35p 33cm (!)
1881 Munro, Agnes Grey (sister Anne) ?p ?cm
[18-?] Mershon 269

o[16] as Harper [18-?] 288pp 20cm by Ellis Bell

omnibus as [c 1850] Smith, Elder o[17] 462,16 ; 1850 Smith, Elder o[18] 462,17 ; o[19] 297,16 ;

1851 Smith, Elder o[20] xxiv 504,19 ;
1855 Harper as btao Jane Eyre
1857 Harper by Ellis Bell o[21] 288,20
1858 Harper Franklin Square by Ellis Bell o[22]-HDL 288
1862 Harper by Ellis Bell
1864 Harper Franklin Square by Ellis Bell o[23] 288,20
1877 Harper, earliest WorldCat Harper as 'by Emily Brontë (Ellis Bell).' [24] 288,20
1996-09-24 Dover Thrift Edition Amazon US w "Look inside" (no Introduction today)
Bibliographical Note
This Dover edition, first published in 1996, contains the unabridged text of the first edition of Wuthering Heights: A Novel, published in 1847 by [TCN] in London. An Introductory Note and explanatory footnotes have been prepared specially for this edition; chapters I through XX of Volume II in the 1847 edition are numbered chapters XV through XXXIV in this edition.
96-20636 https://lccn.loc/gov/96020636 --q

("wuthering heights") 1847/48 184:

Ath #1052 1847-12-25 p1324, "Our Library Table" --one review of several
The Examiner 1848-01-08 p21/22 --long review
Publishers' Circular [as publ -11-29 to -12-14
Ath 1057 -01-29 p123,
"Mr. Newby has just published, in 3 vols. post 8vo. Wuthering Heights (no price, quotes 8 notice/reviews)
... II. Mrs. Crowe's New Work. In 2 vols. price 21s. The Night Side of Nature
Examiner -01-29 p80 "Mr Newby's New Works Just Published.
Acton Bell's Successful New Novel. Wuthering Heights" (no price, quote 7 notice/reviews)
New Monthly Magazine and Humorist 32.325 Jan 1848 p140 --review "[WH], a novel in two volumes; by Ellis Bell; Agnes Grey, a novel, in one volume, by Acton Bell. T. C. Newby."
Lit World (New York) 1848-01-22 p615 "Publishers' Circular: ... Books Published in England from [-11-29 to -12-14]"; WH by Ellis Bell and Agnes Grey by Acton Bell. 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 1128, boards, 31s. 6d."
Ath and Examiner -02-19/26 --listing 56 of 56 by Mr. Mudie's private library
The Sun (Balt.) -04-25 p1 "New Publications" from Harper, Wuthering Heights by the author of Jane Eyre
Hartford -04-25 p3 and -04-28 p2 --retailer advert, Wuthering Heights by the author of Jane Eyre (among 5 just received, no price)
[25] Lit World (NY) -04-29 p243 --long review; American publishers named it as being by the author of 'Jane Eyre' ...
(penultimate paragraph) The book, throughout, is characterized by the same mind whose peculiarities of thought and expression are stamped upon the work of Currer Bell [recently, Jane Eyre by Charlotte B], but we know not by what authority our worthy American publishers have explicitly named it as being by the author of Jane Eyre, in as much as in the English advertisement Wuthering Heights purports to be by Ellis Bell. A third work of similar style and character has just appeared abroad entitled Agnes Grey, by Acton Bell.
(last par) We ought, before this, to have acknowledged the handsome and convenient edition of Jane Eyre, which has been issued by Wilkins, Carter & Co., of Boston.
--quotations except dual internal use of double-quotation q-marks (consistently in the fashion as " Jane Eyre," and as " Ellis Bell.")
Spirit of the Times (NY) -04-29 p109 --brief notice (positive), 'The Harpers have printed the "Wuthering Heights" in the superior style of the duodecimo volume.'
Hartford -05-02 p3 --retailer advert, "Wuthering Heights--Harper's edition--price 50c." (dated april 29)
LCJ -05-09 p1 --retailer advert "by the author of Edith Kinnaird, the Maiden Aunt, and Jane Eyre"
The Home Journal #21 -05-20 p3 "Messrs. Harper & Brothers. Will Publish: I. Wuthering Heights--A Novel. // By the author of "Jane Eyre." // Paper covers 50 cents--Muslin 75 cents." ... III. Jane Eyre: An Autobiography. // By the author of "Wuthering Heights." 8vo. paper, 25 cts.
The Home Journal #21 -05-20 p2 "Interesting New Works" --considers "The magic words upon its cover, 'by the author of Jane Eyre' ..." innocent mistake as written or edited by a relative of the author of Jane Eyre, of the same name and family.


("ellis bell") 33 hits including 3 more from 1847

The Critic 1847-12-04 p368 "Wuthering Heights, a Novel, by Ellis Bell. 3 vols. post 8vo. 1l. 11s. 6d. bds."
[26] The Spectator #1016 -12-18 p1217 "Publications Received" (no price) --negative for its "injudicious selection of the theme and matter"; implies that vol 3 title page names Agnes Grey and Acton Bell

TEXT finale Joseph remarks:

1847uk "Th' divil's harried off his soul" he cried, "and he muh hev his carcass intuh' t' bargin, for ow't Aw care! Ech! what a wicked un he looks girnning at death!" --1st ed. Newby v2
1848us "Th' divil's harried off his soul," he cried, "and he muh hev his carcass intuh' t' bargin, for ow't Aw care! Ech! what a wicked un he looks grinning at death!" --1st US ed. Harper
1851de "Th' divil's harried off his soul," he cried, "and he may hev his carcass into t' bargin, for aught I care! Ech! what a wicked un he looks girnning at death!" --omnibus Tauchnitz v2 p53
1907us "Th' devil's harried off his soul," he cried, "and he may hev' his carcass into t' bargain, for aught I care! Ech! what a wicked 'un he looks, girning at death!" --Doubleday, Page p352
1911uk "Th' divil's harried off his soul," he cried, "and he muh hev his carcass intah t' bargin, for owt Aw care! Ech! what a wicked un he looks girning at death!" --John Grant p497

"Th' divil's harried off his soul," he cried, "and he may hev' his carcass into t'bargin, for aught I care! Ech! what a wicked 'un he looks, girning at death!" --Gutenberg, source ed. not identified, nor hinted (except perhaps "Bronte")

("Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey") 1850, 15 hits (7 genuine distinct: 3 Nov, 4 Dec)

advert 1850-11-30 Athenaeum, Examiner, Spectator
-12-01 The Critic [published on 1st and 15th] "Smith, Elder, and Co.'s New Publications--Books for Christmas." (2), New Works Just Ready (4), Works Shortly Forthcoming (2)

[27] The Athenaeum

New Christmas Books (2) inclg The King of the Golden River "on the 9th" (no price)
New Works, just ready (4)
Works shortly forthcoming (3)
Works recently published (5) --last Jane Eyre: An Autobiography by Currer Bell. 4th ed. 6/-
[The Examiner only, following 4 as recently] New Editions (6)

Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey. With a Selection of the Literary Remains of Ellis and Acton Bell, and a Biographical Notice of both Authors, by Currer Bell. "1 vol. small post 8vo. cloth. Price 6s. // (On Saturday.)" --"Saturday next" in the first two sources; that is, 1850-12-04.

Sixty Years Hence T1607448
els  Charles Frederick Henningsen 190827 (14)
1847 1st ed. (reported at SFE3)
1848 --nidb-- T. C. Newby ; The Author of "The White Slave," &c. &c. --HDL Harvard College Library
HDL (vols 1 and 3 of 3) vI t.p. p1-339 p[339] footer "T C Newby, Printer, 72, Mortimer-St., Cavendish-Square," [sic]
vIII t.p. p1-381; (383-84) "Mr. T. C. Newby's New Works"

("sixty years hence") 1846--1848 (33 hits: 2 29 2)

1848 spurious --the locust tree in England
The Spectator 1846-07-11 p671 "Mr. Newby's New Works"; "New Works Just Ready" (2) incl "In 3 vols. post 8vo. Sixty Years Hence. By the author of [WS, RR, EE]" (no price)
American Rvw 4.4 Oct 1846 p325 --spurious

1847 genuine hits only

[28] Ainsworth's Magazine 11 (Jan 1847) p255-60 "Sixty Years Hence" (6pp. outline) as "T.C. Newby." (no price); set in 1906 --PROBABLY APRIL as vol 11 spans p1-458 (no index); vol 12 p1-536 (2-page list of Contents in sequence)
[29] The Observer -01-17 p5 "Literature" --this one of several, not short; as "[T.C. Newby." (no price)
The Spectator 1847-01-30 p119 "Mr. Newby's New Works." (this 1st of 5) quoting a different Morning Herald paragraph (no price)
[30] The Critic -02-06 p105 "Fiction" --the only work reviewed, qualified positive
The Examiner -02-06 p96 "Mr. Newby Has Just Published" (this 1st of 3), quoting approving capsule from Morning Herald (no price)
The Observer -02-07 p1 "Publications"; this one "Ready at every Library" (Newby's only) quoting two paragraphs from Douglas Jerrold's Newspaper; closing, "T. C. Newby, 72, Mortimer-street." (no price)
The Critic 5.112 -02-20 p29 "List of New Books", "2nd edit. 3 vols. post 8vo. [1/11/6 ie 1.5 guineas] bds." (earliest price quotation)
Ath #1017 -04-24 p427 "Mr. Newby's New Works ..." (2), this 2nd ed. among 5 "Also now ready"
New Qtrly Rvw 9.1 Apr 1847 p157-64 --8-page review (no price)
Tait's Edinburgh Mag 14.164 Aug 1847 p564-66 "Literary Register" --3-page review (noprice) begins "We may mention this work, now that the potato disease is checked--we hope it is past, and Mr. Smees' Avia Vastator is sickly. We were frightened at the volumes previously, and had some doubts of the propriety of doing anything towards extending their publicity. ..." (Wellesley attrib. George Troup, ed and prop)
Ath #1034 1847-08-21 "Our Library Table" --spurious

Aunt Mavor (Routledge, mid-1850s)
Ath #1471 1856-01-15 p14 "List of New Books" (quote 2)
  • Aunt Mavor's Present for a Good Little Girl, illustr. 3s. 6d. cl.
  • Aunt Mavor's Present for a Good Little Boy, illustr. 3s. 6d. cl.
Liberator 1857-12-11 p199 and -12-18 p203 "Special Advertisement of the Book Table, National Anti-Slavery Bazaar, December 17, 15 Winter Street." [Boston] --Picture-Books for Children include "Aunt Mavor's Series"
The Globe (Toronto) 1858-12-27 p2 "Holiday Books" --received, a supply of Toy Books for children from Routledge of England, including "Aunt Mavor's Toy Book--Blue Beard--Sinbad the Sailor &c., &c."

("reynard the fox" routledge) 1854--1858 (12 hits: 42060 ; only 6 distinct, 21030)

Dublin University Magazine 43.253 Jan 1854 p72-90 "Children's Pleasure-Books" --another ed. [quote] "The Story of Reynard the Fox." A new version, by David Vedder. Illus. Gustav Cadtod [Canton?]. London: W. S. Orr and Co. Dublin: James McGlashan.
Ath #1415 -12-09 p1502 --another ed. (retail advert, illus. Kaulbach, bound in calf --with Routledge "List Suitable for School Prizes or Christmas Presents" (27) [31]
26. Arabian Nights' Entertainment; A new edition; Illus. W. Harvey; 7/6
Ath #1445 1855-07-07 p796 --another ed., after the German (Nattali & Bond; by T. J. Arnold, Esq.)
Lit Gazette 1857-01-10 37-39 "Publications Received" --another ed. [quote] The Story of Reynard the Fox. A New Version by David Vedder. Illustrated by Gustav Canton. Bogue.
Ath #1530 -02-21 p256 --another ed., from the Old English version (Nattali & Bond
Sat Rvw 1857-12-19 p557-59 "Reviews: Christmas Books and Christmas Boxes" --false positive

draft Title note
Publication as two chapbooks, one as #4 in the Aunt Mavor series and one outside it,

Probably the identical story is contained in one 1858 book by Aunt Mavor (a house name presumably), OCLC Fiction Finder.


It's from Ghosts and Family Legends, First Part: Round the Fire, "Second Evening". Within the account of the second evening, it's the third of three stories (or anecdotes or reports) that are listed in the Contents of the book.

When any excerpt from "The Night Side of Nature" or "Ghosts and Family Legends" is identified as from a particular section or chapter (subcollection of stories, or anecdotes, or reports) it should be made a variant title at the lowest level in the database.


1848 and 1849 publications of The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 1 of 2: Ghosts and Ghost Seers 1848 and 1849 publications of The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 2 of 2: Ghosts and Ghost Seers

both 1849 publications Secondary Verified from OCLC/WorldCat by Dirk J Broer 2018-10-12 --and both citing two WorldCat records that report year 1848.

--and both reporting page count of the 1848 edition

>> External IDs:

OCLC/WorldCat: 20079139 16934733

<< and Secondary Verifications (only one): >> OCLC/Worldcat Verified Dirk P Broer 2018-10-12 06:00:40 <<

Preface (The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 1 of 2: Ghosts and Ghost Seers) Introduction (The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 1 of 2: Ghosts and Ghost Seers) Conclusion (The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 2 of 2: Ghosts and Ghost Seers)

I. Introduction --genuine essay, as the preceding Preface is essay --whereas the Preface to 1859 Ghosts and Family Legends (plausibly that sequel which is suggested in the Preface to the 1849 second edition of this work) establishes the frame story
[copy from Gutenberg/1850 "I avow, that in writing this book, I have a higher aim than merely to afford amusement. I wish to engage the earnest attention of my readers; because I am satisfied that the opinions I am about to advocate, seriously entertained, would produce very beneficial results."]
II. The Dweller in the Temple --genuine essay?
III. Waking and Sleeping --certainly contains some reports/anecdotes of cases; ie writings of the genre later reprinted as stories

Contents 4, 6, 3

Allegorical Dreams, Presentiments, &c.

confirmed to the dot in Contents *1848 1849 1850 Gutenberg

[1849] all small caps except closing "&c."
Double Dreaming and Trance, Wraiths, &c.

confirmed to the dot in Contents *1848 1849 1850 *Gutenberg

[1849] all small caps except closing "&c."
[Gute] Double-Dreaming and Trance --confirmed as Gutenberg story heading
Waking and Sleeping, and How the Dweller in the Temple Sometimes Looks Abroad

confirmed to the dot in Contents 1848 1849 1850 Gutenberg

[1848 1850 Gute] Waking and Sleeping, and how the Dweller in the Temple sometimes looks abroad
[1849] all small caps

Contents 2, 8

[1848 1849] The Dweller in the Temple [same as heading]
[1850 Gute] The Dwellers in the Temple [heading 'Dweller']
1848 Doppelgangers, or Doubles ['Döppelgangers' in heading]
1849 Döppelgangers, or Doubles [same as heading; midway running heads verso/recto are "Döppelgangers." "And Self-Seeing."
1850 Doppelgangers, or Doubles ['Döppelgangers' in heading]
Gute Doppelgängers, or Doubles [same as heading]
Crowe 19899
publisher Thomas Cautley Newby = T. C. Newby

The cited WorldCat record is meagre; does not report any subtitle at alll; does not report a one-volume version as publication note states (rather, probably Vol 1 only of a two-volume edition).

One Routledge edition certainly published in 1852 (from newspapers) is that in the Railway Library publication series, 2 volumes per .

What King of Bookstore may have reported is unknown. WorldCat records, and newspaper search, show multiple Routledge editions beginning 1852.

ABEbooks ("night side of nature") 344 hits (by price)

("night side of nature" routledge) 3 hits! --inclg #5-6 below
2. 1849 Newby, 2 vols
4. Spiritualism and the Age We Live In (Newby, 1859) [32]
5. 1855 Routledge [33] --probably 2-in-1
6. 1868 Routledge 2-in-1
7. 1901 Coates [34]
9. Wordsworth ISBN 1840225025
1850 Light and Darkness, or Mysteries of Life
1859 [late Dec 1858] Ghosts and Family Legends T1617063 Fo[35](12)
1859 Spiritualism and the Age We Live In Fo[36](10))

1848 The Night Side of Nature T1130369 Fo#21-30(87)

(as short title) Fo[37](15) --incl 2012 F+W o[38], 2012 David & Charles o[39]
(not examined) Fo[40](11)
HDL dates : 1848 49 50 53 68 1901 04
LC dates ; 1850 Redfield; 1901 Coates; 76 77 78 86
1848 Newby, 2 vols. BL 000827508 (HDL --and apparent facsimiles-- both vols semicolon and comma .;,.)

