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Real Name: John Robert Mead (The username is a relect of my Amateur Radio days, during which I established an account with the isfdb.)

Started reading Speculative Fiction, presuming Lloyd Alexander's Prydain novels are included, by the time I was seven. The first straight SF was James Blish's A Life for the Stars, found on the shelves of the Bush Elementary School Library in Salem, Oregon, USA ~1970 (fourth or fifth grade). My father started to subscribe to Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact with the April 1972 issue, and also subscribed to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction at that time. Later, IASFM, IASFAM, Galaxy, Unearth, Odyssey, Amazing, and a couple of others were added to the mix. Many back issues were tracked down in used bookstores, pushing the Astounding/Analog collection back to 1960.

I was sporadically active with the Portland, Oregon, USA fan community 1982-1987; 1994-1998. While I attended a number of conventions 1988-1994 while working in Chicago, I wasn't connected to the Chicago fan community to any extent.

I worked as a Librarian 1988-2002. Proof of my Library Geekdom is my non-fiction books all have LC call numbers on the spine. I also own an 8GB thumb drive shaped like a card catalog drawer. I'm JohnBobMead on LibraryThing.

My first submissions were on 2018-02-05. They weren't perfect; they weren't bad, but they weren't all correct, either.