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EN: The Fellowship of the Ring --including merge discussion
EN: Lord of the Rings (musical)

ISFDB publication records for The Fellowship list Foreword and Prologue sporadically, inclg 1965 Ballantine Books pb PV Rtrace !

The Fellowship of the Ring (map)
Foreword (The Fellowship of the Ring)
Prologue: Concerning Hobbits (1968) --with 1954 variant

(probably also Synopsis A, Synopsis AB, Appendices, Index

year manifestly incorrect
fairy tales by no known author (= folklore?)
introduction as fiction
excerpt from framework story/essay
--cf fictitious Introduction, Prologue, etc.
essay title such as "Introduction: Letter from ..." or "Introduction: Wilhelm Hauff"
--and worse, "About the Author ([title of book])"

Paul Hamlyn

BL ISBN 0200715941 : 36/-; BNB GB6914498; System number: 010949309 "Abelard-Schuman, 1969"

BL ISBN 0224619489; System number 001616908 "Jonathan Cape, 1971"

Ernest Nister
ISFDB publisher

2 publications, both as Nister; Dutton (printed in Bavaria?)

Peeps Into Fairyland --NEED subtitle, improved publisher improved authors

1896? o[886638] as [1896], o[228813272] approx 1895 per Bodleian "Printed in Bavaria, 633"--Cover;

c1986 Philomel, with subtitle --reproduction "E. Nesbit, M. A. Hoyer, and others" Amazon as 1918-03-18 w cover; o[1] as "New York: Philomel Books, [1986] ©1986"
c1986 o[2] "Collins Australia, 1989" ISBN-0732249120


London publisher c. 1900

Ernest Nister, born Darmstadt, "London and Nürnberg printer and publisher of colored toy and movable picture books; established London publishing house 1888 ..." --Library of Congress, citing Phaedrus 1988

WorldCat library records show several books co-published by Template:Publisher of New York.

Ernest Nister (1841–1906) was a publisher and printer of movable books for children and paper ephemera such as greeting cards, post cards, and calendars. He was born in Darmstadt, Germany and later had an office in London. --Wikipedia

Favourite Fairy Tales --retold by L. L. Weedon, M. A. Hoyer, Nesbit, etc; illus Hardy, etc o[3] o[504802364] 108p "printed in Bavaria"

1888 A Midsummer Night's Dream [45] t.p. verso with cover; "Produced and Printed by Ernest Nister at Nuremberg // Copyright," [sic], illus uncredited

Other Nister at HDL include

Moo Cow Tales, Rosamund Nesbit Bland 189-?

 lw  .Arthur A. Dixon 214102 (2)

Beside the 1910 Nister collection of Hauff, one illustrator of Nesbit, Shakespeare stories for children o[4]; Beautiful Tales o[5]

[1907] Andrew Lang, Tales of a Fairy Court o[1008200271]
[1909] Nister; Dutton; Édouard Laboulaye, Fairy Tales o[6] 335p; o[1063157834] Fo[7](18)
[1917] Tuck; Children's Stories from Russian o[8]


  lws D. Lawson Johnstone 129361 (4)[many] 


LO..i 1888 Mountain Kingdom --cover illus. not one of 8 by J. E. Goodall; indeed it illustrates the same scene as that facing p58 in the next ed.
OH.. 1891 [1890]
--dA$i 2018
0..i 1890 Paradise of the North
BLOHm£i 1892
-Om$i 1893
LO..i 1898 White Princess

Third of DLJ's three Lost-World novels, "The White Princess [...] (1898) uncovers yet another, now in Central America and inhabited by Whites whose claim to the Americas – in accordance with nineteenth-century fantasies of racial justice – is found to antedate that of the Amerindians." (underscore represents linked cross-reference) --SFE3, biographical entry by John Clute

Mountain Kingdom, 1898 new and cheaper ed.
Paradise --evidently a later ed./printing,
-- subtitle
-- "fifteen illustrations by W. Boucher"
-- "W & R Chambers, [1890]
Paradise "W. & R. Chambers, [1892?]"
HDL t.p. undated "The illustrations are reproduced with kind permission of the Proprietor of Old and Young (formerly Young Folks' Paper), in which the story appeared in serial form."
EN: Young Folks (magazine)
HDL holds only the US, Lucy Larcom ed. Our Young Folks (Boston 1865--1873)
Paradise of the North

("paradise of the north") 1889--1894 48 0; 15 0 22 11 0


Ath 1893-03-04 p278\79 "Our Library Table" --Chambers ed.
1893-12 UK (several), In the Land of the Golden Plume, Chambers, by the author of Paradise ...
[9] Lit World -09-23 p312-22 "Publishers Announcements: Fall of 1893" > ("Holiday and Art Books" 317-19) "Books for Young People" 319-20 --Putnam's several fairy tale coll/anth
Nashville Daily American -12-10 p11 "Books for the Season" --review, positive, $1.25
"W. R. Chambers's New Books for Gifts and Prizes", The Scotsman 1892-11-07 p2 3/6 (earliest advertisement found)
" " -11-12 p678, same advert as The Scotsman
Reviews ; Practical Teacher Nov p286, unavailable

Publication date (inferred) and price from listings in The Athenaeum -10-22 p553, "List of New Books", as "cr. 8vo. 3/6. cl."; and The Scotsman 1892-11-07 p2, "W. R. Chambers's New Books for Gifts and Prizes". The latter is the earliest publisher advertisement found, and is found also -11-12 in three Saturday weeklies.

1898 White Princess BL 001889659 289 1985 microfiche copy (Early science fiction novels #55)
1888 Mountain BL 014814690 001889652 viii 322
1898 1985 microfiche (Early science fiction novels #53)

OCLC as Early science fiction novels #53 o[20171485] as 1898, o[1034902230] as 1891, o[12647562] as 1891

Illustrations are clearly signed, akin to typescript "J. E. Goodall".

1890 Paradise BL 014814691 001889653 as vii 298 ; BL 008603438 Canada microfiche (also HDL)

Publication date (inferred) and price from listings 1890-04-19 in "List of New Books", The Athenaeum p501, as "cr. 8vo. 6/ cl."; and "Publications of the Week", The Spectator p552. Covered in review columns

The Academy p334

("New Novels" by William Wallace) [10]

The Athenaeum p638 o]
The Graphic -10-04 p377 [11]

Those listings and reviews that identify a publisher name "Remington"

"Literary Notes", The Scotsman -02-17 p3, said to be published early in March, a new romance that "deals with a late expedition to the arctic regions".

Mountain Kingdom Fo[12](13)

("mountain kingdom" johnstone) 1887--98 (47) 0 38 2; 60100 0000

[within full-colum Sampson Low advert of New Books etc] "Low's Series of Standard Books for Boys. // Fully illustrated in very handsome cloth binding, crown 8vo, 2s. 6d.; gilt edges, 3s. 6d. // New volumes for 1890-91, now ready." ---list of 8 inclg The Frozen Pirate T1085435; The Conquest of the Moon T1660783
found as The Academy 1890-10-18 p332, The Spectator -10-18 p541, The Spectator Supplement -11-01 p626
The Athenaeum -09-27 p417\18 The Autumn Publishing Season": Sampson Low, 8 vols Low's Series of Standard Books for Boys, 8 vols Low's Series of Popular Girls' Books" inclg HBStowe The Ghost in the Mill and Other Stories --nidb--

1889 (2)

The Athenaeum -03-23 p374 "Our Library Table"

1888 (38)

White Princess TPrincess White Princess Fo[13](8)


others related by publication or series

el  .Hammat Billings [14] (35)
el   F. W. Carové 173470 (10)
Fernán Caballero, pseud. 149333 (78) --Spanish
el   J. H. Ingram, tr. 169347 (40)
el   W. F. Kirby, tr. 216275 (21) --New Arabian
el   Cornelius Mathews, retell? 131397 (25) --native Amer (several coll?)(Hiawatha niLC), international copyright activist
el   John Oxenford, tr. 223010 (40) --from the German 

DElf Wilhelm Hauff 2025 (234)

Satiren (

1825 The Man in the Moon: Der Mann im Mond oder Der Zug des Herzens ist des Schicksals Stimme as H. Clauren
1825/26 Memoirs of Satan: Mittheilungen aus den Memoiren des Satan (2 Ba"nde vols or novel and sequel?)

