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S31254 (Coloured)

"The Fairy Book Series" 1902 front material

-- Preface, p[v]-ix
-- Colour not included in the pagination; Full-Page included

The Red Romance Book o[1]

elsf Andrew Lang 6880 (474)

so-called Fairy Books, 25 annual collections of expurgated stories, including the 12 Coloured Fairy Books

perhaps a Christmas series competing with Jacobs [but Jacobs did Bidpai and Aesop 1888/89

Encyclopedia of Fantasy Ford, H J (review of the Fairy Book series)

"Other followers included the American The Oak-Tree Fairy Book (1905), The Elm-Tree Fairy Book (1909) and The Fir-Tree Fairy Book (1912), series edited by Clifton Johnson and the collections of Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora Archibald Smith."

WorldCat search: "Andrew Lang" "H J Ford" [2]

LC (474)

84 Nobody
88 Perrault

see #Perrault



J. W. Arrowsmith pers. corp. (both 0)
Tom Scott (3)
E. A. Lemann (0)
Gordon Browne (40)

Lemann, E. A. (0) VIAF=93841389

google hits illustrator of Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

Under the Water (1886) by Maurice Noel 2013 Kindle "The classic 1886 fantasy literature for Elves, Marine Animals and other tales." o[3]

0. 1888 The Gold of Fairnilee ('fairnilee' 3 hits 1888, 2 valid; no hits 1889)

Frontispiece "The Old House" by Tom Scott (1854–1927) as T. Scott [identity inferred from WorldCat library use of canonical name]

Content not evidently related to that of Prince Prigio and Prince Ricardo, the first two of three works issued in the 1895 omnibus My Own Fairy Book.

As for those two so-called Chronicles of Pantouflia, there were two British 1st editions of The Gold of Fairnilee apparently, both published by J. W. Arrowsmith: one ordinary and one large-paper edition. There are numerous anomalies in library records, such as sizes 30cm and 26cm apparently for the large-paper ed. HathiTrust Digital Library evidently provides full view of one copy of the ordinary edition, mis-catalogued as one of the large-paper edition.

1895 OMNIBUS My Own Fairy Book contains "The Gold of Fairnilee" o[4] 1895 ; o[5] 2013

HDL 1, Bristol 1895 (and NY) 1, NY 1906

To Children, p[ix]-xiv (paginated from half-title page)
Prince Prigio, (1)5-103
Prince Ricardo, (105)107-232
The Gold of Fairnilee, (233)237-312
4pp, Fairy Books advertisements

Advertised by local Robert Clarke Company Cin. Enquirer 1895-10-19 p5 "New Books" at $2.00 Listed "Books of the Week" (also The Red Story Book) N-Y Tribune 1895-11-23 p8

Advertisement by the publisher 1895-12-07 N-Y Tribune p8 and Chi. Tribune p11, "Longmans, Green, & Co.'s New Books" under "Mr. Lang's New Christmas Books"

  1. The Red Story Book $2.00
  2. My Own Fairy Book $2.00

2016-11-02 cancelled TitleUpdate as book 3 in series "First-published in the series, third and last of contents in the 1895 omnibus"

1. 1889 Prince Prigio

ordinary ed: ; HDL;

HDL NYPL without cover

with 4 back pages publisher advertisement

HDL back page Fairy Tale by Andrew Lang, The Gold of Fairnilee, Crown 4to. Cloth 5/-

ordinary o[6] o[7]
L. P. o[8] #43 ; o[9] more informative

o[10] Longmans, Green, A. Lemann 86p
large paper edition: ; No. 54 ; HDL ; microfiche

HDL U California (no 39?), with original cover, evidently not the LP ed.

HDL Harvard U (no 65) with original cover apparently

1901 NY -- Crowell Sunshine Library 1901 o[11] LCCN

HDL U Michigan with original cover, frontispiece and cover illus. only

2. 1893 Ricardo [12]-h Arrowsmith; xi+204

Prince Prigio earliest 1901 Crowell

HDL (3) - Princeton U alone is published "and at New York by Longmans"

material to edit for Clone as New York: Longmans

1st ed. OCLC: <a href="">376870</a> -- "Publisher: Bristol, J.W. Arrowsmith ; London, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. [1893]"

LCCN 01-16433 states OCLC=376870 but shows also published at New York: Longmans, Green and Co. HathiTrust Digital Library (<a href="">catalog record</a>) provides full view of two copies published at Bristol and London only, from originals at U California and Harvard U, both with original cover apparently. (That from original at Princeton U shows also published New York.)

