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This linking template is used to link to an ISFDB Series Bibliography display page.


The most common usage is

{{Series|3642|Familias Regnant}}

which will display Familias Regnant and clicking on that link will link to Series Bibliography record 3642 which is for the Familias Regnant series.

If the second parameter is omitted as in {{Series|3642}} then 3642 will be displayed.

While these are convenient to use it's a good practice to always use this template with the id and name parameters.

{{Series|id=3642|name=Familias Regnant}}

will display as Familias Regnant and 3642 respectively.

Note - As series names can change it is strongly recommended that you always link to an ISFDB series record by its record ID number. However, you can link to a series by name.

{{Series|Familias Regnant}}

will display and link to Familias Regnant. However, the this link fails as the correct series name is The Familias Regnant meaning that you would enter {{Series|The Familias Regnant}} which will display and link to The Familias Regnant series bibliography. If you are on a series bibliography page and want to know its record ID number then look in the browser's address bar and the number will be at the end of the URL.

If the series name contains special characters such as quotes or parentheses then linking by name can fail. Using {{Series|Angel (Kilworth)}} displays Angel (Kilworth) but clicking on the link will go to a page that displays "Error: Series not found." There is a workaround for this using the altname parameter along with the name parameter. For example, {{Series|altname=Angel_(Kilworth)|name=Angel (Kilworth)}} displays Angel (Kilworth). Note that when you enter an altname that you must replace any spaces with underscores.


There are three optional parameters:

  • id is the record number of a series in the ISFDB database.
  • name is the display text used for the link to the series bibliography page. This does not need to be the same as the series name allowing you to write something such as "take a look at this series." In that example {{Series|id=3642|name=this}} was used.
  • altname is used when linking by series name and that the name contains special characters. As linking by series name is discouraged the use of altname should be rare. The value for an altname must not contain any spaces. If a series name contains spaces then replace them with underscores (_).

If the Series template is used with unnamed parameters then the first will be interpreted as the id and the second, if present, will be interpreted as the name. It is possible, though unlikely, that future versions of the Series template will change the interpretation of any unnamed parameters. It is recommended that Series always be used with the id, and if desired, the name parameters.

Documentation source

This is documentation for the template Series, transcluded from Series/doc.