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Science Fiction Special 8 / Quest for the Future: I don't think this is an Anthology/Collection error. The single-author Collection (actually a fix-up novel) is one third of an Anthology containing two other authors. BLongley 05:33, 4 Oct 2007 (CDT)

Well, if change the fixup to Novel, then the mismatch will go away. Also, the Science Fiction Special series appears to consist of omnibuses rather than anthologies. Do we want to change them to the "Omnibus" type?Ahasuerus 13:23, 4 Oct 2007 (CDT)
I've never actually seen a "Science Fiction Special" unless it was something I assumed was a Gollancz book in the early 70s. ("Big Yellow Book with a Rocket on the Spine - gimme!") "Omnibus" suggests sets of related books to me though: and most of that series aren't. It would solve some problems, but so would painting them pink and putting a big SEP field over them. BLongley 16:55, 4 Oct 2007 (CDT)
Fix-ups have been a major can of worms for some time. They're messing up a lot of these Clean-ups though, and we COULD solve that by demanding that the Shortfiction entries are NOT entered - they could be linked to in the notes still. And I MEAN "linked to" - not just referenced - but that requires some HTML skills we don't normally demand. People are entering the Shortfiction AS WELL AS the Novel just to provide those links. Hmmm... this is wandering off topic for this area... I'll try and find the right place to resurrect this discussion yet again. BLongley 16:55, 4 Oct 2007 (CDT)
OK, here's an example of what we could do in the notes: The Whole Man. Displays a bit funny though, so Lists may not be appropriate. BLongley 17:10, 4 Oct 2007 (CDT)
Looks a bit better with To Open the Sky though. Could trim it more, too many redundant author links. BLongley 17:27, 4 Oct 2007 (CDT)