LCCN nb2007-019986 pseud. A Huge Longway (0)

OCLC: <a href=""></a> -- "Bristol: J. W. Arrowsmith, Quay Street ; London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Company Limited ; New York: Longmans, Green 7 Co." (no year)

The True Story Book "full of adventures extracted from memoirs and re-edited in a very agreeable style, [uniform with the Fairy Books] ... illustrated with nine plates and fifty-eight illustrations in the text by several artists" --capsule NY Times 1893-12-18 p5 "Books for One's Friends: A further list of works on Christmas counters"

12 Coloured Fairy Books

Coloured Fairy Books (12)

Blue Fairy Book ; o[13] with list of Contents "Publisher's catalogue on 16 pages at end." o[14] viii+390; o[15] 2nd ed. large paper, catalogue precedes and follows; o[16] special Spottiswoode (large paper?)

"Christmas Books" The Scotsman -10-14 "a new collection of nursery tales" "brought together by the co-operation of many skilled hands"

1 of 3 "Longmans ... New Books" N-Y Trib -10-12 "Crown 8vo, gilt edges, ornamental blue and gold cover. 390 pages. $2.00." 15 East 16th Street $2.00

review NYT -11-11 p3 "Woodcuts by HJF and GPJC enliven the pages. There are eight full-page and many in the text. Those by Ford have a certain kinship with engravings by Walter Crane, but are less archaic; those by Hood are sketchier and less imitative of mediaeval woodcuts."

Harvard U copy, Contents ix-x,

U California copy (US rather than UK?), Introduction [xi]-xxii, refers to death of William Ralston Shedden-Ralston (1828–1889) (1889-08-06) "as this essay was being written"

one copy w original cover t.p. verso "Works by Andrew Lang" -- Preface, p[vii], signed Andrew Lang -- Introduction, p[xi]-xxii -- stories span p1-390; p390 identifies printer Spottiswoode 393-408 "August 1889 General List of Works published by Messrs. Longmans, Green, & Co. London and New York" 16-page Longmans catalogue (with Fiction, p12)

o[17] --large paper ed. with introduction (perhaps Longmans London only) xxii 390
o[18] 16-page catalog at end, with list of Contents

Edited [with an introduction] by Andrew Lang. With numerous illustrations by H.J. Ford and G.P. Jacomb Hood.

89 O blue --03[19] ([1889 at HDL (2)) --"This is the ordinary edition ..."
90 O red --98[20] 01[21] (1890 at HDL is large-paper ed., others not 1890)

o[22] large paper (London only?)

92 wik green --99[23] (1892 at HDL is 366p; viii+365 from another)
94 wik yellow --11[24] (1894 at HDL)
97 LO Pink [25]-h
00 LO Grey [26]-h --Title submitted 2016-10-31
01 L OH Violet [27] (1901 at HDL o[28], also lists Contents --summary posted 2016-11-01
03 L O Crimson [29]-h "by Mrs. Lang"
04 LO Brown [30]-h
06 oH Orange --11[31] (1906 at HDL) o[32]
07 LO Olive [33]-h --Title summary posted 2016-11-01
10 LO Lilac [34]-h

submitted 2016-10-31

five identical where LCCN links HDL #12 11 9 6 5
8 does not cite OCLC, 7 does not link HDL
10 4 3 2 1 no first ed. LCCN

As of 2016-10-31 LC Online Catalog lacks records of first editions (printings during the first calendar year) of numbers 1-4 and 10; thus no LCCN for those editions

blue 10th impression, 1903 ; 390
red unstated ed./printing, 1898 ; 367 o[35](not vouched)
green 5th impression, 1899 ; xi 366
yellow unstated ed./printing, 1911 ; xvi 321

Webpages done 2016-11-01: none

Summaries posted 2016-11-01: 13/7 Violet, 19/11 Olive

"Twenty-nine tales from the folklore of Turkey, India, Denmark, Armenia, and the Sudan." --summary, Library of Congress record of the 1st ed., LCCN: 07-31208

19th in the annual Fairy Book series edited by Lang (25 including 12 "Coloured Fairy Books")

OCLC: <a href="">4187775</a> -- ed. Lang "with numerous illustrations by H. J. Ford"

HathiTrust Digital Library (<a href="">catalog record</a>) provides full view of one copy without original cover -- "Bound in orange pictorial cloth binding signed H.J.F., gilt; with printed dust jacket"


elf H. J. Ford 120009 (38) "He collaborated with other artists on the first two titles, The Blue Fairy Book (anth 1889) with G P Jacomb-Hood and The Red Fairy Book (anth 1890) with Lancelot Speed, but all later volumes were illustrated wholly by HJF."
G. P. Jacomb Hood 117081 (24)
A. Wallis Mills --nidb
Lancelot Speed 112891 (10)
Mrs. Lang