"Novels of interest include Memoiren des Satan ["The Memoirs of Satan"] (1825-1826), a Satire in the mode of E T A Hoffmann, in which the Devil tours contemporary Germany making observations, at one point meeting the Wandering Jew, and in another episode acting as the Doppelgänger of an elderly man;" [JC] Roman (

1826 Lichtenstein [also The Banished]: Lichtenstein (3 Bände, 1826) EN: Lichtenstein Castle (Württemberg)
1827 The Wine-Ghosts of Bremen --below, #Wine-Ghosts
"Phantasien im Bremer Ratskeller ["Fantasies in the Bremer Tavern"] (1827), which is also lightheartedly gruesome." [JC]

Erzählungen ( (11) --including

Die Bettlerin vom Pont des Arts (1827)
Das Bild des Kaisers (1827)
Phantasien im Bremer Ratskeller, ein Herbstgeschenk für Freunde des Weines (1827)[9]
1826 collection? --presumably includes "The Beggar Girl of the Ponts des Arts" and "The Emperor's Picture" (Three Tales 1869)

Fairy Tales
  1. 1826\25
  2. 1827\26
  3. 1828\27

WorldCat Mä[h]rchen für Söhne und Töchter gebildeter Stände --grand collection? or 1826\25 only?

1861 9 ed. o[15] 453 "mit sechs Radirungen von J.B. Sonderland"
1869 10 ed. o[16] -HDL --illus. not yet Offterdinger & Bertal

"Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012) adapted one tale from the second cycle – "Der Affe als Mensch" ["The Monkey as a Man"] – into an Opera, Der Junge Lord ["The Young Lord"] (1965)." [JC]

--also some 1960s? East German film adaptation


Encyc Fantasy (John Clute) lists 7 early collections (and 1961)

  1. ~1840uk --this one not found online
  2. 69de (Tauchnitz)
  3. 81us --Stowell 1881-11 as 1882
  4. 86uk --Melden
  5. 93uk[?] = Gutenberg #45606 --indb as 1894 (NY: Macmillan; London: T. Fisher Unwin) --likely tr L. Eckenstein
  6. 96us[?*] --Fairy Tales = Weedon? or 1895 McKay re-issue of Pinkerton?
  7. 1905uk --Thesiger


1858 --Curtis
1881 --Pinkerton UK 1881 (and US 1881-11 as Little Mook ...)
yyyy --Weedon, [1910?] at
1961uk tr J R Edwards (Jean Rosemary) (0)[5]
Hauff's Fairy Tales (Hamlyn, 1961) ill Jiří Trnka --several at ABEbooksABE
c1961 o[17] , [1962] o[561089279] printed CZ, 1963 o[810726945] meagre
ill. Jiří Trnka (52)
--Fairy Tales, Andersen, Hamlyn 1964
EN: "Especially famous are his illustrations for the tales of the Brothers Grimm, ... [beside Czech material] Trnka illustrated the tales of Andersen and Perrault, the fables of La Fontaine, The Thousand and One Nights, several works of Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland." --also Hauff
Legends of Old Bohemia (Paul Hamlyn, 1963) Amazon UK

(c)1961 o[18], [1962] o[19]

John Clute recommends this translation, and lists no other after 1905, in the Encyclopedia of Fantasy biographical entry for Hauff. --later CHECK NEWSPAPERS


1894(?) L. Eckenstein(?) T39112 t.p.(The Children's Library)
? Lina Eckenstein EN (8)
known for Comparative Studies in Nursery Rhymes (1906)

Hauff's Ma'rchen (German language) Fo[20](38)

1875, as illus. Offterdinger and Bertall o[21] "mit über 100 Ill. von [Karl] Offterdinger u. Bertall, d. Stahlstich-Portrait Hauff's u. 6 Radi[e]rungen von J[ohann] B[aptist] Sonderland."
--Sonderland the original illustrator?

German figure and genre painter and illustrator

  • Offterdinger gallery at Wikimedia Commons [22]
  • Mährchen für Söhne und Töchter gebildeter Stände. Stuttgart: Rieger'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung 1869 S. 20 (1869 10th ed. at Google Books


1844, 3 stories in Tales from the German BL 001616826
1845 BL 001616827 "Burns' Fireside Library", part 4 missing
Three Tales [Tauchnitz] BL 001616828
1875, 2 stories, The Storks. The False Prince. BL 001616829 "In Stanhope, ed."
1872 GERMAN BL 001616815 (folio) "Mit 42 Illustrationen von T. Weber, T. Hosemann und L. Burger." = Ludwig Burger; Theodor HOSEMANN; Theodor WEBER (Artist)
1875 GERMAN BL 001616816 (8o) "Mit Illustrationen von Offterdinger und Bertall, etc."
1881 tr Pinkerton BL 001616830 303p "In: Library. Illustrated Library of Fairy Tales."
1886 tr Mendel; Bell BL 001616831
1886 literally tr Mendel; Bell BL 001616905 "S. MENDEL Professor of Modern Languages"
  • Journal of Education 1886-05-01 p200, v18 (v8 n.s.), same advert
  • The Education Times v39-40 at Google Books p178 (1886-05-01) "George Bell & Sons' Educational Publications"
Hauff's Inn in the Spessart. Literally translated by S. Mendel, Professor of Modern Languages at Weymouth College. Crown 8vo. stiff paper cover, 2s.
  • The Literary World 1888-09-28 #987, v38 n.s., p225 "Bohn's Libraries (713 vols, 3/6 or 5/- with exceptions) "Recent Additions", Hauff's Tales: The Car--The Sheikh ...--The Inn ... Translated by S. Mendel, Professor of Modern Languages at the Royal Academy, Gosport. 1 vol., 3s. 6d."
1893 tr -- (no publ) BL 001616832 "The Children's Library" 176p
[1903] tr & adapted McDonnell; Dean BL 001616833 224p
[1910] tr Weedon; Nister;Dutton BL 001616834 344p
1949 "Eastern Fairy Tales (Revised and edited by Roger Ingram.)"; (no publ) BL 001616835 288p

Internet Archive

yyyy L. L. Weedon T39113 --isfdb as 1896
Translators, etc


el  .Bertall 187299 (27)(little English fiction) = Charles Albert d'Arnoux --Pinkerton (with Offterdinger)
 lw .Dixon, Arthur A. 214102 --Weedon
Morris, Dorothy --nidb --not reliably found at VIAF, LC, WorldCat
Offterdinger, K/Carl --nidb-- (1) EN --Pinkerton (with Bertall)
 188-? Hauff o[23] (Offterdinger & Bertall); 
 OCLC Gulliver 1882 831179090 1890 724129795; 189- Arabian 84962088; online Grimm 840007660
 OCLC Lichtenstein 188-? 41355928
el  .Orr, J. W. 122240 (41) --Quackenbos (niLC)
"with the original illustrations" --Stowell

Curtis, Herbert Pelham --nidb-- (8)[12]
Edwards, J. R. [1961] --nidb--
Faber, M. A. --EDITION NIDB-- (1)
  Tauchnitz Three Tales
  1869 Tauchnitz, 1890 Stokes Fo[24] 
  1869 Tauchnitz v11 o[25]
  1888 Stokes & Brother o[86108068]
  1890 Stokes o[32573581]
 lw  Feiling, C. A. Feiling (2)[many instr/ref]
  1844 ; 2008
Mendel, S. --nidb-- --niVIAF
Pinkerton, Percy E. --nidb-- EN (16) 
Quackenbos, G. P. --EDITION nidb-- (George Payn), 1826-1881 (62)
 --prolific writer of textbooks, uncertain identity
 1850 (c)1849 Caravan; Appleton The Caravan: ... o[26] o[866854991] w Contents incomplete --q

later make variants; add data from newspapers; import Contents from 1855; add title note on G. P. Quackenbos ("G. P. Quackenbos, M.A." in newspaper adverts) --ALSO CHECK Baldwin

 1853 (c)1849 Popular; Appleton o[27] with Contents --q
 1855 Oriental; Appleton = Oriental; Gutenberg
   Baldwin/Smathers catalogue precedes, plates hand-col, 
 1858 Oriental; Appleton o[28]
Stowell Edward L. Stowell (1)  [unique]
Thesiger, Sybil --nidb-- --niVIAF [unique],%20sybil/
Weedon, L. L. --nidb-- (Lucy L.) (1)

"--nidb--" = database Notes only

el   Fletcher, C. R. L. 242737 (20) --Bremen co-translator
Sadler, E. --nidb-- --niVIAF --Bremen co-translator

not credited with translations (ISFDB title Note) or retellings (co-author)

L. Eckenstein --author of 1894(93?) introduction story/essay
Goold, Charles B. --nidb-- (3, German language)
Hornstein and/or Lowdell, J. G. --nidb-- [unique work]
McDonnell, Cicely --nidb-- --niVIAF (9, tr and adapted) [unique work],%20cicely/

HDL (240; full view 172)

English other 1839(The Banished) 43(The True Lover's Fortune) 44(Tales from the German, tr Oxenford [40] & Feiling) ; 1888? (Weird Tid-Bits German) t.p. ; 1889 (Wine-Ghosts) E Sadler, CRL Fletcher ; c1895 Grimm, Andersen, Hauff t.p.

collections (HDL cat dates, earliest 1855)

55 G. P. Quackenbos The Oriental Story Book t.p. (Appleton) (no Content list) p[7]-219 "I am the Robber Orbasan!"
69 M. A. Faber Three Tales t.p.
82 Edward L. Stowell T39110
58 59 61 87=87 Herbert Pelham Curtis T39109
96=96 97 introduction, notes, and vocabulary / by Charles B. Goold (3 stories, German language) t.p. 1896 (1 of several copies)
81 95 1903 Pinkerton t.p. US 1881, t.p. McKay (1895), t.p. uk 1903(stated 1884 93 03)
05 Thesiger T39114 t.p. (UPDATE IN PROGRESS)
86 90 14=14 S. Mendel T39111 (G. Bell, Bohn's Standard Library, first 1886)
12 23 Freely adapted and retold by J. G. [Hornstein][Lowdell] undated t.p. Hornstein, undated t.p. another(cat as Lowdell)
1905 Finch o[29] --tr Thesiger
[1911?] Nister o[30] --tr Weedon --CHECK NEWSPAPERS
1903 Dean o[31] --Translated and adapted by Cicely McDonnell (9)
[2011?]\1903 Dodo o[32]

1844 Tales from the German (17 stories, only 12 indb as speculative fiction

  • 34 "The Criminal from Lost Honour", Friedrich Schiller (J.O.)
  • 119 "Axel", C. F. Van der Velde (C.A.F.)
  • 165 "Michael Kohlhaas", Heinrich von Kleist (J.O.)
  • 261 "The Moon", Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (J.O.)
  • 437 "Alamontade", Heinrich Zschokke (C.A.F.)