Later probably merge, and re-title.

The Night Side of Nature (Forgotten Books, vol II, title leaf viewed as "Look inside") --t.p. verso: (three lines) "London: // Martin and Stephens, Printers, 7, Green Street, Theobald's Road."

1849 Newby --same as 1848-- from U California, again re-bound (without original cover or endpapers, if any)
t.p. Vol. I. (.;,. and closing dot)
t.p. Vol. II. (.,,. and closing dot --differs)
[after 1847] Routledge 155! (LC shows two commas only .,,.)
1852 BL 000827509 "Railway Library", 3rd ed. o[41] 2 vols
1852 o[42] 2 vols in 1
1853 [3rd ed.] o[43]; 1854 [3rd expanded ed.] "&" o[44] 2 vols, viii 502; 1854 "16th ed." o[45]
[1866] Routledge -HDL.LOC 502p OL25217834M t.p. (none - ; , OR ....) --t.p. verso 2/-
1882 BL 000827510 "Routledge's Sixpenny Novels. no. 163." 155 pages --presumable -/6
1868 London: Routledge; Boston: White; New York [Routledge?] ABEbooks (with title page image) (and useful description) --2 vols in 1
1850 Redfield; Mussey 1 vol. -HDL 451 o[46]
t.p. (-;,-.) --NYPL with original cover?
1853 o[47]-HDL, 1856 o[48] ; Harvard U t.p. (two hyphens only -..-)
1868 Widdleton t.p. (two hyphen, no comma OR -..-) 3-4, 7-451 (no back pages) --successor to Redfield
1901 Coates -HDL xiv 451 (second comma only ..,.)
t.p. (one hyphen) New Edition // with an introduction by Thomson Jay Hudson, Ph.D., LL.D.; iii-iv Preface (Crowe), vii-xiv Introduction (Hudson), [7]-451 (no back pages)
1904 with [original cover "Mrs. Crowe" (cover only)
t.p. (none - ; , OR ....) with an introduction by Ernest A. Baker, M.A. [Series editor, Half-Forgotten Books], Routledge; Dutton 1904 ; Editor's Introduction, [v]-x, 1-502
1986 Aquarian (-,,-) BL 008110724 xii 451 £8.99 --intro Colin Wilson
2000 Wordsworth BL 010761519 351 £3.99
Gillian Bennett [49] ()

2010-04-17 Forgotten Books --as Amazon as "The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 1 of 2 ..."


Amazon : ES 54,18 € ; CDN$ 21.55 "Excerpt from The Night Side of Nature, or Ghosts and Ghost Seers, Vol. 1 of 2 ..." (but US/FR "Look inside" shows complete facsimile); US $16.22

"Excerpt from The Night Side of Nature, or Ghosts and Ghost Seers, Vol. 1 of 2 ..." (with "Look inside" missing most front pages); DE (same "Look" as US); FR 17,31 € ("Look inside" shows [vii]-viii) (Contents I-X displayed on recent visit) (Amazon lists Contents and page numbers to IX 300, X 361?) "The Night Side of Nature, Vol. 1 of 2: Ghosts and Ghost Seers (Classic Reprint)"


[as ... Vol. 2 of 2] as (spanish lang) 2015-06-04 ("Look inside" shows facsimile t.p. verso and [Contents] Index Vol II, I to VIII Conclusion) (same)
as 2015-06-04 The Night Side of Nature, or Ghosts and Ghost Seers, Vol. 2 of 2 (Vol. 2 of 2) "Excerpt from The Night Side of Nature, or Ghosts and Ghost Seers, Vol. 2 of 2"


2009-03-04 Shelley Press 1444605585 ; The Night Side of Nature - Or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers - Volume II
2016-12-20 Leopold Classic Library ASIN: B01MRZHFJQ ; The Night Side of Nature; Or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers. In Two Volumes. Vol. II ("Look inside" shows I p1 to XVIII p389
2017-05-17 CreateSpace ; The Night-Side of Nature
2017-11-18 CreateSpace ; The Night Side of Nature: Or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers, Vol. 1
2017-11-18 CreateSpace ; The Night Side of Nature: Or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers ("Look inside" same)

("night side of nature" newby) 1847--1849: 0

earliest advert The Examiner #2085 1848-01-15 p48 "New Works by Popular Authors published by Mr T. C. Newby" "In 2 vols. post 8vo. price 21s." (five reviews found -01-15/22/29/31; no price; include first, second, third notices in The Critic) (no hits 1847)

("catherine crowe" redfield) 7: 2 as 1850 (0701 and 0901)

earliest [50] American Phren Journal 1850-07-01 p231; notice "The Night-Side of Nature" forthcoming early July, 1 vol uniform ..., $1.25 ... We may speak of the merits of the work at a future time."
[51] The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review #23.3 (1850-09-01) p363 "The Book Trade": 1. The Literati, Poe, 1 vol 12mo; 6. Harper's New Monthly Magazine [commenced -06-01, now four numbers]; 20. Night-Side
reviewed in The Southern Literary Messenger 1851-01 p1-7(?) --after Poe's time
[52] The Home Journal #10 1854-03-04 p3 "New Books and New Editions.--Now ready:" advert "1 vol., 12mo. Cloth. 3d Edition. $1." [Redfield, Nassau st.]
also "The Works of Edgar Allan Poe. 3 vols., 12mo., cloth, 5th Edition. $3 50."

("night side of nature" redfield) 72: 9 as 1850 (0701--0901)

"Authors and Books" Internatl Monthly Mag of Lit #1.5 1850-07-29 p138 "Redfield has in press and nearly ready ..."
advert Lit World 7.183 1850-08-03 p102 "Will Be Published, Thursday, August 1, [title by name "Catharine Crowe", etc]" ... "The work will be in one large duodecimal volume. Price $1 25." j27 [Redfield, Clinton hall]
"Literary Notices" Home Journal -08-10 p2 "Redfield announces a re-publication ..."
advert Home Journal -08-17 p3 "Just Published" The Night of Nature (no hyphen) as by Catharine Crow (two variants) "The work will be in one large duodecimal volume. Price $1 25." a17 [Redfield, Clinton hall]
reviews Sat Evening Post #30.1516 -08-17 p2, Internatl Monthly #1.8 -08-19 p235

adverts as Clinton Hall 1851-08, 1852-06/07 (still $1 25), [Nassau-st] 1853-01 ($1 25)

("night side of nature" crowe) 1847--1889 (358 hits! : 0 67 5; 60 23 39[=194] 21 14; 1 2 6 11 21 [270 thru 1859];

[1860] 15 0 0 12 1; 4 3 1 5 3; 2 4 1 2 4; 4 1 1 1 1; 2 2 3 0 5; 1 0 8 0 0
hits may be almost half duplicates; include coverage of Crowe from 1850 as author of The Night Side of Nature

("night side of nature" crowe routledge) 17 hits : 1852=3 1 0;00008; 2 [none 1861/81] 200001

[53] The Book Buyer (NY?) 1887-08-01 p243 Routledge's World-Wide Novels 25c "[GR&S], 9 Lafayette Place, New York." (incl Ainsworth incl 3 isfdb novels, Bulwer-Lytton incl 4 " ", Marryatt incl ? ?, Scott incl 2 " ", 9 Verne, Gulliver, Frankenstein)
[54] The Athenaeum #2832 1882-02-04 p146 ; "GR&S], London and New York."
"Routledge's Sixpenny Series" "... [GR&S} are about to produce a Series of the Cheapest Standard Books for Youth ever published ..."; 6 vols ready, inclg Grimm's and Andersen's FT; "Uniform in size with the Sixpenny Edition of the Ingoldsby Legends."
"Routledge's Large-Size Sixpenny Novels.--New Volumes." --18 incl Gulliver, Frankenstein, Night Side
[55] Ath #1718 1860-09-29 p406 Routledge, Warne, & Routledge ; Railway Library--New Volume. (1) and 8 "recent Volumes" incl Night-Side 2/- --also New Ed. Grimm's HS
1859-01-15 p38 Examiner capsule review Ghosts and Family Legends: A Volume for Christmas (Newby, no price)
1859 adverts Ath -01-22, -02-19 (Ghost Stories and Family Legends, Newby 10/6); Critic -11-12 (fc Spiritualism and the Age We Live In
1853 [56] --false positive; Arabian Nights (1-1/2 of 3 cols feature Routledge and Co.)
1852-12-18 p1394 Ath #1312 : R's "Railway Library" adds Night Side in two vols (no price)
1852-06-26 p434 Lit World --false positive; Redfield "Just published" inclg Night Side $1.25 (and Poe's Works 3 vols $4)


Poe 622
Redfield, Justus Starr, 1810-1888
J.S. Redfield & Co.

Works, ed. John H. Ingram, 1876 Widdleton -HDL

Works of the Late Edgar Allan Poe:

I-II both at Google
1850 -HDL
1 Minn (half-title "Tales.") Works of the Late ... (2) I. Tales; 1850 [J. S. Redfield, Clinton]; entered 1849; vii-xiii EAP, xiv-xx Death
1 UVA " "
2 Minn (no half, or obscured by clipping) " "; II. Poems and Miscellanies; 1850 [J. S. Redfield, Clinton]; entered 1849; iii Preface to the Poems ; verse [7]-111 prose 117-495 --p115 "EUREKA: A PROSE POEM." p117, "Eureka: An Essay of the Material and Spiritual Universe"
2 UVA (no half) " "
III --no images
I-III all 3 at Google
I-IV v4 at Google
1855-56 -HDL --actually v2 only: Works of the Late ... (4) II. Poems and Tales, 1859 [Redfield, Beekman]; entered 1849; vii The Poetic Principle
1853-56 -HDL
1 Mich (no half) Works of the Late ... (3) I. Tales; 1853 [Redfield, Nassau]; entered 1850; xiv Death, xxi Memoir
2 Mich (no half) Works of the Late ... (3) II. Poems and Tales; 1853 [Redfield, Nassau]; entered 1849; vii The Poetic Principle
2 Ill (no half) Works of the Late ... (4) II. Poems and Tales; 1856 [Redfield, Beekman]; entered 1850; vii The Poetic Principle
3 Mich (no half) Works of the Late ... (3) III. The Literati; (obscured); entered 1850; begins p21 Of Criticism--Public and Private
4 OSU " "
4 OSU " "
4 Ill " "
4 Mich (half-title The Works // Vol) Works of the Late ... (4) IV. Arthur Gordon Pym, &c.; 1856 [Redfield, Beekman]; (blank) preface 1856-02-13 ... ix-xi preface A. G. Pym 1838-07, p[13]-
1861 Widdleton

LCCN #881-84 Redfield

Works, vol 3

The Literati of New York City T1007808, only as 1850 p21-127 --1853 as "Of Criticism—Public and Private", etc -HDL, HDL.LOC xxxix 607
Miscellaneous Reviews T1024879, only as 1850 p128-482 --1853 as "Elizabeth Oakes Smith", etc

There has been some discussion as to whether volume III was initially sold as a continuation of the prior two volumes or as a separate book. The title page of the 1850 edition does not bear any indication of being volume III, although bindings often do carry the designation of “Vol. 3.” Some of these books have clearly been rebound by owners seeking to have a unified appearance for the set. Others, however, appear to be original publishers’ bindings. It is not unlikely that the book was available both ways, or that the publishers provided a binding based on the preference of the buyer. An advertisement in Thomas Wrights’s book Narratives of Sorcery and Magic (New York: J. S. Redfield, 1852, mentioned in the Poe Catalogue of the 19th Century Shop, 1992, as item #655) shows that the first two volumes were still being sold separately from the third volume (for $2.50).
In 1852, all three volumes were reprinted exactly as they were issued in 1850. (Only the date on the title page was changed.) In 1853, a number of modifications were made to reshape the three books into a cohesive set.

Rev. R. W. Griswold N. P. Willis J. R. Lowell

newspapers 1849--1857

("Edgar Allan Poe" redfield) 50 hits: 0 9 1 18 4 0; 0 14 4 (#15-32, advertisements 1852/53 Literary World, Republican Banner)
[57] publisher advert (earliest) Literary World 1852-07-03 p2; XXII. 3 vols $4; XXIII. Night Side of Nature, ... Crowe $1.25 ; [Clinton Hall](same -10-16)
-12-04 p354 XXIX. 3 vols $4 [110 and 112 Nassau st.](same -10-30)
NYT 113 Nassau St, moved to #138 in 1854
again earliest) Literary World 1853-03-12 p202: The Works of Edgar Allan Poe With Notices of his Life and Genius; "New edition. 3 vols, 12 mo. Portrait. $3 50."
[58] NYT 1856-03-08 p5 --a new volume Sat -03-08 cloth $1; New Edition (longer title) 4 volumes, $4 50 ; [No. 34 Beekmann-st.]
EN: New York Mercantile Library: "In 1830, the library moved to a new building designed by architect Seth Geer, called Clinton Hall, at Nassau and Beekman Streets, ..." to 1854 move uptown
("Late Edgar Allan Poe") 1849/53 (16: 0 12 0 2 2 => distinct 0 10 0 1 1)
("Edgar Allan Poe" griswold) 1 1849 (Home Journal: dueling obituaries, editor Willis quotes and counters Griswold)
("Works of the Late Edgar Allan Poe") 23 hits: 0 9 0 2* 2* 0; 0 8 2* (distinct items 18: 0801100;71)
"The Works ... in two volumes ... have just been issued by J. S. Redfield, Clinton Hall. ... The fact that his mother is to share largely in the profits of the publication, we hope will secure for it a large sale even where its literary attractions would fail to secure attention." -- "Literary Notices" The Home Journal (New York) 1850-01-19 p3
The Works with notices of his life and genius, by NPW, JRL, and RWG, in two volumes. The Sun 1850-02-04 p2

(no price anywhere)

[59] Athenaeum #1198 1850-10-12 p1080 "2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, price 15s."
[60] Westminster Review 57:111 (Jan 1852 [?]) 305-22, as 3-volume import HDL, p. 305
shorter title: The Works of the Late Edgar Allan Poe, with Notices of his Life and Genius; 3 vols

(perhaps the Memoir by Griswold was delayed?)

"The Misc Works of the late Edgar Allan Poe, with a Memoir by Rev. R. W. Griswold, and Notices of his Life and Genius by N. P. Willis and J. R. Lowell: 3 volumes: cloth." --one listing, "New Books" Daily Courier (Louisville) 1853-07-21 p2
"This is the fourth volume ..." (same full title as above) column, NY Observer and Chronicle 1856-03-27 p101 (no price)
"Notices of New Publications", Christian Review -04-01 p292 (p15 of 25 =? p306) "Redfield has just issued a fourth volume ..." Arthur Gordon Pym and 19 shorter sketches from magazines (no price)

(other notices of vol 4)

North American Review (October 1856) p427-55 The Works ... (same long title) In 4 vols. --review of his life too, in effect; thoroughly negative
National Era (1856-11-27 p190; as 4 vols, 1856

Graham's Magazine 1841-- (ed. Poe, ? Feb 1841 -- Apr 1842 ?)

ISFDB Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine The Casket' and Graham’s Magazine (Philadelphia, PA) --with linked lists of Poe's writings
EN: "The magazine was the first to publish "The Murders in the Rue Morgue", "A Descent into the Maelström", "The Island of the Fay", "The Mask Of The Red Death - A Fantasy", and others."
  • #18.1-6, p1-296
166, The Murders in the Rue Morgue HDL pp. 166-79 (Apr 1841)
235, A Descent Into the Maelstro"m HDL pp. 235-41 (May 1841)
253, The Island of the Fay [253-54 missing, probable first sheet of #18.6] (Jun 1841 ?)
  • #19.1-6, p1-308
54, The Colloquy of Moses and Una
123, Never Bet Your Head
224, 273, A Chapter on Autography
Poetry. 123, To Helen; 183 Israfel
  • #20.1-6, p1-356 (Jan-Jun 1842)
44, An Appendix of Autographs
119, A Few Words About Brainard
200, Life in Death
257, The Mask of the Red Death HDL pp. 257-64 : A Fantasy
Poetry. 137, To One Departed;
  • #21.1-6, p1-:
205, The Poetry of Rufus Dawes


Source disambiguation -done October 2019

The Independent (New York) --not London
The Globe (Toronto) --not Boston

el   Nicholas Tucker, ed. 30756 (14) 

As editor:

  • Suitable for Children?: Controversies in Children's Literature (Chatto and Windus, 1976), ; (Sussex University Press, 1978) BL 014011648
  • Children's Book Publishing in Britain Since 1945, ed. Kimjberley Reynolds and Tucker (Scolar Press, 1998), BL 007460631


Alice in Orchestralia, published first in the US, contains a Foreword by Walter Damrosch, "long-time director of the New York Symphony Orchestra" (Wikipedia).

