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Hi, my name is Marco.

I'm a very basic Italian sf reader with his small possession of volumes and ebooks, in Italian or English.

In the real life I work in the data management field.

These two facets of my life makes me an happy consumer of the ISFDB, so I'll try to contribute with what little I can of my own, especially having little free time to devote.


Here's what I'll try to work out, with no hurry, and given I don't forget to do a proper checklist. It's more a memory aid to myself than a set of info to the ISFDB users.

Regarding the few submissions to ISFDB I already made, here's a task list:


Follow new issues of:


I also have some more general projects I'll try to perform:


And, as cherished dreams:

  • compare the NILF (a.k.a. Vegetti's) catalogue content to ISFDB (possibly synchronising)
  • try to follow Italian sf published volumes and add them to ISFDB
  • work on Italian sf awards?