Pinkerton translation

Longnose the Dwarf and Other Tales T2704268

  • 1881 Wilhelm Hauff BL 001616830 (no publisher or page count)

W. Swan Sonnenschein & Allen may be expected. And 1884 may be first edition as by Swan Sonnenschein & Co.

  • 1903 Longnose ..., by W. --1884, 1893 stated; 1881 probable
  • 1881 Little Mook ..., by W. BL 001616830 (1881, no publisher)
  • 1895 Fairy Tales, by William

as Longnose Fo(9), W. Swan

[1881] o[33] "Illustrations by Offterdinger and Bertall" "with 14 plates and 19 woodcuts" (much info) "Illustrated library of fairy tales"
--as Swan Sonnenschein (anachron.?)
[1881?] 2003 micro Harvard o[34], o[35] --useless
--as W. Swan Sonnenschein
[1882?] o[36] date from inscription; "Publisher's advertisements precede text"
--as W. Swan Sonnenschein & Allen (anachron.?)
[1883] o[37]
[1884] o[38] "Illustrated library of the fairy tales of all nations" (5 series records)
1903 o[39] (unique record, useless)

"Illustrated library of fairy tales" (15 at WorldCat)

inclg Kirby, New Arabian Nights o[40] ; Caballero, The Bird of Truth o[41]

"Illustrated library of the fairy tales of all nations" (5 at WorldCat)

inclg Croker, Fairy Legends o[42]

Hauff Pinkerton

[1881] oo[ e-1881 o[; [1911? o[

David McKay, 1895-12 reprint of the Pinkerton translations, uniform with Verne

[43] The Book Buyer 12.2 1895-12-01 p620 --uniform 4 Verne and Hauff's Fairy Tales

("longnose the dwarf") T2641406 tr Pinkerton 1881/82 14 hits --ADD this 1st ed. next

Ath #2813 1881-09-24 p399 "List of New Books" cr 8vo 5/ cl
[44] W. Swan Sonnenschein & Co. New Christmas Presents & Prizes
The Illustrated Library of the Fairy Tales of All Nations (one-third column at head of advert)
Series I. Original Tales -- Germany/Hauff, Sweden/Gustafsson [both ready]
Series II. Folk Tales, derived from the Mouth of the People -- Spain [ready], Sweden, Ireland, Wales, America, Brittany
Moonfolk: A True Account of the Home of the Fairy Tales (the Moon), by Jane G. Austen 4/6 [ready]
[] NY Evangelist 1881-12-01 p2 "G. P. Putnam's Sons", Little Mook and Other Fairy Tales (brief review, 7 listed, no price)
[45] Academy -11-18 vi Sonnenschein "Children's Books" --now Series I (4), Series II (5), Extra Series (2)
(1 hit for Little Mook) The Scotsman "Christmas Books" --11-12 p11 --review as really good (6 named)

("little mook") 1881/82 13

N-Y Tribune 1881-11-23 p6 G. P. Putnam's Sons, capsule notice Little Mook as tr Pinkertoon
[46] N-Y Tribune -12-10 p6 advert $1.50
[47] Lit World -12-17 p488 "New Publications" --$1.50, and others notable

("tales of the caravan") 1881/82 26 hits, earliest genuine Sep 5018 ; 300100 011120

The Dial, 1880-1929, published by Jansen, McClurg & Co. HDL; NY: The Dial Publ. Co. 1918-1929

The Dial 11.19 1881-11 p159, "Important New Books. Ready at Once." --same listings as next month's advert
Am Bk 1881-11-15 p306- "Record of Books publisher from August 1 to November 15, 1881" --also Michael Strogoff, new ed., illus. after Riou, Scribner's 8o, 395 pp., $2 ; "Juvenile ..." p309/11 Boys' Mabinogion ; Enchanted Mirror (Putnam's, paper, 50c) ; Floating Prince ; Gulliver's Travels, ed. Waller (Cassell, etc, $2) ; Little Mook ; Spanish ; Tales of the Caravan

The Dial v2 n20 1881-12

[48] p182-86, p183, "Illustrated Juveniles", enthusiastic review: with the original illustrations $1.25 --also The Boys Mabinogion, Sidney Lanier, Scribner's $3 (featured); Spanish Fairy Tales, Fernan Caballero, tr J. H. Ingram, Lippincott $1.25; The Floating Prince and OT, Frank R. Stockton, multiple illustrators, Scribner's, $2.50
p186- "Books of the Month" > "includes all New Books, American and English, received during this month of November by Messrs. Jansen, McClurg & Co., Chicago. [ie, Stowell's publisher]> "Illustrated Gift Books"--no; "Juvenile" 188/89; this one "These tales are now presented for the first time in English." 12mo, pp. 397. $1.25. --also Mabinogion 12mo, Floating Prince 4to, Spanish 16mo
p193 "Jansen, McClurg & Co's New Books" --only 5-- "Jansen, McClurg & Co., // 117 and 119 State St., Chicago."
Am Bk 1881-12-01 p387, one of four "Choice Books, Just Published"; one "Ready Soon" + "Recent Valuable Books" (unint.)
--same, Lit World 12,25 -12-03 p459

Hauff, Fairy Tales Fo[49](542)

also Fo[50](13)
McKay as 1895 o[51] tr Pinkerton (no Contents)
Nister tr Weedon 11-story as 1910 o[52], [1910?] o[53], [1911?] o[54], [1913?] o[55] w Contents

("fairy tales" hauff) 1895 (4)

The Silver Fairy Book P744489 --NEEDs work inclg 1895 date
Ath #3544 1895-09-28 p417\48 "The Autumn Publishing Season" --announced for this autumn The Silver Fairy Book: Fairy Tales of Other Lands, 84 illus. by Millar
Scotsman "Books of the Week" > Christmas Books, translation(s) not credited, illus. H. R. Millar

("fairy tales" hauff) 1910 (8)

The Dial -10-01 p243\45 announcements Fall 1910, cont'd, this one $2.50 [56]
Nister, Fairy Tales in Wonderland 3/6 --one of from Nister p17 of 18 [57]
The Graphic 1910-11-26 Christmas Books for the Children" > Reprints and Fairy Tales 7/6
reviewed The Scotsman -12-01 p4 7/6
The Dial -12-01 p534\35 Children's Books, Holiday list, cont'd, this one $2.50 [58] --others are worthy

more Caravan at WorldCat

1889 #1-2 o[59] The caravan : and the Sheik of Alexandria; Bell, Bohn's, 190 --"literally translated from the German of W. Hauff by S. Mendel"
1908 Mendel #1 w memoir "Bell's modern translations" o[60] vii 97
1970 Mendel complete o[61] 342 ISBN- 0836934040
1911 manuscript, 2 vols o[62] o[82517718] tr James Fowler of Templeton Rectory
1912, 1923 Fo[63](8) tr Hornstein
1949 o[64] tr Mendel; Eastern fairy tales
1964 o[65] w Contents, o[66] tr Overholt; The Caravan, xi 220

ISFDB --7 collections, plausibly entered as the Clute collections

The Caravan and Other Tales (1840) --UK 8 "from the German" (no story Notes)
Arabian Days' Entertainments (1858) --US 19 tr Herbert Pelham Curtis (story tr Notes done)
g Tales of the Caravan, Inn and Palace (1881) --17 tr Edward L. Stowell (story tr Notes done)
ia Tales [English] (1886) --UK 3 cycles tr S. Mendel (17 stories not noted) (story Notes SUBMITTED -03-09
g The Little Glass Man and Other Stories (1894) --US/UK 4 unknown/uncredited translator
MIS-ATTRIBUTED Stork and Nose, probably
the "essay" by L. Eckenstein is no essay, really, and L. Eckenstein may be the translator
Fairy Tales (1896) --IDENTITY UNCERTAIN-- UK/US--11 tr L. L. Weedon (new, no story Notes)
Hauff's Tales (1905) UK--15 unknown source, unknown translator

g = Gutenberg edition indb

Hauff at Gutenberg

German language includes

Märchen 1826, 1827, 1828

English language

ANTH #32046 Tales from the German, Comprising specimens from the most celebrated authors
ANTH #32219 The Marvellous History of the Shadowless Man, and The Cold Heart by Chamisso et al. --A. von Chamisso and Wilhelm Hauff; intro Dr. A. S. Rappoport; ill Forster Robson (17+13); Holden & Hardingham
see below #Chamisso

#22664 The Severed Hand (chapbook? picture book?)
from 1869 German Tales, American Publishers' Corporation
text "I was born in Constantinople; my father was a dragoman at the Porte, and besides, carried on a fairly lucrative business in sweet-scented perfumes and silk goods. He gave me a good education; he partly instructed me himself, and also had me instructed by one of our priests. He at first intended me to succeed him in business one day, but as I showed greater aptitude than he had expected, he destined me, on the advice of his friends, to be a doctor; for if a doctor has learned a little more than the ordinary charlatan, he can make his fortune in Constantinople."
text finale "Every year since, I have received a thousand gold-pieces; and although I rejoice to know that unfortunate man to be noble, yet he cannot relieve me of the sorrow of my soul, for the terrible picture of the murdered Bianca is continually on my mind."
32109 Tales of the Caravan, Inn, and Palace by Wilhelm Hauff P411731
45606 The Little Glass Man, and Other Stories by Wilhelm Hauff P447110
#24593 The Oriental Story Book: A Collection of Tales by Wilhelm Hauff
22664 The Severed Hand by Wilhelm Hauff P339226
32064 The Wine-ghosts of Bremen by Wilhelm Hauff --SUBMITTED
32071 [Lichtenstein] The Banished: A Swabian Historical Tale by Wilhelm Hauff

Quackenbos translation

Oriental Story Book; HDL t.p. 1855 and Gutenberg #24593, illus some color plates The Caravan

7 Introduction (Translation of Einleitung) --climax, p12-13

“If the old, deluded by Fashion, value thee at nothing, then turn thee to the young; truly they are my little favorites. I send to them my loveliest pictures through thy brothers, the Dreams; ... “Oh, the dear children!” exclaimed Märchen, deeply affected. “Yes—be it so! with them I will make one more trial.” “Yes, my good child,” answered the Queen; “go unto them; but I will attire thee in fine style, that thou mayest please the little ones, and that the old may not drive thee away. See! the dress of an Almanach[B] will I give thee.”

  • Footnotes (only two in the work):
[A] Märchen represents the fairy or legendary tales, of which the Germans were at one time so fond.
[B]The German “Almanach” corresponds in a measure with the English “Annual.”

17 The Caravan

the stranger Selim Baruch tells the first story:

23 The History of Caliph Stork; Chapter I.

3 pars fram; the eldest Achmet tells "something of my life":

49 The History of the Spectre Ship

5 pars frame; the youngest Muley defers/appeals to the gravest Zaleukos who tells:

71 The Story of the Hewn Off Hand
text "I was born in Constantinople; my father was a Dragoman of the Ottoman Porte, and carried on, besides, a tolerably lucrative trade in essences and silk goods. He gave me a good education [...] a physician, if he only knows more than a common quack, can make his fortune in Constantinople."

18 par frame, mainly Orbasan, concluding with the Lezah's introduction of his tale:

104 Fatima's Deliverance

[contains 4-par frame interlude] 1 par frame; the youngest Muley performs, and then tells, as story-within-story told him by his father:

140 Little Muck

1 par frame; "the fifth merchant, Ali Sizah" does his duty altho not from life:

176 The False Prince [I am the Robber Orbasan!"]

12-page frame story featuring the Greek and the stranger alone, without the 4 Turkish merchants

"Miscellaneous Juvenile Works, by the Most Eminent Authors" (alphabetical, A--- to CITY only) --and other advertisements
Transcriber's Note [... Advertising material has been moved to the end of the text.]

newspapers 1849/58 (quackenbos hauff) 1 NY Evangelist 1849-12-13 p200 brief reviews The Caravan (Appletons) and Fairy Tales of All Nations (Harpers)

(hauff appleton) 5 (41000 0000)

NY Evangelist -12-06 p195 advert "Beautiful New Juveniles", Appleton, numbered 1 to 18, 16mo 75c
Christian Reg -12-08 p194 "New Publications", notice as for sale by retailer
Lit Union -12-08 p154, review; positive (akin Arabian Nights but also Teutonic), espy for translator GPQ "the accomplished editor of The Literary American"
(above) notice NY Evangelist
Graham's Amer Monthly 1850-02 p167\68, notice "The stories are thoroughly German, though the costume and manners are Asiatic, and from their supernatural character, take a strong hold upon the feelings through the imagination."

("popular tales from fairy land") 1852/53 3

Lit World 1852-09-18 p178, [DA&]'s Announcements of New Books > Nearly Ready #1-45 New Illustrated Juveniles 39. Popular Tales from Fairy Lands [also Recently Published #1-40; Just Ready I-V]
Lit World -10-16 p253 "To the Trade" > New Illustrated Juvenile Works; this one G. P. Quackenbos, A.M.; "16mo. cloth extra. 621/2 cents"
NY Times -11-29 p5 "New Illustrated Juvenile Works" "... have This Day published the following ... for the young:", this one #11 of 18 --another is Nut-Cracker and Mouse-King, tr. Mrs. St. Simon; 16mo, illustrated, cloth, 50c

("oriental story book" appleton) 6, all 1854

NYDT -10-25 p1, publ advert "New Works in Press", title only, under "Juvenile Publications"
N-Y Daily Tribune -12-04 p1, publ advert: one of those just published "The Oriental Story-Book. With colored plates. 75 cents."
NYDT -12-15, 12-16
The Sun (Bal) -12-20 p2
The Home Journal -12-23 p3
Hauff at LC
Tales of the Caravan ... 1882 -HDL
Arabian 1858 ; 1861 -HDL 434 ; c1887 11th ed. -HDL
Tales 1970 --tr S. Mendel "Reprint of the 1890 translation of Märchen."
Tales by WH 1890 -HDL
Three Tales [ie, 3 series] tr M. A. Faber (B. Tauchnitz, 1869) 326p
Golden Treasury adaptation (Golden Press [1961]) 154p illus. Cremonini
Caravan tr Overholt (Crowell [1964]) xi 220 illus. Burt Silverman
Fairy Tales of WH tr Bell (Abelard-Schuman, 1969) 223p illus. Ulrik Schramm
Big Book (F. Watts [1971, c1970]) 223p illus. Janusz Grabianski (list of 6) (of which 2 tr Joyce Emerson)


Cold Heart -- 64 65 66 2008
Dwarf Long-Nose -- 60 94 97 2004 2008
Little Muk -- 198-? 2004
Caliph Stork -- 1976 tr Mark Twain "from Hauff's oriental series Die Karavane"

"orange cloth binding with printed paper label on the front board" "Afterword by Paul Baender." 100 numbered copies

Another edition of the Caliph Stork story ABE


The Wine-Ghosts of Bremen T2111076 tr E. Sadler and C. R. L. Fletcher

BOmL Blackwell, January 1889
Simpkin ? --not a distinct edition
Sat Rvw 1898-05-11 p577, "Some Translations from the German", 6 or 7 inclg this one as "Oxford: Blackwell. London: Simpkin & Marshall. 1889."
LOH.$ White and Allen, Fall 1889, US only?
d$ 2010 Gutenberg #32064
  • Fall ann.
[67] American Bookseller 1889-09-16 p439, as "a translation into English, for the first time, of Hauff's celebrated [Phantasien, by ES and CRLF]j printed on specially prepared hand-made paper, from type distributed immediately after printing--only 500 copies--small 8vo, 1 vol., half vellum, totally uncut."
[68] Lit. World 1889-09-28 p326\336(?) "Publishers' Announcements: Fall of 1889"
  • [69] November received The Dial 1889-12 p226, among books received during November "Illustrated Holiday Books" (no hyphen) "Illustrated by Frank M. Gregory. 16mo, pp. 64. Gilt top. Uncut. White & Allen. $1.50."
another is The Rivals by Sheridan "With 5 Full-page Illustrations in Color and many Sketches in Black and White, by Frank M. Gregory. Imperial 4to. Gilt top. In box. White & Allen. $12.50."
  • Dec review The Dial p222 [listed in volume index, not found by this search]


Baldwin LHCL, Hauff (2)
UFDC only 3 Hauff

Hauff, The Little Glass Man, Lina Eckenstein, 176, 7, [2] leaves of plates

p[177-64] A Selected List of Juvenile Books [1]-[8] back page 8
spine "The Children's Library"
same advertisements (UK)
spine "The Children's Library"

The Little Glass Man 1893--1894 (22)

Published as 1894 (with two publishers named on the title page, at least in one edition), during December 1893, at least by T. Fisher Unwin in London
[70] The Bookman 1894-02 p164 "The New Books of the Month"; as "translated by L. Eckenstein, 2/6, 'Children's Library'

  [Hauff's stories are among the best that can be given to children. Miss Eckenstein's translation and selection are both alike good, and this is one of the very successful volumes in ' The Children's Library.']" The book was announced for the season in September 1893. December publication is inferred from 1893-12-16 listings in "List of New Books", The Athenaeum #3451 p848, and "Publications of the Week", The Spectator p880; the former as "12mo. 2/6 cl. (Children's Library.)" One week later it's listed in "Books Received", The Observer -12-24 p2. These one-line listings are too short even to identify works as translations.

