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Documentation for Template:BioHeader transcluded from Template:BioHeader/doc.

This template provides a standard header for biography pages in the ISFDB (normally found in the "Bio:" namespace). It provides a link to the standard author page (summary bibliography) in the database.


This template is normally used with no parameters, placed on the first line of the Bio: page. It will take the name to be linked to from the name of the page on which it is used. Used in this way, the wiki code is:


On rare occasions, the name of the person (author) in the database is different from the name of the wiki page. In such a case, the optional name parameter may be used. In this case the wiki code is:

{{BioHeader|name=<Actual Name>}}

where <Actual Name> is replaced with the exact name in the database that the page should link to.


The following alternate names redirect to this template, and can be used in place of it, with the same parameters: