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Cosmopolitan XLIV.4 March 1908 (2 cover stories as "Is Mars Inhabited")

Leigh, illus. pp. 334* 337* 339* 341* (5 pages text by Wells facing 4 full-page illustrations by Leigh)
Wells, The Things That Live on Mars, 335-42
David Todd, Professor Todd's Own Story of the Mars Expedition, 343-49

The Dial [1] The Dial 1902-11-16 p339\41
The Dial 1903-10-01 p164\67 The Fairies' Circus Neville Cain $1.25

Katharine Pyle

1902 -HDL In the Green Forest --also 1898 The Counterpane Fairy

2020-03-05 Devil Stories: An Anthology

Gutenberg # P313501

P504575 --NEED import Contents, add page numbers from Amazon "Look inside"

Gutenberg 31754 (The Devil, 1921)

Viewed in HTML format, print page numbers are bracketed in the right margin. [276] and [277] are spurious, as the last story ends on page 275. Page 276 is the blank and 277 contains the one-word heading "Notes". Page 278 is another blank and "The Devil in a Nunnery by Francis Oscar Mann" begins on page 279.
In the Index, where print entry "Printer's Devil, 289-99" is represented as "... 289-299" with both numerals linked, "289" is an error for "298", so the link target should be ebook page "[298]".


The Index, p323-32 (not represented at ISFDB) is a list of works and writers that are mentioned in the Notes, so the Notes section properly spans p[277]-332; contains 20 short essays listed below, p279-322, and the Index.
"The introduction sketches on broad lines the history of the devil in literature from the earliest times to the present day." [1921 front cover description, which also recommends the closing Notes section "to all who are interested in the occult and psychical sciences, for Dr. Rudwin (formerly of Johns Hopkins University), is a leading authority in his chosen field." E-Kitap Projesi E-Kitap Projesi & Cheapest Books

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114, The Strand Magazine
71, i>The Strand Magazine -- of which Author ends "Nesbit" 19; "Millar" 3
5, i>Strand Magazine
121, Strand Magazine
20, The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
13, i>The Encyclopedia of Fantasy
53, i>Encyclopedia of Fantasy
71, Encyclopedia of Fantasy
37, Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997) -- 5/32 with/without "The"


Imaginary Lunar Flights T2687972

Gutjahr, ed., 'Voyage to the moon' and other imaginary lunar flights of fancy in antebellum America --check newspapers? Locus review?

Review by Joan Gordon, Science Fiction Studies #138 ; BL ETOCRN622127603
--q-- 2018
---- 2018 ebook (2, EPUB and PDF) BNB GBB804557 BL 018669328 --BL Contents list is complete for Part I
Appendix A: Excerpt from Washington Irving’s A History of New York, 1809
Appendix B: Excerpts from “Anonymous Review of A Voyage to the Moon, ” reprinted from American Quarterly Review No. Contents: 5 (March 1828)
Appendix C: “Note” added for inclusion in the “Hans Pfaall” version in Poe’s collection Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, 1840
Appendix D: “Richard Adam Locke” in Edgar Allan Poe’s The Literati, 1850
Appendix E: Contemporary Responses to Richard Adam Locke’s “Great Astronomical Discoveries”
Appendix F: P. T. Barnum on Locke’s “Moon Hoax” (1866).

Contents listings ASIN 1783087404 (quote the 4 anthologized works only):

Part I   Voyage to the Moon: With Some Account of the Manners and Customs, Science and Philosophy, of the People of Morosofia, and Other Lunarians (1827) --no lead article, closing year; as by "Joseph Atterley (George Tucker)"
Part II   "Hans Phaall—A Tale" (June 1835)
Part III   "Great Astronomical Discoveries Lately Made by Sir John Herschel" (August 25-30, 1835)
Part IV   "Orrin Lindsay's Plan of Aerial Navigation" (1847)

Anthem Press (3)

  • as "Joseph Atterley (George Tucker)" -- [NEED comma, no lead article]
[A] Voyage to the Moon: With Some Account of the Manners and Customs, Science and Philosophy of the People of Morosofia, and Other Lunarians (1827)
  • Edgar A. Poe -- Hans Phaall—A Tale (original title and credit)
Southern Literary Messenger 1835-
  • Richard Adams Locke -- Great Astronomical Discoveries Lately Made by Sir John Herschel (short title from 2018 TOC)
The Sun (New York) 1835-08
  • J. L. Riddell -- Orrin Lindsay's Plan of Aerial Navigation (short title from 2018 TOC)
els  Joseph Atterley, pseud. = George Tucker 1986 (30) 
els  Richard Adams Locke 2021 (11) --uncredited 1835
els  J. L. Riddell 132433 (12)
 lw  Paul C. Gutjahr, ed. 307576 (9) -- 2018 Introduction --uncredited?


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describe Appendix A to F (related works and responses to A Voyage, Great Astro)


The Story of the Sun, New Edition (1928), p. 56

Locke had spoiled a promising tale for Poe--who tore up the second installment of Hans Pfaall when he "found that he could add very little to the minute and authentic account of Sir John Herschel"--but the poet took pleasure, in later years, in picking the Sun's moon story to bits.
"That the public were misled, even for an instant," Poe declared in his critical essay on Locke's writings, "merely proves the gross ignorance which, ten or twelve years ago, was so prevalent on astronomical topics."


Tucker (as Atterley), A Voyage to the Moon T21116 Fo[2](45)

LOH. 1827 Bliss -HDL iv 264
t.p. (Elam Bliss copyright entry) -iv, [5]-11, [13]-264
Om$ 1975 [c1827] Gregg ix 294 --new pref David Hartwell
d$ 2003 Gutenberg --NEEDs work #10005 title page "By George Tucker (Joseph Atterley)" --PV DES
concludes with Appendix: Anonymous Review (1828-03), not hyperlinked, whose 11 footnotes are represented as endnotes under the heading "[Appendix Footnotes]"
[above] 2018 contents "Joseph Atterley (George Tucker)" // 3-line poem // 1827 // Contents [list]

"Appeal to the Public", closing "Joseph Atterley." over "Long-Island, September, 1827."


J. L. Riddell [orig. Orrin Lindsay] T2688411 Fo[12]


1847 New Orleans
1847 Louisville
[above] 2018 ed. Gutjahr

1847 New Orleans; 009608511 (micro)
1847-04-30 lecture: New Orleans printing; Louisville printing at HDL t.p. "edited by J. L. Riddell, M. D." ; Correspondence, New Orleans 1847-05-04, 08, interior title "Account of a A New Mode of Aerial Navigation, Embracing a Narrative of a Voyage to the Moon. By Orrin Lindsay. // Read Before the People's Lyceum of New Orleans, April 30, 1847. By J. L. Riddell." ; p[5]-24
1st ed. (New Orleans), revise story/publ title and author name
BPL (Temporarily unavailable)


t.p. Louisville pamphlet
  • 1847 New Orleans pamphlet(?) P309459 22-6966 / 3144579 "stored in business envelope"

The chapbook title --above, fashioned with two commas, exclamation mark, and no colon-- matches the title page of the 1847 Louisville, Kentucky, pamphlet. (see) It also matches the title/heading of WorldCat library record OCLC 23784904 alone, where other WorldCat records (and Bleiler probably) fashion the title with a colon and no commas or one; and some omit the exclamation mark.

The novelette title and credit (below) match the chapbook title and credit, and thus the Louisville title page. The 24-page Louisville pamphlet contains the lecture text under a heading whose title and credit both differ from the title page.

904539359 991351722 • "Orrin Lindsay is a fictional former student." • "Reproduction of the original from the American Antiquarian Society." contents • Account of a new mode of aerial navigation, embracing a narrative of a voyage to the moon by Orrin Lindsay, read before the People's Lyceum of New Orleans, April 30th, 1847 / by J.L. Riddell -- • Brief account of some novel experiments upon gravitation and also a narrative of two voyages into empty space / by Orrin Lindsay, A.M.

Richard Adams Locke

(Celebrated) Moon Story, (Great) Moon Hoax
The Story of the Sun
The Sun and/& the Moon, Matthew Goodman, Basic Books, 2008, ISBN- 176894745 o[3]
H-Net review

Wikipedia EN: Great Moon Hoax Moon Hoax Trivia (deep in that article)

The text of Locke's lunar narrative was translated into many languages, including French, German, Italian, and Welsh. There was even a shorthand version of it, published in 1886.
(image) Welsh title page
Great Moon Hoax Stock Photos and Images ( [4]
British Library as "[1858?]" --that one
> 2011, [5]
2013, Smithsonian Unbound ( [6]
2016, [7] --"that one" is labeled "A 1838 print by the Thierry Brothers"
2019, [8]

els  Richard Adams Locke 2021 (11)
(Wikipedia link is "Great Moon Hoax")
2020-02-15 User talk:Rtrace#The Moon Hoax

WorldCat oOCLC 774995 displays this heading/title for the second 1835 chapbook (quote):

Great astronomical discoveries lately made by Sir John Herschel, L.L.D.F.R.S. &c. at the Cape of Good Hope.

But that record notes, "Publication information from Story of the Sun."

