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Fair Use Image Data

This is an image of the Table of Contents of an online webzine publication. Specifically, it is a screenshot of the contents page of the webzine {{{Pub{{{1}}}}}}. Any copyrighted artwork that may have been captured in this screenshot is believed to belong to the publisher or the cover artist. See the publication record linked above for details of the webzines editor, publisher, and cover artist.

Portion used

The entire front page or Table of Contents. The entire image is needed to identify the issue, including the contents of this issue, help confirm bibliographic data, properly convey the meaning intended, and avoid tarnishing or misrepresenting the image.

Fair Use Image Rationale
Purpose of use The image is used as the primary means of documentation of the webzine issue involved and to confirm the accuracy of such bibliographic data as contents titles, authors, content types, publisher, and cover artist. Since online publications have the capability of going offline, and forever deleting this bibliographic information, a permanent record of the basic bibliographic data is required.

As a Table of Contents of a specific online publication, the image is not replaceable by free content; any other image that shows the same details would also be copyrighted, and any version that is not true to the original would be inadequate for identification or commentary.


The use of this image, in connection with the display of bibliographic information about the publication and the contents of the publication linked to above, as part of the ISFDB, a non-profit bibliographic reference work, on servers located within the United States, is believed to constitute Fair Use within the meaning of United States copyright law. Reusers of the ISFDB's content should take care to be sure that their use conforms to applicable copyright law -- not all such uses will constitute fair use, and copyright law varies significantly in different nations.


Documentation for the template: Table of Contents (transcluded from Template:Table of Contents/Doc).


This template is to be placed on the image description page of a Table of Contents of front page image used to document a webzine under fair use.


Call this template as:

{{Table of Contents

or as:

{{Table of Contents

or as:

{{Table of Contents|<TAG>}}

or as:

{{Table of Contents|<TAG>|<publication title>}}

or as:

{{Table of Contents
|Title=<publication title>

Note: In all the above examples, when a parameter is shown in angle brackets, like:


then the parameter, and the angle brackets, should be replaced by the value of the parameter. For example: Title=<TITLE> should become Title=The Name of the Book (or whatever the name might be).

When using an unnamed (positional) parameter, it should NOT be the last thing on the line. It should be followed by either a pipe symbol (|) if there is another parameter to follow, or by the template call close (}}) if there is not. Otherwise the parameter value will be passed as including the carriage return at the end of the line, which will probably cause the template to function incorrectly.


  • Pub must specify a publication record tag or record number, an acceptable argument to Template:P (which see). Id may be used instead. If neither the "Pub=" nor the "Id=" parameter is present, the first unnamed parameter is used. One of these must be present and valid for the template to work correctly.
  • Title is used to specify the title of the publication, for display. If an unnamed parameter is used for Id, a 2nd unnamed parameter may be used for title.


To reduce typing, the alias {{TOC}} has been created for this template. So this template can also be called as


or as:



This template puts all pages that transclude (call) it into the following categories: