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Lindzay 12:22, 2 September 2011 (UTC)

AKA Lindsay G. Crawford AKA LOL: Lindsay's Own Library and other user names.

I've been reading and collecting Science Fiction since 1970, though I was still pretty green then. Have been using ISFDB since 2006 and have wanted to contribute data, though hard to make time. Logged on with user name 22:39, 8 July 2010. Reading has been a constant habit since about my 11th year, though I learned to read by 4 or before. My collection begin to form in 1971. My catalog didn't really begin until I started keeping a list of book read in 1974, then late that year I began a card file. Gaining computer access helped move things along although losing data 12/31/1995 reminded me to always pencil the purchase date, purchase price and place of purchase, no matter what. Keeping up a written list of books read would be a good idea as well. Internet access brought a world of fun to bibliographic business. What kooky folks those book sellers are. Some of the descriptions they come up with defy any rational explanation. Thankfully there are a few mindful of accurate detail and I am much glad of them.

I save images of book covers when I feel moved, and I like to give them standard names so they form well in folders. To do that I use full isbn-10 or catalog numbers when available, or something like Doubleday_1957_ if not. Some twilight zone catalog numbers convert to useful isbn-10. To aid in this endeavor, I found this handy web page:

No check digit on that SBN? ZAP! The math is done. Also can be used to convert isbn-10 to isbn-13 or vice versa. I have yet to see a isbn-13 that wasn't 978-. Just makes more work for key fingers. isbn-13 bad.

I sometimes look in on my book face at

Have a nice day. Friday 5:21 AM PDT on September 02, 2011 (GMT -0700)