Great Astronomical Discoveries ... (novelette) T2030058 --check 1835, 1852 newspapers


pre-1900 publications (2020-02-20)

[1835-08 The Sun] --6 daily, now as Tue-08-25 to Sun-08-30 --NEED Mon-08-31
LO. 1835 Sun Office, "A Complete Account ..." 11p
O. 1835 ----, "Great Astronomical Discoveries ..." 28p
B. 1836 Effingham Wilson
BLH. 1852 Bunnell and Price
OI. 1859 William Gowans
-F. 1876 omni All Around the Moon (Baldwin LHCL)

20th/21st century (5) --see below #20th century


Picture Gallery (3 title pages) --NEED dates revised from 26-31 August to 25-29 and 31

1835 coll pb ; Sun Office (reprint of 1835-08 Sun serial)
Day Five, Saturday -08-29 text contains "See plate 4." (viewed at, which provides no images of original illustrations)
1835 coll pb ; Sun Office (" ")
1836 vt pb ;
1841 "[chap: rev of the above: pb/]"
1859 "[chap: vt of the above: possibly revised: pb/nonpictorial]"
1975 "[anth: facsimile reprint of the above with added material and introduction Ormond Seavey: hb/]"


1852 "[anth: contains original text plus additional material: compiled by William N Griggs: hb/]" The Celebrated "Moon Story"

British Library search 2020-02-19

Bunnell and Price --found; William N. Griggs --no other found

Richard Adams Locke [orig. uncredited]

n.d. [1835?] 012814858
1836 002208299 --London P761770
1836 German 002208300 --its translation
1852 002208302 016996608 --adds nothing
[1858?] Welsh 002208301 --abridged and transl.
1859 002208303 016996609 --adds nothing


2 Fr, 1 De translation --one Fr on shelf at Astr 8558.36.3
1852, Old Widener[BE] Astr 8558.52 ; 143
1859, Old Widener[BE] Astr 8558.59 ; 63
HOUGHTON SF-1540 (paper covers, permission required)
1975, WLC[2E] PS2248.L835 M6 x, 1975 ; ISBN-0839823088 xxxvi, 74
1974/1966 Moskowitz anth WLC[1W] PN6071.S33 .M67x 1974 ; x, 552
2017 Sims anthology FARNSWORTH PR1309.S3 F73 2017 ; 387

WorldCat, translations


10 as 1836, 2017 Fo[9](only 5)

French language Fo[10](11)

1835 Paris
1836 Paris; Lausanne, Strasbourg, Turin


1 as 1835 o[19294841]


2+5 as 1836 Fo[11] Fo[12]

WorldCat: Hanes y Lleuad (4 records, 2 redundant) --all as abridged version of "Some Account", which is the UK edition--

[1840?] o[13]
[1858?] o[14]

Google translate

  • Llanrwst: Argraffwyd gan John Jones => Llanrwst: Printed by John Jones
  • wedi ei awdurdodi gan Lygad-dyst => authorized by an Eye-witness
  • Hanes y Lleuad ; yn gosod allan y rhyfeddodau a ddarganfyddwyd gan Syr John Herschel, trwy gynnorthwy gwdyr-ddrych, etc
History of the Moon; sets out the wonders discovered by Sir John Herschel, with the aid of a mirror-mirror, etc.
  • Hanes y lleuad : yn gosod allan y rhyfeddodau a ddarganfyddwyd gan Syr John Herschel trwy gynnorthwy gwydr-ddrych, yr hwn a bwysa saith dunell, yn mwyhau y gwrthrych i 42,000 o weithiau, a'i galluogai i ganfod yn y lleuad, creigiau, coed, blodau, gwastadtiroedd ...
History of the moon: sets out the wonders discovered by Sir John Herschel with the aid of a glass mirror, which weighs seven tons, enlarged the object to 42,000 times, which enabled it to be found in the moon, rocks, trees , flowers, plains ...

1835-08-21 notice --from

[page 2] The New York Sun.
Friday Morning, August 21, 1835.
Office of Sun removed to the corner of Nassau and Spruce streets, opposite the City Hall.
Celestial discoveries.--The Edinburgh Courant says--"We have just learnt from an eminent publisher in this city [Edinburgh] that Sir John Herschel, at the Cape of Good Hope, has made some astronomical discoveries of the most wonderful description, by means of an immense telescope of an entirely new principle."
[Day 1, page 2]
We this morning commence the publication of a series of extracts from the new Supplement to the Edinburgh Journal of Science, which have been very politely furnished us by a medical gentleman immediately from Scotland, in consequence of a paragraph which appeared on Friday last from the Edinburgh Courant. The portion which we publish to day is introductory to celestial discoveries of higher and more universal interest than any, in any science yet known to the human race.
"Nevertheless, the Sun did make a large profit from the moon hoax. It did so by selling the complete text of the lunar discoveries as a special-edition pamphlet that it put on sale on August 31 for one shilling. It also sold various lithographic prints showing fanciful scenes of Herschel's lunar discoveries, such as the lunar animals and the Ruby Colosseum. It commissioned the production of these prints from the Wall Street lithographers Norris & Baker.
The Sun never shared sales figures for the pamphlet and prints, but according to William Gowans, writing in 1859, it sold 60,000 pamphlets in less than a month. This would have been a huge financial windfall for the paper. These pamphlets are now collector's items. Only sixteen of them are known to still exist, and they sell for as much as $2000 each.
16 September

"Certain correspondents have been urging us to come out and confess the whole to be a hoax; but this we can by no means do, until we have the testimony of the English or Scotch papers to corroborate such a declaration." (NY Sun, Sep. 16, 1835)

22 September captions to incorporated images

  • Lunar scene published in the Sun, September 1835
  • Vespertilio-Homo, from an Italian edition of the moon hoax
  • Moon hoax scene, created by artist Don Davis for Sky and Telescope magazine (1981)
  • Thomas Dick, the 'Christian Philosopher'
  • Rev. Timothy Dwight
  • Herschel's twenty-foot reflector in Feldhausen, South Africa. Lithograph by G.H. Ford.
  • Lunar scene, from a Welsh edition of the moon hoax
  • Lewis Gaylord Clark
  • Sir John Herschel
  • Left: Shorthand edition of the moon hoax. Right: Welsh edition of the moon hoax.

Nicollet? The mystery of Locke's astronomical knowledge led to speculation that he wasn't the true author of the lunar narrative, or that he wasn't the sole author. But it was only after Locke died that the names of other possible authors began to be suggested.
In 1872, the mathematician Augustus De Morgan published A Budget of Paradoxes in which he suggested that a French scientist, Jean-Nicolas Nicollet, authored the lunar narrative. Nicollet was living in America at the time of the publication of the moon hoax, having left France, apparently because he was fleeing creditors. According to De Morgan:
[quoting De Morgan] "There is no doubt that it [the lunar narrative] was produced in the United States, by M. Nicollet, an astronomer, once of Paris, and a fugitive of some kind... The moon-story was written, and sent to France, chiefly with the intention of entrapping M. Arago, Nicollet's especial foe, into the belief of it. And those who narrate this version of the story wind up by saying that M. Arago was entrapped, and circulated the wonders through Paris, until a letter from Nicollet to M. Bouvard explained the hoax."

(c)20215 Alex Boese (

This page, see also 2016 facsimile; The Story of the Sun page 113; 1859 newspapers

search 1835/36 newspapers!

1835 etc

early? and unknowable?

n.d. o[15] -- R. J. Brown, "The Great Moon Hoax of 1835" provided online by the Newspaper Collectors Society of America -- version
1852 o[16]
1876 o[17] --Verne All Around the Moon; appendix Locke The Moon Hoax


1835 chap as "Complete", revise as uncredited (two titles)
1835 chap as "Great" revise as uncredited (two titles)

1835 serial The Sun (New York), part one P634550 --NEED full title, "uncredited", $.01, 4 pages

Momentarily I write to contributors Rtrace and Chris J concerning sources for 1835 INTERIORART title, 1852 publication record (which is entirely silent on sources), and 1859 publication record (whose sources may be the sources for purported 1852 works/publications, even 1835). User talk:Rtrace#The Moon Hoax User talk:Chris J#The Moon Hoax

note to self) Headline throughout the week (so fashioned at "The Great Moon Hoax") GREAT ASTRONOMICAL DISCOVERIES LATELY MADE BY SIR JOHN HERSCHEL, L.L.D. F.R.S. &c. At the Cape of Good Hope [From Supplement to the Edinburgh Journal of Science]

Locke (uncredited)

1. Among LCCN and all WorldCat library records as 1835, OCLC 318384209 alone reports the subtitle (SFE3 does not; presumably from Bleiler and perhaps Reginald).
2. All library records and SFE3 concur "in" and "to".
later check newspapers; consult User:Rtrace on Bleiler &c


1835-b P578466
[1835 New York] Great Astronomical Discoveries

U Mich

cover/t.p. [1] "... Herschel, LL.D. F.R.S. &c. at the Cape of Good Hope" [horizontal line] "[First published in the New-York Sun, from the Supplement to the Edinburgh Journal of Science.]"
3, The Younger Herschel's Telescope
mid-10, New Lunar Discoveries
footer 28, "[This concludes the Supplement, with the exception of forty pages of illustrative and mathematical Notes, which would greatly enhance the size and price of this work, without commensurably adding to its general interest.--Ed. Sun.]"

1836 P761770
1836 London U Cal 85p
t.p. "Some Account of the GADLMBSJ Herschel, at the Cape of Good Hope"
(2nd leaf) Advertisement
  • "The reader should be apprised that the matter contained in the following pages, was arranged for publication in a scientific journal about to be established; but that an unforeseen delay having occurred in the appearance of the first number, it has been thought right to publish it separately."
[1]ff as "Astronomical Discoveries"
  • "It is impossible to contemplate any great Astronomical discovery without feelings closely allied to a sensation of awe, and nearly akin to those with which a departed spirit may be supposed to discover the unknown realities of a future state."
5-28, The Younger Herschel's Telescope
28-85, New Lunar Discoveries p84-85


1852 Bunnell and Price P211213, 143p two copies
(U Cal, original cover likely) t.p. U Cal entered 1852 William N. Griggs
[3]-18, I. Origins --p[3] The "MOON STORY," Its Origin, Incidents, &c.
19-40, II. Incidents
40-45, III. Memoir of the Author
p(47) half-title Great Astronomical Discoveries [matches the newspaper], uncredited; [49]-53, 53-71, 71-116 --35 leaves total
[117]-41, I. Authentic Description of the Moon
141-43, II. New Theory of the Lunar Surface in Relation to That of Earth
William N. Griggs [1 work] --LC makes him editor Griggs may be unknown to national libraries.

