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created 2019-12-16 by import from top initially containing The Keepsake and other publishers (editors, illustrators) of Shelley

"Hurst of Hurstcote": How Edith Nesbit "Reworked" Poe's "M. Valdemar" Thompson, Terry W. The Midwest Quarterly; Pittsburg Vol. 59, Iss. 3, (Spring 2018): 268.

User talk:Vasha77#On Frankenstein (1832)

ESSAY On Frankenstein (1832) by Percy Bysshe Shelley T2051771 --NO TITLE NOTE
This is an edition of the 1818 text.

As of 2019-12-20 three publications in Norton Critical Editions are covered: 1st ed.; and 2nd ed., 2nd and 3rd printings. Title pages share the first five components:   A Norton Critical Edition / Mary Shelley / Frankenstein / The 1818 Text / Contexts / after which:   (1st ed.) Nineteenth-Century Responses / Modern Criticism / Edited by ...   (2nd ed.) Criticism / Second Edition / Edited by ... (from three ISFDB publication records).

The Essential Frankenstein, ed. Leonard Wolf --inclg the 1818 novel and Wolf's annotations

1995 Doubles, Dummies, and Dolls
1977 Annotated Frankenstein o[1] (2663 Editions and Formats!)
1993 Essential Frankenstein Fo[2](8)
1995 Essential Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Fo[3](9) o[4] ibooks 2004
1975 Annotated Dracula Fo[5](15)
1993 Essential Dracula Fo[6](9)

Essential Frankenstein T825962 o[7]

User talk:Nimravus (The Essential Frankenstein 2)
Plume 0452269687 o[29295251] o[832298342] --as "1816 novel"
Plume ebook o[1083419686]
ibooks o[56927816] Summary, o[778974611] "A Byron Preiss book."

2018 biography by Fiona Sampson, In Search of Mary Shelley: The Girl Who Wrote Frankenstein

Kirkus as 2018-06-05

newspapers 2018/2019 BIOGRAPHY (53: 49 4) ANTHOLOGY (no hits)

[8] 2018-01-12 --review (also -01-13 in the magazine) ; Profile Books L18.99 --names four other biographies of Shelley
[9] Irish Times -01-13 pE29 --review


[Publishers Weekly -04-02 [Pegasus Books, Fiona Sampson, 28.95 (368p) ISBN 978-1-68177-752-8] as "June"

elsf Mary Shelley 1836 (304)

ISFDB short stories (exclg Frankenstein. The Last Man, excerpts) 2019-12-16

25, 1 as non-genre -- as 15 ss, 10 nt
[Mary Shelley: ]Collected Tales and Stories with Original Engravings contains these 25 stories
-- of which editor Robinson's "Notes" identify one as certainly by Claire Clairmont (primarily) and Shelley
-- all under their original titles, if published, of which 4 are ISFDB variants

(The) Transformation - about 40 publications, 15 from 1968 as "The ..."

ISFDB Shelley COLLECTION and all-Shelley OMNIBUS
?? title Note reports number of stories (+ and more)
  • 17+ Tales and Stories (1891) T918976 --The [ Treasure House of Tales by Great Authors] --BL 003668341 (only 4 vols, each No. 43 of 55)

Alternative titles:

1. Tales by Leigh Hunt, now first collected with a prefatory memoir by William Knight, LL.D. (t.p. 1891)
2. Tales and Stories by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley[,] Now First Collected, with an introduction by Richard Garnett, LL.D[.] --BL 003364029
3. Tales by Douglas Jerrold --niLC --BL 001866572
4. Tales by Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Beaconsfield, hitherto, for the most part, uncollected, with a Biographical Notice by J. Logie Robertson M.A. ("Hugh Haliburton"). --BL 000950956

newspapers 1890--1891 (4 hits

[10] The Scotsman 1890-11-10 p2 --main heading, Paterson's Treasure-House of Tales
[11] Irish Times 1890-09 --"The first four volumes will ..." Dr. Garnett of the British Museum, Professor Knight of St. Andrews
[12] The Academy #972 1890-12-20 p586 --review of #1-2
The Treasure House of Tales by Great Authors

From a one-page advertisement of volumes numbered 1 to 4 (1891):

(head note) "Handsome crown 8vo Volumes, bound in cloth gilt, 3s. 6d. each. Each volume illustrated with a Portrait etched for this Series by M. Ad. Lalauze of Paris."

(foot note) "An impression of 55 copies printed on the best Dutch Hand-made Paper has been prepared with the Portraits printed on Japanese Paper, each copy numbered."

  • 25+ Collected Tales and Stories with Original Engravings (1976) T2475249
--perhaps SHDBE [Mary Shelley: ]
  • 5+ The Mortal Immortal: The Complete Supern. Short Fic. (1996) T616029 = Beyond Frankenstein (2018)
--with 'PROBLEM essay/story narrative introduction by Michael Bishop T118654
Description 2018 ebook product page
... "This riveting collection contains all five of Mary Shelley’s incredible supernatural tales, guaranteed to delight even the most jaded of horror readers."
... "During her lifetime, she published just over two-dozen stories, three of which were of interest to science fiction and fantasy readers. Two additional stories were published after Shelley’s death." ...
"In addition to all of Mary Shelley’s compelling supernatural stories, Beyond Frankenstein also features an original story by renowned science fiction author Michael Bishop, which serves as a narrative introduction." [end]

= 5 stories: Mortal Imm., Transformation, Dodsworth, Dream, Valerius

  • 4+ The Short Stories of Mary Shelley (2013) T1663076
  • 6+ Frankenstein and Others: The Complete Weird Fiction of Mary Shelley (2018) T2458521
--CHECK publisher website which lists 6
--surprise, contains The Invisible Girl

= 6 stories: Frankenstein, Valerius, Dodsworth, Transformation, Invisible, Mortal Imm.

  • Horror Stories (2018) T2453809 --? SHDBE anthology, relying on Part 1, Frankenstein

2019-12-19 ISFDB coverage of this series is mixed as ANTHOLOGY series ed. Laura Bulbeck series Gothic Fantasy and publication series as nominally single-author COLLECTION publ series Gothic Fantasy. See the Lovecraft hc and ebook.