Alice in Orchestra Land, published in the UK, contains a Foreword by Malcolm Sargent, "chief conductor of London's internationally famous summer music festival the Proms from 1948 to 1967" (Wikipedia).--fashioned "Dr. Malcolm Sargent, F.R.C.M." on original front jacket

check page numbers of eds./printings

Radio serial adaptation 1934-04-13 Boston [61] NBC-WEEI network today at 5:45; title listing without explanation same day The Globe (Toronto) p8

also NYT -04-15 pX8, SLPD -04-26 and others Apr/May

~270 of 299 listings are 1934/1935, all radio ?

Malcolm Sargent (1895–1967) --Dr. Malcolm Sargent, F.R.C.M EN 
Walter Damrosch (1862–1950) EN  
n   .Malcolm Easton 178714 (11) uncertain identity Noted
 lw .Grace Huxtable 232164 (2)[many] 
 lw .Carroll C. Snell 232163 (0)[3] 
elw  Ernest La Prade 232162 (4)[many] 

1. 1925 T2023497 Fo[62](29) --radioplay Adapted by the author from his novel of the same name. o[63] --(c)1950 Music o[64]

LOA..i 1925, ill Snell
BOA..i 1925uk Heinemann --Printed in USA, identical page-count, no report of illustrations
1928 D, Doran o[65]
1930 " " o[66] BL 004100393
1936 " " ASIN: B000JWDYPW o[67] --q
1937 " " ASIN: B0008B3THC (no image)
1938 " " catalogued as musical score o[68]
1941 " " o[69]
1932 34 37 40 43 44 45(D, Doran) 46(Doubleday & Co.) 48 49 52 55 --also found at WorldCat
1925^ 26^ 27^ 28 29 31 32 33^ 36 37^ 38^ 40 41 43^ 44^ 45 46! 49^ 55! --found at ABEbooks (93 hits) (^ w cover, different from our 1925; 26 yellow, 33 orange, 37/38 blue)
! 1926 27 29 30 --at ABEbooks w jacket, same as 1926 newspaper illustration 1930, multiple
!! 1937 43 46 55 --at ABEbooks w jacket, same as our 1925 book cover
1925 w jacket, same as ours, does not state First Edition 1925, spurious?
1925 w cover, orange matches 1926-38, not our 1925 image
1925 no cover image, "2 beautiful plates"
1926 w cover, "Appendix contains notes on the lives of the composers and sample programs."
1926 w cover, "Includes Appendix with Typical Program of Concerts for Children and Young People."
1933 w cover "frontispiece depicts Titania, Queen of the Fairies"
1937 w jacket "Part-color frontis and textual line art."; another w both jacket, cover
1946 D & Co, no image "[xi],171 pp., illus. w/ three-color frontis., b&w plates. 1946 ptg. Pale pink dust jacket ..."
1955 D & Co, w jacket, "xii]+171 pages with frontispiece, illustrations and appendix. Octavo (7 1/2" x 5 1/4") bound in original publisher's green cloth with yellow lettering to spine and cover in original pictorial jacket"
1955 another w jacket, yellow
BLOAm£i 1934uk Orchestra Land, 1st/2nd Fo[70](13)
1935uk, 3rd printing --ASIN: B001PF5C8Y --niW
1949 o[71]
1955, 8th o[72] o[73]
1958, 9th o[74] (year from Index)
1934 35 38 49 51 55 58 --years listed at ABEbooks (18 records)
!! 1934 w jacket, same as 1935 at Amazon multiple
! 51 58 multiple w jacket, differs one as 174pp

2. 1929 T2023502 Fo[75](4)

LOA.$i 1929, decorated by Jay ASIN: B00087PCJO
ABEbooks (6 hits, all 1929 no image, except one 1941 w jacket multiple)
BOA.£i 1952uk Music Land, ill Huxtable Fo[76](5) --ASIN: B0007DT3R6
LO.$ 1953, ill Huxtable --"printed label pasted over imprint" o[77]
ABEbooks (4 hits, all as 1952, one w orange cover matches ours --Alice seated at upright piano)

ISFDB series Alice

works in fiction Series, not by Lewis Carroll


1895 Richards 831894 ** T831894
1925 La Prade 2023497 ** above #1
1929 La Prade ** above #2
1984 Adair 17817 ** T17817
2004 Carter 152856 T152856 --ni Wikipedia; "Alice's Journey Beyond The Moon" 91pp
2009 Sheppard 1165533 ** T1165533
2015 Maguire 1903301 T1903301 --ni Wikipedia; After Alice


1985 Razzi 27134 T27134 --"Alice's Wonderland Adventure" --NEED co-author Carroll
2011 Young 1334017 T1334017 --"The World in a Thimble" novella --one of four novellas in anthology (re)Visions: Alice; others not in ISFDB series Alice


1988 Amadio T504711 --ni Wikipedia; The New Adventures of Alice in Rainforest Land

Wikipedia: Category:Books based on Alice in Wonderland A

   The Admiral's Caravan -- T1254179 1892 Carryl novella (as NOVEL)
   Alice in Blunderland: An Iridescent Dream -- T975334 1907 Bangs novelette
   Alice in Orchestralia ** T2023497 (above)
   Alice Through the Needle's Eye ** T17817 1984 Adair
   Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Retold in Words of One Syllable
   ArchEnemy == The Looking Glass Wars #3
   Automated Alice -- T5810 1896 Jeff Noon
   Clara in Blunderland -- T1085855 1902 "Caroline Lewis", series Clara #1
   Davy and the Goblin -- T876915 1885 Carryl novella
   From Nowhere to the North Pole --nidb EN 1875 children's novel
"one of the many Alice in Wonderland imitations published in the 19th century"
   Gladys in Grammarland --nidb EN 1897 "educational imitation"
published 2010 by Evertype with Alice in Grammarland
   John Bull's Adventures in the Fiscal Wonderland --nidb EN 1904 "political parody"
published 2010 by Evertype
   The Looking Glass Wars -- 2004 Beddor T184673, series same name #1
   Lost in Blunderland == Clara #2
   New Adventures of Alice -- T1157756 1917 Rae
   A New Alice in the Old Wonderland ** T831894 1895 Richards
   Rollo in Emblemland -- 1902 Bangs & Macauley T1209134
   Seeing Redd == The Looking Glass Wars #2
   Silverlock -- T1211 (Commonwealth of Letters)
   Visitors from Oz -- T19438 1998 Gardner (chiefly Oz)
   The Westminster Alice -- T823825 1902 Saki novelette
   Wonderland Revisited and the Games Alice Played There -- T1165533 2009 Sheppard

not at Wikipedia

   Alice in Blunderland [2] -- T1328796 1983 Anderson & Kidner


updated 2019-11-03 (matches 11-14/16 and 11-17/19)

Euro2020 Qualifying

Many teams have another chance to fill one of 4 places in the 24-team tournament, in playoffs based on last year's Nations League, level A to D.

Teams in Groups A-E (25) have played 6 or 7 games each, out of 8. Points are not comparable to Groups F-J. A Engl 15 v Mont @ Koso ** Czec 12 v Koso @ Bulg * Koso 11 @ Czec v Engl * Mont _3 @ Engl ------ Bulg _3 ------ @ Czec • Kosovo plays both leaders.

B Ukra 19 ------ @ Serb (clinched) Port 11 v Lith @ Luxe ** Serb 10 v Luxe v Ukra (tiny chance) Luxe _4 @ Serb v Port Lith _1 @ Port ------ • Portugal plays two minnows.

C Germ 15 v Bela v NIre ** Neth 15 @ NIre v Esto ** NIre 12 v Neth @ Germ (tiny chance) Bela _4 @ Germ ------ Esto _1 ------ @ Neth • N. Ireland plays both leaders.

D Irel 12 ------ v Denm o (good chance) Denm 12 v Gibr @ Irel * Swit 11 v Geor @ Gibr * Geor _8 @ Swit ------ Gibr _0 @ Denm v Swit • Denmark visits Ireland. • Switzerland plays two minnows. Ireland needs a win, and a 1-goal win is enough unless Switzerland draws one. If Switzerland draw v Georgia (the only plausible draw), Ireland will host Denmark knowing that a 2-goal win is needed, and Denmark knowing that a 1-goal loss is adequate.

E Croa 14 v Slov ------ * Hung 12 ------ @ Wale * Slov 10 @ Croa v Azer * Wale _8 @ Azer v Hung o (good chance) Azer _1 v Wale @ Slov Croatia will clinch with a draw v Slovakia, and will advance with a loss unless Hungary win @ Wales. Hungary practically needs a win, as Slovakia wins the tiebreaker. Wales practically needs two wins, which will be adequate with a Slovakia loss @ Croatia. 3-way tie (good enough for Croatia) requires only if Slovakia win @ Croatia and lose v Azerbaijan --shouldn't happen.

Teams in Groups F-J (30) have played 8 games each, out of 10. Points are not comparable to Groups A-D.

F Spai 20 v Malt v Roma (clinched) Swed 15 @ Roma v Faro * Roma 14 v Swed @ Spai * Norw 11 v Faro @ Malt (tiny chance) Malt _3 @ Spai v Norw Faro _3 @ Norw @ Swed • Romania plays the two leaders. • Norway plays two minnows. --good chance to finish third Romania needs a win v Sweden and may need another @ Spain.

G Pola 19 @ Isra v Slov (clinched) Aust 16 v Mace @ Latv ** Slov 11 v Latv @ Pola (tiny chance) Mace 11 @ Aust v Isra (tiny chance) Isra 11 v Pola @ Mace (tiny chance) Latv _0 @ Slov v Aust • This is Slovenia. Austria needs only a draw @ Latvia, unless lose to Macedonia by multiple goals.

H Turk 19 v Icel @ Ando ** Fran 19 v Mold @ Alba ** Icel 15 @ Turk @ Mold (tiny chance) Alba 12 v Ando v Fran Mold _3 @ Fran v Icel Ando _3 @ Alba v Turk •

I Belg 24 @ Russ v Cypr (clinched) Russ 21 v Belg @ SanM (clinched) Cypr 10 v Scot @ Belg Scot _9 @ Cypr v Kaza Kaza _7 @ SanM @ Scot SanM _0 v Kaza v Russ •

J Ital 24 @ Bosn v Arme (clinched) Finl 15 v Liec @ Gree ** Arme 10 v Gree @ Ital (tiny chance) Bosn 10 v Ital @ Liec (tiny chance) Gree _8 @ Arme v Finl Liec _2 @ Finl v Bosn • Finland probably doesn't need even one draw.


British library search


Dent and/or Dutton eds. WB TT (Wonder Book Tanglewood Tales)

1906 --BL 001623520 o[78] ; o[79] xi,406
o[80] as 1906 310pp
1909 --BL 007592762 o[81]
1910 ix, 364 \Granville Fell --BL 001623529 o[82]
[1927] --BL 001623548
[1933] x, 310 --(reset 1924) LC o[83]

HMCo early eds

1883 o[84] no data
1892 \Crane o[85] vi,421

The Dial 1900-05-01 p340-43 "American Publishing and Publishers", Francis F. Browne, survey covering The Dial's 20 years

McClure, Phillips

[86] NYT 1900-04-14 pBR1 "The first book to be issued ..." (The Green Flag by Conan Doyle is another fc early May; later fc as -05-25; -05-19 as "next Saturday"; -05-26 as "Published To-day", ie yday?)

street address as 131-141 E 25th St (-05-03) 141-155 (-05-12)

Coverage of new books from Doubleday & McClure continues thru 1900.


Publisher Swordpoint Intercontinental, Limited

Another by (Joseph A.) J. A. Greenleaf and John Quigley

Amazon US as tp 2011-05-10 (ebook ASIN: B004X1U1VK as -04-17)
Roycroft, Kelmscott

1901 newspapers

("roycroft shop") 67 --routine in The Philistine inclg advertisement footers
("roycroft press") 6 --none in The Philistine, in secondary work
("roycroft printing [shop]") 2 --one as proper noun, in secondary work

(The) Roycroft Campus, Roycroft Press, Roycroft Printing Shop, Roycroft Shop, ISFDB The Roycrofters, ISFDB Roycroft

[87] The Globe (Toronto) 1901-03-22 "Art in Bookmaking" --lecture by Hubbard, advanced as the event of the art season
[88] The Philistine 1901-10-01 (also -11-01) advertisement as Dreams by O.S. ... The Roycrofters --monthly publication?
[89] NYT 1901-08-17 pBR14 --hourly rail service to East Aurora during Pan-American exhibition


"... Although called the "Roycroft Press" by latter-day collectors and print historians, the organization called itself "The Roycrofters" and "The Roycroft Shops".
"Hubbard edited and published two magazines, The Philistine and The Fra. ..."

The Philistine is monthly, evidently as 1901 Oct and Nov are 13.5 and 13.6 ; HDL catalogues 41 semi-annual volumes, publ by "The Society".

v13 n1 opens with advertisement as The Roycrofters unnumbered --192 numbered pages among 398 images
v13 n6 advertisements include Dreams, The Roycrofters, Nov 1901

Olive Schreiner 139764 (79)

FMI [90] --Dreams as 1890 "Donohoe"


  • 1890 Dreams, 11-collection T2621275
LOH.. 1891us Robert Brothers --to be continued
O.. 1896 OMNIBUS with Dr. Jekyll
LO.$ 1901 So Here Then Are Dreams --with "Life's Gifts" in fourth place (noted)
d$i 2016 46pp --from Amazon (CreateSpace; now as published by Olive Schreiner)
d$i 2017 84pp --from Amazon w page numbers
  • 1923 Stories, Dreams, 22-collection T2118591
O.. 1923uk Unwin --Contents list from Reginald
--nidb-- 1923us Stokes -HDL

1923 Stories, Dreams, and Alleghories Fo[91](28) --our source of Contents list is unknown; "Life's Gifts" is from Dreams

1923 Stokes t.p. 1923 Stokes with cover and lavish endpapers --2nd printing -03-17 (prior to publication 03-22) --printed US --preface closes "S. C. Cronwright-Schhreiner." and Cape Town, South Africa, October, 1922." --as previously unpublished, but "Life's Gifts" is a title from 1890

FMI [92]

  • Modern authors' library #59 --as two different OMNIBUS(?) containing Dr. Jekyll, first, and another work 118+27 (record implies no collective t.p.) 118+128 "no collective t.p."


Dreams - Unwin as 1891 2nd 3rd (2 records each); 1892 4th ; 1893 5th
1923uk BL 003296862
2003 Three Works (Dreams -- Dream life and real life -- Stories, dreams and allegories.) BL 019399039 006961606

LC --nidb only

WorldCat Dreams Fo[93](267)

[1888?] Munro's, by Ralph Iron o[21566034]
1890 or 1890s Lovell Bros, Lovell Gestefeld, Unwin, Fisher, Munro's, Donohue, Hennneberry, Benn, Conkey, Little Brown, Wilmore Andrews (11 +3)
[189-?] Mershon-HDL (ANTH) o[94] 128, 109
[189-?] Home Book Co-HDL (ANTH) o[95] 128, 109
1891 Unwin 2nd 3rd, 5th; Lovell Bros, National, PFCollier (4 +1)
1891 Roberts Bros (Author's ed.)-HDL o[96] 182

("olive schreiner" dreams) 1890 (47)

[97] Liberty -02-15 p8 "Three Dreams in a Desert", poem
NYT -03-03 p3 "a small volume of allegories" sent from Cape Town to England
several? stories publ in newspapers or magazines
Ath #3283 -09-27 p417ff [418: Unwin announces ... "In romance: Dreams by Miss Olive Schreiner ..."]
Academy -10-18 "Fcap. 8vo, buckram, gilt, 6s.   [In preparation."
[98] Acad -12-13 p545
National Observer (Edinburgh) -12-20 p132 "Books of the Week" listing 6s.
The Scotsman -12-22 p3 --review (par. 28 of 36)

1891 (104)

[99] Ath 3298 1891-01-10 p46.47 --review

Publication date from notice in "Books and Bookmakers", American Bookseller 1891-01-17 p31, "Roberts Brothers will publish three notable volumes on January 15: ...". Price from listing in "Books Received", NY Times 1891-01-19 p3.