SUDOC: 17493596X
The Celebrated Moon Story : Its Origin and Incidents / by William N. Griggs, [2012]
174930569 : The Celebrated Moon Story : Its Origin and Incidents / by William N. Griggs / [Whitefish, Mont.] : Kessinger Pub. , [2012]
The [not celebrated] "Moon Story," Its Origin, Incidents, &c. --as editor, this his introduction to the "Moon Story"
[3]-18, Chapter I. Its Origin
19-40, Chapter II. Its Incidents
40-45, Memoir of the Author

47\49 "Great Astronomical Discoveries ... [First published in the New York Sun {no hyphen} ..."

  • "In this unusual addition to our [Edinburgh] journal, we have the happiness of making known to the British public, and thence to the whole civilized world, recent discoveries in astronomy which will build an imperishable monument to the age in which we live, and confer upon the present generation of the human race a proud distinction through all future time. It has been poetically said that "the stars of heaven are the hereditary regalia of man," as the intellectual sovereign of the animal creation. He may now fold the zodiac around him with a loftier consciousnness of his mental supremacy."
[117]-41, Appendix I. An Authentic Description of the Moon.
141-43, Appendix II. A New Theory of the Lunar Surface in Relation to That of the Earth. p140/41


1859 W. Gowans P211217, vi 63 two copies
U Cal
front cover M. Doolady (no date); frontispiece The Moon; t.p. William Gowans 1859 entered 1859 William Gowans, [v]-vi, (corrupt postnominals) [7]-50, Appendix [51]-63 (also uncredited); [65]; 100,000 books, images 71-72 [67-68]; Catalogue images 73-84 [69-80] --iamges 80-84 being "Remainders of Editions by Other Publishers"
Appendix, 60-63 (from [mid-p60) "Opinions of the American Press Respecting the Foregoing Discovery" --perhaps a reprint from The Sun -1835-09-01 as "Herschel's Great Discoveries"

1859 chapbook bound with The Story of the Sun (part 2 of ?)

#The Story of the Sun


All Round the Moon by "Jules Verne freely translated by Edward Roth" P705208

[CONTENTS] (U Florida, image 9)
The Moon Hoax, by R. Adams Locke, . 431
431 --credits Locke by full name
433 --states "LL. D., F.R.S., &c.," (the original with three commas inserted) --headings include final dots. --begins "In this unusual addition to our Journal, ... [the British edition]
436-mid, The Younger Herschel's Telescope
running heads "The Moon Hoax." and "Astronomical Discoveries."
450-mid, New Lunar Discoveries
484 --concludes with the original bracketed editorial note, as in closing "—Ed. Sun.]" --CHECK closing omitted from the 1836 British edition
No illustrations.
Ath 1876-07-08 p47 --Our Library Table lists this among many books not reviewed (following the few reviews: "We have on our table [long list]")

The CATHOLIC WORLD. A Monthly Magazine of General Literature and Science. ("New York: The Catholic Publication House / 9 Warren Street.") v23 n3 p430 (June 1876) view at HathiTrust

All around the Moon [long header]
It is not often the case that translations are, like the present one, an improvement on the original, especially when the original work is such an admirable one as that from which this translation is made. We noticed the first part, published under the title of The Baltimore Gun Club, some time ago, favorably, and have been even more pleased with this sequel.
Mr. Roth calls the book a free translation, but this term hardly conveys the idea of the adaptation which he has really made of the text. Verne certainly intended, when he laid the scene in America, to make the characters, incidents, and conversation thoroughly American, and he succeeded as well as could have been expected; but the task was one simply impossible for a foreigner, and any translation at all approaching to literal exactness, no matter by whom made, would have been sure to have shared the defects of the text. Mr. Roth, therefore, to carry out the author's idea, had practically to rewrite the book in such a way as to preserve the genius of the conception while altering the details in a way which required an ability like that of the author himself.
Besides having made the book really an American one, he has added to its scientific merit by a fuller explanation of the problem which is the nucleus of the story.
The "Moon Hoax," which is appended, was probably the most successful and best contrived of all the scientific canards which have ever appeared. It was written more than forty years ago, but its memory has not yet died out, and it was so cleverly done as to be well worthy of this reprint.
The book is illustrated by twenty-four cuts, besides the map of the moon mentioned in the title. It would really have been better without the rather clap-trap additional [sic] about the Centennial at its close, but this makes it all the more American, and may be excusable under the circumstances.

("baltimore gun club") 16 : 754

The Sun (Baltimore) 1874-06-30 p2 "The Baltimore Gun Club" (no price)
(middle of the one long paragraph) "... The translator of this, Mr. Edward Roth, formerly resided in Baltimore, and is distinguished as a successful educator of youth. He does not profess to give a literal translation, but takes some liberties not affecting its inherent merit, but making it more attractive and familiar to American readers. The author begins by referring to the proficiency of the Americans in gunnery in the late civil war, says that a club was started, (in Baltimore,) every member of which was required to have invented, or at least improved, a cannon, or if not a cannon, a firearm of some kind."
Lit World 5.2 1874-07-01 p27 "Minor Book Notices" [p28] quoting Roth "In this volume," says the translator, Edward Roth, "the reader has Jules Verne done into real English, corrected, edited, annotated, revised--improved."
Catholic World 19.111 p575/76
The Sun 1875-06-01 p2 Classified Ads > Amusements : "Pigeon Shooting--For a fine Bay Horse at the Baltimore Gun Club Grounds, Thursday, June 3, at 1 o'clock. [] Admission twenty-five cents, except to those holding chances. [flushright] M. Adams."
-08-12 p2 [same] "Pigeon Shooting--At the Baltimore Gun Club Park, on this Thursday Afternoon, for a fine Greener Gun. [flushright] Michael Adams, Proprietor."
-08-26 p2 [same] Thursday at 3, "for a fine Breech-Loading Gun."
-09-11 p2 [same] "for a fine Breech-Loading Gun, at 2 o'clock ..."

20th century

ISFDB publications (5)

1926-09 issue of Amazing Stories
Om$ 1975-06 Gregg Press P211221
ISFDB "Photographic reprint of the 1859 William Gowans edition."
SFE3 "[anth: facsimile reprint of the above with added material and introduction Ormond Seavey: hb/]"
Od$i 2011-07-01 anth Journeys to the Moon --ed. Godwin; with Poe
2017-03-08 German Neueste Berichte
2018-03-00 [hc]anth Voyage to the Moon --ed. Gutjahr; with Tucker, Poe, Riddell (see top of this page) --q


1910 o[18] --Bram Stoker, Famous Impostors
1935 o[19] --James Stickley, 100th

1973 children's picture book, ISBN-0663254965 ABEbooks Amazon US 16p ; "Reading 360."; Series . A Magic circle book Fo[20]
[unfortunately] Synopsis
Details the actual episode in 1835 in which a New York editor made up some imaginative stories about life on the moon to increase his newspaper's sale.
"synopsis" may belong to another edition of this title.

1974 Cheshire ISBN-0701519010 "illus Richard E. Brown" Amazon UK

Franklyn M. Branley 6498 (179)

c1990 Moon Walk 1835: Was Neil Armstrong ...? ISBN-1878515349 ed. Tazewell o[21] 80p
2010 tp Forgotten Books --"a facsimile reprint"
2015 e Kindle
2016 hc Facsimile --names Nicollet co-author
2018 hc Forgotten Books --"Excerpt from ..."

The Story of the Sun

Wikipedia EN: The Sun (New York City) --NEEDs work

Frank [M., Michael] O'Brien 156365 --niLC 
now as "Frank O'Brien"

FictionMags lists our 1914 story as by "Frank M. O'Brien", which is expected from library records of O'Brien book publications.

HDL (Argosy) All story, as from 1882 --holdings some of 1890-1900; 1917;, 1891-1912 and 1919-22 --none of 1914

Rtrace: Is the Index to FSF in Munsey T1252181 reliable concerning credited author names?