Amazon provides "Look inside" the ebook editions, which contain the complete Contents list. Relying on the Contents lists, the 'Bram Stoker', 'Edgar Allan Poe', and 'H. G. Wells' volumes contain between opening and closing ESSAYs, only works by Stoker, Poe, and Wells. But the 'Lovecraft' volume contains among 35 collected/anthologized works 31 by Lovecraft and 4 by other writers. (Hc format 686110 and ebook format 738691 are both in the database, as the unique publications of anthology by Laura Bulbeck (series editor) and collection by Lovecraft respectively.) The last two paragraphs of the Foreword, and the brief Publisher's Note, alone concern the selection. Not much: Other writers elaborated upon the Cthulhu Mythos, which Lovecraft encouraged, and these four stories are instances.

The 'Mary Shelley' volume contains only 12 by Shelley and 8 by other writers. (Hc format 688714 alone is in the database, as the unique publication of a collection by Shelley.)

The final paragraph of the Foreword concerns the works by other writers (8 listed in Contents, and the 1818 preface by Percy not recognized):

OOPS --Fantasmagoriana (Fr.) is the version discussed in 1816

The Variants and Transformations of Fantasmagoriana: Tracing a Travelling Text to the Byron–Shelley Circle Maximiliaan van Woudenberg, Romanticism 24.1 October 2014 ; BL LDEAvdc_100051840484.0x000001 LDEAvdc_100024950838.0x000001
"Some volumes of ghost stories, translated from the German into French, fell into our hands."[Mary Shelley]
"The English translation from the French as Tales of the Dead appeared in 1813, but would not be reprinted until almost a hundred and eighty years later."
... Hale's 1992 edition only reprinted the 1813 English translation of Fantasmagoriana. ..." --ADD THIS

Fantasmagoriana, 1812 anthology (French) T1895147 -- all uncredited

1812 Schoell --unique publication indb BL 001185935 (meagre) BL 001198442
2004 Fantasmagoriana: (Tales of the Dead) T1895532 "As edited that year by A. J. Day, Fantasmagoriana (Tales of the Dead) finally provided an English audience with all the ‘German stories of ghosts’ from the French volumes read at the Villa Diodati in 1816."[@]
submissions last fortnight
[13] 1992 Tales
[14] 2005 Fantas.
[15] 2005 Fantas.

"We should be mindful that Tales of the Dead does not include all the stories in the original French volumes read by the Byron–Shelley circle. A complete English translation of the 1812-French edition only first appeared in 2004. As edited that year by A. J. Day, Fantasmagoriana (Tales of the Dead) finally provided an English audience with all the ‘German stories of ghosts’ from the French volumes read at the Villa Diodati in 1816." Paperback $19.50 as "; First Edition edition (July 14, 2008)" Kindle $7.99 as "Fantasmagoriana Press; 1 edition (October 31, 2011)"


"This is the first full translation of the stories that inspired Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Dr John Polidori's The Vampyre."
Translations 'The ghost of the departed', 'The Grey Room' and 'The Black Chamber' (c)A.J.Day 2004
'Searching for the muse' (c)A.J.Day 2004

p145-51 (viewed as "Look inside" at Amazon UK 2020-01-03, missing only p150)

"... It was not until 1992 that Mrs. Utterson's translation resurfaced briefly; edited by Professor Terry Hale and published by the former Gothic Society." [end par]
... With this edition I have attempted to recreate the original collection of stories in order to satisfy the reader's curiosity as to the source of Mary [Shelley]'s inspiration and to enable further academic study of the origins of Gothic and Science-fiction genres in English. Consequently three of the stories presented here are unique in that they appear, for the first time, in the English language." [the last three stories, alone covered by copyright statement]
Day names only two of the German-language writers, Apel and Laun, who wrote only 7 of the 8 stories. The eighth story was abridged by Utterson.
Day says nothing about the other texts. Are the Utterson translations, one with abridgment, reprinted here?
naive page counts 2005/08/11
24 Musaus
26 Apel, 14 12 24 14 Laun, 10 H.C., 8 Apel
[print page 11, inferred] INTRODUCTION (viewed as ebook only)
"[par 2 of 3] If you are anything like the adventurous souls that have previously delighted in these tales then you are no doubt keen to get to the stories. As a result I have foregone a long and lengthy foreword that would only serve to distract from the wonderful tales that lie within. Instead I have ... provided an in depth 'nachwort' or after-word. ...
"[par 3 of 3] ... This edition attempts to re-create, as accurately as possible, the original contents of the book that Lord Byron picked up from a bookseller in Geneva; a book that was to be instrumental in the conceiving of a work of English Literature that has remained in print for almost two hundred years." [nothing at all about the texts]

The same 8 stories have been translated into English, and published together in the 2005 anthology <a href="">Fantasmagoriana: (Tales of the Dead)</a>. Fantasmagoriana: (Tales of the Dead) T1895532

"The Spectre Barber" (no hyphen) contains the Utterson text (first two paragraphs identical). That is "The Spectre-Barber.: (A Tale of the Sixteenth Century.)"

Template:Tr, 1813, both author and translator uncredited

Wikisource Sarah Elizabeth Utterson
13403 The Family Portraits --original as novelette
6320 The Fated Hour --ISFDB novelette ; original same
5894 The Death's Head --ISFDB novelette ; original length unstated
12141 The Death-Bride --ISFDB novelette ; original as novella
12934 The Spectre-Barber --original as novella
3070 The Storm
1992 reprint of 1813 Tales of the Dead: Ghost Stories of the Villa Diodati --no page numbers
1813 (no Contents list): 61 Apel, 30 27 57 Laun, 15 Utterson, 56 Musäus
1812 Fantasmagoriana
116 Musäus, 112 Apel, 48 Laun; 104 58 64 Laun, 20 Clauren, 57 Apel

(fantasmagoriana) 1811/1819 (no hits) --also not found 2004 to 2006

("tales of the dead") 1812/1814

[16] New Review, Dec 1813 p593-95 --unique review found, identifies no one

Tales of the Dead, 1813 anthology T1895188 --all uncredited, same as 1812 Fantasmagoriana

EN: "Though Tales of the Dead was published anonymously, Utterson became known to be the translator by 1820. The Uttersons' copy was bound in blue straight-grain Morocco leather with gilt edges, inserted with a print by Samuel William Reynolds of a portrait of her by Alfred Edward Chalon and six original water colour drawings."
1813 White, Cochrane --unique publication indb -HDL ; BL 001198441 (unique BL by Mrs. Utterson) (with "Another copy")
t.p. "principally Translated from the French." --in LC copy, over pencil annotation "Mrs. Utterson"
1992 Terry Hale T1500373 --reprint Tales of the Dead: The Ghost Stories of the Villa Diodati, ed. Terry Hale (Chislehurst, 1992) BL 008828166 143p ISBN-1874100039 (pbk)
 lw  Terry Hale, ed. 122778 (3)[many] = T. J. Hale (LC) 

[1813] "The first four tales in this collection, and the last [6th of 6], are imitated from a small French work, which professes to be translated from the German [Fantasmagoriana (see]. It contains several other stories of similar cast; but which did not appears equally interesting, and they [3 of 8] have therefore been omitted. The last tale [1st of 8 Fantasmagoriana] has been considerably curtailed, as it contained much matter relative to the loves of the hero and heroine, which in a compilation of this kind appeared rather misplaced. ... The translation was the amusement of an idle hour ..."