LCCN nr96-042544 (20) VIAF=103652748

LC credits her with Fairy Books 1908-09 and 1911-12 only (1913 no LCCN)

Leonora Blanche Lang VIAF=302312059 NLP=a21505305

LC credits one to her LCCN: 2012-941864

Mrs. Andrew Lang as pseudonym Andrew Lang 131070 WRONG (interpreted as space in ID parameter) Mrs. Andrew Lang

Lang 16276

Men, women, and minxes [36]

25 Fairy Books

The Fairy Book Series (as sometime marketed, 25)

91 blue poetry T1952320 --67[37] facsimile ; Ford & Speed; HDL 1 front page shows "Crown 8vo. 6s. gilt edges"; illustrations 8+130; 4+96

11 plates (front + 10) introduction [vii]-xi poems p1-346 index 347-51

and OCLC: 573196555 o[38] 1967 facsimile HathiTrust

93 true story --09[39] Blue True Story adapted (first 1896) (Speed?)
95 Red true story [40]-o
96 Animal story [41]-io
98 Arabian [42]-h 98-830 (book not examined?) --submitted 2016-10-31
99 Red animal stories [43]-h
02 Romance [44]-ho (4, first w original cover) (plates included in the pagination)
<a href="">04-4635</a>, which links e-copy at HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL), and OCLC: <a href="">1697578</a>
"Nineteen romances, mostly from the Arthurian legends."
The first 13 stories, p3-174, are termed "Tales of the Round Table", p[1]

includes "The Quest of the Holy Graal" p64-101, "The Fight for the Queen" p102-112 (in part T1872857 1918 Longmans Classbooks of E L) p[1] Tales of the Round Table; the first 13 stories p3-174 evidently King Arthur; plus 6 Roncevalles (Roland or Orlando), Diarmid, William Short Nose Wayland the Smith, Robin Hood, Grettir the Strong

Prices from front page: net $1.60 by mail $1.75 (Violet, Crimson, and this volume) or $2.00 (twelve others)

Copy 1 shows First 1902-09; Reprinted 1908-10

Preface v-xi "All of the romances are written by Mrs. Lang, except the story of Grettir the Strong, done by Mr. H. S. C. Everard from the saga translated by Mr. William Morris. [last of 19, p359-84]

1902 HDL 4

2 Harvard U price the series $ (reprint 1903-10, "The Fairy Book Series" new here?, 15 to 1903 of which 1901 to 1903 $1.75 others $2.00) and s. (1902 New Impression);
Crown edition 1929, 8 street addresses; apparent 8th printing 1929-08
NY apparent 1st (U Virginia)

1903 HDL 2 of 1 book 91 and 93 Fifth Avenue, New York // London and Bombay // 1903 First edition 1902-09, Reprinted 1903-10; Norwich Press

05 Red Romance T1267181 [45]-o ed. Andrew Lang "with eight coloured plates and numerous illustrations by H. J. Ford"
<a href="">05-32730</a> and OCLC: <a href="">1688245</a> "All the stories in this book were done by Mrs. Lang, out of the old romances"--Page viii

HDL 1, apparent 3rd printing with original cover (black silhouette on blood red, no lettering) Fourth Avenue & 30th Street, New York // London, Bombay, Calcutta and Madras // 1921

HDL 1, apparent 1st printing without original cover 39 Paternoster Row, London // New York and Bombay // 1905

08 Princes [46]-ho Mrs. Lang
09 Red Heroes [47] Mrs. Lang
11 All sorts of Stories [48]-ho Mrs. Lang
12 Saints and Heroes [49]-ho Mrs. Lang

2012 centennial ed. as by Leonora Blanche Lang 2012-941864

13 Strange --Mrs. Lang o[50] by Mrs. Lang ; edited by Andrew Lang ; with portrait of Andrew Lang and 12 coloured plates and numerous other illustrations by H.J. Ford

1907 Tales of Romance; based on tales in the Book of romance, ed. by Andrew Lang, with 4 coloured plates and 15 other illustrations by H.J. Ford and Lancelot Speed. New impression.

no preface. 6 contents including "The Sword Excalibur", lacking 14 Roncesvalles and 15 Diarmid; much reworked?

1908 Tales of the Round Table; based on the tales in the Book of romance, edited by Andrew Lang. With 4 coloured plates and 21 other illus. by H.J. Ford. [New impression.]

no preface. 12 contents reordered but same as 13 except lacking "The Sword Excalibur"