[71] Sat Rvw 1894-01-06 p27-28 --brief review The Little Glass Man (no price) --needless fictitious preface, poorly "illustrated"(not)
[72] The Practical Teacher 1894-12 p.xxxiv, full-column publisher advertisement contains "The Children's Library", list volumes numbered 1 to 19; this one #17. Subtitle or List heading: "Each illustrated, Post 8vo., Pinafore Cloth Binding, Floral Edges, price 2s. 6d. each."
Meanwhile a full-column publisher advertisement Chicago Tribune 1894-12-22 p5 --promotes "A new series ..." (below)


[73] The Critic: a Weekly Review of Literature and the Arts (1886-1898); New York Vol. 22, Iss. 666, (Nov 24, 1894): xiii.
Chicago Tribune 1894-12-22 p5

[74] "New Books for Young People" full-column publisher advertisement promotes "The Children's Library. / A new series ... 16mo. Price 75 cents each. // The following Volumes are Now Ready:" six, or 1 + 5 Volumes previously issued --this one listed 4th of 5

--also Maurice; or, The Red Jar.


Harvard viewer (Mirador?)$1i (w cover)

series Select Works of Ludwig Tieck

t.p. verso shows "KD"

  • Tieck, Tales from the "Phantasus," etc.
but we cite o[75] as "London : Edward Lumley, [c. 1845]" --w page spans of single contents
Tieck o[76] James Burns 1845 --as "219 pages in various pagings : portrait ; 18 cm"
ANTH o[77] Nabu Press, as publ James Burns 1847

other WorldCat records

o[316508324] 1855 (no publ)
o[19996296] n.d. Lumley
o[above] 1845 Burns; o[878188176]-HCL digitization; o[78] 1845 Burns, transl Hare, Froude, and others

Tieck at Gutenberg

  • Tales from the Phantasus PG #38838 <= 1845 James Burns
long Preface by J. A. F.
  • ANTH German Classics PG #12060 --vol 4 of 20, incl 3 Tieck

SFE3 (Mike Ashley) concludes

He was one of the primary movers in the creation of Supernatural Fiction based on folk roots as distinct from Gothic Fantasy, which was developing in parallel. JLT wrote little in the second half of his life, preferring to translate and edit the works of others; in 1841 he became the reader to Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia. [MA]

Publishers 325 [8]

One imprint (image 5), 1863 per HDL cat

la belle sauvage yard, ludgate hill, E.C.

Narrative begins as Cassell's Robinson Crusoe (illus. cap.)

Cassell publishers:

Cassell Petter and Galpin [sic]
--nidb-- Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co. undated t.p. (dedication date 1883-01-12)
Cassell & Company

ISFDB series series Peter Schlemihl

includes George Wood sequel, #Shadows

2020-04-01 --search almost fruitless re Rouillon

("peter schlemihl") 1837--1839 (27: 2 6 19)

1837-07 The Foreign Q Rvw 19.38 293-337 Art. III. --45 pages, unknown mention, running head 294 "Ludwig Uhland and the Swabian Poets" (broadly on German Romantics)
1838-02-10 The Mirror of Lit 92-94 "The Public Journals"
1838-05-05 The Athenaeum #549 322 "List of New Books"; "Peter Schlemihl, from the German by E. Rouillon, 18mo. 3s. cl."
1838-05 The Monthly Review 2.1 98-109 Art. VIII. --dnf 2020-04-01 in 12-page review of 3 others all British funnies
[79] 1839-04 Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine 45.282 467-480 "My After-Dinner Adventures With Peter Schlemihl" --fiction
--excerpt in "The Public Journals" The Mirror of Literature -04-06 p218-20

evidently Peter Schlemihl features in other narratives too --newspaper/magazine stories

("j. souter") 1837--1839 (97 hits

many adverts inclg eg "Books Published This Day" Sacred German Poetry, as one of 5 publishers/sellers, Lit Gazette #1109 1838-04-21 p255 [80]
--with forthcoming -05-01 A New Translation of Arabian Nights by Lane from Charles Knight and Co.

(souter schlemihl) 0 hits ; also 1856--1858 0 hits

("peter schlemihl") 1856--1858 23 hits

apparently no mention of J. Souter reprint [Lumley reprint?]

chiefly mentions of George Wood #Sideshows as the author of Peter Schlemihl in America

Related people

el Sir John Bowring, tr 283115 (49)  
Emile Rouillon --nidb--
els  William Howitt 204443 (54)
1844 Schlemihl, tr, -HDL
1854 The history of magic, tr,
: To which is added an appendix of the most remarkable and best authenticated stories of apparitions, dreams, second sight, somnambulism, predictions, divination, witchcraft, vampires, fairies, ...
1833 History of priestcraft in all ages and nations, ... -HDL
1838 Colonization and Christianity; a popular history of the treatment of the natives by Europeans in all their colonies -HDL
1863 The history of the supernatural : in all ages and nations and in all churches, Christian and pagan : demonstrating a universal faith -HDL
1852 The literature and romance of northern Europe: constituting a complete history -HDL
Hedge and other creators of educational editions
Theodore Bolton --nidb-- (13) WD

CHAPBOOK title/translation notes POSTPONED

English translations, etc (i = at ISFDB)

i Bowring 1823 ?[1824] T2296269 --as by AvC earliest 1861, booked as 1823
1823/24uk --HDL 1st ed., 2nd state, 1824
1824us --HDL
1861 only as Gutenberg #32219
Rouillon (cited by Howitt)
i Howitt 1844 ?[1843] T2709037
i unknown, 1845 publisher James Burns T2709029 --HDL
1899 T1718426 --HDL
1913 ANTH T2706762 --also as Gutenberg #32219
i 1910 abridgment, The World's Greatest Books T2328825 --no length, no note 2020-03-30
Bolton 1923
i Loewenstein-Wertheim 1957
i Steinhauer 1969
i Wortsman 2012

DElf Adelbert von Chamisso 122107 (106)

1814 novella Peter Schlemihl's wundersame Geschichte T1566992

Baldwin LHCL --dnf Chamisso
UFCD --dnf Chamisso

LC Peter Schlemihl

1824 2nd
1861 3rd
c1929 McKay 104 illus John Gincano
1823 tr John Bowring, illus Cruikshank (8) --as by Lamotte Fouque, tr uncredited
1824 Internet Archive t.p. --1st ed., 2nd state !
8 plates, facing-- t.p. 44 71 86 93 131 147 155 --plus advertisements p[167-68]

("peter schlemihl") 1823/24 (30) 1 genuine 1823 hit

listing as "in the press", "Literary Intelligence", London Magazine 1823-09 p341
[81] review, Lit Magnet 1824-01 p11-13 (12mo, 165, Whittakers)
[82] review, The Examiner 1824-01-25 p56-57 (very positive, closing" The translation, which is very good, is by Mr. Bowring, to whom the work was recommended by Professor Adelung, at St. Petersburgh." signed(?) "Q."
review, Lit Chronicle 1824-01-31 p68-70 (12mo, London, 1824) --mixed, negative on Cruickshank
review, British Critic 1824-02 p172-80 ("12mo. 166 pp. 6s. 6d. Whittakers. 1824.")
"New Books Published in February" [received before -02-18, by stated policy], Monthly Magazine 1824-03 p149-57 (not covered in reviews 149-54) listing p156 "Peter Schlemihl ... 12mo. 6s. 6d. bds."

reviews generally positive, both the writer and Cruickshank (and Bowring, where identified)

BL hits "shadowless man" 13 [English listed below] "peter schlemihl" 50! [not done]

1824 none BL 016819694 --by Lamotte Fouqué [or rather ... Bowring]"
1824 Whitaker 2nd
1844 Howitt original -HDL
1843 bilingual BL 000655941 017733342 xv 281
[1845] Burns [Another] BL 017630231 75p
[1845] Lumley
[1851] Simpkin BL 000655929 176 --vocab and notes Falck-Lebahn
[1851] Clarke 2nd
1861 Hardwicke 3rd BL 000655944 122; 1878 Hardwicke BL 000655946 --tr Bowring
1910 Chatto & Windus BL 000655949 previous 1861; BL 009585804
1993 Camden
1899 [1898] George Allen BL 000655948 xxxi 147 --"with illustrations by Sir Philip Burne-Jones ; and an introduction by Joseph Jacobs."
1923 Huebsch --tr Bolton o[4695852]
1929 McKay
1954 Rodale BL 000655951 x 87
1957 Calder BL 008270343 000655952; 1970 BL 014028708 ISBN-0714504408 --tr Loewenstein-Wertheim
1993 Fromm
[2014] Prestel BL 016815646 ISBN-9783791353968


1889 Cassell #172 BL 000655947 192
F. W. Carové, "The Story Without an End" T1430327 --tr Sarah Austin
Hymns to Night, Novalis EN early romantic poetry and philosophy, infl. George MacDonald, C. S. Lewis, etc.

