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Intext shows up on the title page of publications underneath the publisher name as "An Intext Publisher".[1]


Note - Intext has been provisionally verified as a printer as a way to park this name pending research and confirmation as to what it was. It may be a publishing group.

Appearances of Intext

Verified appearances of Intext

  • 1970: Ballantine Books / An Intext Publisher[1] [2] [3]

A web search (Sep-2008) finds "An Intext Publisher" being used at the following dates. Reference links are provided to web pages that appear to be stable (book seller listings are not linked)

AbeBooks searches also find:

  • "An Intext Publisher" never appears before 1970.[5]
  • 4 listings for 1970[6]
  • 12 listings for 1971[7]
  • 12 listings for 1972[8]
  • 3 listings for 1973[9]
  • 4 listings for 1974[10]
  • "An Intext Publisher" never appears after 1974.[11]

The name Intext Educational Publishers also shows up for a similar time period and is probably related.

  • 1970-1975: Intext Educational Publishers

InText in the news

It's not known there is any relationship between the "Intext" of the 1970s and "Intex Systems Inc." of the 1980s and 1990s or Intex Solutions, Inc. ( of the 2000s. A search finds the following news/magazine articles with the oldest at the top of the list.

  • "Intext spurns takeover bid; earnings doubled in 1978." Publishers Weekly 215 (March 19, 1979): 26.
  • "Intext seeks to block further purchase of shares." Publishers Weekly 215 (June 11, 1979): 16+.
  • Dong, Stella. "Intext expects to merge with National Education." Publishers Weekly 216 (Sept 3, 1979): pp16(1).
  • Bidmead, C. "Movable Type." Practical Computing Nov. 1983: 102-104. Abstract: "Four software packages offering text editing for the Epson HX-20 portable computer are ITE+, Correspondent 20, Apwriter and Intext. ... Only Intext, written entirely in machine code to save storage, is fast enough to keep up with the typist and maximizes the small LED display on the HX-20.
  • "Davatzes: developing the art of entertainment." Broadcasting 108 (March 4, 1985): pp111(1). (1072 words). "In 1978 he left Xerox to become president of Intext Communications Systems, a Scranton, Pa.-based publishing and technical training company with revenue of about $65 million a year but also operating in the red. Under his management, Intext turned the corner. When Intext was sold, Hauser hired Davatzes"
  • "Computer Horizons: All quiet . . . so I didn't have to beat a retreat from the monks." Times [London, England] 17 Sept. 1985. (624 words) "I decided on the Dialtex-4, costing pounds 785 with micro-cassette memory, Intext word processing and communications software - an extraordinary machine made by Epson and 'liveried' by Talbot Computers of Bournemouth."
  • Pinkus, Claudio. "Intext." Electronic Publishing Business Oct. 1986: 18+.
  • Sustar, Lee. "'Intext' seen climbing Tower of Babel." MIS Week 7.26 (1986): 21. Abstract:"Intext, a multilingual word processing software package from Intex Systems Inc., allows users to switch from word processing in English to one of eight other languages, including Russian, Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu, with one keystroke. The $495 package, which requires 128Kbytes of RAM and a single floppy disk drive, runs on all IBM PCs and was developed initially for internal use by Intex, an international trading firm. With the program, OEMs will be able to market personal computers in areas where special (and expensive) hardware modifications were required previously to run word processing programs in the languages that used non-Roman alphabets. The Soviet press agency Novosti, the Soviet import export agency, and its central banks are all negotiating to acquire versions of the program. The package uses labels and cards representing non-QWERTY keyboards, and it is designed with a number of useful menus to avoid the complicated operation of other multilingual programs."
  • "Intex introduces multilingual $195 MS-DOS word processor." Computer Reseller News 216 (July 27, 1987): pp104(1). Abstract: "Intex Software Systems International Ltd releases a multilingual MSDOS word processing package: 'Intext'. The president of Intex sees a market in US ethnic populations and internationally. Intext usually begins with the English language in residence and allows users to change to their native language by touching the appropriate key on the keyboard. The program is priced at $195 for two languages and $250 for three languages."
  • "Languages added to multilingual word processor." PC Week 4.40 (Oct 6, 1987): pp39(1). (240 words). Abstract: "Intext Software Systems International has added more languages to the repertoire of Intext, its multilingual word processor, in its new release of the product."

InText - companies

A search for companies finds a few but none of these seem to be related to the InText of the 1970s:

InTEXT Systems Inc.

715 Sutter St., Folsom, California 95630-2569. Tel: (916) 985-4455

Business: Services: Developer of Internet full-text search, retrieval and intelligent filtering software and developer's tool kits.

Business: Communications: InTEXT Systems supplies content recognition technology. Offers tools for document routing, index reduction, natural language querying, publishing applications, retrieval, summarization, and more.

Variant Name: CP International Inc. - Name Change
Parent: CP Software Group Inc.
SIC Codes: 7372 - Prepackaged Software
NAICS Codes: 511210 - Software Publishers
Annual Sales: $8.00 M Sales, Estimate
Employees: 25, Telephone Interview
Year Founded: 1989

Intext Book Company Proprietary Ltd.

825 Glenferrie Rd., Hawthorn 3122, Australia. Tel: 61 3 9819 4500

Business: Manufacturing: Intext specializes in the use of technology for the teaching of languages other than English, in all levels of primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education.

Annual Sales: $4.50 M Sales, Estimate Employees: 8, Company Information Year Founded: 1980

Intext Diversified Sales Inc.

11660 Old Surry Ln., Charlotte, North Carolina 28277

Business: Manufacturing: Surgical Appliances And Supplies

Quale Press

781 E Guinea Rd., Williamsburg, Massachusetts 01096. Tel: (413) 268-7911

Business: Manufacturing: Publishes books on technology, literature and poetry

Variant Name: InText Publishing Services - Name Change

Year founded: 1988. The web site reports "First started as InText Publishing Services by founder and owner Gian Lombardo in May 1988, the company was based in the Boston area and focused on providing publishers with desktop publishing production services, training and consulting in addition to the copy and substantive editing, production, budgeting, project management and consultation services that Lombardo was offering clients on a freelance basis since 1984."

References and verification sources

1. ^  After Doomsday by Poul Anderson published March 1970
2. ^  Cycle of Fire by Hal Clement published June 1970
3. ^  Natives of Space by Hal Clement published June 1970