Open Dissembler Bugs

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This page has been deprecated and is here for archival purposes only. Please file new Dissembler Bug reports at:

Add new bugs at the top. Give the bug a number by incrementing the "next open bug number"; give it a status of OPEN, and then describe the problem.

Valid statuses are:

  • OPEN -- reported, not fixed or denied
  • WORKSFORME -- cannot reproduce the problem; no further research will be done
  • FIXED -- problem has been fixed
  • NAB -- the behaviour described is not a bug, but is the intended behaviour of the software
  • WONTFIX -- the behaviour described is not ideal, but will not be fixed for some reason
  • CLOSED -- the bug has been closed for some other reason. A bug that requires more information for a fix to be made may be closed, and can be reopened if the submitter adds the requested information.

Next open bug number: 40006.

  • 40005 OPEN William_R._Forstchen's biblio lists 3 titles that will be supposedly published in late 2010. AFAICT, the data comes from Amazon UK, e.g. see this record. All three titles were allegedly published by Pocket in September 2005 and are out of print, which is quite unlikely. They are not listed on Amazon's US Web site either. The question of Amazon's reliability aside, how did Dissembler decide that the publication year was 2010 and not 2005? Did it check a wrong field? Did it fail to account for the European time format (DD/MM/YYYY)? Ahasuerus 12:30, 16 Jun 2006 (CDT)
  • 40004 OPEN The following entry (since corrected) was apparently originally created by Dissember:
    • Title: The Land of Narnia: Brian Sibley Explores the World of C. S. Lewis
    • Authors: Brian Sibley and Pauline Baynes and C. S. Chronicles of Narnia Lewis
    • Year: 1990 Ahasuerus 14:14, 24 May 2006 (CDT)
  • 40003 OPEN Dissembler (or the ISFDB1->ISFDB2 conversion?) appears to add "xc3x82xc2xa0" and similar strings to random titles. For example, the titles used on Matthew Clarke Lenton's Wolfpac and G.F. Edwards' Witches in Stitches are messed up.
  • 40001 OPEN Dissembler appears to have (or at least had at one time) a problem with parsing long composite editor records. For example, Young Mutants (tag YNGMTNTS1984) had the following editors listed before I corrected the record:
    Isaac Asimov
    Martin and Waugh, Charles Greenberg
    Charles Waugh
    Martin Harry Greenberg
Hence the peculiarly named "Martin and Waugh, Charles Greenberg" in the list of authors. I have seen this problem at least twice, but the first time I didn't realize what was causing it. Ahasuerus 18:29, 3 May 2006 (CDT)