1913 anthology
1913 The Marvellous History of the Shadowless Man and The Cold Heart
[1914] Holden & Hardingham BL 000655950 xiv 93 73
= Gutenberg Ebook #32219


("the marvellous history") 1912--1914 (10, all but one 1913)

The Scotsman 1913-12-04 p4 --Review 66 (full)
The Athenaeum 1913-12-06 p681\82 --brief review
? The Gazette (Montreal) 1914-04-08 p2 " suffering and a divine purpose which explained the marvellous history of ..."

1913 novella notes relocated

Dr. A. S. Rappoport is a candidate, as author of the 1913 introduction and at least one German--English translation, Template:LCCN. In the 1913 anthology (and Gutenberg ebook), the "Introduction by Dr.A.S.Rappoport" (per title page), pp. vii-xiv, closes "A. S. Rappoport." and "Berck-Plage, September, 1913". It is biographical with a few pages on this story, during Chamisso's lifetime, in the chronological place of its composition, 1814.

The text of this translation begins (quote):   Author's Introduction [<a href="">see also</a>]   A Letter from Chamisso to Julius Edward Hitzig.   You, who forget nobody, must surely remember one Peter Schlemihl, whom you used to meet occasionally at my house,--a long-legged youth, who was considered stupid and lazy, on account of his awkward and careless air. ...

el   Dr. A. S. Rappoport, Angelo Solomon 309660 (44) 

some other titles: Folklore of the Jews ; Myth and legend of ancient Israel ; Mediaeval legends of Christ

 lw  H. Robertson Murray 309661 (1)[4 genuine?] 

Krupp's and the international armaments ring, the scandal of modern civilization

HDL Musson front/spine jacket (images 5--294) = 290 images
HDL H&H Michigan t.p. undated (images 7--290) = 284 images (California only 270 images)

BL 001616861 --The Cold Heart in this anthology (as "[1914.] 4o.")

Michigan chapters (contrast Gutenberg ch I-IV only)

frontispiece: children jeering, mounted
CHAPTER 1 ... 5 "After a prosperous image 30, p 5
" 2 ... 23 "Of what use were wings [decorated cap]
" 3 ... 44 "It was yet early
" 4 ... 63 "I submit myself to thy judgment
" 5 ... 77 "I was now equally without gold
(mid-chapter p87) * * * * * * * * [8 stars] "One day, as I was gathering lichens

PG #32219 --"Chapter V" heading is intact, without any listing or link from the Contents list, nor backlink

Musson image numbers

5, spine/front jacket
6, frontispiece illustration (represented by 3 image 6-8 rather than the usual 4)
9 p[i], title page
22 p.xiv, end Rappoport

--images 5-22 represent 10 leaves, counting the jacket as one

23 p[1], half-title The Shadowless Man (followed by illustration of the following Author's Introduction)
27 p3, Author's Introduction
29 p5, Chapter I
92/93 between p47/48
169/70 p[93] and blank, end first series

--that is 148 or 74 leaves

171 p[1], half-title The Cold Heart
173/74 p.i-ii, Introduction: Wilhelm Hauff
175 p[3] Part I
293/94 p73/[74], end second series

--that is, 124 or 62 leaves

California copy at Internet Archive:

next page each plate (- = something missing; + = two leaves intact)

California image 1 (n0) is front cover; then 7 blanks

California image 9 (n8) is title page, illustrated , and is implied p.i
images 10-22, complete the roman-numeral span with no plates, p.ii-xiv
--The Shadowless Man, images 23 to 158[blank], or 68 leaves of wh 47 text
--21 leaves represent 16 listed illustrations
(no frontis.) 3 18- 19+ 29 31+ 43= 53 63+ 77+ 79+ 81 83+ 87+ 93 (14 inclg 9 originally mounted of wh 7 intact)
ENTIRELY MISSING THOSE frontispiece, 6/7, 50/51 (3)

MICHIGAN SHOWS THOSE TO BE two, one, two leaves

15+ 23+ 25 27+ 29 31+ 37+ 41 47+ 59+ 63+ 69 73+ (13, inclg 9 originally mounted)
--The Cold Heart perhaps entirely intact, images 159 (half-title) to 278, or 60 LEAVES of wh 38 printed
--22 leaves represent 13 listed plates, 9 mounted w guardsheets, VOILA!

KNOWN one-page illustrations (pencil?)

3 7 29 53 81 93
25 29 41 69 (or 10)

The second introduction, p.i-ii second series, may be an afterthought. The half-title page of each part is implied page 1 (arabic).

Boston: Dana Estes [1913] 27 cm o[83] Marvellous, o[38641085] Marvelous

Toronto: Musson [1913]

CIHM/ICMH o[890968088]-HDL (as 20 color);
CIHM/ICMH #88213 o[470758302] " " ISBN-0665882130 1999
intro The Cold Heart closes "H. Robertson Murray" (no date)
  • "Hauff began his remarkable literary career with the publication in November, 1825, of his "Fairy Tale Annual for 1826.""
  • "a new translation of which is published in the present volume."
  • "Unlike the majority of his fairy-tales, it owes something of its origin to folk-lore, as it is based on an old Black Forest Legend. But the human figures in the story are Hauff's very own; those conversant with the master's works will recognise in Charcoal Peter and Fat Ezekiel characters which only Hauff could have created."
text Part I, "He who travels through Suabia should not pass without seeing something of the Black Forest; not because of the trees, although such countless masses of stately pines are not to be met with everywhere; but because of the people, who differ remarkably from their neighbours on every side."
text Part II, "On the Monday morning when Peter arrived at his Glassworks, he found not only his workpeople there, but also some very unwelcome visitors; these were the Bailiff and three of his myrmidons."
... Printed by Ebenezer Baylis & Son, Trinity Works, Worcester.

Christian, You must know that the legal name bears no relation to the canonical name here at ISFDB.
And it's the name in the article title (and {DEFAULTSORT}, which is relevant to Chamisso vs "
Of course I didn't resubmit what had been rejected.
> "John Bowring at Wikipedia, LC, DNB. We have no publication under this name and the only work is one uncredited translator's note. [whitespace] There are no publications associated with this title."
Christian fastened on Wikipedia, presumably in reference to the boldface name in the lead sentence (perhaps the boldface name above the portrait image, whose caption uses "John Bowring", neither of which repetition is recommended). The boldface lead is relevant only to our Legal name, if at all.
That is correct of all three canonical names. (I intended the national library of Germany. He is also "Bowring, John" in the British DNB (Dictionary of National Biography), but "Bowring, Sir John" in another British biographical source at Wikidata, the Oxford ddnb or whatever.)
So I submitted a much longer explanation.
> We have no publications under the name with or without the title, and our only work by this writer is an anonymous translator's note.
> British Library record of the 1824 publication credits translation by J. Bowring. Contemporary review in The Examiner credits Mr. Bowring. His canonical name is "John Bowring" in the US and German national libraries (LC and DNB) and "John Bowring" at Wikipedia.
> The title is not universal even in British sources. For instance he is "John" in the British DNB and "Sir John" in the Oxford [similar name biographical encyclopedia]. . There are no publications under this name, [whitespace] There are no publications associated with this title."
(That closing is equivocal or incoherent. At the moment, we have no publications under the names 'John' or 'Bowring', nor the title 'Sir'. Probably I meant "this ISFDB Title record", however. ) --Pwendt|talk 13:03, 25 March 2020 (EDT)

HDL Chamisso (134 full view)

Peter Schlemihl story, all forms


1st ed. (3 states) BC o[86]
B state o[87] --"auf deutsch"

Bowring translation reported

  • \unc "Wells and Lilly, 1824" h 008955262 t.p. 1824(cover?) viii 139 --La Motte-Fouqué illus Cruickshank
Boston: / Wells and Lilly--Court-Street. // 1824.
i9 [v] Notice ;... The Translator
i11-12 [vii]-viii Author's Introduction (nosig)
i13 To My Friend Wangner! (nosig)
image 15-153 p[1]-139 {139 139} => no plates?

