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This page is a help or manual page for the ISFDB database. It describes standards or methods for entering or maintaining data in the ISFDB database, or otherwise working with the database. Other help pages may be found via the category below. To discuss what should go on this page, use the talk page.

If, after exploring the Help system, you still have a question, please visit the Help desk and let us know. We probably know the answer, but we need your help to know what we left out of the help pages.

If you are new to editing the ISFDB, please see Help:Getting Started.

For more on this and other header templates, see Header templates.

Award Types define the types of awards (like the Hugo award) that ISFDB currently supports. Only ISFDB bureaucrats can create new award types. Only ISFDB moderators can edit existing award types. If you would like to have a new award type added or an existing award type modified, feel free to post your request on the Community Portal.

The following fields are currently defined for each Award Type:

  • Short Name: The short name of the award, e.g. "Hugo".
  • Full Name: The full formal name of the award as defined by the organization that gives the award.
  • Awarded For: What this award is given for, e.g. best work of horror, best SF work published in a certain country, etc.
  • Awarded By: The name of the organization that gives the award. Common types of organizations include conventions, professional associations and fan associations.
  • Poll: "No" if this award is limited to wins and nominations. "Yes" if this award assigns numeric places, e.g. 1, 2, 10, etc.
  • Covers more than just SF: "No" if this award is limited to speculative fiction works like the Hugo award. "Yes" if this award is not limited to genre works, e.g. the Newbery award. (Note that ISFDB generally doesn't include non-genre awards given to non-genre works.)
  • Web Page: URL of a Web page or Web site about this award type. This is a repeating field and moderators can enter as many Web pages as necessary.
  • Note: A free text note describing this award. Limited HTML and templates can be used in this field -- see Help:Using Templates and HTML in Note Fields for more details.