The references to contents are obscure because the 1813 book contains no Contents list. See ISFDB publ record with page numbers. --i iii [I to VI, uncredited] [ISFDB canonical names A. Apel, F. Laun, Johann ...] 3 64 94 121 178 193

"The fifth tale,(or rather fragment,) is founded on an incident [... years ago reported to me as factual ...]. I have therefore no other claim in respect to it, than that of having a little amplified the detail. The termination is abrupt, and necessarily so, as I must candidly confess a want of imagination to fulfil the expectations which may have been excited by the early part of the tale."

"similar in its features" to those of "The Storm" as published here, or to those of "The Spectre-Barber" as published here, or to those of all five other stories published here? --the latter, probably, if the five have been selected for their own similar features ("a compilation of this kind"). If all five other stories --Utterson's translations or adaptations from the French--

"On the evening of the 12th of June 17--, a joyous party was assembled at Monsieur de Montbrun's château to celebrate the marriage of his nephew ..." (p. 178 viewed at HathiTrust).

The other contents of the 'Mary Shelley' volume [parent title records if in the database]

Byron, A Fragment 1037677
Polidori, The Vampyre 1279475
Coleridge, Christabel 1324124
 lw  Sarah Elizabeth Utterson, transl. 159108 (1) Wikisource
DElf A. Abel 210857 (16) 
DElf F. Laun 218189 (10) --poor choice of canonical name?
DElf Johann Karl August Musäus 179989 (23) 

Utterson, Prefaces to Tales of the Dead 1895189 --preface to her 1813 translation of Fantasmagoriana stories P531985
Tales of the Dead Wikisource -HDL
Apel, The Family Portraits 1894655 Wikisource
Laun, The Fated Hour 1894133 Wikisource
Laun, The Death's Head 1894551
Musa"us, The Spectre-Barber 1566171 Wikisource


The translator is not credited in the 1813 first publication (viewed at HathiTrust), and the opening "Advertisement", which has been reprinted as Utterson's preface, is not signed.

I. The Family Portraits. -- "by Johann August Apel" at Wikisource
II. The Fated Hour. -- "by Friedrich August Schulze" at Wikisource
III. The Death's Head. -- " "
IV. The Death-Bride. -- " "
V. The Storm. --
VI. The Spectre-Barber. (A Tale of the Sixteenth Century.)

Wikisource: "This is a partial translation from the French (see Advertisement)."
--indeed, an incomplete translation from the French translation of an incomplete work
The edition is also incomplete as a translation of the anthology, as it contains versions of only the first 5 of 8 works. --see "Advertisement".

2019-12-19 --LACKING some {tr} notes

[4] Stoker -- 22 by Stoker alone
[10] Poe -- 43 by Poe alone
2020-01-02 Amazon provides only "Look inside" another collection
[13] Wells --
Foreword, Publisher's Note; 35 contents by Wells only (inclg two short novels), no sections; Biographies & Sources
[18] Lovecraft --alone now as anthology series, hc format only

Gothic Fantasy series, Flame Tree Studio (Amazon provides "Look inside" the ebook commonly)

Laura Bulbeck, ed. 246326 (0)[6]
S. T. Joshi, ed. --Lovecraft
els  Patrick Parrinder, ed. 21331 (1) --Wells 
 lw  Catherine Wynne, ed. 190125 (6) --Stoker
el   Fiona Sampson, ed. 284917 (19) --Shelley
 lw  Christopher P. Semtner, ed. 280913 (4) --Poe
[4] Bram Stoker Horror Stories --indb 2 Stoker stories only --q
(cover image, no title screen, project editor Laura Bulbeck, print and ebook ISBN,
Foreword by Dr. Catherine Wynne ; Publisher's Note
Supernatural Foes (8)
Murder & Revenge (8)
Love & Tragedy (6) ; Biographies and Sources
"Foreword: Bram Stoker Horror Stories"
[10] Edgar Allan Poe Short Stories --indb Foreword only
[13] H. G. Wells Short Stories --indb (ebook only) no Contents
[18] Lovecraft Short Stories --ed. S. T. Joshi --indb (ebook only) no Contents
[24] Sherlock Holmes Short Stories --misfit cover design displayed at Amazon
[26] Swords & Steam Short Stories
xx Mary Shelley Horror Stories P688714 Amazon US --indb (hc only) Foreword and 1 Shelley, 1 Byron
(apparently same as Bram Stoker, but dnf at publisher series page)
Foreword by Fiona Sampson ; Publisher's Note
The Birth of Frankenstein (Frankenstein plus 8 by other writers)
... "Foreword: Mary Shelley Horror Stories" --on the book title COMPARE "Mary Shelley: Collected Tales ..."
-- "... The Fantasmagoriana stories also collected here are translated directly from the German originals, and are the ones Mary mentions in the Introduction to her 1831 edition of Frankenstein ..."