-- another, The Science of Fairy Tales: An Inquiry [in ?] Fairy Mythology. Edwin Sidney Hartland of the Society of Antiquaries. Scribner & Welford. 1891. Cloth, $1.25.

Reviews Life 1891-01-29 p68 (sophomoric maunderings; two "have a value of their own as fanciful writing--"Three Dreams in a Desert" and "A Dream of Wild Bees".); Chi. Tribune -01-31 p13

Current Literature, v6 = 1891-01/04 (change from Jan-Jun, Jul-Dec)

Current Literature v6 n4 (April) advert second edition
The Book Buyer 1891-04-01 p130 "Second Edition. 16mo, cloth, price, $1.00."
[100] The Critic -11-28 pIV Roberts Bros "Some Holiday Books", Author's ed. with portrait. $1.00
--others include Wolfings and Glittering Plain by William Morris
The Spectator 1891-01-31 p142 Fisher Unwin adverts 2nd edition. Front. portrait. Cloth, 6s.
The Observer 1891-03-15 p8 Fisher Unwin advert 3rd edition. Frontis. Portrait. Cloth, 6s.
Ath -11-14 p639, Third, 6s.

E. S. Hartland
el   Edwin Sidney Hartland 166301 (23) 

The Science of Fairy Tales: An Inquiry into Fairy Mythology T1359423

HDL 1891 91 97 04 07 16 68
"1897 W. Scott" (Walter Scott, Ltd.; Scribner's Sons) Scribner's cover and back pages adverts, this series to XXXIV
New Books imported by Charles Scribner's Sons [373-78]; Contemporary Science [379-82]; Ibsen's Dramas [383] --11 unnumbered pages
"1904 Walter Scott" (Walter Scott Publ Co ; Scribner's Sons)
"1907 The Walter Scott Publishing Co., Ltd." (same) ; "1916 W. Scott Pub Co." (same as 1904/1907 except Scribner's now 597 Fifth Avenue)
1968 Singing Tree Press--NOVIEW

Indiana U copy as 1891 is 1968 Singing Tree, mfg Arno Press t.p. 1891 "now reissued", no back pages

U California with original cover; front leaf series list I-XXVI, this vol as XI (implies a later binding if not printing); back pages The Scott Library [373-78] #1-91; Great Writers [379-82]; Books of Fairy Tales [383]; other [384-88] (16 pages unnumbered)

back pages "London: Walter Scott, Limited, Paternoster Square."
Vol XVI published 1894; HDL copy with back pages footer "London: Walter Scott, Limited, 24 Warwick Lane"
HDL 1891 back pages "London: Walter Scott, 24 Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row"

HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of one copy with original cover (mis-catalogued with one copy of 1968 reissue by Singing Tree Press): -- <a href="">title page</a> -- Preface, [v]-vi, closes "E. S. H.", 1890-10-24 As assembled at HathiTrust, half-title leaf not included in the pagination between Preface and Contents; appears to belong before title leaf as pp. [i/ii] -- Bibliography, p[353]-65; Index, [367]-72 -- publisher advertisements, unnumbered p[373]-p(376) (viewed at HathiTrust, which features The Contemporary Science Series

maybe published December 1890 (as 1891) (6 hits 1890)

advert Scott as "about 19th December", National Observer (Edinb.) 1890-11-22 p.viii "Crown 8vo, cloth, Price 3s. 6d. per Volume; Half Morocco, 6s. 6d. per Volume."
advert Scribner & W without comment, Literary World: A Monthly (1890-12-06) "Each volume containing 300 or 400 pages and illustrated[ha!]. Cloth, 12mo, each $1.25."
The Academy #971 1890-12-13 p551, listing as "to be published on 15th December"
The Spectator 1890-12-20 p916, listing in "Publications of the Week"
Ath #3297 1891-01-03 p32 "Walter Scott's New Publications", as latest volume
"This volume deals with those fairy tales or folk-tales which contain a supernatural element, and which are known as Sagas and Nursery Tales (or Marchen)--tales which are known to be often of world-wide extension, and the study of which is now an important and fascinating branch of Folk-lore."
Am Bk -01-03 p3 "Latest Publications", as "Il., clo., $1.25." --but unillustrated? [and -01-17 p22 "Latest English Publications", 3/6]
reviews include Joseph Jacobs, Folklore (semiannual), January, p123

Scribner & W --WorldCat

viii 372 o[449853] o[752261693] o[1474036] all as 19cm; o[901813869] as 18cm; and o[1049067323] as XII
(microfilm) viii 335 o[102]
[1891] Stokes o[103]
1925 Methuen 2nd ed. BL 001607373 xii 372 and BL 007588719 007588800 ; WorldCat #35-43
1968 -HDL--NOVIEW = W. Scott ; BL 013872151 viii 372 o[449853] ; WorldCat #44-51
21c facsimile of 1914 Scribner's o[104]

LC and BL

  • 1890 Scott ; English fairy and other folk tales --BL 007588710 BL 001607362 as Camelot Classics [1890]
1893 Scott BL 001607363 xxxvi 282, illus Brock
  • 1891 Scott ; The Science of Fairy Tales: An Inquiry into Fairy Mythology
1891uk -HDL
as Contemporary Science Series BL 007588718 BL 001607372 viii 372
  • 1892 Nutt ; Gloucestershire. Ed., with suggestions for the collection of the folk-lore of the county ; BL 001607361 as "County Folk-Lore. Printed extracts. no. 1 ..."
  • 1894/96 Nutt ; Legend of Perseus: a study of tradition in story custom and belief --3vol BL 006822510 007588712 and as Grimm Library BL 001607366
  • 1899 Nutt ; Folklore: what is it and what is the good of it[?] --BL 001607365
  • 1900 Nutt ; Mythology and folktales; their relation and interpretation --BL 001607367
  • 1909 (intro only) Folk-Lore and Folk-Stories of Wales BL 003672787 xiii 350
  • 1909/10 Nutt ; Primitive paternity; the myth of supernatural birth in relation to the history of the family --2vol BL 007588715 001607369 011836226
  • 1912 BL 002101951 The Folk-Lore of Herefordshire, collected from oral and printed sources
  • 1914 Williams ; Ritual and belief; studies in the history of religion --BL 001607371 BL 007588717 007588716
  • 1917 Matrilinial [!] kinship, and the question of its priority
  • 1921 Methuen ; Primitive society, the beginnings of the family & the reckoning of descent --BL 001607370 BL 007588889
  • 1922 Clarendon ; Evolution of kinship; an African study --BL 001607364
  • 1924 Methuen ; Primitive law --BL 001607368

Armour Macdougall

The Supernatural Index, TSI, or Ashley/Contento TSI at Google Books

Google Books

  • Dream Weavers snippet view
  • Eerie Book --not available thus

The Dream Weavers, ed. John Weeks T1102663 --author credits corrected

Om$ic 1980
-d$ic 2010
2019-11-11/12 User talk:Chris J#Dream Weavers; Locus #234 (June 1980)

Story title notes

Rossetti, Saint Agnes
Rossetti, Hand and Soul


The Germ (1850) BL 002844983 EN

Jan Feb Mar Apr (British Library)
Jan Feb Mar May (Rossetti Archive) --"appeared" 1 Jan, 31 Jan, 31 Mar, 30 Apr
1901 facsimile (London: Eliot Stock), intro WMRossetti --Gutenberg #17649 --"Introduction", p[5]-[31] (first and last unnumbered); four issues reprinted as pp. 1-192
WMR p18/20 on Hand and Soul; The Germ p23-33 (Gutenberg #17649)

Project Gutenberg Ebook #17649 as The Germ: Thoughts Towards Nature in Poetry, Literature and Art. Being a facsimile reprint of the literary organ of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, published in 1850. With an introduction by William Michael Rossetti. (Elliot Stock, 1901)

William Michael Rossetti (1829-1919) --nidb (112)


1965 192p
1977 30p

els  G. Firth Scott 19766 (5)

The Last Lemurian T1085492 o[6660409] ; BL 003314676 ; Arno reprint o[3630420]

found in UK newspaper (no price) --check again

("the last lemurian") 1897--1899 (32 hits: 2 29 1) chiefly 1898-May to Nov

1897 th #36467 1897-09-18 p388 "The Autumn Publishing Season", listing among "Mr. James Bowden's forthcoming books"
[105] The Academy: Spring Announcements Supplement #1350 1898-03-19 p313-22 p321 "Mr. Bowden sends uus the following list of forthcoming novels:"
Ath #3680 1898-05-07 p599 "cr. 8vo. 6/ cl."
[106] The Speaker -05-14 619-20 "Fiction", 2nd of 3 reviewed
Ath #3682 -05-221 p649 "Mr. James Bowden's Publications" : Crown 8vo. attractive cloth, 3s. 6d. ; With 3 illustrations by Stanley L. Wood.
Sat Rvw #2225 -06-18 p825 "Fiction" brief [107]

el   Margaret Armour, transl 163288 (14)
el  .W. B. Macdougall 163289 (2) --book illustration mainly/only translations by his sister?

HDL search (18 hits --inclg Eerie 1, Nib[e]lung 9, Gudrun 1)

LC (14 --inclg Eerie 1, Nib[e]lung 9, Gudrun 2)

Works of Heinrich Heine 1891-1905 (multiple translators)
Home and Early Haunts of [RLS] 1895

"In 1910 she translated The Ring of the Nibelung by Richard Wagner, and in 1928 she translated Gudrun." --Wikipedia


[28] Dutton -HDL
[32] Dent Dutton

HDL [1928] Dutton xiii 215 front/t.p. undated Dutton v-viii Intro, ix-xi Contents, xii List of Ill, xiii Rhys, p1-215 (216/217)

The Eerie Book T1337014
BLOH..ic 1898uk Shiells --"Work in progress, not to be completed 2019-11-07: ..."
O.$c 1898us Mansfield
O..ic 1981 Castle Books --inADEQUATE update 2020-01-04 by Anniemod [User talk:Pwendt#The Eerie Book]]

uh-oh, dual Amazon US of one ASIN B0000EEWXU B0000EEWXU B0000EEWXU B0000EEWXU

512m5bapT9L.jpg (US) 51MWZlWk-GL.jpg (UK)


I am not certain how single-author OMNIBUS titles and publications relate to your project, and don't know how far this community hope to go in use of distinct OMNIBUS title records whenever two OMNIBUS publications differ --or we don't known that two OMNIBUS publications are identical-- in the sets of NOVEL titles that are represented. (Similarly I am uncertain regarding single-author COLLECTION titles and SHORTFICTION titles.)

Here are two publications where I think I know, and one of them is your own Primary Verification.

  • 715655 Jules Verne Collected Novels (Castle Books, 1984) "publisher given simply as Castle" --unique publication of one 1984 OMNIBUS
  • 715655 Jules Verne Collected Novels (Castle Books, 2012) "data from Amazon"

--unique publication of one 2012 omnibus Because these share ISBN (and page-count, up to Amazon's low resolution) I presume that we should suppose the texts identical. So that the 2012 contains not five ISFDB novels Publication text unknown but the same five ISFDB novels as the 1984. Right?

Reading the title notes for all five ISFDB novels represented in the 2012 publication record, I infer that different stages of your work on Jules Verne Translations are represented. For the 3rd and 4th novels, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and From the Earth to the Moon, you haven't progressed so far. Sometime later, these two also may show the Note:

Translated by an unknown hand.
This title contains publications where the translation (as well as the translator) is unknown. Please see this wiki page for more information on known translations.


Happy New Year.
I'm not sure what you mean "facsimile". Are you guessing? We have full view of the 1898 interior at HathiTrust, which can be compared with the new edition. All of the page numbers in our record of the 1898 J. Shiells 1st ed. P363864 are those on which the stories begin, and few of them match the page numbers in the 1981 record P487344, 6 of 16. Seven of the page numbers that you endorse (43 to 123) are 2 pp. later and three of the last four are 4 pp. earlier. You also have the last story ending 2 pp. later, thus spanning 69-213 rather than 171-211. --Pwendt|talk 16:28, 4 January 2020 (EST)

Title page states "XV full-page // illustrations by" and the HathiTrust copy contains those as the first page of unnumbered leaves 3, 13, 29, 39, 47, 59, 69, 75, 111 [nine], [__? 119/20], 125, [__? 133/34], [Major Weir] 141 (another faces p146, not included in the pagination, scans probably assembled out of place), [__? 151/52], 159, 169. That is 14 images, one of which probably represents leaf 119/20 (A Dream of Death), 133/34 (The Blind Beggar), 151/52 (Marshal B).

Annie note:
Full page black and white illustrations on pages 7, 17, 33, 45, 53, 65, 75, 81, 117, __, __[131], __, 143 [149], __, 161, 171.
Each story starts with a title page (with a short title), most stories then have a picture page (with 2 empty pages between the title page and the image and then the image and the actual title [WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?]) and then a title on top of each of the stories.

If I infer correctly, you have reported the page numbers listed in the Contents, which are those of the half-title pages (probably unnumbered, one-side leaves) one or two leaves before the beginnings of the stories. You have three stories not preceded by illustrations leaves (pp. 125, 129, 137, 155) and two illustrations (probably unnumbered one-side leaves) that face story text (pp. 131, 149). Is that right?

So the entire book has been re-set to accommodate the title leaf as p1/2 and Contents/Acknowledgments as p3/4. Right?

1898 spans

10 16 10 8 12 10 6 36 [54 leaves p1-108]; 8 ^6 8 ^8 10+ ^8 10 46* [52+1 implied leaves p109-212]


10 16 12 8 12 10 6 36 [55 leaves p5-114]; 8 4 8 6 12 6 10 46*

HDL 1898 t.p. 1898; p(212) printer "colophon"?

The Supernatural Index (TSI, Ashley/Contento) (viewed piecemeal at Google Books) --Bluesman source for ISFDB Contents

p723 Book Contents "... Details taken from the Castle Books facsimile edition, 1981."

outstanding issues re 1898 contents

Reynolds ex ----NOVEL, 1847 (thus an excerpt)
Andersen 1847 or 1848?
Hunt ex ----ANTHOLOGY, 1865 ed. without Contents P281664
Crowe coll. 1859 or 1858?
Crowe The Blind Beggar 1848? ----COLLECTION, 1859 ed. with Contents (only 2 Eerie stories) P444461
A Dream of Death ex
Savile ex (2) ---- Apparitions: A Narrative of Facts, 1874 t.p. 1874 (Internet Archive)
ch XVI 189-97 "The Mysterious Horseman" p189
ch XIX 221-30 "Marshal Blücher" p221
Chambers ex ----SHORTFICTION (2 titles as 1824, 1825) Traditions of Edinburgh, 1824 at Wikipedia
Fouque 1811 or 1818 or 1898 [translation unknown]

All "(excerpt)" --is the disambiguation appropriate when a new story title is coined?

User talk:Anniemod#Excerpt year

Before I do anything rash

(excerpt from ... 0) (1) P2557313 (excerpt from ... 1) (1) P1172842 23456789 120;00000 There is no title now in the database with the year at the end of the parenthetical disambiguation. There may be such as "Booktionary (excerpt from 1915, The Scarecrow of Oz)", which I doubt can

What of stories in a frame story, or with nonfiction preface?

[Mac Carthys] --published in full, Weird Tales: Irish, except the closing essay 1825 p259-64

same as 1888, Yeats, Fairy and folk tales of the Irish peasantry p113-27

[Bunworth] --1956 publication is not on view

[The Bunworth Banshee]

Croker v1 1825 p219-30 (12pp), story p221-27 (spans 7pp)
Croker v2 --unusual assembly recto|verso
Croker v3 --long dedicatory letter -xxviii, closes with script signature, date, and artist credit

Croker, [1882], Fairy legends and traditions of the south of Ireland / by T. Crofton Croker ; a new and complete edition by T. Wright ; with illustrations by Maclise and Green.

front. advert library, The Fairy Tales of All Nations
t.p. undated
7-9 Editor's Preface, 10 Publisher's Preface, [11]-12 Contents
--new ed. a/o Croker's own abridged ed.