MITSFS: in long-term storage [22]

WorldCat records of publications by Frank M. O'Brien suggest that he was a New York City-based journalist who wrote little fiction. The FictionMags Index lists about 20 short stories published in magazines, however; try web search


els  Frank A. Munsey 232536 (11)
Frank A. Munsey & Co. (6)
Munsey's Magazine

The Story of the Sun, serial, Munsey's Magazine 1917-1918

v60, I. page 583 (1917-05)
v61, II--V (1917-06/09) pp 99, 279, 524, 709; Locke's Hoax, #61.1, June 1917, pp. 99-115
v62, VI--IX (1917-10 to 1918-01)
v63, X--XII (1918-02/04)

P350209 Munsey's 61.1 June 1917 --is it permitted to add an ESSAY published in a non-genre magazine?

pp. 99-115, Munsey's Magazine (as part 2 of a series)

EDITORIAL NOTE--This is the second ...
100, The Author of the Moon Hoax
101, Preparing the Way for the Hoax [#1]
[and the first instalment with newsp headlings as ", LL.D., F.R.S., &c."]
102, Something New in Telescopy
"An editorial article ..."
103, The Second Instalment of the Hoax [#2]
"... an editorial paragraph assured the patrons of the paper ..."
104, The Reception of the Hoax
Bennett of the Herald advertises here
105, A Third Budge of Lunar Marvels [#3]
105, The First Sight of the Man-Bats [#4]
(106) "The editor of the supplement ... added ..."; clamor for pictures ... forthcoming (25c for the set) alongside the pamphlet edition (12 or 13c)
107, The Wondrous Temple of the Moon [#5, #6; 11000 words]
"An editorial note added: ..."
108, Baffled Truth-Seekers from Yale [and Caleb Weeks information to Herschel]
109, How the Secret Leaked Out
110, The Moon Hoax on the Stage ; Poe and Locke--A Curious Parallel
112, Earlier Suggestions of the Story
113, De Morgan's Notes on Nicollet ; The Career of Jean Nicollet
115, French Comments on the Moon Hoax
"(To be continued in the July number of Munsey's Magazine)"

Doran, The Story of the Sun: New York, 1833-1918 -HDL xx 455

t.p. UMich --cFrank A. Munsey 1917, 1918-- vii-xi, xiii-xx (ch I-XIX, ill), p21-454;
vii-xi, An Introduction / By the Editor of The Sun ; Edward P. Mitchell
xiii, Contents : I-XIX -433] ; Bibliography, Chronology, Index [435-55]
IX. The Earlier Career of Dana
X. Dana: His "Sun" and Its City
XI. Dana, as Mitchell Saw Him
XII. Dana's First Big News Men
XIII. Dana's Famous Rivals Pass
XIV. "The Sun" and the Grant Scandals
XV. "The Sun and "Human Interest"
XVI. "Sun" Reporters and Their Work
XVII. Some Genius in an Old Room
XVIII. The Finest Side of  "The Sun"
XIX. "The Sun" and Yellow Journalism (includes "Dana's Death", Dana's Successors)

ch III, 64-102, "Richard Adams Locke's Moon Hoax" / A Magnificent Fake Which Deceived Two Continents, Brought to "The Sun" the Largest Circulation in the World and, in Poe's Opinion, Established the Penny Papers.
f68, (image) Richard Adams Locke, Author of the Moon Hoax
f96, (images) The First Instalment of the Moon Hoax
f96, (2nd of 2) A Moon Scene, from Locke's Great Deception [source?]

revised? --or extended?

Appleton, New Edition, The Story of the Sun: New York: 1833-1928 -HDL o[335141]

t.p. UMich
vii, Preface to the New Edition ; Frank M. O'Brien / New York
ix-xiii, Introduction to the First Edition ; Edward P. Mitchell / New York, 1918
xv, Contents : I-XVII [1-273] ; Index [275-305] (no back pages)
xvii-xviii, Illustrations
IX. The Reign of Dana
X. "The Sun" and "Human Interest"
XI. Dana and Politics
XII. Dana's Successors --
 (ch 9-12 = pp 148-200)
XIII. Frank A. Munsey [1916-1925]
XIV. William T. Dewart Buys "The Sun"
XV. The Editorial Page
XVI. The News Department
XVII. Some "Sun" Stories
XII. Dana's Successors
ch III "Richard Adams Locke's Moon Hoax", 37-57 page 38 (3 images --low quality)


("moon hoax") 1835--1838 (26: 4 9 5 8)
("moon story") " " (11: 3 5 2 1)
("richard adams locke") " " (4: 0 0 3 1)
("richard a. locke") " " (0)
("r. a. locke") " " (4: 0 0 1 3)

("astronomical discoveries" herschel) (14: 8 3 3 0)

(one unique from the following) New York Evangelist 6.35 1835-08-29 p229 "Wonderful Astronomical Discoveries"; much account of instalments 25/26/27, and more. "We have no time nor room for more this week. The whole will be published in a pamphlet on Monday, at the Sun office, corner of Spruce and Nassau streets."

("great astronomical discoveries") 1835--1841 (11: 7(Sep) 300001)

[23] Observer 1836-05-15 p1 "To be published on Tuesday next, price 2s. ...
also Macrone "on the even of publication" TheMagician, and Rookwood 4th ed.
Ath #450 1836-06-11 p415 "Our Library Table" --capsule; as "The Great ... J. Herschel at the Cape ...", closing "In this point of view the little brochure was perhaps worth republication in this country."
1841 classified advert The Sun (Bal) -02-15 p3 "A few copies of Locke's Moon Story; Great Astro... ... for sale. Price 8 cts"

("astronomical discoveries" nicollet) 0 --no hits thru 1850s

(herschel nicollet) 9, 1842= 12012 ... 22=1859/60 ; De Morgan article is Macmillan's #1.3 Jan 1860


("celebrated moon story") 1

[24] N-Y Daily Tribune 1852-11-02 p3 "New Publications" (no price)

("william n. griggs") no hit! --but he is named in NYDT -11-02 (griggs bunnell price) 1 = (william griggs moon) 1

[25] Lou Daily Journal -12-04 p4 "The Great Moon Hoax"

("moon story") 4 Nov/Dec

identical to Lou -12-04 The Albion 11.47 1852-11-20 p554/55
[26] N-Y Daily Times -11-26 p6 --as both Moon Hoax and Moon-Story

(bunnell moon) 5

"Now Ready ..." 2nd of 4 entire: "Also, THE GREAT MOON HOAX, formerly publsihed by the New-York Sun. By R. Adams Locke. Price 371/2 cents--cloth."

("moon hoax") 44 (10000 6; 824(13)7 2)

(Jun/Jul multiple classified ads) [27] forthcoming Saturday -07-02 "The Illuminated Quadruple Constellation" George Roberts "Mastodon newspaper" --the largest ever, 50c, containing eomplete reprint of The Moon Hoax
(Sep) fc Sep 8(?) 50c "W. Gowans, No. 85 Centre-st."
NYDT -09-08 p1 Classified "MOON-HOAX. By Locke. A beautiful new edition of this remarkable book published THIS MORNING. Price 50 cents."
NYDT -09-27 p1, -10-17 p1 --both as "Just published."


(Oct) The Gazette (Montreal) --advert by one circulating library and book store from 1859-10-23 p3


[32] The Critic 19.486 1859-10-29 416/18 "A Yankee Hoax" --major review/excerpts
[33] Macmillan's Magazine v1 -11-01 218-224 "Scientific Hoaxes" closing "A. De. M." --on the occasion of US reprint-- ... p221b "At the time of the perpetration, the hoax was attributed to the late M. Nicollet; and a recent edition of Gorton's Dictionary makes this attribution in positive terms. ..."; 221/222 "With the reprint are given contemporary testimonies of American journals. ... Unless the appendix be another hoax, the imposition was first palmed upon a newspaper, which it deceived, and many others after it. ..."
Ath -12-03 p739 Gowans reprint, capsule: "... authorship was attributed to M. Nicollet. We never heard of R. A. Locke in connexion with it. In the present reprint the attestations of the American journals to the truth of the discoveries are given." ;

"a recent edition of Gorton's Dictionary"

DNB v22: "‘A General Biographical Dictionary’ (2 vols. 1828, with an appendix, 1830 (?), new edition, with a supplement by Cyrus Redding [q. v.], bringing the work as far as 1850, in 4 vols. 1851"
HDL 1851 Gorton's
v3 N-- Nicollet, no entry (image 27)
v4 Supplement (image 115)
(image 464) Nicollet (Jean M.) "He was the author also of a most remarkable work on the inhabitants of the moon, published in 1840.--Bib. Univ."
(image 425) Locke --no entry

Jules Verne space novels

Moon and Comet stories; also the Verne stories transl. Edward Roth

2020-03-09 User:Pwendt/FFM/Wilhelm Hauff export Wilhelm Hauff, also publisher Ernest Nister

H. L. Dodge 126585 (Howard Lewis Dodge at WorldCat)

Norman Wolcott and Christian Sánchez --nidb-- supplementary translations of Verne


Topsy Turvy US
Topsy-Turvy US w "Look", as first 1905
Topsy-Turvy US
"Topsy-Turvy" US
Sampson Low at Google Books as 1919

Ward, Lock name and address
  • Ward, Lock[, & and] Tyler
Ath 77-03-24; 31 p402; 04-07 "Clearance Sale of 100,000 Volumes ... prior to Removal to theier New Premises, Dorset-buildings, Salisbury-square." Tuesday 04-10 and Three Following Days at 1 o'clock ; send postcard for catalogue (now preparing)
Graphic 77-04-21 374; 06-16 578; 06-30 626
Ath 77-09-01 286; 09-08 291
Academy 77-09-29 ii
  • Ward, Lock[, &] Co.
Ath 77-09-08 317; 09-29 414
Academy 77-09-29 v
  • Paternoster[-]Row
Graphic 77-04-21 374; 06-16 578; 06-30 626
  • [Dorset[-]street,] [Dorset[-]buildings,] Salisbury[-]Square
Ath 77-09-01 286; 09-08 (291; 317); 09-29 414
Academy 77-09-29 (ii; v)

This implies Summer 1877 relocation and name change.

Ward, Lock Verne


("ward, lock"; au:verne) 46 hits
("ward, lock" "henry austin") also 46 hits!
("ward, lock" "henry austin"; au:verne) 15 hits
--namely Hatteras 3, Moon 3, Grant 3, 80 Days 2, Twenty 2, "Wonderful Travels" 2

46 hits

Journey AND Five Weeks (Wonderful Travel[ler]s) #3 #14 1883 1107791231 "Family Gift series" ; #16
Journey #40 1961 774555504 Royal Series 26 ; #45 #46
Five Weeks #19 #27
Hatteras 639924193* 223275996 1069559574 317606509* ; 1876 644025118 504843747 "Jules Verne Library" 266086566 ; ~1880 561078570 ; 1904 977720399 ; 192-? 154294432* ; 1937 504843761 --* as illus Henry Austin (3)
From (4) 1876 1061960042 "Jules Verne Library" ; 1924 190866582 Royal Series 32 ~1930 1109958481 same ; 1954 221028948
Round (2)+Braille 19-- 9764209 ; 1958 504844669 Royal Series 24
Moon V (5) 1877 Moon-V 504844630 ~1890 1087058345* 190-? 221263503* ; 1938 39698562* 1061939829 --* as illus Henry Austin (3)
Grant #6 9 #33 #35 #41
Twenty #10 #24 #37 #38 #42
80 Days #25 #29 #43 #44
The Wonderful Travels [1899] 36058112* as 3 novels inclg this one; also as [1900, 1914]

("round the moon" verne) 1876/79 (8)

Am Bk 1876-12-01 428 -- From the Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon, Donnelley, Loyd & Co., Chicago; 56 illus., Manilla 50c
--also Lee & Shepard, Boston "The Handy Series of [JV]'s Books" illus, 3 vols in box, black and red, $3 (no titles)
--also Scribner, Armstrong Michael Strogoff illus. Riou $3
[34] 1876-12-03 "Lakeside Library" eds. $0.10 --From the Earth, Trip Round, 28 illus. each
The Sun 1877-10-15 p2 Seaside Library #101-93 --99 From the Earth to the Moon and A Trip Round the Moon 10c [also #97, 93 Mysterious Island]
Am Bk "Additions to the Libraries" 1879-05-01 05-15 06-01
0501 Seaside Library #502 Field of Ice #503 Round the Moon #505 Pearl of Lima
0515 same three as #505 #520 #510
0601 #520 Round the Moon

("from the earth" verne) 1875/79 106: 13 50 24 14 5

("moon voyage" verne) all time 71, earliest 1877 #2571 below; next 1896

("Ward, Lock" moon verne)] Ath #2571 1877-02-03 p171 "[WLT]'s New Books and New Editions" The Moon Voyage

("Ward, Lock" earth moon verne) 1876--77 (4)

[35] Ath #2550 1876-09-09 p352


The Youth's Library of Wonder and Adventure.
Jules Verne's Startling Stories.
Price One Shilling per Volume, in picture Wrappers; cloth, cut flush, 1s. 6d.; cloth boards, 2s.

(unquote) list #1-11

  1. A Journey into the Interior of the Earth.
  2. The English at the North Pole. [Hatteras 1]
  3. The Ice Desert. [Hatteras 2]
  4. Five Weeks in a Balloon.
  5. The Mysterious Document.
  6. On the Track. [Grant 1] ---- Academy 76-01-29 vii 1/0
  7. Among the Cannibals. [Grant 2] --WorldCat records imply
  8. Twenty ... Part I.
  9. Twenty ... Part II.
  10. "Two Years Before the Mast. By R. Dana, Jun."
  11. From the Earth to the Moon. [Baltimore 1]

("Ward, Lock" verne) 1876--77 (50) --mainly Publications lists; advertisements alone examined 2020-03-07 (only one genuine hit, #2550 above)

ALSO The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 1877-11-03 p159 "New Books: Sampson, Low, Marston and Co.'s List" (closing "Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington") "New Books for Young Readers" incl Hector Servadac, 100 Ill 10/6, The Child of the Cavern, 70 Ill 7/6

("ward, lock" "henry austin") 1875/99 (12 hits from 1896 only)

Spectator 1899-10-21 592, Guy Boothby's New Novel, illus. Henry Austin, ready November
Outlook 1898-10-15 346, 8 new 3/6 novels, illus Henry Austin, and others


(846; from #113 as by Verne)

Moon (28) #160-61 74-75 ; Baltimore #228 -LOC; From #401-20; Round #662 158; Trip #824 64; Voyage #846 [32] picture book
Comet (14) #459-64 Hector; #614-18 Off on a Comet!; #717-19 To the Sun?
Hatteras (8) #152-53 #222 ; #374-75 iv 269; 32 Munro; #825-27
Underground (3) #241 -LOC; #274 #790 xi 246;
Purchase (5) # 2012 The Earth turned upside down x 193; #645-47 1891 S. Low viii 182, [190-] S. Low 143, 1966 Fitzroy 176; #720 Topsy-Turvy c1890 International Book Co. 222 ("St. Nicholas Series for Boys and Girls" cf. P195845) Fo[36](17)

Works 1911 Vincent Parke

The Omnibus Jules Verne -LOC

Journey to the Centre, Arthur C. Clarke 1959 Dodd, Mead



The St. James' Magazine v32-33 (n.s. 11-12) Apr--Oct 1873, from page 67 (inclg apparent April frontispiece, facing page 1)
(1873 Sampson Low --at Google Books)
(1874 Scribner, Armstrong --also at UFloridaDC)
Scribner, Armstrong, 1874 viii 323 (UVA copy t.p. with catalogue images 499-502) 1-142 143\45-323
Scribner, 1890 (Uniform ed.) 323
C. Scribner's Sons, 1905 vii 323
C. Scribner's sons, 1906 (... Direct ...) vii 323
A. L. Burt company [190-?] 339; 2 copies inclg Cornell apparently intact except original cover probably t.p.
P. F. Collier, [1905?] (Memorial ed.) 339
(Memorial ed., v1?) (2 short titles as From the Earth to the Moon) t.p. (with cover) iii-vii "Jules Verne", closing Marion Mills Miller. April, 1905. 1-150, 151\p. 153-339


McKay [1895?]
Scribner, Armstrong 1878; Scribner 1882; Scribner's 1905, 1906, 1908


H.T. Coates [c1874]
Porter & Coates, [c1874]
Routledge, 1875
Routledge, 1875
J. R. Osgood, 1876, c 1874
Routledge, [1876]
Routledge, 1876
Ward Lock, and Tyler ed. [1886?]

Underground City

H. T. Coates, [188-?] xi 246 (with cover) (t.p. missing)
Porter & Coates [1883] xi 246 t.p.

Purchase of the North Pole

S. Low, [1919] 143 frontispiece, t.p. "brown cover" --evident source for Gutenberg p(144) printer W. Mate & Sons (1919) Ltd


Gutenberg: Jules Verne (165) (33 ISFDB publ; 1 as French) --these notes on English eds. only


II --NEW TO THE DATABASE 2020-03-04 P763892 -- basics only
#16457 All Around the Moon Ebook #16457 shows t.p. Edward Roth, illustrated, David McKay ; Contents (Preliminary Chapter + I-XXIV, linked); List of Illustrations (1-22, linked); 4 print footnotes represented as endnotes; no back pages nor Transcriber's note
OMNI 335722 From the Earth to the Moon / Round the Moon -- NOVELs fixed
#83 From the Earth to the Moon AND A Trip Around It --internal, Round the Moon

Gutenberg refers to #44728. Contents list chapter titles differ at I.15-18 (3 diffs); II.preliminary, II.2, II.20 (and #44728 matches the body of the ebook); also #44728 consistently dots the headings. Both files state in back pages "Updated editions will replace the previous one—the old editions will be renamed."

335728 The Moon-Voyage -- NOVELs fixed
#12901 The Moon-Voyage: Containing ... --short titles of 2 novels
433389 From the Earth to the Moon: Passage Direct ... AND From the Earth to the Moon as "Translation from ..." -- NOVELs fixed
#44278 From the Earth to the Moon: Direct in Ninety-Seven Hours and Twenty Minutes: And a Trip Round It --short titles of 2 novels

Comet P335730

OMNI #1353 [from Daniels v9] Off on a Comet or Hector Servadac


I 412730 The English at the North Pole
#22759 The English at the North Pole: Part I of ...
II 500067 (match) #9618 The Field of Ice --with "Redactor's Note"
OMNI 412592 (match) #29413 The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras

Underground P310704

#1355 [from Daniels v9] The Underground City or The Black Indies (Sometimes Called The Child of the Cavern)


339205 Topsy-Turvy [see also 1890 Ogilvie P317206]
#10547 "Topsy-Turvy" (q-marks) --with "Redactor's Note"
731987 (match) as "Transcription from ..."
#60242 The Purchase of the North Pole: A Sequel ...

Barbicane & Co.; or, The Purchase of the North Pole. --interior t.p. and running head? (see Google Books)

Among 9 Gutenberg ebooks (print only, English only) for The Baltimore Gun Club (6) and (3) Captain Hatteras (whose Part II shares Works of Jules Verne 3 with the two Moon stories) 8 are in the database --5 entirely blank, 1 as Data from publisher website, 1 with "Transcription from" (#60242, Title note done, apparently by Holmesd), 1 with "Translation from" (#44278 with mis-match Title).

Where do we know the text only by its presumed Gutenberg edition?

Works of Jules Verne

Works 3 (Moon) contains Captain Hatteras, Part II
Works 9 (Comet) contains The Underground City
Works 13 contains The Purchase of the North Pole (Baltimore Gun Club, 3)

HDL Works of Jules Verne

Parke (U Ill Edition d'Amiens 1-15), (U Ind Édition decorée 8 vols inclg 9); (HU, PU The Prince Edward of Wales ed., both nearly complete); (MI MN VA California, Chicago, Cornell)

Works of Jules Verne 3 T2690476 --now having Vincent Parke #1-15 and National Alumni #1-10

1, Introduction
3-130, Adventures of Captain Hatteras
The Desert of Ice [that is, Part II only]
131\133-242, A Trip from the Earth to the Moon
243\245-380, A Tour of the Moon

F. Tyler Daniels edition --2 copies inclg one from U California with cover that may be original (plain red cloth) front., t.p. and is intact with frontispiece and two interior plates not included in the pagination

Illustrations // Volume Three

The Future Express, front. [205]
"Fire!", f144 [238]
The Reversal of Gravitation, f288 [298]

1-380, no back pages


Captain Hatteras

North Pole adventures --unrelated except that Works 3 contains Hatteras, Part II

Captain Hatteras Captain Hatteras --inconsistent treatment as 2 parts/novels

Jules Verne Translations v1 or both, v2
EN (1 novel)
  • The English at the North Pole
  • The Desert of Ice
  • Gutenberg, The Field of Ice #9618 (Routledge 1875) as 1874 translation

  • --cf. #22759 (unknown ed. part I; no back content ; linked Contents I-XXXII
The English at the North Pole: Part I of The Adventures of Captain Hatteras
"To-morrow, at low tide, the brig Forward, Captain K. Z——, Richard Shandon mate, will start from New Prince's Docks for an unknown destination."
The foregoing might have been read in the Liverpool Herald of April 5th, 1860.
The Voyages and Adventures of Captain Hatteras; 250 illus. by Riou; BOSTON:


Part I, Ch I-XXXII; Part II, Ch I-XXVII (linked contents without page numbers)
List of Full-Page Illustrations (linked list of captions, 77 inclg frontispiece amid.)
"To-morrow, at the turn of the tide, the brig Forward, K. Z., captain, Richard Shandon, mate, will clear from New Prince's Docks; destination unknown."
This announcement appeared in the Liverpool Herald of April 5, 1860.
Part II. The Desert of Ice. The design which Captain Hatteras had formed of exploring the North, and of giving England the honor of discovering the Pole, was certainly a bold one.

The Underground City

The Black Indies

Purchase of the North Pole

Topsy-Turvy (q-marks?)

Jules Verne Translations --NEED update

 lw  Edward Roth 288850 (21) (11 of 21, editions of 4 Verne novels)

another transl. by Edward Roth reported by publisher (in error?)

Around the World ?
Around the World (Scholastic) [1874] isbn-059043053X, 1983 isbn-0590702416, 2012 isbn-1742833071
--the latter no results at; the first two hit other editions, neither Scholastic, Roth, nor these ISBN
Vincent Parke and Company --niLC niVIAF

The Classics Greek and Latin Edition De Luxe 15 Volume Set Hardcover – January 1, 1909 by Marion Mills (Ed. ) Miller Publisher: Vincent Parke and Company; Limited/Numbered edition (January 1, 1909) ASIN: B003X577B4

The Centenary Memorial Edition of the Life and Writings of Thomas Paine Vincent Parke and Company, 1915. 10 Volume set. Dark blue cloth.Octavo. (9" x 6")

1911 Works of Jules Verne (Editions d'Amiens) --all 15 as PV Transient by Holmesd

Worldcat o[37] with Contents by volume

  • Earth and Moon

v3, A Trip from the Earth to the Moon; A Tour of the Moon

Baltimore Gun Club also v13, The Purchase of the North Pole
1993 Gutenberg #83 335722 From the Earth to the Moon / Round the Moon --near empty
actual title perhaps From the Earth to the Moon ; #44278 is "an improved edition of this title"
2004 Gutenberg #12901 335728 The Moon-Voyage --empty
actual title The Moon-Voyage: Containing 'From the Earth to the Moon' and 'Round the Moon' ; illus. Henry Austin
2013 Gutenberg #44278 433389 From the Earth to the Moon: Passage Direct in 97 Hours and 20 Minutes --empty
actual title From the Earth to the Moon, Direct in Ninety-Seven Hours and Twenty Minutes: And a Trip Round It <== Scribner, Armstrong 1874
Contents list contains subheading A Trip Around It, Preliminary Chapter + I-XXIII
Heading/title Round the Moon precedes the second part of the text
  • Sun and Comet

v9, Hector Servadac; The Underground City --separate Gutenberg ebooks #1353 #1355

Unknown translation text

  • A Trip Around 1958-04 522513 1958-04 Crest Book
  • All Around 1960 1372389 1960 Dover Publications
  • Around 1965 802625 1965 Platt & Munk
  • A Trip Round 1995-03 1317768 1995-03 Alan Sutton
  • 1931 Round 186919 1977 Airmont Books
  • 1911 A Tour 1606567 National Alumni
--shdbe 2002-09-30 Fredonia Books

update, report, and request confirmation Talk:Jules Verne Translations#DISCUSSION

Earth and Moon

Earth to Moon
2515877 Baltimore 1874 442 ; 1976 442 ; 2005 xiii 259 ; 19 Dover xi 220
2515885 Around 1876 484 ; 76 --
1962 Dover Space Novels o[219889578] 470
as 1954 Amazon B00H3NXN38 as 1962\1960 Amazon B000W55M10
eBay as $1.75 T633 eBay (3 images)]

(UFDL) University of Florida Digital Collections --not BALDWIN

Earth/Moon -- 1873 Sampson Low (London) ; 1874 Scribner, Armstrong (NY) ; 190- Allison (NY)

AND 1876 King & Baird (Catholic Publ Society) (printers King & Baird)

1st US(?) All Around the Moon --published with "The Moon Hoax"

see above #1835 etc; #1876


1874 --From Earth to Moon

Catholic World 19 p. 575/76 (Jul)

1876 --Around the Moon --below as Richard Adams Locke #1876

CATHOLIC WORLD 23 p. 430 (Jun)

Sun and Comet (Hector Servadac)

Hector Servadac in all editions --NOT LIMITED to Roth translations, later published as The Space Novels of Jules Verne

Fo[38](228) --other records as "Off on a Comet" may be expected

1877 Munro o[6369528]

Hector Servadac T7376 --ISFDB English only:

Ellen E. Frewer first published as 1878 Hector Servadac; or, The Career of a Comet --as YYYY, 1878, 1911(3)
Edward Roth --as 1878 (2 parts, Sun and Comet) and 1960 (slash)
?? 1926 Amazing Stories #1.1-1.2
?? 1929&c
?? 1957 Ace --abridgment of the whole as Off on a Comet
?? 2010&c --presumably the entire work as Off on a Comet

LC (844) --as Off on a Comet! #612-16

1878 CRH (2)
1976 Aeonian 472 [35]
2016 CCS Books Off on a comet 51 illus Gerald McCann ISBN-1911238027
2020 Dover Off on a comet! (pt 2) (no data, fc 2020-04)

--as Works of Jules Verne v9 U California(2) two scans of one book in UCIrvine binding t.p. v9 p.v, Contents(2); vii, Illustrations(3: front 176 272); 1-2, Introduction; Off on a Comet or Hector Servadac page 3 p150/51 (Isaac Hakkabut, Ben Zoof) page 276

277/79-394, The Underground City or The Black Indies (Sometimes Called The Child of the Cavern)
[1911] V. Parke -HDL

--as Hector Servadac #457-62

French [c1936] [c1967]
Spanish [19-]


1877 Munro -LOC
page 1 Seaside Library / Hector Servadac. Complete in this Number. / v3 n43 / Hector Servadac: Travels and Adventures Through the Solar System
-- "Part First. Chapter I. "No, captain, it does not suit me to give you my place!" "I regret it, count, but your pretensions do not affect mine!"
--(all?) subsequent chapters have long titles; Servadac's orderly is "Ben-Zouf"

Hector Servadac. Travels and adventures through the solar system.

page 21 "Part Second. Chapter I. In Which is Presented, Without Ceremony the Thirty-Sixth Inhabitant of the Gallian Spheroid." "The thirty-sixth inhabitant of Gallia had at last just appeared on Hot-Land. The only words, almost incomprehensible, which he had yet uttered, were these: "It is my comet, mine! It is my comet!"
closing p39 (quote) "However, those things never happened, sir, did they?" His master could only reply: "Confound it, Ben-Zouf! What is a man to believe?"
1878 Scribner, Armstrong -HDL
Harvard no cover, Princeton presumably not original front, t.p.; t.p. verso Jules Verne's Works. The Authorized Editions. [via Hetzel and Sampson Low]
Chapters I. The Challenge [page 1 and p195 "The Astronomer. By the return of the expedition, conveying its contribution from Formentera, the known population of Gallia was raised to a total of thirty-six."
closing p370 (quote) "However, those things never happened, sir, did they?" His Master could only reply: "Confound it, Ben Zoof! What is a man to believe?"
"Works of Jules Verne" publ by Scribner ...

1903 Scribner's -HDL x, 370 t.p. as 1908 (with cover as Hector Servadac or the Career of a Comet) x, 370 ~100 illus p(1), p(195) no back pages

HDL Hector Servadac (9 records)

(19-- Dutch) 60 76
1878 Scrib,Arm Frewer --above
1882 Scribner's Frewer t.p. (with cover, title Hector Servadac or the Career of a Comet) --identical? p370, [371/72] "Standard Works of Fiction"
1895[To the sun?] McKay
1905(2) Scribner's (2 with original plain/embossed red cloth cover) t.p. verso (blank) (p[vii], List of Illustrations--only 12) (no back pages)
1906(2) Scribner's " " ; " " ; " " ; " " --both match in all 4 respects
1908 Scribner's (original cover as ... The Career of a Comet) (t.p. verso blank) (List of Illustrations, ~100) (no back pages)
1911 Works of Jules Verne, ed. Horne (4 catalog records)
U Ill #427 of 600 --dnf inside t.p. (t.p. verso matches Ind U)
HU "The Prince Edward of Wales edition"--dnf inside t.p. (cover orig?) (t.p. verso matches Ind U)
Ind U "Édition decorée."--dnf inside t.p. (IU binding) (t.p. verso distinct)
F. Tyler Daniels Company [c1911] (uncertain cover) t.p. (differs) (t.p. verso differs too) (3 illus) (no back pages)

These editions contain no distinct title page for Hector Servadac... --only that p277 for The Underground City...

