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Verified Publishing Names source reference: Shield by Poul Anderson published 1978.

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Title page


A Universal Book
Published by
the Paperback Division of
W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd

Title verso or copyright page

A Universal Book

Published in 1969 in Tandem by
Universal-Tandem Publishing Co. Ltd
This edition reprinted in 1978
by the Paperback Division of
W. H. Allen & Co. Ltd
A Howard and Wyndham Company
44 Hill Street, London W1X 8LB

First published in Great Britain by
Dobson Books Ltd, 1965

Copyright © by Poul Anderson 1963

A short version of this novel appeared serially in
Fantastic Stories of Imagination, June-July 1962.
Copyright © Ziff-Davis Publishing Company 1962

Printed in Great Britain by
Cox & Wyman Ltd, London, Reading and Fakenham

ISBN 0 426 03834 7


  • The front cover and spine have the Universal logo.
  • The back cover has the Wyndham logo.