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explorations wholly or mainly cover art

0785754911 [1] may be useful

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Winthrop, Castle in the Attic

series Castle in the Attic, or Castle, or Attic Series 30167

Jody A. Lee COVERART T1537928 T1537927 --done

As of 2016-05-10 one bookseller at (none at US) and one at show this cover with price $12.95 and ~identical inscriptions "To [Joanie], One of my loyal fans! Elizabeth Winthrop"

35th printing Google preview via WorldCat shows yet another cover 2009 [2]; no back cover

"Yearling and the jumping horse design are registered trademarks of Random House, Inc."; evidently the same horse as for Dan Craig cover below Yearling Fantasy"

Amazon apparently misplaced shows cover


Yearling Fantasy [new logo] (c) 2009 Dan Craig ; $6.99/C$7.99 , same ISBN as 1994 (Dell) Yearling book


Dublin: O'Brien, 2002 o[7]

Irish edition at Alibris with cover image
Amazon US also as 1994 with Look Inside another cover (same as google preview)
Amazon US The Battle for the Castle also as 1994 with Look Inside Yearling Fantasy [8], at least some with wrong cover images

hc 1993-03-01
ppb 1994-11-01 (wrong cover image; one ISBN used forever?)
Kindle (orig. cover art?)
Audible "Read by the Author and a Full Cast"
Audio CD

distinct ISBN ebook 2012 o[9]

Wrightson, An Older Kind of Magic

An Older Kind of Magic T746357 2016-05-24

ABEbooks reported 1st and 2nd printings 1972 and 1973 (now in the database)

md17188057207.jpg md13123908793.jpg

The second clearly portrays the creatures same as interior illustrator Noela Young.

The back cover illustration of our copy seems to be "after" this one.

An Older Kind of Magic in contrast P268636

apparently first printing as you say
Title page simply "Puffin Books", no locale
Copyright page:
-- lists UK first of 2 Penguins
-- no mention of London (as per OCLC: <a href="">59152636</a>), simply "Hutchinson Junior Books Ltd 1972" as publisher and illustrations copyright-holder (but we say HJB is a London imprint[10]
-- "Made and printed in Australia at // Alexander Bros, Mentone, Victoria"; notice that presumably violates US copyright law on rebinding
back cover
-- "A Puffin Book // Published by Penguin Books"
-- "For copyright reasons this copy is not for sale in the U.S.A."
-- summary
-- two(?)-color illus after Noela Young cover illus. User:Pwendt//Covers/Wrightson, Down to Earth
-- 'Cover illustration by Jack Newnham";
-- same 4 prices you state in same sequence
-- ISBN-10 lower right corner, two lines
2016-05-13 draft User talk:Clarkmci

Hi. You verified the 1975 (2nd printing?) and 1985 (5th?) of the Down to Earth Puffin edition apparently for sale in Australia 402038 238013. From a library copy that I need to return next week, I recently added/verified the 1980 3rd? printing 569041, as a clone of one of your records. My first four Notes are based on yours, copy-paste with modification to fit the book in hand.

The first Note is a big change Hong Kong rather than Australia, odd to me given that the date is intermediary. 1975 - 1980 - 1985

Peter Graves

done rename Pène du Bois, William Sherman A33815

"Bishop / Pene du Bois" writer/illustrator identified on spine of pb Clare Hutchet Bishop The Secret Cave (1973) at Amazon (orig. Twenty and Ten)

T877732 Amazon 1950-10-16 hc, does not mention illustrations (but quotes a review that does)

same at ABEbooks

--Corliss Books at, said to be 1950 cover image-- Amazon 1991-06-01 pb, ditto

same at ABEbooks Amazon product 1961 unknown [but one is hardcover with dustjacket @ $44.00 [11]

"World's Work, 1950" may be Tadsworth: World's Work, 1974 0437348210 at WorldCat Amazon 1975 no image Dell Yearling ASIN by whom? Amazon? B000IE2EA2
Littlehampton 1974 at Australia 1969 Chesire [sic]
Dell Yearling first printing likely to be 1970 at WorldCat

LCCN Chesire (four F. W. Chesire; one Longman Chesire)

1947 ; 1961 ; 1962 ; 1967 ; 1987

An Extraordinary Adventure

User talk:Mhhutchins#How to link to images on Amazon's server

An Extraordinary Adventure! --displayed on cover
1950 $100 with cover image

An Extraordinary Adventure --as subtitle
1970 Dell Yearling (also same URL as next)

at with Dell cover image (poor quality),12018276

at with Dell cover image (good)

"Paperback – 1970" Dell Yearling at

excellent cover image at [12]

1974 first UK edition

at ABEbooks [1970 and 1974] ; 9780437348210-uk.jpg ; 9780670549429-uk.jpg

Images 2017

Watertown Public Library BookScanCenter#

The Bronze Pen --from WPL scan

High Quality jpg (BookScanCenter.jpg 2017-01) ~2000x2900px ~450kb
Standard jpg (BookScanCenter.jpg 2017-02-02) ~1000x1300 152kb ; ... Image info shows "1,047px × 1,303px (scaled to 717px × 893px)"
Amazon jpg [13] 336x500

tiff ~ 3MB


Black and Blue Magic

We (Bard/Avon Books 1983) scanned by Bluesman 379x640 83kb ; size of preview 355x599 (Error creating thumbnail ...)

2017-02-03 14:00, checked user preferences that show 800x600 (inadequate to avoid error creating thumbnail); 15:00, changed to 1024x768

Upload cover The Bronze Pen (Scholastic) jpg standard

Error creating thumbnail: /var/www/html/wiki//bin/ line 4: /usr/local/bin/convert: No such file or directory
Full resolution‎ (1,047 × 1,303 pixel, file size: 152 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg)

(recommended, no greater than 150 KB)

BookScanCenter5.jpg at ISFDB [14]

High Quality jpg was ~2000x3000 and 450 KB


see also User:Pwendt/People/E. Nesbit

w = HRM cover at Wikipedia

from Amazon search 'nesbit millar'

w Amulet 2017[15](nidb 0307) 2016[16](nidb 0307) 1959[17](US nidb 0307, matches our UK cover except 75c) 1913[18](nidb 0307) — 1906 NEEDs coverart ID/credit
Book of Dragons (Annotated Kindle)[19](nidb 0307) —
Beasts 2017[20]
w Enchanted (Kindle)[21](nidb 0307) — 1907 [22] -- "superior cover image at Amazon" in queue; NEEDs coverart ID/credit
w Five Children (J Kindle)[23](nidb 0307) 2010[24] 1959[25](as Amulet)(Puffin pb does not match ours except price 3/6) — 2010 LGL needs only coverart ID/credit

Wikipedia shows cover image as 1st ed., red cloth with gold-stamped design, illustration evidently one of those by HRM from the 1st publication

Harding's — 1909
w House 2016[26](nidb 0307) — 1908 NEEDs coverart ID/credit
w Magic City — 1909 Wikipedia lacks cover image
w Magic World 2009[27](nidb 0307) — 1912

Wikipedia cover image as 1st ed., supported by numerous online booksellers, matches that by Millar for Kenneth and the Carp

Nine Unlikely — 1901 NEEDs illustrators work; 3 cover image may be too-low-quality
Phoenix 2010[28] 1966[29](nidb 0307) 1956[30](special)(nidb 0307) — 2010 LGL ed. in 3 states, 1 in queue, 2 NEED pub series and contents
Wet [2016 dubit][31] — 1913
Wonderful (Kindle)[32](as The Three C's)(nidb 0307) 1935[33] — 1911[34] --in queue uncredited, unsupported at Wikipedia --in queue 1935

make illus 0.1, intro 0.2

Phoenix (ebook P478826) Looking Glass Library LCCN: <a href="">2009-49684</a> -- 3 ISBN, matching the database)

Amulet T16007 no recent LGL eds. --purported Goodall ed. at Amazon[35]

Whereyouwant-ogoto (Kindle)[36](The Strand 1899, as 20pp) 1993[37]
Adventures of the Five 1994[38](boxed set)

Other illustrators certainly

Book of Dragons 2013 [39]

back cover image shows Petra Books, no credit or price

The Caves and the Cockatrice, ill Millar, Gordon Browne, Fell; ed Bancroft [40]

RAILWAY CHILDREN --1st ed. cover not found at Amazon 2017-03-07 (which shows probably more than 100 cover designs) --note in queue

BASTABLE CHILDREN needs series Notes

F. Anstey

F. Anstey 1697 (63)


Vice Versa Puffin Classics 1985-10 --in queue -03-15

genre? 1910 The Changelings The Strand Magazine p660, ill H.M. Brock R.I.

