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Verified Publishing Names source reference: {{{1}}} by [[Author:{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] published {{{3}}}.

This documents data from the publication listed above and serves as a source reference by one or more articles in the experimental Verified Publishing Names project. Please discuss thoughts/questions on the project itself on the project's talk page and thoughts/questions about this publication on this article's talk page.

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To reference this publication from another article please copy/paste either of these to the article. The first form links to this page as a reference and the second as a citation.


Usage is: {{SourcePublicationHeader|Title|Author|PubDate}} where

  • Title is the publication's title.
  • Author is the publication's author.
  • PubDate is the date this publication was published.

All three parameters are required.

Example: {{SourcePublication|Khi to Freedom|Ardath Mayhar|May 1983}}

The publication article should also document exactly what's stated on the title, title verso (copyright), plus other parts pf the publication that seem relevant to determining the exact imprint, publisher, and publishing group names plus their street addresses. See Publication:KHTFRDM1983 for an example article. There is other information on both the title and copyright pages of the publication but they don't need to be documented as they are not relevant to determining and documenting imprint and publisher names.

The SourcePublicationHeader template will also add the publication to Category:Publisher verification sources.