1998(?) Gutenberg #1353 --evidently from the 1911 F. Tyler Daniels
catalog title Off on a Comet! a Journey through Planetary Space by Jules Verne
Book II. Chapter I. to XIX. --omitting original III. Comets, Old and New. Daniels, p211-222 (images 345-58, with John Herschel illus.)
Hector Servadac, Count Timascheff, Ben Zoof, Isaac Hakkabut

The ebook (viewed in HTML format) contains no images and does not represent print page numbers or divisions. Following the title screen, its Contents list is a transcript with page numbers omitted, with all listings are hyperlinked to the same headings within the text below.

The ebook ends with a 12-line "Note" that is not distinguished from the end of the novel, which identifies corrections made by the Gutenberg scribe.

Parke/Daniels/Gutenberg text omits chapter II.III "Comets, Old and New." That is a clean break, without disruption because the Frewer ch 4 continues smoothly from ch 2 (as if ch 3 were an afterthought inserted).

quote end] They were all fairly bewildered. [] “Where, then,” cried Servadac eagerly, “where are we?” [] “You are on my comet, on Gallia itself!” [] And the professor gazed around him with a perfect air of triumph.
quote start] “Yes, my comet!” repeated the professor, and from time to time he knitted his brows, and looked around him with a defiant air, as though he could not get rid of the impression that someone was laying an unwarranted claim to its proprietorship, or that the individuals before him were intruders upon his own proper domain.

2016 Fantastic Books with "Look inside" another edition

back cover "Cover illustration by Paul Dominique Philippoteaux (1846-1923) from the original serialization, engraved by Charles Laplante (1837-1903). Cover design by Ian Randall Strock"

Sun and Comet
1197036 Sun 1878 xii 401 ; [1895?]-HDL 401
as 1879 2nd ed., w cover Amazon
1197037[4] Comet 1878 78 xii 472 ; 2020 Dover thrift --
1960 Dover thrift Space Novels o[16730277] 462; 1970 o[13368903]
as 1960 Amazon 0486206343; as 1960 Amazon (covers differ)
eBay as T634 [found at Google images only]
EN: Off on a Comet (as both parts)
-- The same year a still different translation by Edward Roth was published in Philadelphia by Claxton, Remsen, and Heffelfinger[3] in two parts. Part I (October, 1877) was entitled To the Sun and Part II (May, 1878) Off on a Comet. This was reprinted in 1895 by David McKay.
-- In 1926, the first two issues of Amazing Stories carried Off on a Comet in two parts.[5]

Sun -- xii, 401, [36]
McKay [1895] -LOC, HDL o[2353187] -- 401
LOC redirects to t.p. (LOC copy, pencilled "1895")
t.p. (t.p. verso blank) --original cover, reinforced

Comet o[6905688] -- ix-xii -- v-xii, 472, [36] leaves of plates

That title page (c. 1895, not 1878) shows on three lines, all caps:

To the Sun?


Journey Through Planetary Space

Library of Congress implies that "A Journey Through Planetary Space" is from the title pages of both 1st eds. as 1878


Sun/Comet -- Frewer translation only [39]

NEEDs work, in particular

1911 titles 1199856 --now merged

Vincent Parke edition at HDL HathiTrust Digital Library provides full view of 5 copies, perhaps none with the original cover. Those from U Michigan and U Chicago lack the front page that describes the limited edition (one front page, U Virginia copy viewed at HathiTrust). The title leaves appear to be identical. None is dated, except as all show t.p. verso: "Copyright, 1911, by Vincent Parke and Company." (Virginia, image 12)

Front material does not identify the works contained in this volume, except as their short titles are listed in the "Contents Volume Nine" --that is, Introduction; Off on a Comet; The Underground City. (image 13)

Three illustrations. The frontispiece color (missing from UVirginia) --one Cornell U copy shows the frontispiece in color reproduction with guardsheet frontispiece, t.p., and contains the limited edition page

  1. Walking or Flying, front (as Page 18)
  2. A Night View of Saturn, 176 (as Page 213)
  3. The Approach to Earth, 272 (as Page 272) --known COVERART

Horne 1911 "Introduction to Volume 9":

In one way “Off on a Comet” shows a marked contrast to Verne’s earlier books. Not only does it invade a region more remote than even the “Trip to the Moon,” but the author here abandons his usual scrupulously scientific attitude.

... / ... / But once granted the initial and the closing extravagance, the departure and return of his characters, the alpha and omega of his tale, how closely the author clings to facts between!" --NO COMMENT ON TEXT, LACKING Ch II.III

(The Underground City) [Same year 1877] "was published also the tale variously named and translated as "The Black Indies", "The Underground City", and "The Child of the Cavern". This story, like “Round the World in Eighty Days” was first issued in “feuilleton” by the noted Paris newspaper “Le Temps.”
Off on a Comet! T1197037 needs unmerge
2013 "Edited, Annotated and Illustrated by Ron Miller" is an edition of the entire novel, in the Frewer translation "expanded" (by Ron Miller?); 2020-04-15 (forthcoming) Dover Thrift is genuinely part two

2013 Ron Miller --NEEDs work Notes and Contents

EN: Off on a Comet --NEEDs work; USEFUL links

Ron Miller ebook Amazon US --is the Frewer translation revised/expanded? or the publication, by its Historical Afterword? 2020-02-25 as "(Annotated) (Expanded Text)" and "Baen Books; 1 edition (July 16, 2013)" • Includes more than 100 illustrations from the original edition • Features an appendix with a diagram and map • Now with an Historical Afterword by Ron Miller [thus "Expanded"?] • Newly edited and expanded "Nothing, Sir, can induce me to surrender my claim." "I am sorry, count, but in such a matter your views cannot modify mine."

comparison Ron Miller (no Contents list) with Gutenberg #1353 (no images)
Ch. I. *both* lack two words "sorry for it" ; identical thru "with another low bow they parted."
Ch. II III IV V --evidently match

Russian Count Wassili Timascheff, Ben Zoof,

comparison 1878 Scribner, Armstrong (viewed at HDL) and Gutenberg #1353

Part I. => Book I.

II. The Antecedents of Captain Servadac and His Orderly
XIX. Gallia's Governour General => Governor

Part II. => Book II.

III. Comets, Old and New --omitted, ch IV-XX renumbered III-XIX
XII. => XI. A Fete Day

1911, p1

“Nothing, sir, can induce me to surrender my claim.”
“I am sorry for it, count, but in such a matter your views cannot modify mine.”
“But allow me to point out that my seniority unquestionably gives me a prior right.”
“Mere seniority, I assert, in an affair of this kind, cannot possibly entitle you to any prior claim whatever.”
“Then, captain, no alternative is left but for me to compel you to yield at the sword’s point.”
That's As you please, count; but neither sword nor pistol can ever force me to forego my pretensions. Here is my card.”
“And mine.”
This rapid altercation was thus brought to an end by the formal interchange of the names of the disputants.

1911 Daniels, p151 Book II // Chapter I // The Astronomer

Enter Isaac Hakkabut

Gute (I.18) His name was Isaac Hakkabut, and he was a native of Cologne.
II.2 "Confound it!" said Ben Zoof.

Beside typographical changes, and some spellings/diacritics, the 1911 omits occasional words.

II.3 --omitted from the 1911-- is a digression entirely 1878, p211
"As if moved by some unconscious presentiment of future destiny, Professor Palmyrin Rosette had always evidenced a strong predilection for the study of comets.
(p222) Such were the deductions of Palmyrin Rosette's treatise ... How little could he foresee ..."


1877/78 ("to the sun?" verne) (21: Nov= 47; 11013202 =Aug

Catholic World 27 p. 287/88 --review

search hits 4, 7-8, 10-13, 17

The Sun (Bal) 1877-12-15 p5 "New Publications" --received, with review (as subtitle) --- "The translator, Mr. Roth, a successful educator of youth in Philadelphia, and well known formerly in Baltimore in the same vocation, has done his work well ..."
Sat Eve Post -12-01 p3 "Literary Notes" --CRH "of this city, have just put forth
publisher adverts Lit World -12-01 p133 "For Holiday Presents" "Cloth, gilt, $2.00." ; Sat Eve Post -12-22 p3 as "Sun: or, ..." "Beautifully bound in cloth, full gilt back and sides. Price, $2." ; Lit World -01-01 p153 without "or, " "Cloth, gilt, $2.00."
Independent #1539 1878-05-30 p10 "Literary News" --CRH "have nearly ready the sequel [with subtitle; Ben Zouf; brief review as for Christmas]"

