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This template is to put a standard header on a page in the Publication namespace. The header will contain a link to the database record for the publication.


Please this template at the top of a publication page.

It may be called as:


(which will display the link with the tag taken from the page name)

or as

{{PubHeader|name=<Publication Title>}}

(which will display the link with the title)

In the very very unusual case that the wiki page has a name that is NOT the publication tag, call this template as

{{PublHeader|id=<Record number or Tag>}}

or as

{{PublHeader|id=<Record number or Tag>|name=<Publication Title>}}


There are two optional parameters:

name This is the text used for the link display. It defaults to the publication tag or record number, derived from the page name or the id parameter. The normal value would be the publication title.

id This is the record number or tag of the publication record in the ISFDB database. This defaults to the page name, which is almost invariably the publication tag, and need only be used if the wiki page has a different name.


The following alternate names redirect to this template, and can be used in place of it, with the same parameters:

Documentation source

This is documentation for the template PubHeader, transcluded from PubHeader/Doc.