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A lot of these are valid but incomplete: an omnibus may contain a collection, but the only way that it would pass these scripts is to have all the individual contents listed instead of the collection. Some have both, some have only the collection entries, some have SOME of the Collection entries. Where there is only a collection entry the presumed contents can sometimes be found from a separate publication like this but whether the introductions and essays and artwork carry over would be a guess and page numbers impossible, except in situations like this where the Collection entries are unique and created from the omnibus.
The best way forward might be to nudge primary verifiers, but as many people don't seem to be bothered about say, the original Foundation Trilogy actually being 9 stories, there may be a reluctance to go into that much detail. BLongley 06:07, 5 Oct 2007 (CDT)

Earthman Come Home

According to a standalone publication it contains

   * Earthman, Come Home • [Earthman, Come Home] • (1953) • novelette by James Blish
   * Okie • [Earthman, Come Home] • (1950) • novelette by James Blish
   * Bindlestiff • [Earthman, Come Home] • (1950) • novelette by James Blish
   * Sargasso of Lost Cities • [Earthman, Come Home] • (1953) • novella by James Blish 

but in the copy of Cities in Flight I have it has chapters titled

The Rift
The Jungle
Hern VI

How those map to the stories listed I have no idea. Getting a copy of the standalone collection and comparing goes past my fun threshold.

So listing it as just the collection makes sense. In fact I'd have listed it as a novel if it wasn't already listed because in what I have it is. A fixup but not obviously so without some looking. So resolving the type mismatch is asking a lot of someone who isn't a dedicated Blish expert. Dana Carson 20:36, 5 Oct 2007 (CDT)

I only have Cities in Flight, and it's Chaptered as you say. We could ask Kraang for help with matching them up (he needs to go and put page numbers on it anyway) but unless we made each Chapter a Serial or something it would be pretty messy. Fix-ups are a pain, as I noted here: I'm leaning towards Hyperlinks to the Shortfiction at title level, but of course those can be lost with later merges and really needs a proper "based-on... link" programmatic solution instead. BLongley 07:18, 6 Oct 2007 (CDT)
Agreed. I think that fixups should be classified as novels usually since thats where a naive user will be looking for them but in a ideal world they should also be returned as results when you are searching for where a given story was published. Dana Carson 15:04, 6 Oct 2007 (CDT)