CONTENTS (2018 ebook at Amazon UK)
Foreword ; Publisher's Note ; [and four sections]
  1. The Birth of Frankenstein --Frankenstein (prefaces 1818, 1831); + 8 works by others
  2. Eerie Supernatural --3 Shelley (inclg On Ghosts)
  3. Gothic Tales --6 Shelley (inclg A Dirge, The Invisible Girl)
  4. The Horrors of Isolation --2 Shelley (inclg The Last Man excerpt)
Biographies & Sources

Thus 8 =2+5+1 stories among the 25 Collected Tales and Stories


  • 1+14 The Collected Supern. and Weird Fic. [v1] (2010) T1124740 --Frankenstein +13 of 25 --PROBLEM "On Ghosts"
  • 1+4 The Collected Supern. and Weird Fic. [v2] (2010) T1124725 --The Last Man +3 of 25

Thus 16 among the 25, plus "On Ghosts"

Volume 1 also contains (15) "On ghost" per WorldCat --probably "On Ghosts"

Gutenberg Australia
Goodreads: "On Ghosts is an essay written by Mary Shelley, first published in London Magazine (March 1824)."
Kirstin Mills, Australia [17] "... In her essay “On Ghosts” published in the London Magazine in March, 1824, Mary Shelley questions “is it true that we do not believe in ghosts?”"
Catherine Redford, UK [18], quotes "The King of the Cats", as presented by Shelley as told by M. G. Lewis

Thus, an essay --journalism?-- in which Shelley reports that she has never seen/felt a ghost; presents two modern instances from reliable sources; and concludes with story "The King of the Cats" by M. G. Lewis.

import below

("Mortal Immortal" shelley) 1833--1910 (2 genuine hits)

[19] The Monthly Review 3.4 1833-12 p559-66 "The Annuals" --review 5 inclg 4 from Longman, Rees & Co.; The Keepsake 561/64
[20] review 1891 anthology Treasure House of Tales


Mary Shelley short stories indb (all certain attributions publ either pre-1840 or posh.) --25, with numerous excerpts from novels (nidb: "On Ghosts" and uncertain attributions)

' non-Keepsake (6/21), # non-genre (1), * Clairmont (1), [] first publ indb (5) --later NEED uncredited
1823' 24' 24' [ 28 28 29 29 29 ] 30 30 ; 31 32# 32 32'* 33 33' 34' 34 36 37 ; 38 63 77 1976 1976
not in 1891 collection (8): 24a 24b 33' 34 (+4 posth.)

1976 collection "Notes"

I (draft this first on paper)

Not by Shelley?
"Rome in the First and Nineteenth Centuries", The New Monthly Magazine March 1824
unsigned stories, 1827 and 1828
"The Convent of Chaillot: or, Vallière and Louis XIV", 1827\28 K
"The Silver Lady", 1837\38 K
"The Ghost of Private Theatricals", 1843\44 K

"Finding lost works by Mary Shelley, firming up uncertain attributions, and eliminating spuriana are scholarly tasks which have been stimulated by her recent bicentenary. This article seeks to encourage this endeavour by publicising the difficulties and criteria of attribution, simultaneously indicating the significance of such work. ... a plausible but still uncertain attribution (“The Convent of Chaillot”)"


Tales and Stories (1891) T918976 17 stories, as by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


1891 U California (unlikely cover) --half-title "The Treasure House of Tales by Great Authors / [MWS]" 55 copies printed on Dutch Handmade Paper #41-- t.p. 1891, Introduction v-xiii, Contents xv, 1-386, "Paterson's New England Novels", Paterson's Treasure-House of Tales (4) 3/6
1891 U Michigan (unlikely cover) (portrait precedes half-title) (ordinary ed.) -- t.p. 1891 ... back pages (2, same)
1891 Cornell U micro (original cover apparently) (portrait and title leaf missing) back leaf (2, same)

Almost Invincible lists among published stories and essays those three immed. above and also "Lacy de Vere". Forget Me Not for 1827. --also The Convent

FictionMags Mary Shelley --useless

William Paterson & Co.[Company] 1891 A Treasury of Tales pub series

1 Leigh Hunt, 2. Mrs. Shelley, 3. Douglas Jerrold, 4. Lord Beaconsfield [Disraeli]

The Complete Short Stories of Mary Shelley Amazon US

"Paperback – July 19, 2015" "Buy New $11.95" CreateSpace isbn 1515144712 Amazon US
Table of Contents, p3-4, lists 26 --including "On Ghosts", 44-48

Frankenstein and Others: The Complete Weird Stories of Mary Shelley

Classics of Gothic Horror
#1 Lost Ghosts: ... Mary E. Wilkins Freeman P650003
#2 From the Dead: ... E. Nesbit P650004
#5 Frankenstein and Others: ... Mary Shelley
#6 The Mummy's Foot and Other Fantastic Tales [by] Théophile Gautier

Mary Shelley citations found online --ISFDB stories not included

The Keepsake
(1827) --nidb-- "The Convent of Chaillot" ###; [anonymous] --attribution is uncertain
(1830) "Absence" 39; A Dirge" 85 --poems?
"Stanzas [How like a star you rose]" 179 --"The Author of Frankenstein"
"Stanzas [O, come to me]", 201 --"The Author of Frankenstein"

On "Euphrasia", Mary Shelley: Collected Tales and Stories with Original Engravings (JHU Press, 1990), Notes XXI. p394 cites a 32-page fair-copy manuscript (holograph at Houghton Library) and provides this full citation of the original published version (quote):

  • "Euphrasia: A Tale of Greece," The Keepsake for MDCCCXXXIX, ed. Frederic Mansel Reyholds (London: LOBGLongmans [1838]), pp. 135-52 ["Mrs. Shelley"; with plate entitled "Constantine and Euphrasia," drawn by Edward Corbould and engraved by H. Robinson.]
(1845) see Friendship's Offering: A Christmas, New Year, and Birthday Present for MDCCCXLV (Boston: Lewis and Sampson, 1845)
--better, see source notes
Collected Tales and Stories (JHU Press, 1976)
Mary Shelley: Collected Tales

The Mary Shelley Reader, ed. B and Robinson (Oxford, 1990)

HOLLIS --available

Tales and Stories

1891 Paterson (Houghton) --Houghton
1975 Gregg HOLLIS --offsite

Collected Tales

c1976 JHU HOLLIS --out until 2020-02-10


  • anthology title (and author credit) (and with original engravings, collected for the first time)
  • The Pole author credit
  • non-genre (and inclusion in ISFDB coll/anth, including as Supernatural; Weird; Gothic Fantasy; Swords & Steam Short Stories)

Other collections:

  • (Shelley) "On Ghosts", an essay? --cf. "journalism" of Mrs. Crowe stories
  • Michael Bishop introduction, an "essay"?

8 stories contained in the 1976 collection (25), not the 1891 (17)

BOTH COLLECTIONS LACK "The Convent of Chaillot" --evidly as uncertain author
* = Keepsake stories

Collected Tales, scholarly collection T2475249 --

1976 JHU Press --AMAZON below
1990 Softshell Books / JHU Press --nidb (viewed at 1990 at Google) --AMAZON below

WorldCat OCLC as title/heading Mary Shelley ...

507217210 : 1990 0801840627 Softshell Books xix 400 Contents
654967034 : 1990 0801840627 0801817064 Softshell Books xix 400 Contents
855709883 : 1976e 0801817064 0801840627 xix 400 Contents
670810155 : 1976 0801840627 400 Contents --cited by Rtrace
463484651 : (c)1976 0801817064 XIX-402
122288540 : 1976 no ISBN 400
1023587736 : 1976 no ISBN 420

Amazon US as this title, "Paperback – August 1, 1990" and "List Price: $33.00" with "Look inside" that lacks title page; 2nd printing, 1995 "04 03 02 01 00 99 98 97 96 95   5 4 3 2"; xi-xvi; 373/75 78/81 83/87 89/93 95/99; back cover professor of English at the University of Delaware", "Cover design by Glen Burris // Illustration courtesy of National Portrait Gallery, London"

--that is, first 6 of 9-page Introduction xi-xix and 22 of 28-page Notes 373-400

Title page names Shelley only once, at the top; she is credited as the author only as implied by the title.

Amazon US as Mary Shelley: ..., "Hardcover – May 1, 1976"

NEED INTERPRETATION OF TITLE PAGE (1976 not viewed; 1990 viewed at Amazon)

el   Charles E. Robinson, ed. 237029 (9) 

--Collected Tales, Notes: Explanatory, Bibliographical, and Textual p373ff --Textual Notes explain all editorial emendations (for 22 prev printed stories)

--Charles E. Robinson, <a href="">1976 collection "Notes"</a>, XV, p. 389 (viewed at Amazon)

  • missing pages, first view at Amazon, almost none
  • missing pages, 2019-12-15 : 377 IV/V, 383 XII, 388 XIII conclusion, 394 XXI, 399 XV
  • missing pages, " " revisit: 373, 379 VIII, 385 XIII, 391 XVII, 397 XXIII
  • Recollections of Italy, II 375 --Attribution. October 1823 letter by MS


1824 Recollections of Italy • short fiction --NO TITLE NOTE

--Collected Tales, Notes II. p375 --London Magazine 9 (January 1824), pp. 21-26, uncredited; "narrative essay" fusion of writings by MS and PBS and recollections

  • The Bride of Modern Italy, III 376 --Attribution. Robinson describes several "biographical antecedents" of the story, cites more elsewhere, and cites an attribution by Thomas Lovell Beddoes in an April 1824 letter.


1824 The Bride of Modern Italy • short fiction --with title Note

--Collected Tales, Notes III. p376 --London Magazine 9 (April 1824): 357-63, uncredited; authorship attributed in April 1824 letter by Beddoes

  • 1976 The Smuggler and His Family --probably non-genre, postponed
Robinson XV 389 Original Compositions in Prose and Verse [...] (London: Edmund Lloyd, 1833), pp. 27-53; listed in Contents as by "Mrs. Shelley"

1863 Roger Dodsworth: The Reanimated Englishman • short story --(Wikipedia link)
v2 ch4 "Godwin--Story of Dodsworth, by Mrs. Shelley", p149-65
Mrs Shelley's story begins mid-page 150-65 

p152 "... we say again that is hard, very hard, that Mr. Dodsworth refuses to appear, and that the believers in his resuscitation are forced to undergo the sarcasms and triumphant arguments of those sceptics who always keep on the safe side of the hedge."

The Pole

The Court Magazine and Belle Assemblée, vol. 1, pp. 64-71, 129-36, as by "the Author of 'Frankenstein.' " ; also The English Annual for MDCCCXXXVI, 32-74 [same]

  • 1832 The Pole
Robinson XXV 399 --not available 2019-12-15

"The Pole" was published under the name of "the Author of 'Frankenstein' " in both The Court Magazine (1832) and The English Annual (18836), it was reprinted as Mary Shelley's in Richard Garnett's Tales and Stories (1891), and it has been discussed as Mary Shelley's story in Joanna Russ's introduction to the recent reprinting of Tales and Stories (1975). Despite this "evidence", however, "The Pole" was mostly written by Claire Clairmont ...
[1798–1879] EN "the stepsister of writer Mary Shelley and the mother of Lord Byron's daughter Allegra." (3)

("collected tales and stories") 1976 13 hits

SLPD 1976-07-25 p40 $15 "High Class Gothic Rubbish" review by Jo Modert, with Louisa May Alcott, Plots and Counterplots: More Unknown Thrillers (Morrow, $9.95) --review title refs Alcott Jan 1865 journal entry "Fell back on rubbishy tales, for they pay the best, and I can't afford to live on praise."
Phi Inq -08-08 p44 (notice) ; 09-199 p194 and -09-26 p199 (UD display)
[21] Was Post -08-15 p106 (review by Diane Johnson)

1990 (1 hit)

Was Post 1990-12-09 pN16 notice --with brief review of The Mary Shelley Reader ($14.95, cloth $39.95)-- in "New in Paperback" $16.95

WorldCat OCLC as title/heading Collected Tales ...

2089039 : [1976] (c)1976 0801817064 first of two, Contents --also 1111775068
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no ISBN--ignored here
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906573821 : 1990 0801840627 "Softshell books edition. // 1e dr. gebonden uitg.: 1976. - ISBN 0-8018-1706-4."

