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This page lists editors who can work in other languages. It is assumed all editors can work in English, so there is no section for that language. After each entry, indicate in parentheses the level of capability in the language:

  1. Working knowledge of the alphabet/syllabary to be able to add transliterations (or Romanizations)
  2. Working knowledge of the basic grammar and bibliographic terms/abbreviations to be able to parse bibliographic information
  3. Ability to translate titles

Languages are listed in alphabetical order by English name, with the name in the language given in parentheses. Editors are listed in alphabetical order in each section.

Belarusian (Беларуская мова)

Bulgarian (български език)

Catalan (Catalá)

Chinese (汉语 or 漢語)

Cantonese (廣東話 or 广东话)

Mandarin (普通話 or 普通话)

Czech (Čeština)

Danish (Dansk)

Dutch (Nederlands)

Finnish (Suomen kieli)

French (Français)


East Frisian Low Saxon (Friâ)

North Frisian (Nordfriisk/Nuurdfresk)

Saterland Frisian (Seeltersk)

West Frisian (Frysk)

German (Deutsch)


Ancient Greek (κοινὴ διάλεκτος)

Modern Greek (νεοελληνική γλώσσα)

Hebrew (עִבְרִית)

Hungarian (Magyar nyelv)

Italian (Italiano)

Japanese (日本語)

Korean (한국어)

Latin (Lingua latina)

Macedonian (Македонски јазик)

Norwegian (Norsk)

Polish (Język polski)

Portuguese (Português)

Romanian (Limba română)

Russian (русский язык)

Serbo-Croatian (Srpskohrvatski jezik/Српскохрватски језик)

Slovak (Slovenština)

Slovenian (Slovenščina)

Spanish (Español)

Swedish (Svenska)

Thai (ไทย)

Turkish (Türkçe)

Ukrainian (Українська мова)

Yiddish (ייִדיש)