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  • Birth Place - Place of birth of the author. Use the "Municipality, Administrative division, Country" format, e.g. "Ante, Champagne, France" or "Annapolis, Maryland, USA".
    • If the exact location is not known, enter the part that is known, e.g. "Japan" or "Quebec, Canada".
    • For countries that belonged to multinational entities at the time of the author's birth, include the name of that entity at the end, e.g. "Ménil-la-Horgne, Duchy of Bar, Holy Roman Empire" or "Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England, UK".
    • For locations whose names have changed over time, use the name as of the time of the author's birth, e.g. for authors born in Lviv between 1773 and 1918, use "Lemberg".
    • For locations whose name is transcribed differently in different languages, use the English version, e.g. "The Hague" rather than "Den Haag", "La Haye" or "L'Aia".
    • For places in England and Scotland, use the following names:
      • "Kingdom of England [or Scotland]" for dates prior to 1707-05-01
      • "England [or Scotland], Kingdom of Great Britain" for dates between 1707-05-01 and 1800-12-31
      • "England [or Scotland], UK" for 1801-01-01 or later dates
    • For places in Russia:
      • Prior to 1721-11-02: Russia
      • 1721-11-02 through 1917-09-13: Russian Empire
      • 1917-09-14 through 1922-12-29: Russia
      • 1922-12-30 through 1991-12-25: Russia, USSR
      • After 1991-12-26: Russia
    • For Tokyo, Japan:
      • 1889 through 1943: Tokyo was considered an actual city during this time period, so use "Tokyo City".
      • After 1943: Tokyo became a metropolis (a prefectural-level division). It is made up of 62 different municipalities. When possible, please include one of those 62 municipalities whenever indicating someone was born in Tokyo. For example, "Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan" or "Adachi, Tokyo, Japan".