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Here will be listed missing titles from "Anatomy of Wonder" by Neil Barron.

From chapter 1. The Emergence of Science Fiction, 1516–1914 by Brian Stableford


1638	John Wilkins	        The Discovery of a World in the Moone
1660	Athanasius Kircher	Iter Exstaticum Coeleste (Ecstatic Journey)
1758	Emanuel Swedenborg	Of Earths
1765	Marie-Anne De Roumier-Robert	Lord Seton's Voyages to Seven Planets
1768	Louis-Sebastien Mercier	Philosophical Dreams And Visions
1781	Restif De La Bretonne	The Discovery of Australia by a Flying-Man
1805	Cousin De Grainville	The Last Man
1836	Louis Geoffroy	        The Apocryphal Napoleon
1849	Robert Hunt	        Panthea
1856	Lucretia Hale	        The Spider's Eye
1860	Hubert Le Hon	        7860 A.D.
1864	Xavier Saintine	        Astronomical Excursions
1864	Xavier Saintine	        Another Visit! Another Planet!
1864	Camille Flammarion	Real and Imaginary Worlds
1864	Chrysostom Trueman	The History of a Voyage to the Moon
1869	Mary Putnam Jacobi	A Martyr to Science
1874	Andrew Blair	        Annals of the Twenty-Ninth Century
1893	Laird Clowes	        The Great Peril
1912	Paul Scheerbart 	Astral Novellas

From chapter 2. Science Fiction Between the Wars: 1915–1939 by Brian Stableford


1921	Claude Farrere	        Tales of the Afterlife and Other Worlds
1921	Garet Garrett   	The Blue Wound
1921	Theodore Varlet & Octave Joncquel	The Martian Epic (1&2)
1924	Alfred Doblin	        Berge, Meere Und Giganten
1924	Osbert Sitwell  	Triple Fugue
1925	Hector Bywater  	The Great Pacific War
1926	Charles Vivian  	Star Dust
1926	Shaw Desmond    	Ragnarok
1928	Eimar O'Duffy   	The Spacious Adventures of the Man in the Street
1929	John Desmond Bernal	The World, the Flesh, and the Devil
1931	John Hargrave   	The Imitation Man
1932	Harold Nicolson  	Public Faces
1933	Fedor Kaul      	Contagion to This World
1935	Claude Houghton 	This Was Ivor Trent
1936	Joseph O'Neill  	Day of Wrath
1937	Andre Maurois   	The Thought-Reading Machine