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Verified Publishing Names source reference: Beyond the Barrier by Damon Knight published 1978.

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Cover is signed "PAJ 78" and artist is credited as "Peter Jones" on back cover.

Copyright page:

for mathematical and other favours
ISBN 0 600 31460 X
First published in Great Britain 1964
by Victor Gollancz Ltd
First paperback publication 1966
by Corgi Books
Hamlyn Paperbacks edition 1978
Copyright (c) 1963, 64 by Damon Knight
A shorter version of this novel was published
in The Magazine of
Fantasy and Science Fiction 
under the title "The Tree of Time"
Hamlyn Paperbacks are published by 
The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd,
Astronaut House, 
Middlesex, England
Printed and bound in Great Britain by  
Hazell Watson & Viney Ltd, 
Aylesbury, Bucks