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You recently created a page unknown which appears to be a biography of an author or artist. Please note that on the Help:Contents/Purpose page, editors are advised that:

"The ISFDB Wiki is not a place to record author biographies. It's harmless to add biographical information to these pages, but it may be deleted by editors who work on the bibliographies of those authors. Wikipedia is an excellent place for biographies of sf authors, and the ISFDB has a facility for adding a link to the Wikipedia article for each author."

While there are a few cases where we do use the Author: or better the Bio: pages to record biographical information, these are mostly authors long dead who do not now have and are not likely to have a Wikipedia article, but ones we have a significant body of work indexed. I hope this information is helpful.

Documentation for Template:Bio Warn

Thsi template is used to warn an editor who has created a biographical page in the wiki that probably does not belong there. It is intended to be palces on a user's talk page.


{{Bio Warn|page=<Full name of page>}}

The parameter after page= should be the full name, including any namespace prefix, of the page involved. It should be ready to go into double-square-brackets to form a wiki-link.

After invoking this template, the editor placing the template should add any appropriate further text (for example, if the page is being deleted or moved, this should be mentioned), thank the user, and sign the msg with four tildas ~~~~.