\unc "G. and W. B. Whittaker, 1824" h 102287923 t.p. 1824(cover?) xii 165 --Lamotte Fouqué ; Cruik
i10 [ii] frontispiece --follows i7-8 half-title leaf outside paginated range
i13 [v] Notice ;... The Translator
i15 [vii] To My Friend Wangner! (nosig)
i17-20 [ix]-xii Author's Introduction (nosig)
image 21-199 p[1]-165 {179 165 =>14 unnum.} => 7 illus. expected
+ advertisements p[167-68] --first Specimens of the Russian Poets tr John Bowring, F.L.S., and Honorary Member of several Foreign Societies, and Biographical and Critical Notices.
plates: i10/t.p. i65/f44 i94/f71 i111/f86 i120/f93 i160/f131 i178/f147 i187/f155

1824-2nd, running head "Schlemihl."; Chapter I--XI

1861 => Gutenberg Ebook #21943

Gutenberg (?) source is 3rd ed. (UK) in 1861 printing

\Bowring\Sir "A. Denhanl & co., 1874" 3rd ed (US) h 001779821 t.p. 1874(none) 122 --Cruik
i4 p[2] frontispiece
i5 p[3] t.p.
i7 p[5] Notice ;... The Translator
i9 p[7] To My Friend Wangner! ;... J. B.
i11-12 p[9] To the Same, from Fouqué ;... Fouqué [1814]
i13-15 p[11]-13 To Fouqué, from Hitzig [ ;... Edward Hitzig [1827]

"With the second edition of Schlemihl appeared his Songs and Ballads. ..." => the German stated Second Edition is ~1827

i17-18 p[15]-16 Preface to the Third Edition ;... John Bowring [1861]
i19-20 p[17]-18 To My Old Friend, PS ;... Adelbert von Chamisso [1834]
i21-23 p[19]-21 To JEH, from AvC ;... Adelbert von Chamisso [1813]
plates: i4/t.p. i51/f48 i71/f66 i79/f72 i122/f113 i127/f116
image 25-134 p[23]-122 {110 100 =>10 unnum.} => 5 illus. expected

\Bowring\Sir LL.D., &c. "A. Denham, 1874" 3rd h 100629751 122 --Cruik
---- really another copy of Putnam's ----
chapters pp. i3 ii30 iii66 iv97 v120
plates incl in pagination [front]; 39/40 63/64; 79/80 85/86; 117/18; 131/32 139/40 (8) => 132 pp. text

t.p. undated(cover)

image 13 p3-148;

Appendix 149-165 --149, Preface by the Editor --159, Brief Sketch of Chamisso's Life --163, From the Baron ... [From the first edition.] (image 173) La Motte Fouqué

+ advertisements "Ariel Booklets" p[169-175] "bound in full flexible red morocco", alphabetical #1 to 189(?); GREEN AND GOLD EDITION, selected titles "bound in green limp leather. Full gilt, side and back, gilt top, deckel edges. Each in a box."

this one "Chassimo" #67

unc\ "G. P. Putnam's Sons, [1903]" h 101906151 t.p. undated 165 --Cruik [no prelim text, no Contents]
image 8 "Ariel Booklets", 10 frontispiece
image 19 p3-148; image 164 --146 images, 146 pages (interior illustrations?)

Appendix 149-165 -- i165/p149 -- i175/p159 -- i179/p163 -- Ariel Booklets" i183-i187 #1-70

\Bowring\Sir --IN ERROR?-- "F. Warne & co., 1910" h 100653785 t.p. 1910(cover?) xxiv 106 --illus Browne

List of Illustrations, xxiii-xxiv (1+1+16 full page; +12)

image 33 p3-106

  • \Howitt "Burgess & Stringer, 1844" Original h 009730208 t.p. 1844(cover 1843) 42
image 19 p13-42
  • "James Burns, 1845" catalogued 46542.34 as The Shadowless Man ... HDL 009730237 vi 75 --HARVARD CONGLOMERATE?
indb 2020-03-20 only Schlemihl and Undine
  1. images 1-2 front cover of Harvard binding(?) with catalogue number 46542.34 (top left inside cover)
  2. HDL cat (as by Chamisso) "vi, [7]-75 p. incl. front., illus. 17 cm." --but that is the Chamisso pamphlet only
  3. that Chamisso at WorldCat is "Burns' fireside library" o[88]
  4. title page images ^15\17 87\89 ^\253 327\29(n.d.) 453\55 (457 505)
a 7-14, 23-84 The White Lady [8 duplicate images 15-22]
b 87- (coll) The Physician of Marseilles, The Revolutionists, etc. Four Tales from the German
89 t.p. 91 contents (one as Sophie Ariele, or the Physician of Marseilles)
b1. 91-164 Sophie Ariele; or, The Physician of Marseilles
b2. 165-180 The Christmas
b3. 181-218 The Revolutionists
b4. 219-242 Valerie

(images 243-252 redundant; 238-47 identical to 248-257)

c 253-326 The Shadowless Man, or the Wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl --CHAMISSO t.p. 1844(image 253);
d 327-452 Undine [460/61 also Undine, redundant] --ends p98

329 t.p. 331/[i] 354/xxiv 355/p[3] 360/p8 400/p48 (2 extra) 452/p98

e 453- Liesli, a Swiss Tale from the German of Clauren / Heinrich and Blanca, or The Three Brothers
e1. 457-504 Liesli 457/[1]; 462/p4--504/p46
e2. 505-534 Heinrich and Blanca --ends p68
--30 images represent 22 pages, 47-68

47 48 49 50 51 52 53 [511] [512-526, 15 images] 52- 53- 56 55 58 57 58- 61 62 63 62- 63- 66 67 68

missing 54 59-60 64-65

c 253-326 The Shadowless Man (* illustrated)

253* t.p.
255-56 [v]-vi Introductory Epistle from A. von Chamisso to Julius Edward Hitzig *56
--closing ADELBERT VON CHAMISSO. (n.d.) "P.S.--I enclose a sketch of the singular-looking individual who left the MS., taken by our clever friend Leopold, who happened to be standing at the window, and saw him, just in time."

257* p[7] Chapter I. 257-318, novella, p[7]-68

chapter I-V begin pp. i7 ii19 iii34 -56* v57

P645753 2nd ed., Julius Eduard Hitzig, Berlin, 1839
APPENDIX [From the prefatory matter prefixed to the Berlin edition, 1839, from which the present translation is made.]

--that is, from the 2nd German edition (<a href="">see</a>)

319 [69]-73 Preface by the Editor [ie, 1839 German] ; ... i322 "In England, two editions have appeared [previous to the present,--Tr.]; one of which was reprinted at Boston in 1825."

--two translations? the translation, not edition, was reprinted in Boston 1824
--the only contribution by the translator? unknown whether this precedes Howitt 1843/44, and whether this translator knows of the Howitt ed.

323 [73]-74 Brief Sketch of Chamisso's Life (as Louis Adalbert de Chamisso) 324 [74]-75 From the Baron de la Motte Fouqué to Julius Edward Hitzig. as "[From the first edition.]" ... Fouqué "Neunhausen, May 1814." 326 [76] blank

  • "Joseph Knight, 1893" h 007697594 t.p. 1893(w cover) xii 176 --as ADALBERT illus Marold and Mittis
image 21 p7-176

p7 confirmed p(7) with header illustration (at HDL)

illustrated front pages [ii] [v] [vii, t.p.]

  • unc\ "Allen, 1899" h 007678839 t.p. 1899(w cover) xxxi 146 8 --illus Burne-Jones intro Joseph Jacobs -xxx, List of Plates (8) xxxi
image 45 p7-[147]

p7 confirmed; frontispiece?

Illustrations by Burne-Jones, parent INTERIORART T1718428 8 illustrations The title page credits "Sir" at the end of one line, "Philip Burne-Jones" in small caps, centred, on the next line. Burne-Jones and George Cruikshank (8 illustrations, 1823) depict some of the same moments in the story, and their illustrations of the same moment are reproduced as frontispiece plates, at least in the 1823/24 and 1899 eds./printings. The grey man detaches Peter Schlemihl's shadow. (Some for the uncredited headpiece of the 1845 James Burns edition, p.(7) with header illustration (at HDL)

, a German story by Jane Doe from the German of Jane Doe (or the latter with a colon)

I have always ignored such wording when layout clearly demarcates title page components (horizontal line or much whitespace) and I don't know that I have scene "from the German" or "a German story" as the last part of the heading in a WorldCat record.

List of Plates, p.xxxi (image 37) --roman-numbered

  1. frontis, "I beheld him gently loosen my shadow from the grass" (p. 22)
  2. f24, "I strewed it on the floor, feasting on its very sound and brilliancy"
  3. f44, "Fanny perceived only her own shadow before us"
  4. f50, "I showered gold among the people"
  5. f82, "He stood between two ordinary shadows, his own and mine"
  6. f86, "Before me flitted the shadow of a man"
  7. f120, "Justo judicio dei judicatus sum"
  8. f130, "The seven-league boots"

Peter Schlemihl, The Shadowless Man [two lines] Chapter I After ...