Actually not complete

from v1 () 1:1234567^9-E ^different story "The Capture of Bridget Purcell" 2:123+45 +"The Turf Cutters" 3:-- 4:123- 5:1--45 (? 20 of 27 plus 2 ?) (diffs need careful research)
from v2 (23 stories in 5 groups) 1:12345 2:12--5 3:1-3- 4:1-3* 5:-2-45 *new title, "The Hidden Treasure" (16 of 23)

The Eerie Book credits

1981 Castle Books publication record preserves page numbers from TSI
•• title note "The 1981 reprint is not a facsimile, so annotation may differ."
•o title note without that statement
oo no title note
  1. _5 •• 5 ^ "Allen"
  2. 15 •• 15 [no variant] •••• G. W. M. Reynolds, ex [ ] London: George Vickers, 1847 ••••
  3. 31 •• 31 Hans Andersen •••• Hans Christian Andersen [under Andersen] 1848 ••••
  4. 43 •• 41 HUNT = OK •••• ex ••••
  5. 51 oo 49 CROWE = OK ---- no title note
  6. 63 •• 61 "Allen"
  7. 73 •• 71 UNCREDITED (no annotation) •••• Anon., ss ••••
  8. 79 oo 77 Frankenstein (abridged) •••• Mary W. Shelley, ex •••• ^^ Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's novel or Mrs Shelley's novel [not the current variant] --77-107 (31pp ~12000) p77 -- (Abridged from Mrs Shelley's Novel of that name.) ;; Contents: (Abridged from Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Novel.)
  9. 115oo 113 CROWE = OK ---- no title note
  10. 123•o 121 UNCREDITED (From the Danish.) = OK (title note questions "excerpt" and page span ) •••• Anon., ex ••••
  11. 131•• 127 SAVILE (not "The Rev. ...") •••• ex ••••
  12. 135•o 135 CROWE = OK (title note mistaken source ) •••• [under Crowe] follows Armour as (ss) Ghosts and Family Legends; but that collection as T.C. Newby 1858 ••••
  13. 141•• 143 CHAMBERS = OK •••• ex [under Chambers] 1824 "also as 'Infernal Major Weir'."(where?) ••••
  14. 153•• 153 SAVILE (not "The Rev. ...") •••• ex ••••
  15. 159•• 161 [not the current variant] FOUQUE (not "The Baron ...") •••• F. H. ..., ex ••••
  16. 169oo 171 De Quincey •••• Thomas De Quincey, ex •••• --171-211 (41pp ~16000)
"From ..." the work [7]

Reynolds, Crowe (3), Savile (2), Chambers

"Abridged from Mrs. Shelley's ..." [1]
stated "Extract" [3] -- Hunt, Fouque, De Quincey

Extract from ... in Robert Hunt's ... Translated Extract from " Undine ... An Extract from De Quincey's ...

others By Poe (2), From the Danish (2), no annotation (1)

10 writers (16 stories: Poe 2, Crowe 3, Savile 2, uncredited 2)

el f Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué  --Undine
el   Caroline de la Motte Fouqué 189480 (6) --second marriage for both
el   George W. M. Reynolds 119452 (29) 
 --novel Faust (1847) --niLC
el   Robert Hunt (1807-1887) 120790 (31) 
 --anth. West of England (1865) -HDL ; NY 1968
el   Catherine Crowe 19899 (13) 
 --coll. The Night Side (1848), Ghosts (1859) 
el   Rev. Bourchier Wrey Savile 163291 (7) 
 --nidb Apparitions (1874) only as excerpt 
el   Robert Chambers 162374 (113)
 --nidb Traditions of Edinburgh LC 1912 67 80
el   Thomas De Quincey 19740 (218) 
 --novel Klosterheim (1832) LC 1855 1982 92 (viewed at HDL)

Contents: 16 story titles, 15 bylines and annotations

Acknowledgments (ACK): for 6 stories, 5 publishers and writers(?)

  1. One of the few [1898] Acknowledgments is "The Iron Coffin. By kind permission of John Dicks, Esq."
  2. (quote) One of the few [1898] Acknowledgments is "The Story of a Mother. By kind permission of Messrs George Routledge & Sons, Ltd."
  3. One of the few [1898] Acknowledgments is "Tregeagle. By kind permission of Messrs Chatto & Windus."
  4. One of the few [1898] Acknowledgments is "The Mysterious Horseman, and The Vision of Marshal Blucher. By kind permission of W. A. Savile, Esq."
  5. One of the few [1898] Acknowledgments is "The Story of Major Weir. By kind permission of Messrs W. & R. Chambers, Ltd."

Working with the 1898 anthology viewed at HathiTrust, the earlier publication has been identified by pursuing one of its few Acknowledgments.

User talk:Anniemod#The Eerie Book 2019-11-17

"A Dream of Death"

Amalie Skram (1846–1905), Professor Hieronimus (1895 danish -HDL) Fo[108](63)

1899 John Lane, TBH "translated from the Danish of Amalie Skram by Alice Stronach and G.B. Jacobi" --extract from Chapter III, p24-30 p27(bot)-29

--not yet published 1898

o[474768251] viii 320 , o[5266825] 320

Amalie Skram [109] --nidb EN (25)
User talk:Anniemod#The Eerie Book

I find that "A Dream of Death (excerpt)", annotated 1898 as "from the Danish", is from the middle of Chapter III, Professor Hieronimus by Amalie Skram (1895), in its first English-language translation (1899). That is, relying on official publication years, an excerpt from a yet-unpublished work. (It's a good candidate for augmentation or annotation by a subsequent editor, and reported 1981 page numbers imply that that edition contains a longer work at this point.) So our title T1337026

  • "A Dream of Death (excerpt)" (1898) as by uncredited
variant of "A Dream of Death (excerpt from Professor Hieronimus) (1898) as by Amalie Skram [below] --Title note translation from the 1895 Danish, first published as 1899

("professor hieronimus) 1895--1899 (48, all 1899, earliest genuine hit

The Academy 1899-03-11, John Lane advertisement, "Ready Immediately" 6/-, and "The Spring Publishing Season"
[110] full review The Scotsman -03-23 p2 "Fiction", lead review

Hans Andersen (1847, 1848?)
  • ACK George Routledge & Sons, Ltd.

Andersen, "The Story of a Mother"

ISFDB English-language collections


"Stories and Tales by Hans Christian Andersen" ... "first translated for George Routledge over 130 years ago. Completely reset, but preserving the original, beautiful illustrations by A.W. Bayes, engraved by the masters of Victorian book illustration, the Brothers Dalziel, this marvellous book will be treasured by young and old alike."

Stories and Tales by Hans C. Andersen (Routledge and Sons, 1864?) Translated by H. W. Dulcken, Ph.D. illus A. W. Bayes, engraved by the Brothers Dalziel t.p. undated, Preface [v]-vi, Contents [vii]-viii (67 stories inclg "The Story of a Mother" p211-15), stories [1]-444, "Dalziels' Fine Art Gift Books" [445-48] (George Routledge and Sons ...)

1864? HDL as Routledge
1864 would be Routledge, Warne, Routledge (not George Routledge & Sons)
1864 Routledge, Warne, Routledge --advert as Andersen's Fairy Tales "80 Illustrations. 5s." (Ath, from #1934 -11-19 p657) "5s., or 9s col, from -12-03)

  • 1865 What the Moon Saw t.p. 1866 with cover, viii 372; transl Dulcken 80 illus AWBayes engr Dalziel; uniform with Stories and Tales (1865); [v]-vi Preface, [vii]-viii Contents (45 stories), [1]-372; [373-76] Dalziels Fine Art Gift Books --inclg multiple Dulcken

HDL: Hans Andersen > Fairy Tales > English (132 hits)

1865 GR&S Andersen, What the Moon Saw, w 100 illus Brothers Dalziel, London Review 1865-07-08 p49 Literary Notes
Ath #1980 -10-07 p457 advert What the Moon Saw and Other Tales, 80 illus "small 4to. cloth, 5s." ...; later as 80 plate by A.W. ...; elsewhere as transl HWDulcken ...; 80 illus. Bayes, engr Dalziels
1865 Routledge, Tales and Fairy Stories, transl Madame De Chatelain [111] The Reader 1865-09-23 p344 "Publications of the Week"
1865 Bell & Daldy, Andersen's Tales for Children, transl Alfred Wehnert, 105 illus "Post 8vo, pp. viii.--311." 7/6
(publisher unknown) Andersen's Tales for the Young, 18mo 1/6 cl. Ath #1990 -12-16 p844

("george routledge & sons") 1865 (59, earliest -06-17)

London Rvw -06-17 p646 Literary Gossip "On the 30th of the present month ..." GR&S "will receive all accounts due to, and meet all claims against, the present firm." [112]
Ath #1965 -06-24 p855 "[GR&S] List of New Books" [113]

("routledge, warne, routledge") 1865 latest advert -06-24

Ath " " p835 "WORKS Formerly published by [RW&R] now the property of [FW&Co]" [114]
US Am Lit Gaz (Philadelphia) adverts "[GR&S], (Late RW&R], London and New York)" -0915/1016/1115 (apparent semimonthly) [115] [116] [117] --two uniform Andersen collections, as "What the Moon Saw ..." and "Hans C. Andersen's Tales and Stories"; (heavily) The Arabian Nights

("frederick warne") 1865 (84, earliest -06-24 p834, 835

Ath p834 "Mr. S. O. Beeton's Publications" [118]
Ath #1967 -07-08 p37 "[FW&Co]'s New Publications" --Warne's Eightpenny Juveniles include Andersen's (Hans) Tales for the Young

S. O. Beeton (1831 1877) --nidb as publisher (24)

Clarke, Beeton & Co. --any relation?

BL Stories and Tales (Andersen)

  • "A new translation" (1847) BL 000077036
  • transl Charles Boner (1846--1848) --ISFDB 1846(2) 47 48(2)
  • transl H. W. Dulcken (67) 1864 Fo[119](2); 1866 Fo[120](18); main? Fo[121](353) --nidb
1983 BL 007445922 948p
2002 BL 012616084 (reissue of 1864 probably)
  • transl Mrs. H. B. Paull (1867) ---ISFDB from 1867 Frederick Warne
  • transl H. L. D. Ward and Augusta Plesner (1872) --ISFDB 1 Title 1 Publ (anth.)
  • transl Caroline Peachey (1881?) --nidb (no credits this translator)
  • 400 illus. by Helen Stratton (1899) BL 000077090
  • illus. Rex Whistler (1935) BL 011799762 vii 470
  • transl Jean Hersholt 1952? (complete, 168) BL 014099025 ; o[122] as 1948 --ISFDB 1 Title 1 Publ (coll.)
(2005) BL 013291740
  • transl M. R. James (1930? 1953?) (40) BL 000077258, (1968?) (42)

(There are many translations 1970s to date.)

  • transl Erik Christian Haugaard (197?) --nidb (no credits this translator)
  • transl Naomi Lewis (2004) BL 012963028 --nidb (no credits this translator)


Tales and Fairy Stories Fo[123](15)
Fairy Tales and Stories Fo[124](36)

Dulcken 1864

Baldwin LHCL o[937070209] o[905309536] 372
o[315649141] o[48621949] o[48621952]
o[224096141] o[250719875] viii 444
o[682393301] Houghton Mifflin, Author's ed., transl unknown, [xix] 532 HDL

H. W. Dulcken at HDL

[1864?] Routledge HDL 444 (Stories and Tales)
67 stories, "The Story of a Mother" pp. 211-16
1866 Routledge HDL 787 (Stories for the Household), 1869 inscription Contents (t.p. 1866) --112 stories plus "The Story of My Life" ("The Story of a Mother", pp. 88-93)
[1888?] Routledge, 1887 inscription HDL vi 948 (" ") Contents (t.p. undated, different) --w cover, color frontis, portrait; New York: 9 Lafayette Place ... 1-948, Routledge's Juvenile Books p[949-52] (list includes both Andersen's Fairy Stories, Andersen's Fairy Tales, both w 120 illlustrations
--948-page Contents same as 1866 with p788-948 appended, following "The Story of My Life" signed H. C. Andersen, Vernet in the Pyrenees, July, 1846. ; the former with color plate facing p788 (no list of Illustrations, nor of color plates)
another HDL (t.p. undated, different) same Contents? --b/w frontis ... 1-948, no back pages
[189-?] Lupton HDL iv 377
[190?] Rand McNally HDL iv 416
[19--?]--NOVIEW Hurst HDL 377

ISFDB publication search (COLLECTION, Andersen, <1900) [125]

transl Jean Hersholt EN

1949 LEC 6 vols
1942 The Maker 2 vols
1943 Fairy Tales 297
1948 Longer Stories 430
1948 Shorter Tales 445
1952 Emperor's New Clothes 34 pp
2013 320
2017 191
2014 Complete Fairy Tales xix 760
2014 Tales 451

transl H. W. Dulcken EN: Henry William Dulcken

1865 Ward and Lock Arabian Nights 2 vol
[188-?] xvi 822
1888 Routledge
[190-?] Rand McNally 416
[1908?] Burt 377

also illus Otto Speckter Picture Fables --rhymes transl Dulcken


1859 Ghosts and Family Legends P444461 --unique publication

ISFDB: The first part of the book, titled "Round the Fire," is framed as ghost stories told by members of a house party. It is divided into eight "evenings." Various stories told within these evenings are given titles in the table of contents, which don't appear in the text itself. These titles have been listed in the index here.

Crowe 1898, two from 1859, p49- and p113-

  • 1859, Ghosts and family legends: A volume for Christmas --unique copy of 1 ed./printing at HDL vii 339 Contents
--The Garde Chasse from First Part, Second Evening 19-42; under no heading, mid-chapter (quote) We next turned to Madame Von B., who said she knew so many ... --reprinted without that one transitional paragraph, and without quotation marks, as p113-16
--The Dutch Officer's Story from Second Part, Legends of the Earthbound, 209-227 --UNDER THAT HEADING p209; reprinted complete p49-56

"Faust" A Romance (1847?) T1215452 Fo[126](18)
  • ACK John Dicks, Esq. --latterday publisher ; PERMISSION TO USE maybe-earliest 1883 Dicks' English novels, 94 (c. 1850 also reported), all 176 pp. + 11

Reynolds, "The Iron Coffin"


1847 o[1114594257]-HDL --dnf HathiTrust
o[127] NY 1848, 195 + 16 Sir. John Gilbert and Henry Anelay
1883 Dicks o[128] [1883?]; o[129] [1883]; o[130] [188-?] as People's ed. and Dicks' English Novels 94 ; BL 014828187 [1883]
ca. 1850
[1901?] o[131]
[1905?] o[132]

("dicks english novels") 1850--1889 (61, earliest 1872; 00105 00000; 60300 0 12 2 2 30)

1889-12-27 list of 214
1888-12-28, list of 200
1886/87 adverts Dicks Standard Plays (two weekly, 100)
Am Bk 1882-04-15 p163 #60 Pickwick Papers 214pp 2-col 25c, International News Co.
Every Week (London) 1880-04-07 p239, 72 already published, 10-20 illus, 6/-
1880-01-07 p31, list of 82 [133]

HDL uniquely "London : John Dicks, [1883?]" 176 t.p. undated, p[5]-176

Bow Bells 1874-12-09 p494 (and -10-14 p299), list of 28 now ready, reprinted from Bow Bells, exclusive illustrated eds., 10-20 illus.
The Graphic 1874-11-21 p507 standalone advert under New Books: "Each the length of the Guinea, or Guinea and-a-Half 3 Vol. Novels. 6d. each complete. Copyright Editions. 313, Strand; all Booksellers."

BL search ("George W. M Reynolds" dicks) 49

The Pixy 1848 BL 003083405 136p !
[c. 1900] BL 003083406 26p !
The Coral Island 1854 BL 016953260 308p
Wagner the Wehr-Wolf [or werewolf] 1857 omnibus BL 003083420 ii 192
1975 repr 1st ed 1857 BL 008076891
2005 text from 1853 omnibus BL 013693815
The Necromancer [1884] BL 003083397 188p
[ca. 1900] BL 003083398 188p

John Dicks publisher, Eliza Winstanley editor

Eliza Winstanley

Ron, In other 1881 publications (chiefly Puck, a humor magazine not in ISFDB) I find that "The End of New York" T1115009 is published in #10 of a new New York weekly, Fiction, from the editors of Puck, Keppler & Schwarzmann.

Separately, I find that "Fiction (John Dicks)" should be a London periodical Fiction for Family Reading published in six quarterly volumes only, 1865-66 or 1865-67. (1865-66 from somewhere at British Library or WorldCat; FictionMags ID is FICTION1867, perhaps without any of its stories in the Index.) (OCLC records [136] and o[137] imply quarters 1865.4 to 1867.1, accepting that "Quarterly Volumes" in newspapers means three-month spans.))

For the 1881-10-31 magazine issue, you do not cite Bleiler by ID number, only as a source for secondary verification. Does that mean Bleiler notes this only as the previous publication for one item in 1884 anthology Stories by American Authors V P695882, where you cite Bleiler Early Years: 2112?

P309328, p711, covering the 1884 anthology, and FictionMags FICTION1867 for the publisher and price.

One corrected and one new entry for Magazines at, currently page 191 [138].

  • Fiction for Family Reading [currently in the FictionMags database as "Fiction [1867]" without a single story reported?]

or, Subtitled "For Family Reading"?

Publishers: John Dicks, London
Editors: Mrs Eliza Winstanley [Eliza O'Flaherty,
Prices: 1d
Frequency: weekly


  • Fiction

or, Subtitled A Weekly Publication Containing Only Stories [some adverts are subtitled thus]

Publishers: Keppler & Schwarzmann, New York [publishers of Puck]
Frequency: weekly

Sources: US magazines and newspapers, mainly notices and advertisements in the US weekly humor magazine Puck [itself, without a single story reported?]

Tooth Mining one at Google Books: Puck (Wednesday weekly), v9-10 p194, issue containing a poem by Bentley Parker "Poor Love's-a-Cold" --advertisement of Fiction (Monday weekly) , No. 14; "The first story is a clean humorous conceit, an ingenious scientific jest, entitled 'The National Tooth Mining Company, [Limited.]'

as "American Tooth Mining Company" by Bentley Parker at Google Books v10, p204]

Proceedings of the US Naval Institute (USNI, 1881), vol 7, p344 at Google Books

FMI: Park, Benjamin Jr. and Sr. [139]

Keppler &/and Schwarzmann

  • Puck advert Fiction #7 [141] at Google Books Puck v10 1881-10-12? p95


Puck, German, 1871-
Puck, English, 1877-

Fiction (Keppler & Schwarzmann) -- known issues 16-page issues; FICTION adverts p445 v9 n234 -08-29 (no Contents); p459 -09-07 end v9 (Fiction #1, #2) 0829/0905[expected] or 0905/0912?; p18 (no pages 1-16?); p31 #3; p47 #4 and all, 32pp, 10c $4; p63 #5 -09-28; p79 #6 -10-05; publication -10-03 expected

#7 above -10-10 p95 ... implies #5 -09-26, #1 -08-29
#9 newspapers -10-24?
#10 "" -10-31 expected [contains End of New York]
#11 "" -11-07 p159 -11-09
#14 above and newspapers -11-28 expected [contains Tooth Mining]

adverts not found p191 -11-23 (#14 p194?), p207 -11-30 (#15 p210), nor p220-223? (#16 p226)

#17 p244! (2 extra pp last issue?) -12-21
#18, the Christmas number p262 -12-28; -12-26 confidently inferred

v10 #252 = -01-04

#27, -02-27 expected p406 -03-01 (implies 2 missing issues)
#30, -03-20 expected p34, with notice of #31 to be published -03-27; and fire in the office -03-16

Houghton Library TRC f (Roosevelt R362.P96r)

no mention of Fiction, v11 p116 [142] 1884-04-26

Fiction, new magazine from the publishers of New York weekly Puck (Keppler & Schwarzmann), no 10 features "The End of New York"

[143] Puck 1881-10-26 p119 --Lit notice, as by Bentley Parker
[144] Puck -10-26 p127 --advertisement 32pp, "published every Monday" (No. 9 and upcoming No. 10)
[145] N-Y Tribune -10-31 p5
[146] Puck -11-02 p130 --Comment
[147] Puck -11-09 --advert 2nd ed. of No. 10 (and No. 11)
[148] Puck -11-30 --advert one story in No. 14, "The American Tooth Mining Co. (Limited.) // A Complete Story // By Bentley Parker

("fiction for family reading") 1865--1882 (16 0 12 000 00004 00000)

"The End of New York", Fiction 1881-10-31 P695886 --wrong magazine, presumably wrong publisher and price

The Observer 1866-01-07 p1 "Publications"
one standalone A Marvel in Literature. // Fiction for Family Reading. Edited by Mrs. Eliza Winstanley. // Vol. II., containing 312 pages and 26 illustrations, is now ready, price 1/-, per post 6/- extra. // London: J. Dicks, 313, Strand, and all booksellers."
-01-14 Vol. I., ... [also -01-28, -02-04, -02-18, -02-25, -03-11
[149] -02-04 p1 --with advert the monthly Part 4, for February
-02-25 p1 --with monthly Part 5, for March 160pp 10 engravings 6/-, post 2/- extra
-03-25 p1 --with "the number for April, containing MY OWN DIGGINGS" 160, 20, 6/-
Reynolds's -05-19 p352, as below, Quarterly Volumes I-III now ready *
[150] Reynolds's 1866-10-27 p304 --Fiction for Family Reading; weekly -/1, monthly -/6, Quarterly Volumes, I-V now ready *prices 1/- vI, 1/3 vI-IV
(none intermediate)
Bow Bells 1874-11-04, p371, "Now ready, in Six Vols., 1s. each Vol., Illustrated. TALES OF " FICTION," FOR FAMILY READING." 1/-, 1/3 by post
[151] Bow Bells 1874-12-30 p579 --full-page advert John Dicks, inclg English Novels list of 1-39 plus 5 "in the press"

(otto pianalla had strolled forth) p170 Chapter XCII The Iron Coffin, XCIII The Last Stroke of the Bell [170-74] --almost all of these two chapters; ch 92-93 of pro+94+epilogue

[152] London Journal 6.137 -10-09 p96 --advert Mysteries and serial-Faust
[153] London Journal 6.141 -11-06 p160 --advert Faust and serial-Wagner (by publisher George Vickers?)
[154] Reynolds Miscellany 3.54 1847-11-13 p16 --advert (by publisher John Dicks?)
[155] The Critic 6.151 1847-11-20 p326 --review Mysteries and Faust
EN: The Mysteries of London is a "penny blood" or city mysteries novel begun by George W. M. Reynolds in 1844. ...
"The original text was published serially in 52 weekly parts. Installments were published weekly and contained a single illustration and eight pages of text printed in double columns. Upon its conclusion in 1845 all the parts were bound together in volume form and sold as a book by George Vickers of London."
uniform with The Mysteries, evidently about 26 parts (except that they are novels, not for continuation in neverending series) Faust, A Romance of the Secret Tribunals --probably April to October 1847-- and Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf --probably November 1847 into 1848

Wagner BL 013693815 --refers 1853 publication of Faust and Wagner

... West of England (1865?)
  • ACK Chatto & Windus --latterday publisher; PERMISSION TO USE 1881 3rd ed. or later ed./printing, all 480 pp.

Hunt, "Tregeagle"

HDL 1865 71 71 71 81 96 1903 68 93

1865 Hotten 2-vol xxiv+319, viii+292
("tregeagle") I.132/33 Romances of Tregeagle > The Demon Tregeagle 133-42; Jahn Tregeagle the Steward 142-45; Dosmery Pool 146-49; The Wish Hounds 150-51; Cheney's Hounds 151
"Tregeagle was wealthy beyond most men ..." 134c 137c 137/38 mid-138/39 142c --several extracts from Romances of Tregeagle p[132]-51, section The Demon Treageagle 133-42 --plausibly a severe abridgment? as The Eerie Book p41-43
  • I. (OSU with cover) t.p. 1865 p.i [v]-vi Contents, vii-xxiv Introduction 1864-09-23, p[1]-319

I. (Harvard) t.p. 1865 p.i [1]-319

1871 (3 records)

t.p. "First and Second Series in One Volume."; prefaces Cruikshank 1865-04-18 Hunt 1871-06-15;

--Tregeagle as First Series, sections 51-55

HDL 1871 --all with plain cover, hues differ

  • 001880506 Michigan (t.p. =9/480), NYPL (t.p. =9/480) --no back images, no catalogue
  • 008974017 njp (Princeton): black, frontis., 32-page 1871 catalogue, t.p.
  • 012286151 pst (Penn St): red, frontis., t.p., letter/preface/Contents p[15-20] (images 11-16), Introduction 1864-09-23 unnumbered p[21-32] (images 17-28); p[33-475], 1873 catalogue (images 473-504)
1881 Chatto & Windus, 3rd ed., revised and enlarged [17]-480 (Cornell, OSU) --2 with cover

OSU t.p. 1865 "with illus. by [GC]", p[15-16] Preface 1881-03, [17]-20 Contents, [21]-462, [463]-80 Appendix, 32-page catalogue 1881-03 (images 479-510)

--Tregeagle as First Series, sections 51-55 (no change), p[131]-46
1896 Chatto & Windus, New ed. 480 (Harvard)
1903 Chatto & Windus, A New ed. 480 (Wisconsin)
[1968] B. Blom, Reprint of the 3rd ed. 480
1993? Felinfach : Llanerch 2vol

Apparitions (1874, 1880?)
  • 1898 ACK W. A. Savile, Esq. --heir to writer?

Savile, "The Mysterious Horseman", "Marshal Blücher" --1874-- weak "excerpt"

Horseman, Eerie 127ff, orig. 189-97 --omits pars 1st, 2nd (quote)
1. The Traethodydd, or Essayist, a Welsh periodical for 1853, contains ...
2. I think it will be best to allow Mr. Jones to relate the incident in his own words, as he was often wont to do, ... p188/89 (I.A.)
3. [Mr. Jones:] One summer day, at the commencement of the present century, I was travelling ...
(complete to the end of the story = end of chapter --all first person without quotation marks)
Marshal, Eerie 153ff, orig. --omits first three pars of orig. p221-30 p221/23 (I.A.)
1. Before recording the extraordinary incident ...
2. Lady Clementina Davies, in her Recollections, mentions General Von Gravan, who had fought at Waterloo, narrated to her the following story ...
3. The Prussian General Von Gravan ...
4. In the autumn of the year in which Waterloo had been fought ...
(complete to the end of the story = end of chapter)

Traditions of Edinburgh (1825, 1847)
  • 1898 ACK W. & R. Chambers, Ltd. --first of three 1847 publishers; and 1869 publisher
--1825 publisher, W. & C. Tait

Chambers, "Major Weir" --1847 evidently-- weak "excerpt"

HDL 1825 vol 1, p1-312 --no Contents list or index
text search (major weir) (0 hits) --presumably belongs in vol 2, sections "Characters, &c."
HDL 1825 vol 2, p1-298, 299/300 "Conclusion", closes 1825-09-20, back pages [i]-vi Corrections and Additions
1825 text search (major weir) (0 hits); (weir) (0)
HDL 1847 New ed.
NYPL t.p. 1847 "A New Edition, much amended." --same as California except half-title, title pages
California (with cover) (Selected Writings of Robert Chambers) t.p. undated "A New Edition, as revised in 1846, with some further corrections." (no introduction), Contents [v]-vi, p[7]-344, Index [345]-48
-- Major Weir 32-38 (final paragraph 37/38 omitted in 1898)
HDL catalog 1868? xvi 391 19cm; New ed. (two with cover, one blue one red), portrait, no back pages
HDL 1869 New ed. (with cover) (no portrait) -xvi, 11-386, Index [387]-91, back p(1)-12 catalogue (brown cover)
Major Weir p37, Major Weir 42-49 (final paragraph 48/49 omitted in 1898)
[v]-xii Introductory Notice (1868) "I am about to do what very few could do without emotion--revise a book which I wrote forty-five years ago. ..."

ISFDB titles as "(excerpt)" includes the full title as ": or," ", or," ", or" (3) and the short title as (excerpt from "; or,") --as well as the short title as simply "(excerpt)".


p171 -- (An Extract from De Quincey's Romance of " Klosterheim; or, The Masque.")

(1832 at HDL) p137--p305 FINIS. 169 pp ~32000

1832 ... 1898
137-204 = 171-197 (68pp ==> 27pp) mid-Chapter IX--Ch XVI
omit 205- Ch XVII--XXIII
270-305 = 197-211 (46pp ==> 15pp) Ch XXIV--XXVI [last chapter, 16 pages! of 303]

--evidently pp. 137-204 and 270-305 of the 305-page 1832 edition (viewed at HathiTrust) Chapters 9-16 and 24-26 of 26, beginning mid-Chapter IX

Without representation of original chapter breaks or mid-chapter horizontal lines. With one-paragraph summaries of pp. 3-137 and 205-269 in square brackets.

Klosterheim, or The Masque T787197 Fo[156]()

BOH.£ 1832 --multiple issues including 1st
Lm$i 1982 Woodbridge
LOm. 1992 Woodstock Books
-d$ 2002 Gutenberg #6171 --Unknown source edition
Od$i 2011 Valancourt

HDL (4)

1832 --evidently not the 1st issue
1855 with a biographical preface by Dr. Shelton Mackenzi
xxiv, 258 Boston, Whittemore, Niles, and Hall
c1982 HDL--NOVIEW "x, 182 p. : port. ; 22 cm." ISBN-0912800984 Woodbridge


1855 xxiv 258
1982 x 182 ISBN-0912800984
1992 Woodstock 305

Boston & New York 1855 -HDL xxiv 258

HDL Harvard(2) t.p. 1855 (no cover) [3]-24 Biographical Notice; narrative p25-282; p[283-86] Whittemore catalog
--and copy 1 also Harvard, identical except back pages (none)
HDL California t.p. 1855(original cover?) and Michigan, paginated [iii]-xxiv, [1]-258, no back pages

ISFDB Series

Die Nibelungen Series 38646

primarily Wagner libretto by Wagner and collection/omnibus translations and adaptations --also the medieval poem in Armour rendering at least

(also Die Nibelungen (Holbein / Dewi) Series 53132 --why distinguish this recent series in particular?)

  • As a consequence of the comparison of the Nibelungenlied to the Iliad, the Nibelungenlied came to be seen as the German national epic in the earlier nineteenth century, particularly in the context of the Napoleonic Wars. The Nibelungenlied was supposed to embody German bourgeois virtues that the French were seen as lacking. This interpretation of the epic continued during the Biedermeier period, during which the heroic elements of the poem were mostly ignored in favor of those that could more easily be integrated into a bourgeois understanding of German virtue.[83] The translation of Karl Simrock into modern German in 1827 was especially influential in popularizing the epic and remains influential today.[84][85] Also notable from this period is the three-part dramatic tragedy Die Nibelungen by Friedrich Hebbel.
  • Following the founding of the German Empire, recipients began to focus more on the heroic aspects of the poem, with the figure of Siegfried in particular becoming an identifying figure for German nationalism. Especially important for this new understanding of the poem was Richard Wagner's operatic cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen, which, however, was based almost entirely on the Old Norse versions of the Nibelung saga. Wagner's preference for the Old Norse versions followed a popular judgment of the time period: the Nordic versions were seen as being more "original" than the courtly story portrayed in the German poem.[25] In the First World War, the alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary came to be described as possessing Nibelungen-Treue (Nibelungen loyalty), referring to the loyalty to death between Hagen and the Burgundians. While militaristic, the use of imagery from the Nibelungenlied remained optimistic in this period rather than focusing on the doom at the end of the epic.[86]

1898 transl. Alice Horton

  • Lay of the Nibelungs, metrical transl. by [Edward Bell, author Alice Horton BL 011494752] by Alice Horton; Preface by Thomas Carlyle BL 008249788; transl. by E. Bell, M.A. BL 002647398 Bohn's Standard Library lxxi 411

spelling "Niebelungs" by others

  • 1897 Fo[157](26) --"ie" clerical error in 1 of 26 records
1921 Fo[158](3) --one edition
Forgotten Books o[159]

Armour 1910/1911 (Wagner)

The Ring of the Niblung

Ring of the Niblung \Rackham [23] D,Page viii 341 "Previously published in 2 vols." viii 341 o[1003186] --first 1910, presumably

HDL The Ring of the Niblung \Rackham 1910/11 Heinemann v1 only; [39*] Garden City; [76*] Abaris 2vol

1976 Heinemann 2 vols facsimile o[76797205] vi 160 25cm [33] ISBN-0434619817

o[76797204] vi 182 [29] ISBN-0434619809

Rhinegold & Valkyrie \Rackham [39] Garden City viii 159; 76 Heinemann o[1070199]
Siegfried & Twilight \Rackham [39?] Garden City ; 76 Heinemann o[4959811]
LC SH: Operas--Librettos
LC Series: The ring of the Niblung; a trilogy with a prelude, by Richard Wagner

Project Gutenberg

1910 Heinemann; D, Page Ebook #48214
1911 Ebook #49507

The ebook contains images of book cover and interior illustrations, but no Illustrations list. It does not represent page numbers or divisions and the Contents list contains no numerals.