Covers at Amazon, not too recent

Vice Versa T19869 [41] Munro as 1883; [42] Puffin as 1543 --in queue 2
Puppets at Large T879330 [43] 1897 w Look 2014 --niSFE
Bayard from Bengal [44] 1903 --nidb niSFE
Fallen Idol T19862 [45] 1911 --in queue

Anstey titles at HDL

n Vice Versa, as 1882, also US
n The Giant's Robe, as 1884, also US -- --niSFE
c The Black Poodle and other tales, as 1896 --dnf 1884
n The Tinted Venus, as 1885, also US 1887
n A Fallen Idol, as 1886, also 2 US
n The Pariah, as 1889 (5), also US -- --niSFE
Voces Populi, as 1890 -- --nidb niSFE
n Tourmalin's Time Cheques, 4 as 1891
c The Talking Horse, as 1892 and c1891 US
g Lyre and Lancet, as 1895, also 4 US -- --niSFE
Baboo Jabberjee, B.A., as 1897, also US -- --nidb niSFE
c Puppets at Large, as 1897 -- --niSFE
c Paleface and Redskin, as 1898
n The Brass Bottle, as 1900, also US
A Bayard from Bengal, as 1902 as 1902 long title, also US -- --nidb niSFE
n Only Toys! --dnfHDL
n In Brief Authority, as 1915
n = Novel in database (9)
c = Collection in database (first 4 of 8)
g = non-Genre in database (1)
_ else title not in database
niSFE = not mentioned at SFE

Looking Glass Library search 2017-03-10

ignore Amazon data that is certainly wrong
these data imply 1959 #1-10 ; 1960 # 11-23/24 ; 1961 #24/25-28 (interpretation #12 "1950" mistake for 1960)

Titles in the database as of 2017-03-10 (16)

bold = LGL edition in database

Nesbit 1 ; dnf
11 phoenix ; as 1960 none
18 amulet ; as 1960 5 images, some unconvincing
24 ; dnf
Lang 2 blue as 1959 as 1959 must be wrong
13 red as 1960
20 green as 1960 as 1960 (same design)
Macdonald 3 goblin ; as 1959 none as 1960 unlikely image no date
12 curdie as 1950 as 1957 as 1990 (same design)
Warner 4 ; as 1959
Gorey 9 ; as 1959 none as 1959 image submitted 0310 --problem subtitle variation Ghost Stories [Chosen (and Illustrated) by Edward Gorey] --in progress; NEED export contents w/o page numbers to # 248109 and enter page numbers from [46]
Doyle 10 ; as 1959 as 1959, must be wrong
26 hound ; as 1961 wrong (2) as 1961
Baum 16 image submitted 0310
Wells 21 ; as 1960
Hope 25 [142] ; as 1961 as 1961 import, must be wrong or UK variant as 1961 import, distinct again --"The boards have the same pictorial as does the dust jacket" (paper boards per Edward Gorey)

Others (genre and non-genre)

5 animals ; as 1959 none -- non-genre
6 peterkin ; as 1967 presum later printing -- no review
7 nonsense ; as 1960 none as 1959
8 verse ; as 1959
14 stories ; not found
28 comic ; as 1961 none
15 otto ; as 1965 presum later printing -- no review
17 kate ; as 1862! modified design? -- no review
19 otter ; as 1960 -- non-genre
22 bucc ; as 1960 as 1960 (same design) -- no review
23 spider ; as 1960 -- no review

ALSO The Golden Fleece 2010

User talk:Markwood#Looking Glass Library, Epstein & Carroll
User talk:Chavey#The Story of the Amulet (Looking Glass Library)

Rtrace "Haunted" contents from his later ed. with same page-count? T822137