  • ANTH (intact?) Musson h 100303223 --microfiche, see above
ANTH "Holden and Hardingham, 1913" h 001779820 --Michigan and California copies
interior notes, see above

= Gutenberg #32219 (ch 1-4; illus 1+16+13; no marginal pagination)

  • \Bolton; B.W. Huebsch, inc., 1923. h 009012741 113 t.p. 1923(w cover); inscribed 19[5?3]8 by Bolton; no Contents
image 27 p25-113


  • \Treadwell "G.P.Putnam's Sons, 1874" h 100556211 --a comedy
not pursued 2020-03-24/25

WorldCat [Emmaus, PA: Story Classics](37)

--A New Adventure in Publishing o[89] 12 ; o[90] Beautiful Limited Editions 16


1950 o[91]; [1970?] ADALBERT o[92] x 87 7; n.d. ADALBERT o 610417448 x 87 8 --Limited ed., 3000 copies, no. 1684 --intro Ilsa Barea illus Peter Rudland

HOLLIS Schlemihl 1. c1967 ballet 2. 1874 A. Denham --HOUGHTON 3. [1907?] Henry Altemus --offsite KC 13777 4. 1824 2nd Whittaker --HOUGHTON 5. 1999 turkey --offsite 6. [18--?] J. Souter --nidb-- --offsite KC 7393 7. 1824 Wells and Lilly --HOUGHTON 8. 1889 Cassell = Cassell's National Library v. 172 --(4E) 48526.28.5 (available) --#172 US or UK?

4 --indb
2 3 4 6 7 8 --complete eds of the novella in Engl transl expected
2 4 7 8 --view online

ISFDB English translations 2020-03-25

1823 Lamotte Fouqué
1823 Adelbert von Chamisso (Stonecreek from PG#21943 = 1861)
1899 ? (Allen unidentified)
1910 (heavily abridged)(from ANTHOLOGY PG #10643 P411513)
1913 (unidentified)(from ANTHOLOGY)
1957 \Leopold von Loewenstein-Wertheim
1969 \Harry Steinhauer ANTH
2012 \Peter Wortman ANTH

Engl-lang publ without translation note

2007/2009 --indb as 1823
2015 and 2017 (1957 from cover)

auf deutsch, 2nd, 1839 PG #31538 --19760 words (incl headings, footnotes)


1889 ANTH Cassell's PG #5339 (1845? translation)
ANTH Stories by Foreign Authors: German, v2 PG #6022

5339, anth 1889
6022, anth Stories by Foreign Authors ("Burns")
10643, ABRIDGED anth 1910
21943, 3rd ed. 1861
31538, GERMAN-LANG 2nd ed. 1839
32219, anth 1913
PG #5339 = 1889 Cassell's National Library
Introduction ;... H. M. [Henry Morley]

"An account of the book and its author is here reprinted at the end of the tale, as originally given by the translator."

Introductory Epistle from A. von Chamisso to Julius Edward Hitzig ;... Adelbert von Chamisso
I. ,,,. ;,,. ,.
(II. to V.)
Appendix. [From ... [1839 German]
Preface by the Editor.
Brief Sketch of Chamisso's Life.
From the Baron ... [From the first edition.]

PG #6022 Stories by Foreign Authors, v2 (4th of 4 stories)

PG#10643 (ABRIDGED anth)
3881 words (incl 3 chapter headings quoted here)
I.--The Grey Man

Having safely landed after a fatiguing journey, I took my modest belongings to the nearest cheap inn, engaged a garret room, washed, put on my newly-turned black coat, and proceeded to find Mr. Thomas John's mansion.

II.--A Soul for a Shadow
III.--The Wanderer
PG #32219 \"Burns"

1913 Anthology ::redd Chamisso 2020-03-26

PG #6022 or #32219 ?

20992 words (inclg "Chapter I"), 40+ pages

PG #21943 \Bowring
20885 words (incl "Chapter I" ... footnotes), 43+ pages

PG #31538

(German, later than 1827 2nd edition)


George Wood
 lws George Wood 252611 (6) --two novels in ISFDB, one as series Peter Schlemihl] (the second per Reginald1, perhaps in error)
1848 Carey and Hart Peter Schlemihl in America BL 003280342 012822784 --by George Wood

("peter schlemihl") 1856--1858 23 hits

The Knickerbocker 47.1 1856-01 82 --review of Modern Pilgrims (Boston: Phillips, Sampson & Co. 1855) by George Wood; "Not a few of our readers will be glad to hear again from the author of 'Peter Schlemihl in America,' a work which appeared originally in these pages, ..." --satire on some religious denominations
The Universalist Q 1856-01 p111(?) review 24.
2 vols, 12mo, $1.75 --from front-pages adverts Neighbor Jackwood. by Paul Creyton [pseud.] 1857 c1856 J. T. Trowbridge

Marrying Too Late --announced Jul/Aug

New York Evangelist 1856-11-27 p232 "New Books" --revew Marrying Too Late (D. Appleton & Co.)
National Era 10.518 1856-12-04 193 --review Marrying Too Late by George Wood --strictly a novel, a love story, but thruout "severe satire, especially on the fashionable fooleries of New York society."

1858-03-13 Houseworld Words [Dickens] 1858-03-13 294-99 "Shadowless Men"// [AvC] explained the meaning of the history of Peter Schlemihl, the shadowless man, in the preface to the French translation of his tale. ..." "Modern society is alarmed every few years by shadowless men. ..." "Hurry to be rich, marks the shadowless man. ..."

Am Publ Circular 1858-12-11 593 "New Publications: Received at the Office of the [APC]" p594, from Derby & Jackson, Future Life; or, Scenes in Another World by George Wood
NY Evangelist -12-16 p8 --review Future Life (no price); ... "object is less to picture the real future [Earthly or Heavenly?], than to criticize the present."

  • Burns' Fireside Library (1845) --indb
  • World's Classics (Joseph Knight
  • The Children's Library (T. Fisher Unwin; MacMillan) --Hauff, The Little Glass Man
  • Stories by Foreign Authors, 10 vols (Scribner's, 1898)
vol 5, or German II, contains Schlemihl --see PG #6022
companion to Stories by American Authors; Stories by English Authors --3 sets of 10 vols, 16mo, 75c each
  • The World's Greatest Books [ABRIDGED], 20 vols (1910 ????; undated Wm. H. Wise & Co.)
vol 1-2 indb (two of Fiction, v1-8)
Gutenberg all except #16, #18 (Poetry and Drama), inclg v2 as PG #10643

VOLUME I --indb as spec-fic only (6) PG #10471

4. The Golden Ass --Apuleius
5. The Arabian Nights; or, The Thousand and One Nights --uncredited
9c The Magic Skin --Balzac
9d The Quest of the Absolute --" "
10. History of the Caliph Vathek --Beckford
12. A Voyage to the Moon --Bergerac

--nidb-- 3. Hans Andersen, Improvisatore

VOLUME II --indb as spec-fic only (6)

26 works by 20 writers, alphabetical by surname

4/5 Bronte
7 Bunyan
10 Carroll
12 Chamisso

6 of 25 indb as spec-fic

7a The Holy War • (1910) • short fiction by John Bunyan

4034 words inclg headings; as 4 chapters ... "IV.--The Downfall"

7b The Pilgrim's Progress • (1910) • short fiction by John Bunyan

4307 ... as 3 chapters ... "III.--The Celestial City"

9. The Black Prophet • (1910) • short fiction by William Carleton

3410 words ... as 5 chapters ... "V.--Fate: the Discoverer"

10. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland • (1910) • short fiction by Lewis Carroll

6663 words ... as 6 chapters ... "VI.--The Trial of the Knave of Hearts"

12. Peter Schlemihl, the Shadowless Man • [Peter Schlemihl] • (1910) • short fiction by Adelbert von Chamisso (trans. of Peter Schlemihl's wundersame Geschichte 1814) [as by Adalbert von Chamisso]

3881 words ... as 3 chapters ... "III.--The Wanderer"

19. Salathiel; or, Tarry Thou Till I Come • (1910) • short fiction by George Croly

(editorial preface plus) 3547 words inclg headings; as 5 sections numbered and titled, eg "V.--The Pilgrim of Time" 3547 words ... as 5 chapters ... "V.--The Pilgrim of Time"

--nidb-- Wuthering Heights 4169 words ... as 3 chapters (also horizontal-line breaks) ... "III.--The Story Runs Forward"

" ... where they are derived from foreign originals, they have often been prepared from those originals rather than from any existing translations of them, as in the fine translation of Catullus by Professor Wight Duff, or the condensations from Euripides, Corneille, Kant, Tacitus, and very many more. In other cases, again, the selections have been specially prepared for THE WORLD'S GREATEST BOOKS by their authors or their agents, ... "