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When a new publication is created, the software tries to automatically link each review contained in the entered publication to an existing title. This is done by looking for title records with the same title and authors as what is contained in the review record. However, there are cases where the link cannot be made, typically due to one of the following reasons:

  • The reviewed title may not yet exist in the database.
  • The title may exist, but it has a different name than the one found in the review
  • Minor spelling differences may exist between the review and the title.
  • There is more than one record whose title and authors match the review.

The Link Review tools allows you to connect a review to a specific title. The tool will display the review record:

Linking the following review to the specified title:

Title: The Flight of Icarus
Author: David Gerrold
Year: 1979-09-00

The only thing you need to do is find the title being reviewed and copy/paste the title's record number into the form:

Enter the record number of the title this review refers to.

Title #:

If a review is linked to the wrong title and you want to break the link between the review and the title, enter 0.

Note that the number must be the record number of a title record, and not that of a publication record.