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Significant DAW List Revisions

  • Filled in the Binding column based on those titles that noted the binding using "(Pb)", "(Hc)", etc. in the title and removed the binding indicators from the titles. --Marc Kupper 01:27, 4 Nov 2006 (CST)


To keep the size of this page manageable discussions get archived from time to time.

DAW List restructuring

With the latest additions to the DAW list it’s now 771K bytes and I need to put some effort into slimming down. Before doing that I should note the spreadsheet has two columns that are not shown on the web page. These are the page count and a “notes” field.

My thoughts on slimming down are:

  1. Keep the basic table layout the same but break into one page per year (32 pages). This would get the individual page size to a manageable level but the tables still present a lot of data.
  2. Remove some columns and instead work on actively linking them to ISFDB where you can see the details. I’ve already started on the link to ISFDB with the authors and am doing a pass to fill in the titles/publications. I believe the following columns can be dropped:
  • Pub Date (this is computed from First-pub)
  • Series – this is mostly junk
  • Genre
  • Copy
  • Artist
  • Verified (color coding should be enough)

I would much prefer the second option and also ideas for other columns that could get dropped. Marc Kupper 19:26, 24 Dec 2006 (CST)

This is such a massive undertaking that I really hesitate to comment since I am probably failing to grasp some implications of the two options. With that caveat, I am thinking that ideally the whole thing would be broken up by year, driven by the ISFDB -- with the exeption of a few data elements that the ISFDB doesn't capture -- and regenerated nightly.
I have been thinking of ways I could implement this as I don’t want to suck too much bandwidth away from Al. One of the projects on my queue is I want to run a copy of the ISFDB database so I can play with some queries that the public UI does not offer such as converting an author+title to a title_id and converting an ISBN to a pub_tag plus to play with ways to have ISBDB build the DAW list. Before starting on that project though I have two DAW list related projects I want to get out of the way.
  1. Finish merging my old DAW list into the ISFDB list. The intent of this merge is to focus my attention on discrepancies, such as that $233.58 price you saw, and to research/resolve each one. I have about 5000 rows of DAW publication data and have been going through this vs. the DAW list a field at a time. When I hit the copyright field I realized I’d be better off filling this in from other sources and over the past couple of weeks had been doing exactly that for all of the titles in the list. Now that copyright is out of the way I can get back to the data diff/merge.
  2. Do a pass to verify the publication dates, particularly for publications released after 2001. In this period DAW was doing a lot of first pub as a hardcover and a year later a pb with a new pub-date. For many listings the DAW list has the same date for the hc and pb release and so it’s a matter of looking up the pb date and fixing the list. Marc Kupper 23:38, 24 Dec 2006 (CST)

Miscellaneous DAW List Updates and Corrections

Miscellaneous updates Marc Kupper (talk) 14:59, 2 May 2007 (CDT)