The London Magazine

ISFDB series The London Magazine claims a history from 1732, in four renditions (at ISFDB mainly the 1898-1933), not including the 1840
About Us --does not report magazine title for 1820 rendition
Wikipedia EN
1840 The London Magazine, Charivari, and Courrier des Dames HDL
explanation in Nat Q Rvw 17 (1868) p126
reconstruction Google, Amazon UK

Bleiler Early Years Google

citation of this 1840 magazine citation 53

The Keepsake

ISFDB Anthology series The Keepsake (anthology series) EN -HDL (most volumes)

' Volumes for 1845-57 have subtitle: With beautifully finished engravings, from drawings by the first artists, engraved under the superintendence of Mr. Charles (later "Mr. Frederick A.") Heath. '

User:Rtrace --1828\29 and 1829\30 PV Google Books

User talk:Rtrace#The Keepsake for MDCCCXXIX (also 1830)
Later I will search ISFDB title notes for "The Keepsake", my only action planned to find any stories by other writers.
User talk:Pwendt#Ferdinando Eboli


 lw  Frederic Mansel Reynolds, ed. 145489 (8) --uncredited 1837\38
el f William Harrison Ainsworth, ed. 1970 (93) inaugural vol 1827\"for 1828" --uncredited
for 1836 --"edited by the honourable Mrs. Norton" (WorldCat)
  Caroline Norton (1808–1877)(en) --nidb
for 1837 and 1840 --"edited by the Lady Emmeline Stuart Wortley." (for 1837); "Lady E. Stuart Wortley." (for 1840) 
  Lady Emmeline Stuart-Wortley (1806–1855) --nidb
for 1841 to 1850 --"edited by the Countess of Blessington." (t.p. 1845)
  Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington (1789–1849) --nidb
for 1851 to 1857 --"edited by Miss Power." (t.p. 1854) 
  Marguerite Agnes Power (1815–1867), niece of Lady Blessington --nidb
Charles Heath (1785–1848) EN, founder, supervisor, engraver --nidb
"Introduction to The Keepsake" (at Romantic Circles)
"Preface to The Keepsake for 1828" etext
"Preface to The Keepsake for 1829" etext

Google Books

"Full view" (f, P Phoney cover, # linked below) and "Snippet view" (.)

1828:.# --that is, "for 1828" and "for 1829"
1830:######-### [1839 t.p. LOBG", and Longmans."
1840:##..-P.... [for 1841 t.p. missing]
full view linked below (#) includes all 9 vols ed. Reynolds, plus 1837

P.S. Title pages are undated at least thru "The Keepsake for MDCCCXLIV", relying on views of some

The Keepsake stories at ISFDB

  • ISFDB Notes search (Keepsake) -20 title hits
Mary Shelley stories (15) --9 link Robinson's 1976 "Notes"
Walter Scott stories (1) --all three Synopses cite Wikipedia "The Keepsake Stories"
2 as Contents of The Keepsake 1828\1829; 1 links publ series
other Keepsake publications (2)
"Keepsake"-titled works (1)
ordinary language "keepsake" (1)

The Keepsake --story headings use all caps with size variation (no lowercase letters) and closing dots(.) ; Table of Contents listings use all caps for writer credits, title case for works titles ; List of Contributors (following ToC, sometimes without page break) listings use all caps and may or may not differ from ToC listings or story headings in identifying contributors by name (eg Author of Waverley in Contents and headings, "Sir Walter Scott" in contributors; but Author of Frankenstein thruout)

The Keepsake, for 1829. (comma, numeral, dot) --1828 frontispiece, whose text makes it an alternative title page

"by the Author of Waverley." (all caps, viewed at Google Books) --Table of Contents listing, "Author of Waverley" (all caps)
My Aunt Margaret's Mirror. 1-44
The Tapestried Chamber, or The Lady in the Sacque. 123-42 --ToC short title
Death of the Laird's Jock. "to the editor of The Keepsake." (all caps), 186-92 --q --NEED further title note
plate title The Lairds Jock (all caps, no apostrophe)

In the 1828 Christmas gift anthology, "Sir Walter Scott" is first in the List of Contributors and the Table of Contents credit is (all caps) "Author of Waverley".

The Boy and the Butterfly "By T. Crofton Croker." p. 220 (poem)

Death of the Laird's Jock (accompanied by "The Lairds Jock")

"You have asked me, sir, to point out a subject for the pencil ... [If true, then Scott among writers, at least for this third contribution to the volume, was not asked to fit a story or poem to an illustration.]
... the subjects which are best suited to the bard or tale-teller are often totally unfit for painting, where the artist must present in a single glance all that his art has power to tell us. ...
[Despite difficulties with the assignment ...] I have, nevertheless, ventured to draw up the following traditional narrative as a story in which, when the general details are known, the interest is so much concentrated in one strong moment of agonizing passion, that it can be understood, and sympathized with, at a single glance. ..."
[five pages later, after a brief story, and the offered short one]
I conceive, that the moment when the disabled chief was roused into a last exertion by the agony of the moment is favourable to the object of a painter. ...
I remain, sir, Your obedient servant, [small caps]The Author of Waverley[small caps].

Scott's four contributions diminish in length --printed as 44, 20, 7, and 4 pages in this volume. This one, the third, appears under heading "To the editor of The Keepsake." rather than "By the author of Waverley." (all caps, viewed at Google Books). The fourth does not contain a story and appears under the heading "Description of the Engraving Entitled A Scene at Abbotsford". (all caps, p.)

The Keepsake

SHOULD BE table of Google Books data

MDCCCXXVIII [1827] (snippet view, t.p. missing?) NOT FOUND: Contents, Contributors; Ainsworth, Hurst
poem ?-iv;
Preface [v]-vii or viii --Preface online
List of the Plates xi;
Pocket-Books and Keepsakes [1]-20 (inferred)
The Convent of Chaillot: or, La Vallière and Louis XIV, 267-78 (inferred)
"illustration to 'The Keepsake', 1828, p.278; after Chalon. 1827" (British Museum)
British Museum "1864,0611.552 to 728 is a set of 177 proofs of plates published in 'The Keepsake" from 1828 onwards, arranged in alphabetical order by designer."
MDCCCXXIX [1828] library; R. Jennings; Preface [iii]-v --"Hurst, Chance, and Co. ... and R. Jennings ..."
3-page Preface. "... on the various departments of the Keepsake, the enormous sum of eleven thousand guineas has been expended. ..." ~11.550 pounds; "... three additional sheets of letter-press have been inserted. // The Engravings have been considerably augmented in size, and, it is presumed, in value; ..." p360 epigram, FINIS, printer statement Davison = 180 sheets letter-press evidently
MDCCCXXX [1829] plain crimson; R. Jennings; Preface [iii]-v, ToC LoC [vi]-vii, List of the Plates [viii] 18 =3+15
3-page Preface. (t.p. verso note on MSS. submitted) "... [largely Proprietor's voice and acknowledgments] ..." p352 text, THE END, printer statement Davison = 176 sheets?
MDCCCXXXI [1830] plain crimson; Jennings and Chaplin; on submission of manuscripts, [iii]; Preface [iv]-v; ToContents [vi]-vii (with LoContributors); List of the Plates [viii] (Subjects; Painters; Engravers; Page)
2-page Preface. "... Only one alteration has been made--the introduction of a few 'anonymous articles, for the satisfaction of those who may desire to judge of the merit of a work, undazzled by the prestige attached to an illustrious name. ..."
MDCCCXXXII [1831] plain crimson; ----; NO ESSAY --LROB, and Green
MDCCCXXXIII [1832] library; Paris, Frankfort; NO ESSAY --"Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman" (with dot)
MDCCCXXXIV [1833] plain crimson; Paris, Berlin; NO ESSAY
MDCCCXXXV [1834] plain crimson; Paris, Berlin; NO ESSAY
MDCCCXXXVI [1835] (dnf 2019-12-10/13)
MDCCCXXXVII [1836] plain crimson; Paris, Philadelphia; NO ESSAY --LROBG, and Longman
MDCCCXXXVIII [1837] new design/color (or Deluxe?); Paris; Advertisement [iii]-iv (Anonymous) --LOBG, and Longmans
MDCCCXXXIX [1838] crimson with gold-stamped design; Paris; NO ESSAY
MDCCCXL [1839] library; New York; NO ESSAY --LOBG, and Longmans
MDCCCXLI [1840] crimson with gold-stamped design; print t.p. missing; NO ESSAY
for 1842/1844 [1841/1843] (dnf 2019-12-11/12)
"The Keepsake 1845" [1844] library; New York, Paris, Leipzig; NO ESSAY --t.p. credits Heath
another copy: crimson with [larger] gold-stamped design; LBG, and Longmans
  • 1837/38 Advertisement [iii]-iv ; editor, writers, artists all uncredited

This volume in the annual series, like the original ten years earlier, was published anonymously; the editor, writers, and artists all uncredited (none as "Anon.", etc). "ADVERTISEMENT", p[iii], begins: "The Proprietor having ascertained that a belief exists that the articles for the Keepsake have occasionally been selected less in relation to their intrinsic merits, than to the names of their authors, has determined to escape the imputation, by publishing the work anonymously."

The Keepsake

ed. Frederic Mansel Reynolds, for 1829 to for 1835, for 1838, for 1839 (that is, publ years 1828/34, 37/38; vols 2-8 11-12)

  • The Keepsake for 1829 (Broadview Encore Editions) (Broadview Press, 2006) 1-55111-585-9 C2006-901671-2 Amazon US(no Look) (2006/1829 Google)
Introduction (c)2006, Paula R. Feldman[p7-25 7/11 14/18 21/25], Bibliography[p27-31 28/31]
--identical preview available next day 2019-12-11
p14 "Soon Heath made the historic decision to launch his own annual--The Keepsake-- ... Eventually, Heath organized a cooperative venture with the publishing firm of Hurst and Chance and the print-seller, Robert Jennings." --first year only, sold by subscription, no author credits
p16 in crimson silk, 13/- "and could be ordered in a larger, royal octavo India proof format for [52/6]"; Leigh Hunt introductory essay "Pocket-Books and Keepsakes"
facsimile t.p. verso lists Errata; Preface [iii]-??; Table of Contents; List of the Plates; 1-[selection from 1-26 only]

  • 1827\ The Keepsake for 1828 1828 Google (snippet 2019-12-10/12)
  • 1828\1829 Google "Hurst, Chance, and Co. ... and R. Jennings ..." P1189848 PV Rtrace
  • 1829\1830 Google " " [Jennings address change] P311586 PV Rtrace
  • 1830\1831 Google "Hurst, Chance, and Co. ... and Jennings and Chaplin ..."
  • 18311832 Google t.p. "Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green" (with dot)
  • 1832\1833 Google Contents [iv]-v, Ill [vi], 1-312; illustrations/plates as by "Longman and Co."; t.p. "Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman" (with dot)
  • 1833\1834 Google "Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman."; inclg The Mortal Immortal, a Tale [by] The Author of Frankenstein [71] (pp 71-87)
  • 1834\1835 Google " " --ed. Reynolds
  • 1835\for 1836 (not found 2019-12-12 at Google) --ed.
  • 1836\1837 Google --ed.
  • 1837\1838 Google (found only as "The Keepsake: 1838")
  • 1838\1839 Google (found only as "The Keepsake: 1839")

Google Books continues to catalogue the Annual as ed. Reynolds (from 1840)

  • 1839\1840 Google, ed. The Lady E. Stuart Wortley. --contains "The Invalid: A Sketch", by The Honorable Mrs. Norton. [sic], 148-64
  • 1840\1841? Google (cat as ed. Reynolds) --contains "The Monomaniac: A Tale", by The Hon. Mrs. Erskine Norton., 83-125 --engraved title page only; illegible
1841/42 for 1842/43 --not found at Google Books
  • 1843\for 1844 (snippet) --t.p. "for MDCCCXLIV"; "Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans"; no date
  • 1844\1845 Google --t.p. The Keepsake 1845 ; no date
  • 1844\1845 (another copy with cover)
  • 1845 Appleton's The Keepsake; ... for 1845 --reported containing The Swiss Peasant by the Author of "Frankenstein"

newspapers The Keepsake

From the Keepsake for 1828 --one poem The Youth's Companion -02-22 p156

(The Keepsake for 1829) 1828/29 (424) inclg The Juvenile Keepsake for 1829
("Keepsake for 1829") (44: 32 12)
("Juvenile Keepsake for 1829") (5)
one poem published in The Scotsman -11-01 p705
[22] review Lit Gazette 616 -11-08 p709/10 "The last and youngest of the Annuals ..." Pp. 224 (no price)
("Keepsake for MDCCCXXIX") (2) --index

Advertisements (late 1828, the second annual Keepsake from/for the Proprietor)

[23] Foreign Q Rvw 3.5 1828-09 p4 --as forthcoming November (both Keepsake and Juvenile Keepsake)
The Keepsake; "In the first week of November next will be published, // THE KEEPSAKE // for // 1829. // Edited by F. Mansell[sic] Reynolds." --mis-spelling Mansell not repeated
"The extraordinary success of the "Keepsake" of last year has induced the Proprietor, in the hope of meriting the increased patronage he anticipates, to spare no exertion nor expenditure in the formation of his present volume; and to secure for it the assistance of so many authors of the highest eminence, that he ventures to assert, such a List of Contributors has never before been presented to the public."
List of Contributors ...
The Embellishments ...
Ten of the plates ...
The Work ...
London: published for the Proprietor ..."
prices 21/- (1 guinea) and 52/6 (2.5 guineas)
Lit Gaz 611 1828-10-04 p640 --as "IN THE PRESS. In the First Week of November next ..." [identical]
Lit Gaz 614 -10-25 p684 --full review
The Examiner 1082 -10-26 p704 "Early in November next ..." [identical]
Lit Gaz 615 -11-01 p690/93 --really full review
The Observer -11-02 p1 "Early this Month will be published ..." [identical]
listed in "Monthly List of Recent Publications" Monthly Review 9.39 1828-11 p425/26
[24] The Spectator -11-15 p320 "On the 25th of November will be Published, ... [abbreviated]"; "This Day is Published, Price 8s. The Juvenile Keepsake, ..." --Saturday
The Examiner 1085 -11-16 p752 "On the 25th inst. will be published [abbrev]; Just published price 8s. [same]" --Sunday
[25] The Examiner -12-14 p816 "Just published in crimson silk, price 21s. ... [abbrev.]
"A few Copies are printed in royal 8vo. with India Proofs of the Plates, price [52/6] and for them early application is necessary.
London: published for the Proprietor, [by Hurst]; [and Jennings]; where may be had the few remaining Copies of the Keepsake for 1828."
The Examiner 1090 -12-21 p832 --identical
The Observer -12-21 p1 "Christmas Presents and New Year's // Gifts for 1829.----Elegant Annual Publications.-- // W. H. Smith, 192, Strand ... [offers 9 plus 4 Juvenile Annuals at discount prices; the Keepsake 19s and 7/6]

Advertisements only, late 1828 for The Keepsake of 1829 --all 7 adverts found 2019-12-09 by automated search ("keepsake for 1829"):

Foreign Q Rvw 1828-09 p4 "In the first week of November next will be published, ..."
Lit Gazette 1828-10-04 p640 "IN THE PRESS. In the First Week of November next [identical]
Examiner -10-26 p704 "Early in November next [identical]
Observer -11-02 p1 "Early this Month will be published [identical]
Spectator -11-15 p320 "On the 25th of November will be Published [abbreviated]
Examiner -11-16 p752 "On the 25th inst. will be published [abbrev.]
Examiner -12-14 p816 "Just published in crimson silk, price 21s. ... [abbrev.] ... "A few Copies are printed in royal 8vo. with India Proofs of the Plates, price [52/6] and for them early application is necessary."

("keepsake for 1830") 1829--1830 (18 hits: 15 3)

Monthly Review 1829-11, M R Advertiser, 12pp (Hurst, Chance p1-2 of 12?)
p2 "THE KEEPSAKE for 1830. This Splendid Annual will contain a five-act Romantic Drama, with Songs, by Walter Scott ..."
"On the 28th of October was published, price 8s., dedicated to Professor Wilson, THE JUVENILE KEEPSAKE for 1830. Edited by R. Roscoe, Esq. ..."

reviews, illustrations in hand(?)

[26] Lit Gaz -10-17 p682 "Fine Arts: New Publications > Illustrations to the Keepsake for 1830" --evid received if not published separately

reviews, clearly in hand (if not yet published)

[27] Edinburgh Lit J -10-24 "This is the most costly of all the Annuals. [21/-] ..."
[28] Lit Gaz -11-14 p739
Ath and Lit Chron #107, Wed 1829-11-11 p701 --essentially illegible; mentions "the annuals of the present season, which have hitherto appeared [not brilliant ... Scott in The Keepsake is exceptional]"
The Theatrical Observer 2478 -11-20 p1/2 "Surrey Theatre.-- [Scott's The House of Aspen] which is published in The Keepsake for 1830, has been brought out here with complete success; ..."

("keepsake for 1834") 1833--1834 (35: 28 7)

Lit Gaz -10-12 p656 [same as next]
Examiner -10-13 p656 "In a few days ..." (both Heath's Picturesque Annual and The Keepsake for 1834); as LROBGL
Examiner -11-03 p702 "Just published, [Heath's] Early in November, The Keepsake for 1834"
[29] The Scotsman -10-30 p1 "Early in Nov. THE KEEPSAKE for 1834. // Executed under the superintendence of Mr Charles Heath. ...; "London: Longman, Rees, and Co.; and Adam and Charles Black, Edinburgh."

reviews, clearly in hand

Ath #316 -11-16 p762
Observer -11-18 p1 "Books Just Published" ; mixed as Longman and Co., or as LROBGL


Lit Gaz -11-09 p715, earliest review of Seventeen Illustrations to the Keepsake for 1834 (Moon, Boys, and Graves" (no price)
--one of 2 November reviews found; only 1 review of The Keepsake itself

newspaper search--count annual hits

  • ("keepsake for 1828") 1827/28 (29: 14 15) --18: 10 8 as "the ..."
  • ("keepsake for 1829") 1828/29 (44: 32 12)
  • ("keepsake for 1830") 1829/30 (18: 15 3)
  • ("keepsake for 1831") 1830/31 (
  • ("keepsake for 1832") 1831/32 (
  • ("keepsake for 1833") 1832/33 (
  • ("keepsake for 1834") 1833/34 (35: 28 7)
  • ("keepsake for 1835") 1834/35 (
  • ("keepsake for 1836") 1835/36 (
  • ("keepsake for 1837") 1836/37 (
  • ("keepsake for 1838") 1837/38 (
  • ("keepsake for 1839") 1838/39 (
  • ("keepsake for 1840") 1839/40 (29: 22 7), some classified ad)
("the keepsake for 1840") (10: 9 1)
  • ("keepsake for 1841") 1840/41 (23: 10 UK, all Oct/Nov 1840; +13 Hart Cour classified ad)


1828--1857 o[30]
for 1828 o[
for 1829 o[
for 1829 (Broadview (c)2006) o[31] 32 vii 360 19
for 1830 o[32] vii 352 Hurst, Chance; and Jennings
for 1831 o[33] 321 18 Hurst, Chance
for 1832 o[34] iv 320 17 Longmans[sic], Rees, Orme, Brown and Green
for 1833 o[35] iv 308 16 Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman
for 1834 o[36] v 312 16 " "
for 1835 o[37] 296 17 " "
for 1836 o[38] 324 18 --"edited by the honourable Mrs. Norton."