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Farjeon, Eleanor 112169

k Elsie Piddock
k Martin Pippin (new ed.)
k Silver Curlew
k Glass Slipper
oclc The Little Dressmaker

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Farjeon The Glass Slipper #28 1962 o[1] o[2] --from 1946 play --1962 T2260366
[3] "continue tomorrow"
Farjeon The Silver Curlew #56 1969 o[4] --from 1935 or 1949 play? --1953 T1935396
[5] "continue tomorrow"

Eleanor Farjeon (brother Herbert nidb)

Encyclopedia of Fantasy, covered in prose

as collections: Beside Martin Pippin "Other volumes similarly – though never with quite the intensity – present various tales through frame stories narrated by Liminal Beings; they include Kaleidoscope (coll 1928), The Old Nurse's Stocking-Basket (coll 1931) and Jim at the Corner (coll 1934)"
Kaleid and Jim indb as NOVELs, Old Nurse nidb
T1978354 Kaleid 1928 1929 1963
The Old Nurse's Stocking Basket 1931 1931 1965
T2260365 Jim 1958 1973 2017
as novels for children: Curlew, Slipper
T1935396 Curlew 1953 1954 K
T2260366 Slipper 1946 play 1955 1956 1986
other novels: Soul, 'Gypsy and Ginger (nidb), Fair, Ariadne
T1576816 Soul (1914, sl rev 1923) 1923 -hdl 1923
Gypsy and Ginger 1920 -hdl
HDL US 1920
T1978301 Fair 1932
T1576817 Ariadne 1946
HDL US ed. 1st(?) 1922 5th 1925-02-19 7th 1930-08-20 8th 1933-11-20
e-copy 1961

Elsie Piddock cpb K 2000-09-01

Silver Curlew

Paperback – 1950 ASIN: B01LBOHEZ2

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Reprint edition (1960) ASIN: B000XY4EPA

Publisher: John Goodchild Publishers; New edition edition (1 Jan. 1984) ISBN-10: 0863910122

Glass Slipper

See LC record Template:LCCN o[6]

See also Library of Congress records Template:LCCN and Template:LCCN, which credit Farjeon and Farjeon as joint librettists, and joint lyricists, with composer Clifton Parker.
See also OCLC Fiction Finder o[7] --as Allan Wingate, 1946, illus. by Hugh Stevenson.
See also OCLC Fiction Finder o[8] --as Samuel French, 1948.

Wikipedia lists --with notes that these years do not match publication dates reported by WorldCat records--

  • The Glass Slipper (1944), with Herbert Farjeon, play with music by Clifton Parker
  • The Silver Curlew (1949), play with music by Clifton Parker

A retelling of Cinderella based on the 1946 play of the same name by Eleanor Farjeon and Herbert Farjeon.

Farjeon's "Fantasy novels for children include The Silver Curlew: A Fairy Tale (1953) and The Glass Slipper * (1955); the first is a twice-told version of Rumpelstiltskin and the second – based on the play The Glass Slipper (1946) by EF and Herbert Farjeon – is a version of Cinderella." --SFE: Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997), biographical entry by John Clute Compare <a href="">The Silver Curlew</a>.

  • Probably a novelization of her own play: Glass Slipper at Amazon UK 2018-12-03 Publisher: Chappell & Co (1945) ASIN: B0000D0RC4 Publisher: Samuel French (1948) ASIN: B019QITX04 Publisher: Oxford U.P; 1st Edition edition (1955) ASIN: B0000CJ55P w book image Publisher: Oxford University Press (1962) ASIN: B0007J4C8U Publisher: John Goodchild Publishers; New edition edition (8 Sept. 1983) Language: English ISBN-10: 0903445824 w jacket image
    "The Glass Slipper" subtitles indicated by subheadings of product pages at Amazon UK:
    • A Fairy Tale with Music (1945 and 1948)
    • From the Play of the Same Name [by Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon] (1962)