American Bookseller

-11-01 p366/67 Phila. Oct 25 --CRH "have nearly ready"
-11-01 p385 "Announcements for Immediate Issue" --CRH "To the Sun; or, a Journey through Planetary Space." 36, 12mo, 410pp., $2.
-12-01 p570/71 Phila. Nov 28 --"during the last two weeks", CRH "have issued"
-12-01 p578/79 "Other New Books" --review as "Verne's latest [with subtitle] is just published ... with all the illustrations in the French edition [36]"
[40] -12-15 p620/62 "Late Holiday Books" --the Christmas number omitted some "new holiday books" espy some "of the beautiful illustrated books" --Scribner, Armstrong Hector Servadac "is the same story" 8vo 370pp nearly 100 illustrations
-04-01 p311 "New Publications" --CRH advert To the Sun? [with subtitle] as 36 illus, 12mo, clloth, $2.00
-05-15 p412 "Announcements for Immediate Issue" --CRH "Off on a Comet: A Journey through Planetary Space. A Sequel to "To the Sun." By Jules Verne. Translated by Edward Roth. 12mo, 460pp., cloth, $1.50"
-06-01 p434/36 "New Novels and Stories" --CRH "the second half of JV's To the Sun, published at Christmas time as a holiday book."
-06-15 p502 Phila. Jun 12 --"just published by" CRH, elaborate binding, 36 full-page illus

1878 ("off on a comet!") (5: --exclamation! makes no difference

The Sun (Bal) 1878-05-22 p5 "New Publications" notice
Lit World 9.1 1878-06-01 p18 "New Publications" $1.50
Lippincott's July p22 "Books Received" --with subtitles
Catholic World p576 --(no mention of this one) "We are in receipt of a number of volumes ..."; several notices held over



("hector servadac") (76: 100010 41 13 17 18 31) US only from Sep: 6128)

Jan--Jun = index listings Appletons' Annual Cyclopedia 17 p438; Lit World p167
July --UK advertisements Hetzel and Sampson Low eds.
US Sep--Oct = Munro libraries only
[41] The Sun (Bal) 1877-09-04 New Publications "The Seaside Library #1-50
inclg Jules Verne #5 The Black Indies 10c, #16 The Field of Ice 10c, #43 Hector Servadac 10c --also #6 #13 #44 The Tower of London, W. H. Ainsworth, 20c
#1-60 Cincinnati Enquirer 1877-09-13 p5 (new advert) #1-60, 12c 25c postpaid --incl #57 "A Voyage Round the World--Australia by Jules Verne", 10c
#1-70 Cin Enq -09-20 p5 --inclg Verne #57 60 74 68
[42] #1-79 Cin Enq -09-26 AND 27 --inclg Verne #78
#1-79 The Globe (Toronto) -09-24/26/29 --probably identical to Cin Enq
[43] The Sun (Bal) 1877-10-10 p2 The Riverside Library, Norman L. Munro #1-50 inclg #19 Hector Servadac

("The Seaside Library") 1877 41 hits (#24025 "Strike of the Printers" 1877-09-01)

#1-47 Christian Union -08-29 p170
#1-42 New York-Evangelist -08-23 p8
#1-40 Cin Enq -08-21 p5
#25-35 The Sun -08-15 p2
#1-37 Cin Enq -08-14 p5
American Architect and Building News 2.85 -08-11 p.v --George Munro new building
#1-23 Youth's Companion 50.32 -08-09 p257
#1-32 Cin Enq -08-08 p5 -08-07 p5
#1-20 Scientific American 37.5 -08-04 p77
#1-20 Bos D Globe -07-27 p2 -07-26 p2 -07-20 p5
#1-26 Cin Enq -08-01 p5 -07-31 p5
#1-26 The Sun -07-30 p1
#1-23 The Sun -07-28 p1 -07-26 p1
#1-23 Cin Enq -07-23 p5
#1-20 NY Evang -07-19 p5
#1-20 Chr Union -07-18 p50
#1-5 Am Bk 3.12 -06-15 p384 "Latst Publications" [44]

("American Bookseller" "George Munro") 1877 17 hits from -03-15

Latest Publications" include Seaside Library
-0501 -0416 -0401 -0315 "Munro's Ten Cent Novels"
#1-5 -06-15 p ("The Black-Indies", No. V, the first single number, 10c)
#6-8 -07-02 p22
#9-15 -07-15 p53
#9-32 -08-01 p96
#29-35 -08-15 p148
#33-48 -09-01 p194
#49-62 -09-15 p233
#63-80 -10-01 p289
#81-100 -10-15 p327
advert #1-153 -11-15 p518
#133-66 -12-01 p596 (#159 The Phantom Ship)
#166-77 -12-15 p630

("david mckay" "jules verne") 1880--1929 (18: 00000 40020; 00001 12000; 01000 00000; 11100 00010; 00000 20001)

The Golden Rule 1896-06-25 p846 "A Ramble in Bookdom" (From the Earth to the Moon, 75c)
The Golden Rule 1896-06-13 p465 " " (other three transl. Roth, no price)
[45] The Book Buyer 12.2 1895-12-01 p620 --uniform 4 Verne and Hauff's Fairy Tales


[SFE3] Hector Servadac: voyages et aventures à travers le monde solaire (1 January-15 December 1877 Magasin d'Éducation et de Récréation; 1877 2vols; trans Ellen Elizabeth Frewer as Hector Servadac 1877; ¶ vt adapted by Adam Roberts from the above translation as Off on a Comet; Or, Hector Servadac: Travels and Adventures Around the Solar System 2007) is perhaps the most remarkable of Verne's mid-period works: a fragment of the planet is knocked into space by a huge Comet, along with a microcosm of humanity, which survives vacuum and other tribulations, circumnavigates the Sun, and returns two years later to an Earth magically untransformed (as in The Fur Country) by the Disaster. In the introduction to his version of this work, Adam Roberts shows that Hetzel would not permit Verne to close a novel in the midst of a transformed world (indeed, Verne's protagonists normally brings their gifts of travel back to an unchanged Europe).

Wikipedia EN: Publication history

In September 2007, Solaris Books (U.K.) published Off on a Comet as an appendix to Splinter by Adam Roberts, as a slightly edited version of the Parke edition.[citation needed]
In a 2007 blog post on The Guardian, Adam Roberts reviewed one 1877 translation. Roberts felt that the translation was inaccurate and incomplete.[6] Roberts' criticism is, however, somewhat vindicated by the fact that the version of Hector Servadac he was criticizing was the corrupt version of the original Frewer translation found on Project Gutenberg (based on the Parke edition, above), which was made from a different French original than the one he was using.[citation needed]
In October 2007, Choptank Press published an on-line version of Munro's 1877 Hector Servadac, Travels and Adventures through the Solar System [7] edited by Norman Wolcott, followed (December 2007) by Hector Servadac: The Missing Ten Chapters from the Munro Translation[8] newly translated by Norman Wolcott and Christian Sánchez.[citation needed]
In 2008, the Choptank Press published a combined book version Hector Servadac: Travels and Adventures Through the Solar System containing: (I) An enlarged replica of Seaside Library edition #43 as published by George Munro, New York, 1877; (II)A typeset version of the same in large readable type; (III) A new translation of the last 10 chapters from the original French by Norman Wolcott and Christian Sanchez in the literal style of the remainder of the book; and (IV) 100 illustrations from the original publications enlarged to 8 1⁄2-by-11-inch (216 mm × 279 mm) format.[9]


Hector Servadac: Travels and Adventures Through the Solar System. (New York: George Munro, 1877) [trans anon of the first half only of the magazine version of the above: full version first appeared 27 August 1877-11 February 1878 New York Fireside Companion: in the publisher's Seaside Library series: Voyages extraordinaires: illus/P Philippoteaux: pb/]

BUT the Seaside Library edition is not first half only!

Hector Servadac: Or, The Career of a Comet (London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Rivington, 1877) [book is dated 1878: trans with editorial modifications by Ellen Elizabeth Frewer of the above: using the magazine version with Antisemitic passages: Voyages extraordinaires: illus/hb/P Philippoteaux]

Unknown hand, text maybe unknown (English only)

1877 Munro
1926 --text unk "The translator of Jules Verne's novel is not credited, and the novel seems to have edited."
1929 --text unk
1957 --text unk "abridged and modernized"
2010 --text unk
2013 Ron Miller --in progress

2013 Ron Miller ed. Hector Servadac T2695139 The number of "original" illustrations identifies the "original" translation

Amazing Stories #1.1, 1.2

  • MITSFS no hits
  • Houghton Library GEN SF-2878 --permission of curator required
  • Widener Library Offsite Storage PS648.S3 A49 --bound as 1926 Apr-Aug and Sep-Dec
ISFDB as Off on a Comet (Part 1 of 2) T112857, (Part 2 of 2) T[46]
cover story #1.1, Frank R. Paul cover illus. T146599
April 1926 --PV Ymmv, Boxen (both retired)
2013-10-24 --PV MLB who notes 'The translator of Jules Verne's novel is not credited, and the novel seems to have edited. Part One is titled Off on a Comet—or Hector Servadac on the contents page and Off On a Comet or Hector Servadac on part one's title page. Servadac is backwards for "cadavers".'
2014-09-25 --facsimile sold online, not verified
May 1926 --PV Ymmv, Boxen (both retired)
2015-02-19 --facsimile sold online, not verified

publisher George Munro

21 not in series, of which 12 are "The Seaside Library" magazine numbers
7, Seaside Library
15, Seaside Library Pocket Edition --eg, P609080
1, The Victor [...]

quarto / bedsheet / tp

1877 George Munro ed.

Rtrace 2018 as series The Seaside Library T2489195

[Title] This translation was published earlier as Hector Servadac in the Munro publication The New York Fireside Companion, a weekly story paper, from August 27, 1877, through February 11, 1878.

Pwendt 2020 as pub series Seaside Library

1878 Hector Servadac; or, The Career of a Comet

WorldCat notes that is cover title
The 1st US ed. of this translation displays the short title on both front cover and title page. --Scribner, Armstrong at ISFDB
Its reissue in 1882 displays Hector Servadac or The Career of a Comet on its front cover and the short title on its title page]. --Charles Scribner's Sons viewed at HDL