  • Added Published dates for the early books on Publisher:DAW/Titles - In the main spreadsheet there are rows that are not real publications to deal with this as these early books did not state First Printed dates but later printings did.
  • Mark as verified on Publisher:DAW/Titles titles where a later edition, but not the first, had been verified. In most cases the 1st printing was verified but there are a few where I only a later printing was verified and these were not marked as verified at the title level. The idea is to make it easy to spot those titles that don't have a single printing that has been verified. Note that many, if not all, titles in the list have been checked via cover images.
  • Corrected the dates for many paperback reprints. They had been listed with the same first printing date as the hardcover edition but were always printed about a year later.
  • #608, UE1983, 0-87997-983-6 (1st) at $2.95 - Countdown to Midnight: Twelve Great Stories About Nuclear War by H. Bruce Franklin (ed) - Added subtitle
  • #689, UE2374, 0-88677-374-1 (20th) at $6.99 - Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams - deleted duplicate
  • #861, UE2516, 0-88677-516-7 (12th) at $6.99 - Winds of Fate by Mercedes Lackey - Added reprint
  • #891, UE2563, 0-88677-563-9 (10th) at $6.99 - Winds of Change by Mercedes Lackey - Added reprint
  • #921, UE2612, 0-88677-612-0 (11th) at $6.99 - Winds of Fury by Mercedes Lackey - Added reprint
  • #1090, UE2844, 0-88677-844-1 (5th) at $7.99 - River of Blue Fire by Tad Williams - Added reprint
  • #1090, UE2844, 0-88677-844-1 at $8.99 - River of Blue Fire by Tad Williams - Added reprint
  • #1129, UE2906, 0-88677-906-5 at $8.99 - Mountain of Black Glass by Tad Williams - Added reprint
  • #1181, 0-7564-0030-9 at $8.99 - Sea of Silver Light by Tad Williams - Added reprint
  • #1189, 0-7564-0034-1 (1st) at $24.95 - The Fall of Neskaya by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Deborah J. Ross - physical verification
  • #1189, 0-7564-0053-8 (1st) at $6.99 - The Fall of Neskaya by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Deborah J. Ross - Added reprint and physical verification
  • #1257, 0-7564-0149-6 (1st) at $24.95 - Zandru's Forge by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Deborah J. Ross - physical verification
  • #1262, 0-7564-0146-1 at $6.99 - The Riven Shield by Michelle West - Added reprint
  • #1291, 0-7564-0191-7 at $6.99 - Conqueror Fantastic by Pamela Sargent (ed) - Add "(ed)" - contributor role
  • #1320, 0-7564-0246-8 at $25.95 - Sanctuary by Mercedes Lackey - swapped rows so that the hardcover retail edition is before the book club edition.
  • #1321, 0-7564-0281-6 at $6.99 - Renaissance Faire by Andre Norton (ed); Jean Rabe (ed) - moved this title from "Unknown Logo #" to 1321 as a "best guess". There was a hole in the logo #s at 1321 and this title fits into that spot based on its publication date. There may be some shuffling of titles in this area in as publications get verified because things like #1330 were mis-printed with #1326, etc.
  • #1267, 0-7564-0142-9 (1st) at $6.99 - Sword and Sorceress XX (20) by Marion Zimmer Bradley (ed) - Deborah J. Ross dropped as a co-editor. This was probably an Amazon import error as she wrote the first story in this anthology.
  • Changed all of the hardcover and trade paperback spine codes from "hc/tp" to "None".
  • #1134, 0-88677-838-7 (1st) at $6.99 - Death Storm by Anne Knight - Corrected publication date from Nov-1999 to Oct-1999.
  • #1135, 0-88677-850-6 (1st) at $6.99 - Ties of Power by Julie E. Czerneda - Corrected publication date from Nov-1999 to Oct-1999.

Miscellaneous updates Marc Kupper (talk) 18:39, 13 May 2007 (CDT)

Title level updates

  • #326, UW1443, 0-87997-443-5 (1st) at $1.50 - Lord of the Spiders or Blades of Mars by Michael Moorcock - Added full, was Lord of the Spiders.
  • #415, UE1584, 0-87997-584-9 (1st) at $1.75 - The Stolen Goddess by Richard L. Purtill - Corrected the author name from Richard Purtill.
  • #587, UE1941, 0-87997-941-0 (1st) at $2.50 - The Parallel Man by Richard L. Purtill - Corrected the author name from Richard Purtill.
  • #1403, 0-7564-0019-8 (1st) at $25.95 - The Alton Gift by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Deborah J. Ross - Assigned Logo #
  • #1404, 0-7564-0435-5 (1st) at $24.95 - The Heart of Valor by Tanya Huff - Assigned Logo #
  • #Upcoming, 0-7564-0436-3 (1st) at $7.99 - Man vs. Machine by John Helfers (ed); Martin H. Greenberg (ed) - Swapped editor names to match what's on the cover.

Publication level updates

  • For All publications that are a first printing (first-print date is the same as the print-date) the Printing # was set to "1st" instead of leaving it blank.
  • Added many rows for reprints based on the 1996 DAW catalog.

Miscellaneous updates (pending)


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