Armour 1897

The Fall of the Nibelungs T2641583

Fall of the Nibelungs 1897 Dent -HDL ; [28] Dent Dutton xviii 235 ""First issue of this edition 1908. Reprinted ... 1928." Everyman's Library (Romance) #312 o[2806162]
Nibelungenlied Fo[160](35) \Legrand 60 xxiii 250, LEC 1500 copies #318 May 1960 ; [61] Heritage

The Fall of the Nibelungs ("Niebelungs" as Gutenberg #3636)

Fo[161](37) [162](2)
The Fall of the Nibelungs: Done into English by [MA] ... Illus. and Decor. by [WBM] o[163] o[164]
The Fall of the Nibelungs: A Prose Translation o[165]
The Fall of the Nibelungers Fo[166](3)
  • WBM The Fall of the Nibelungs: Fourteen Illustrations o[167]
  • The Song of the Nibelungs, Leaves of Gold Press, 2012, 6th ed. o[168] "First pub. as The fall of the Nibelungs: London, J.M. Dent & Co., 1897."

HDL The Fall of the Nibelungs 1897 08 08 28

HDL 1897 (4 with plain covers, UMichigan lacking several front pages)

Prefatory Note (on the source and translation) p(vii)

1908 Dent Everyman's BL 002647399 xviii 235

HDL The Nibelungenlied [49*] Dent xviii 235; [61*] Heritage xxiii 250 --*NOVIEW

1897 newspapers (40 hits)

listing in the publisher's "New Books", -10-09 Spectator p458, Sat Rvw p401 *suggests* not yet complete "With from 16 to 20 Full-page Drawings, &c. Small fcp. 4to. printed upon rough antique paper, 6s. net." [there are 16 plates not included in the pagination, some double, ie facing on two leaves
same Academy #1329 -10-23 p95 "With 16 20 Full-page Drawings, &c. Small fcap. 4to. printed upon Rough Antique Paper, 6s. net."
Ath #3651 10-16 p531 "Christmas Books" --lead review, follows Simrock (good); "The literary style of the translation is manifestly modelled on the archaistic phraseology adopted by the late William Morris, and has its beauties in combination with several faults."; exceptionally negative on the illustrations, concluding "Happily the illustrations, being outside the text, can be cut out of the book without hurting it."
The Outlook (NY) 1897-10-16 p436 --brief review, positive on the product, "a series of interesting illus. by Mr. W. B. M--."
also p439 "Books Received (for week ending October 1)"
The Dial -11-01 p258 List of New Books (recd since last semi-monthly issue) "uncut, pp. 260" $2.50
The Dial -12-01 334-41? "Holiday Books" ... "William Morris has much to answer for in these holiday books. Mr. W. B. M-- [...] has studied his work too superficially. That kind of illustration is only justified by being done extremely well; and no such excuse can be offered for the pictures in this book." Armour's "plain prose rendering" "is elaborately archaic, her effort to bring it close to the original resulting in much that is artificial and stilted. ...[and is not beautiful either]" positive on product --p338?
--all in sharp contrast to the William Wells Newell ed. of Arthurian legends, "King Arthur and the Table Round" (Houghton) based on Chretien de Troyes. --p339?
Undine (Macmillan) illus Pitman, exceptionally positive on the illus. --p340?

William Morris

William Morris

(advert The Critic 1891-11-28 pIV, above)

  • Tale of the House of the Wolfings T4249 Fo[169](123)

(of >10 ISFDB publs)

BO. 1889 Reeves
Hm. 1890 Roberts --NEW
m$c 1978 Newc --PV Rtrace --q
(1980 Borgo nidb)

(no Dover)

d. 2001 Gutenberg #2885 P336370 --from 1904 Longmans; no Contents list! full title:

The House of the Wolfings: A Tale of the House of the Wolfings and All the Kindreds of the Mark Written in Prose and in Verse

NOVEL title? User talk:Rtrace#The House of the Wolfings 2019-11-04

Roberts Brothers, Wolfings

1890 387p -HDL
1890 199p 21cm o[170] o[171] -- "On verso of t.-p. : 1st ed. December, 1888."
1890 387+16 20cm large paper ed, limited ed o[172] o[173] -- "Spine title: House of the Wolfings."
1892 o[174]

HDL 1889 90 90 96 1900 01 06 14 79

1889 Reeves & Turner (UMichigan, 21cm) (plain dark red cloth cover) t.p. 1889 UK t.p. verso "Chiswick Press :--Charles Whittingham and Co. // Tooks Court, Chancery Lane." p[1]-199; back pages catalogue "Publications and Remainders" (p[1]-13, 14-30 "Bowden, Hudson & Co., Printers, Red Lion Street, Holborn, London." back page 9, "Works of William Morris"
1896 Longmans 199 21cm, 2nd ed. "On verso of t.-p.: 1st ed. December, 1888." --1st Longmans ed. --evident reprint after title leaf; t.p. verso "Chiswick Press:--C. Whittingham and Co., Tooks Court, Chancery Lane, London." p[200] as 1889 with logo; no back pages
1901 Longmans 161 30cm "Printed at the Chiswick Press ..." two-column; no t.p., no back pages half-title ! not-t.p. pages 0-1 p(162) closing printer
1979--NOVIEW London: G. Prior "Reprint of the 1909 ed. published by Longmans, Green, London, under the title: A tale of the house of the Wolfings and all the kindreds of the mark." 0860432777 199 23cm

Roberts Brothers copies (2 HDL records) all as 387pp, 20cm

Harvard contains large paper statement, photo portrait
Virginia may also be 1890
two others are later than 1894, probably

Longmans US

1900 NY: Longmans 387 20cm --reprint of 1890 Roberts after t.p. t.p. 1900 (plain cover) (no back pages)
1906 NY: Longmans 387 20cm --matches 1900 except t.p. and back pages adverts (389/90) "Mr. Morris's Works."
1914 NY: Longmans 387 20cm --same (389/92) "Mr. Morris's Works."

LC (5 as identically fashioned title)

Reeves & Turner 1889 large paper -HDL
1890 -HDL
1901 Longmans
1978 Newcastle
1980 Borgo
[175] The Times of India 1889-01-23 p2 (price 3-12)
[176] Ath #3229 1889-09-14 p347-50 --review reprinted in the Roberts ed. (indexed p345 and online as MORRIS'S HOUSE OF THE WOLFINGS)
"Boston Letter" by Alexander Young, The Critic [177] 1890-02-08 p70 (signed -02-03)
[178] 1890-03-15 p132 "are to bring out this week"
Two New Books, The Book Buyer 1890-03-01 p75 "One volume, 8vo, cloth. Edition limited to five hundred copies."
Recent Publications, Am Bk 1890-03-01 p141 "[title.] Written in Prose and in Verse by William Morris, author of ^The Earthly Paradise^." Edition de Luxe. Limited to 500 copies. Bound in antique style. Crown 8vo. Price, $3.00."
The Dial -03-01 p299, under heading "Two Books Which Are Nearly Ready"

(of 10 ISFDB publs)

1889 Reeves
(no US)
m$c 1979 Newc --PV Rtrace
(no Borgo)
d 2004 Gutenberg #6050 --from 1896 Longmans (with 1st/2nd dates); with page numbers and closing printer statement

HDL 1890 90 96 96 1906 13 79


1890 Reeves & Turner -HDL superior ed on Whatman paper, 250 copies
1893 Reeves & Turner
1896 Longmans, 2nd ed.
1901 Longmans limited ed, 315 copies
1979 Newcastle
1980 Borgo "with new introduction"
2003 Inkling -TOC

[180] Ath #3283 1890-09-27 p409-11 --leads this issue ("Literature", lead review)

(of >10 ISFDB publs)

LO.. 1891 Kelmscott
LOHm$ 1891 Roberts (facsimle, Limited 500) --maybe expand HDL commentary
.. 1894 Kelmscott, illus. Crane
BO.. 1913 Longmans pocket edition --NEED page-count confirmation (LCCN 1924) --CHECK NEWSPAPERS
m$ic 1973 Newc --PV Rtrace, Don Erikson --illus Howard Pyle, source unknown
.. 1980 Borgo "Rebinding of the Newcastle edition for the library market."
2001 Gutenberg #2565 --pocket library
Am$i 2001 Wildside --Amazon note done
Ad$i 2012 ReadHowYouWant --Amazon note done
i d$i 2013 Leaves of Gold Press --Amazon note done --NEED coverart evidently by Crane (distinct)
(1987 Dover nidb)
i 2019 Dover (2) --Amazon note done --tp NEED correct page-count, libraries

i = 1894 illus. Walter Crane (noted)

Roberts, Glittering

1891 187p o[183]
1891 Roberts reprinted in facsimile o[184]



1891 Roberts ,
--regular and special?
1891 Kelmscott 188p 21cm, limited ed. 200 plus 6
1894 Kelmscott 177p 30cm, limited ed. 250 plus 7 (second copy on vellum)
1898 Longmans (London, New York, and Bombay) -HDL 172p 19cm
1924 Longmans vi 161 (pocket ed., November 1913) o[2099866]
1980 Borgo xvi 173 (c)1973 --reprint 1973 Newcastle #1
1987 Dover 177p
2019 Dover 177p

HDL 1891 91 91 92 92 94 96 96 98 1905

1892, 1892 Roberts 220 ; 1896 220 20cm
1894 Kelmscott 177 30cm p0/1 opening spread p(178/79) closing spread, no back pages ("limp vellum" binding)
1896, 1898 Longmans 172 19cm

latterday cover illustrations

p84/85 "Chapter XIII. Hallblithe beholdeth the woman who loveth him"

<a href="">1894, p. 84</a> (viewed at HathiTrust)

p170/71 "Chapter XXII. They go from the Isle of Ransom and come to Cleveland by the Sea" --COVERART note submitted

One of 23 woodcut illustrations by Crane published in the 1894 Kelmscott Edition, namely the chapter 22 headpiece "Chapter XXII. They go from the Isle of Ransom and come to Cleveland by the Sea". <a href="">1894, p. 170</a> (viewed at HathiTrust)

Do 22 of 23 woodcuts serve as chapter headpieces? If so then chapter 1 alone contains two illustrations, with a tailpiece too 1894, p. 4

(2019 publication) The front cover illustration is one by Crane originally reproduced as the ch. 22 headpiece, namely "Chapter XXII. They go from the Isle of Ransom and come to Cleveland by the Sea" (see the cover record). Probably it is displayed identically in this book.

1891 Roberts, facsimile of Kelmscott (2, no cover)
1891 500 copies, facsimile [Princeton copy lacks this page]
1891 Roberts 187p (with cover) t.p. 1891 assembled off-by-one, p1-187
1891 Reeves & Turner 172p (no cover) t.p. 1891 Chiswick Press, p1-172

[185] N-Y Tribune 1891-09-11 p8 "Literary Notes" --UK publication, also a cheaper edition on inferior paper


2019-11-01 this section features Seumas MacManus and --loosely related, all re 1899--1901 activity--

  • (little) publishers Doubleday & McClure and McClure, Phillips
  • illus. Gustave Verbeek
    • illus. Frank Ver Beck
    • poet Guy Wetmore Carryl
  • illus. Blanche MacManus

Blanche McManus
OMNI 2015 Pook Press ISBN-1473322200
publisher, 22 "illustrations in three colors" Book Buyer 1899-12-01 p522 "Each volme, $1.50. The set in a box (2 vols. 4to), $3.00." [one month earlier ann. as "some [24] illustrations in color ..."
also The Dial -12-01 and [186] NYT -12-09
review, same issue p394ff(398?) "two mighty octavos", each "twelve pictures in color"
"List of New Books" (Holiday and Juvenile only) The Dial -12-01 438ff(440) "Each with 12 illustrations in colors" $1.50 (hyphen) [187]

Looking-Glass Fo#231-40

1899, 11-139, 26cm, 12 full-page illus. o[3442680]
(c)1899, 2nd half of OMNI, 10 full-page illus. o[188]
[1899](c)1899, 139pp, 10 plates as Baldwin library, 12 full-page illus.

Baldwin LHCL t.p. no date with cover, "12 full-page illus.", no list ; MISSING some illus. (only front +7 ?) (small red drawing endpapers)

cover, endpapers, frontis., t.p., 36a 54a 62a 74a 88a 100a 116a 134a


The Magical Monarch of Mo = novel A New Wonderland T197749 (short stories at Wikipedia) --illus. Frank Ver Beck

  1. ABE as 1903 Bobbs 1st printing, with cover and interior images inclg t.p. ("Pictures by Frank Verbeck", no date)
  2. ABE as 4th printing "Endpapers illustrations by Fanny Y. Cory."
  3. ABE as later printing
  4. ABE as 1905 Donahue 2nd ed. with jacket image (design identical to 1903 Bobbs cover)
  5. 1947 Bobbs \Evelyn Copelman ABE as MMM ; ABE as Surprising Adventures $2.00

OL 5611708M [189] HDL 1968 Dover

Gutenberg #16259 as "Suprising" and "Ver Beck"

apparently signed "FRANK VERBECK"(1), "Frank Ver BecK"(2), scripty "Frank Ver Beck"(3), "VerBecK"(5), unsigned?(6, 9-14), scripty "Ver Beck"(7 8), and so on

ABEbooks frontispiece [none at Gutenberg]

"You see", remarked the King, "the Fox has proved his innocence."

LC ! only 2

[1947] Bobbs
[1968] Dover as "Ver Beck"
el   .Frank Ver Beck 130668 --with mistaken credit for Donegal Fairy Stories 
el f .G. Verbeek 185229


Ver Beck, Frank
Verbeck, William
(art) Ver Beck and Verbeek

13 FMI "Illustration" records as by Gustave Verbeek

Goode 1896
Hill 1898
MacManus 1900-01 Cosmopolitan "Pathrick's Proxy" pp. 343-48 w 3 illus, one full-page (Signed [GUSTAVE] VERBEEK) (one credited Gustave Verbeek)
Osbourne 1900-09
London 1900-09 (repr. 1901-10)
White 1901-05
Jenks 1901-06
Kinnosuké 1901-09
Earle 1902-12 (repr. 1903-10)
Horton 1903-10
Sharp 1904-10

Gustave Verbeek (real name Verbeck) credited as Frank Ver Beck

1968 Dover xii 256 --repub 1900 McClure, Phillips ISBN-0486219712 o[1821] o[190] both as "Frank Verbeck" Amazon as 2012
[1976] o[191] o[192] xv 256 ; xvi 256
(c)2003 Swordpoint xi 148 o[193] ISBN-095445300X both as "Frank Verbeck" --with list of Contents inclg "Hookedy" and "Bum-Clock"
o[194] as originally D,Page; "This new ed. retains all the character and fun of the original stories, without the archaic spelling and sentence structure, and is set in a modern typeface that is much more readable"
Amazon ebook
Amazon UK as tp 2013-03-18 (but (c)2003)
Amazon US as tp 2003-02-28, Buy New $9.99
Contents list shows [a] no page numbers; [b] two variant titles "Hookedly" and "Cockroach"
The Upside-Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo (1903-1904; graph coll under same title 1905) by Gustave Verbeek (1867-1937) can lay some claim to being the world's first fantasy comic strip: its two protagonists adventured in a world of bizarre creatures and strange landscapes. (Verbeek here also innovated the idea of creating a strip that could also be read upside-down – rotating the page gave the conclusion of the same six-panel story, each title character becoming the other when inverted – but no other artist has yet had the courage to pick up this particular gauntlet.) Verbeek followed this with the rather more nightmarish Terrors of the Tiny Tads (1905-1916), which appeared along with another new strip, Winsor McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland (1905-1927).
--Encyc "Comics" by [DR/SH/RT]

newspapers, etc ("gustave verbeek") 1899--1900 (45: 1 44) newspapers, etc ("gustave verbeek") 1896--1903 (105: 30 12 0 1; 44 8 9 1) --of which 75 without "Carryl"

1899 [196] NYT -02-05 p15 human interest the Verbeek brothers

book publisher credit as Gustave Verbeek in 1900 newspapers

Donegal Fairy Stories NYT -10-06 and -11-10 -12-01 -12-08 -12-22 "With forty illustrations by Gustave Verbeek." (later as $1.25)
Mother Goose for Grown-Ups NYT -10-20 pBR4, Newell and Verbeek, Harper & Bros [197] --also Rafnaland, beyond the North Pole

newspaper/magazine credit as Gustave Verbeek

[198] LHJ 1900-Apr p3-4 (heading credit)
Cosmopolitan 1900-Sep p481-94 (caption credit p485)
Cosmopolitan 1901-Jun p174-76 (" " p175)
McClure's 1901-Dec p124ff (Contents credit p2)

reported credits

1896 (30), probably all as illus. The Sprightly Adventures of Marsac (Scribner's) [199] earliest publisher Scribner's advert 1896-09-12
1897 incl listing as illustrator for Harper's Monthly, September
1900 incl Everybody's Magazine, Christmas Number
1900 review Carryl [200]
1900 Carryl received listing NYT-11-03 BR10 $1.50
1901 Nash Amer listing as Harper's illustrator July, August
1901 Nigger Baby and Nine Beasts, publisher Ess Ess advert 1901-09-01
1902 review Rataplan, WP 1902-06-30 p7
1902 Rataplan, publisher Henry Altemus advert

2019-10-31 thru 1902-06

Bangs, Over the Plum-Pudding, 1901 collection T1008622 --now as illus. by "G. Verbeek" only, from signature "G VERBEEK".

