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The template of which this is the talk page is considered a high-risk template. this means that it is used on many pages, and could cause widespread problems if it were changed accidentally or maliciously. Accordingly it has been protected. If you need to edit it, ask a moderator or post on the Moderator noticeboard.

This template uses conditional templates in a rather complex way. If you want to change the section that handles the call to {{A}} please test the result both for calls with and without the altName parameter. If you are unsure of how to work with the {{Qif}} and {{ifdef}} templates, please consult before editing that section of this template.

The boilerplate text in this template may be freely edited and will not affect the conditional templates. Of course editing the text will affect every page where this template is used. -DES Talk 22:35, 13 June 2009 (UTC)