1901 Harper, 12 stories, 17 illus.
3 copies with original cover (U California best); interiors evidently identical p[iii](t.p.)-[245]
Cornell U copy contains back pages adverts only 3 pages rather than 6 pages, p[247-53]; and a different photo portrait

Ack permission to republish from Harper's Round Table, Harper's Weekly, The Delineator, Life, Brooklyn Life, (NY) Mail and Express.

[1969] Books for Libraries Press [1969] --reprint, NOVIEW

Facing pages

#1-2, 4, 11-12 unillustrated
3) 48 ?oughton
5) 88 [Spooks, low quality]
100 "G. VERBEEK"
6) 108
7) 148 signed 93 FI?
150 ---- FI?
8) 162 ---- FI?
166 ---- FI?
170 ---- FI?
9) 188 signed
10) 200 ---- FI?
202 enninger? 94
204 FI? (probably F. is enninger)

FictionMags lists only "A Glance Ahead" (of 12) and that as published here.


Guy Wetmore Carryl, humorist poet; parody collections 22630 (12)

  • Fables for the Frivolous (with Apologies to La Fontaine) (1898), illustrated by Peter Newell – based on fables by Jean de La Fontaine;

HDL 1898 99 99 00 04 1898, multiple

none with cover t.p. 1898, color; 6 illus.

HDL 1900 (2 copies) one from Harvard U with original cover t.p. 1900 (U California shows t.p. 1900 color); 5 illus. (front +4) ; 5 illus.

front. Newell
10 GUSTAVE VERBEEK facing p10
40 Newell
78 Newell
114 unsigned Verbeek?

HDL 1902 70 t.p. no date(October 1902) with cover ; small line drawings thruout

Seumas MacManus

MacManus stories and other articles in 1900 US newspapers and magazines --only as found by ProQuest search.

1899-07-16 to -09-24, 10 of 15 collected in In Chimney Corners

  1. Billy Beg and the Bull (1899) ------ 1899-07-16 "The Adventure of Billy Beg"
  2. Murroghoo ------ 09-10
  3. The Queen ------ 08-13
  4. The Widow's Daughter (1899)
  5. Shan Ban
  6. When Neil ------ 07-30
  7. The Black Bull ------ 09-04
  8. The Old Hag of the Forest (1899) ------ 09-17
  9. Rory
  10. Myles
  11. Nanny
  12. The Apprentice Thief (1899) ------ 07-23
  13. Manis ------ 09-24
  14. Jack and the King Who Was a Gentleman (1899) ------ 08-06
  15. The Giant ------ 08-27

other Sunday newspaper publ dates

08-20 John Conn and Hugh Flynn
10-01 Death and Dan Maloney

other news/mag publ dates

99-Aug McClure's : St. Patrick, The Sarpints, and the Sinner
99-08-05 The Outlook : The Priest's Boy
"Apologia" --no story title Notes; few length
  1. The Bewitched Fiddle (1900)
  2. f The Wisdom of Dark Pathrick (1900) -- FMI: 1899-11 Century
  3. When Myles Maguire Melted (1900)
  4. f Pathrick's Proxy (1900) -- FMI: 1900-01 Cosmopolitan ; 1900-03 Pearson's
  5. Corney Clery's Balance (1900) ------ 99-May Frank Leslie's
  6. The Staff of the 'Universe' (1900)
  7. The Cadger-Boy's Last Journey (1900) ------ 99-09-02 The Outlook
  8. f The Three Master Tradesmen (1900) -- FMI: 1900-02 Outlook
  9. Condy Sheeran's Courtin' (1900)
  10. f Billy Lappin's Search for a Fortune (1900) -- FMI: 1900-02 Century

2019-10-28 --no story title Notes; few length

"Our Tales"
  1. The Plaisham (1900) ------ 1900-07-15
  2. The Amadan of the Dough (1900) ------ 1900-09-16
  3. f Conal and Donal and Taig (1900) ------ 1900-07-29 -- FMI: 1901-06 Pearson's
  4. Manis the Miller (1900) ------ 1900-08-19
  5. Hookedy-Crookedy (1900) ------ 1900-08-26 --WPost with "Verbeek" illustrations including "Leaped the Walls, Which Were Nine Miles High" p.27
  6. Donal That Was Rich and Jack That Was Poor (1900) ------ 1900-09-09
  7. The Snow, the Crow, and the Blood (1900) ------ 1900-09-02
  8. The Adventures of Ciad, Son of the King of Norway (1900) ------ 1900-08-12
  9. The Bee, the Harp, the Mouse, and the Bum-Clock (1900) ------ 1900-07-22
  10. The Old Hag's Long Leather Bag (1900) ------ 1900-08-05

MacManus in McClure's Magazine volume Index (U Michigan copies)

v12 --NO INDEX, to page 576, then adverts
v13 --"St. Patrick ..." p304, ("Mac"), illus. Gustave Verbeek p304 ("Sent Pathrick" in text)
v14 --NO INDEX/t.p.
v15 --dnf
v16 --dnf

CHECK other copies

v12 Minnesota --dnf
v14 Harvard --NO INDEX/t.p. at front
newspaper adverts

Chimney --nidb

Sat Rvw -03-10 p306 Harper 6s

Bewitched T[201]

NYT -03-24 p182 "Books Received" 75c; review -04-07 p231

Donegal T[202]

NYT -09-15 p10 "Books and Authors" notes Gaelic-language preface, book evidently in hand ; -11-10 p770 "Published This Week" M,P (below) ; -11-17 BR18ff "Books Received"
price $1 The Dial -10-01 p237 "The Season's Books for the Young" (Fall Books, contd)

[203] NYT 1900-12-01 pBR1 "Topics of the Week" --notice of novel forthcoming 1901, with account of MacManus stories in America


  • The well o' the world's end, and other folk tales 1939 49 --NOVIEW Kirkus(1939-08-08)
  • Chimney 99 04 14 17 19
006810661 1899 D,McClure \Pamela Colman Smith t.p. 1899 D,M xii 281
009158281 1904 M,Phillips \Smith " " [8] leaves of plates (c1899)
009939020 1914 D,Page " " (c1908)
011158249 1917 D,Page " " (c1908)
006933828 1919 D,Page " "
  • Bewitched 00
008666398 1900 D,McClure ix 240 HDL(2 with cover) "Apologia" vii-viii, Contents ix, 3-240 (w title leaves)
  • Donegal 00 00 15 18 19 20 30(NOVIEW) 39 68(NOVIEW)
"1900" M,P 3rd printing 1901-10 t.p. 1900 M, Phillips (w cover), 1st printing stated 1900-09 ; evidently half title and 4 full-page illus. each story (10pp lost from nominal length of each story); narrative 3-256
"Our Tales" closing "Seumas MacManus." and "Donegal, Old Lammas Day, 1900." (or Lughnasadh, or 1 August in the north; honouring Lugh) (Lughnasaid)
numbers of pages: 28 30 16 20 40 16 24 36 20 26
" " text pages(?): 18 20 6 10 30 6 14 26 10 16 = 156 text pages
  • [4]
  • [4]
  • 63 71 [2] Conal and Donal and Taig from p59: title leaf 59/60, illus pp 63 71 [only two]
  • 81 87 91 [3]
  • 109 131 [2] Hookedy
  • 139 143 147 [3] Donal
  • 155 161 165 169 [4] Snow
  • 179 187 195 199 207 [5] Ciad
  • 215 225 [2] Bee
  • 235 239 247 253 [4] Old Hag

33 illustrations?

4 4 2 3 2 ; 3 4 5 2 4 --count from collection at HDL
--count from Washington Post at ProQuest
"The Plaisham" nominally 1-28 spans 9 leaves text, title leaf p[1-2], and four full-page illustrations included in the pagination
  • p11, While Shamus was crying there, up to him comes a Wee Red Man. (1 of 2 in WP)
  • 15, There eyes were opened to see the magnificent castle that was standing finished. (1 of 2 in WP)
  • 19, He found the ring hanging from one of the branches of the sciog bush.
  • 23, Everyone that got hold of it stuck to it.
"The Amadan of the Dough" 31-[57]
  • p35 41 (first two only in WP p27) 51 55, again four illustrations (all 4 in Atlanta Constitution pB1)
  • 51, "The Cat came out and asked the Amadan who he was and how he had the impudence to come there to meet her." (1968 cover illustration) p.51
100325225 1900 M,Phillips xii 255 genuine 1st ed., 3rd printing (t.p. MCM) with cover
100546496 1915 D,Page 256 (c1900 D,Page) with cover
100108203 "c1900" Doubleday is 1916 D,Page with cover
100143304 1918 D,Page " " (c1900)
012457266 1919 D,Page " " (c1900)
009181232 1920 D,Page " " (c1900)
100620239 1930 D,Doran " "
007033267 1939 D,Doran xv 256 (c1900)
001032072 [1968] Dover xii 256 "unabridged and unaltered republication of the work originally published by McClure, Phillips in 1900" --HDL credits Frank Ver Beck
"1900" D,Page t.p. 1916 D, Page

[204] NYT -10-06 forthcoming $1.00 (earliest McClure, Phillips panel?)
--nidb with Yankee Enchantments Loomis\Cory $1.25 "Fantastic Stories ..." fc -10-18 t.p. 1900 M, Phillips with cover
NYT -11-10 "Published This Week" $1.00 -- "McClure, Phillips & Co., Publishers, // 141-155 East 25 Street, New York."
but -12-01 and -12-18, Donegal and Yankee both $1.25
[205] Current Lit 1900-12 p19 -- M,P panel advert

("seumas macmanus") 1900 only (141 hits: 20 19 19 10 11 18; 10 10 11 3 3 7) --including peak coverage of new collections Jan, Jun, Dec

Pathrick's Proxy -- 00-Jan Cosmopolitan
[206] Nash Amer 1900-01-27 p6 ann. series of "six specially prepared articles from the pen of Seumas MacManus" -02-04 to -03-10 (nonfiction)
-- Feb 04 11 18 25 Mar 04 11
Nancy Hannigan's -01-28 BG 42
Billy Lappin's -- 00-Feb Century
Nancy Hannigan's -02-04 (-02-03 PhiInq advert)
-02-04 Nash Amer [one week delayed], LA Times (later weeks) AC, BG, SFChron (some "off by one" week)
When Myles -03-11 BG 42 (-03-16/17 PhiInq advert)
A Celtic Beauty -- 00-Apr Lippincott's 586-94?
[At Home/Life] in the Irish Mountains -04-29 AC a3, BG 37 ; Home Life in the Hills of Donegal DFP C1
Boy Life in the Irish Mountains -05-06 DFP C2 ; two variant titles AC, BG
The Home ... -05-13 AC a3
Little Village in the Mountains -05-20 AC a6, DFP c6
The "Masther" and the Mountain School -05-27 AC pA3
Lippincott's June p3 "The New Lippincott" lists MacManus among "the names to appear in forthcoming numbers"
School Teacher? -06-03 BG 40
Good Father in Donegal -06-03 DFP C3 ; Man of God in the Hills BG 17
The Doctor of Donegal -06-10 DFP C6
The Editor of Donegal(?) -06-17 AC, DFP, PhiInq 37
'The Parvarted Bachelor' -06-24 BG 38
Cleverness of Dan -07-01 SFC 29
-07-08 dnf
D1 The Plaisham -07-15 WP 27 ---- to -09-16 all 10 collected in Donegal Fairy Stories

The Plaisham [viewed in The Washington Post, one of all 10, with 2 illus.]

D9 The Bee 07-22 WP 27

The Bee, The Harp, The Mouse : and the Bum-Clock [WP 2]

(two nonfiction?) -07-22 BG 16, 35
D3 Conal and Donal and Taig -07-29 WP 27

Conal and Donal and Taig [WP 2]

Stephen Chane's Prophecy --August
D0 The Old Hag's -08-05 AC b1, WP 27 (AC as long title)

The Old Hag's Long Leather Bag : An Irish Fairy Tale [WP 3] The Old Hag's Long Leather Bag : And the Way the Widow's Three Daughters Were Tested [AC, 3 illus.]

D8 Adventures of Ciad -08-12 AC c1, WP 27, PhiInq

The Adventures of Ciad, Son of the King of Norway : A Traditional Folk-Tale from the Ancient Gaelic [WP 3] The Adventures of Ciad, Son of the King of Norway [AC, 1 illus.]

D4 Manas, the Miller -08-19 WP 27

Manas, the Miller [WP 2]

D5 Hookedy-Crookedy -08-26 WP 27

Hookedy-Crookedy : An Irish Fairy Tale by SM [WP 3]

D7 The Snow -09-02 AC c1, WP 27, PhiInq

The Snow, the Crow, and the Blood [WP, 2] The Snow, the Crow and the Blood [AC, 2 illus.]

D6 Donal That Was Rich -09-09 WP 27

Donal That Was Rich and . . . Jack That Was Poor [WP 2]

D2 The Amadan -09-16 AC b1, WP 27

" " [WP 2] The Amadan of the Dough [AC, 4 illus.]

D5 Hookedy-Crookedy -09-23 PhiInq p3 illus signature(?) "he put the mare on the walls, which are nine miles high"
no short stories subsequently published in newspapers?


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Friedrich de la Motte-Fouqué

Friedrich De La Motte Fouque

Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué (canonical)

likely to be phoney

Fouqué's Works #3, 1844 (really 1844?) Fouqué's Works #2, 1845

Baron Friedrich de La Motte Fouqué may not be in use by publishers --or worst of all, in use by some current e-publishers who use it as the ISFDB canonical name

"Baron" or "Freiherr" appears in about one-third of the 15 child-variant names but some of those may be spurious.

User talk:MartyD#Diacritics as well as caps

There are multiple issues here.
  1. The manual implies that it's possible to book a work or a publication as by Author name spelled with diacritics, also as by otherwise-identical Author name spelled without diacritics. And in some respects including diacritics it instructs meticulous entry of that version which matches the title page --at least, for a book (something similar for book/magazine contents), when title page/image is available and title page does show some explicit byline.
  2. Insofar as characters are supported but not distinguished, and we want to distinguish them, it's possible to disambiguate them manually, as we distinguish identical character strings when they refer to different entities (cf. "Richard Kennedy (I)", "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [2]"). For instance "Willy Pogany" and "Willy Pogany [á]", or "Willy Pogány" and "Willy Pogány [a]".
  3. Your inchoate proposal, Vasha, evidently concerns which of multiple database names for a person should be the unique parent and which should be children. And you seem to have in mind that the criterion should be correctness in some sense, rather than its use by publishers. So you may be happy with "Mary Louisa Molesworth" as canonical name, "Mrs. Molesworth" as its variant. Or might prefer making canonical that version a living writer prefers, or that which a past writer preferred at a crucial time in life (compare the person's last legal name as Legal Name).

"Wizarding World" some current corporate entity or active partnership

I suppose I would create meta-series, not named Universe, in order to group material such as 1969 novel Bored of the Rings T22750 and 21c series Barry Trotter with the relevant works by JRRTolkien and friends, and by JKRowling and friends

Same as for 1980s/90s stories in the Peter Pan series (not up in Neverland Universe) and perhaps 100 latterday stories in the Oz series (not up in Oz Universe) --where even the last numbered novel

series Baron Munchausen

1971 Doris Orgel
T2157223 also belongs in Series Munchausen
2010 p.b. at Kirkus

Grimm Tales for Young and Old T1585351 as by Pullman, JG, WG

The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales T2037727 at Amazon

Carol Ann Duffy 22907

1996 Grimm Tales (play)
1997 More Grimm Tales (play) xiii+113
1999 Rumpelstiltskin and Other Grimm Tales (16) p1-190

Hans Christian Andersen "Snedronningen" [207]

P.S. There is a database series Coville's Shakespeare, known as Shakespeare Retellings on the writer's official website [208]. Evidently Coville and his illustrators have done 7 of the bard's plays, including all 5 that we recognize. Amazon provides some Look Inside that shows the books to be heavily-illustrated, probably novelette-length stories. We have only 3 of them, as NOVELs.