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Genre Publishers as of 2017

Publisher and imprint names are linked to their ISFDB page. The Amazon search displays the publisher's books from newest to oldest. A blue background indicates that this publisher is included in SFWA's list of membership-qualifying markets.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Abaddon Books Abaddon Books Speculative imprint of Rebellion Publishing, along with Solaris and 2000 AD (comics).
Ace Books Ace
An imprint of Berkley Books (Penguin).
Alban Lake Publishing Alban Lake Publishing Publisher of numerous magazines across the spectrum of the genre, plus occasional anthologies and collections.
The Alchemy Press Alchemy Press Fantasy and weird fiction.
Angry Robot Angry Robot SFF; many younger authors; paperbacks, ebooks, mass market originals.
Apex Publications Apex Publications
Apex Book Company
Apex Magazine; novels, collections, etc. with tastes leaning toward the dark. Shock Totem backlist.
April Moon Books
April Moon Books Horror. Short Sharp Shocks anthology series.
Aqueduct Press Aqueduct Press Feminist speculative fiction.
Armchair Fiction Armchair Fiction "Dedicated to the restoration of classic genre fiction" (SFF and crime/mystery). Ebooks and paperbacks.
Azoth Khem Publishing Azoth Khem Publishing Horror, with ambitions to expand to other genres. Editor: Kasey Hill.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Baen Baen Leading publisher of mil-SF. Also space opera etc.
Bards and Sages Publishing Bards and Sages Publishing Spec fic (especially fantasy) and role-playing games. Great Tomes anthology series, Bards and Sages Quarterly.
Black Shuck Books Black Shuck Books UK-based publisher of regional and literary horror.
Blind Eye Books Blind Eye Books SFF and mystery with LGBT characters.
Bloodshot Books Bloodshot Books US-based small horror press.
Borderlands Press Borderlands Press Thomas F. Monteleone's work and limited editions of other horror writers. Borderlands anthology series.
Book View Café Book View Cafe A cooperative publisher. All sorts of fiction and nonfiction, but mostly SFF.
Bride of Chaos Bride of Chaos 9Tales series; novels & short fiction by associated authors & Daniel J. Kirk.
Broken Eye Books
Broken Eye Books Dark fiction.
Burning Willow Press Burning Willow Press Small press, SFFH. Crossroads in the Dark anthology series.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Candlemark & Gleam The Reckless Candlemark & Gleam Fantasy, science fiction, YA; mostly by women. Athena Andreadis and others. The Reckless is the short fiction imprint.
Cemetery Dance Publications Cemetery Dance Publications Cemetery Dance magazine; limited-edition horror.
Centipede Press Centipede Press Reprints of weird and supernatural fiction and weird mysteries; author collections; Weird Fiction Review.
Chaosium Chaosium Mythos fiction from the publisher of Call of Cthulhu and other RPGs.
ChiZine Publications ChiZine Publications "weird, subtle, surreal, disturbing horror, science fiction, and fantasy"
Chômu Press Chomu Press UK-based small press: oddball, genre-breaking literature in affordable editions.
Colors in Darkness Colors in Darkness Collective of self-publishing Black authors of horror, dark fiction, and paranormal fiction. Anthologies.
Crystal Lake Publishing Crystal Lake Publishing South Africa-based horror press.
Curiosity Quills Press Curiosity Quills Press Paranormal, dark sci-fi, dark fantasy.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Dark Lane Books Dark Lane Books Publisher of the Dark Lane horror anthology series (1-2x/year)
Dark Minds Press Facebook Dark Minds Press Horror; anthologies and novellas
Dark Regions Press Dark Regions Press One of the largest publishers of horror and dark fiction; limited & trade editions.
DAW Books DAW A member of the Penguin publishing group. Science fiction and fantasy; significant backlist. Almost exclusively novels.
DefCon One Publishing DefCon One Publishing Jeremy Zimmerman and Dawn Vogel; fiction and anthologies. Mad Scientist Journal.
Del Rey Del Rey (US) (UK) Large publisher of paperback, hardcover, and ebooks. An imprint of Ballantine (Random House).
Dim Shores Facebook Limited-edition horror
DMR Books Swords of Steel anthology series (heroic fantasy written by heavy metal musicians). Editor D. M. Ritzlin.
Dragonwell Publishing Dragonwell Publishing US-based independent fantasy publisher.
Dreaming Robot Press
Dreaming Robot Press SFF for YA and middle grades. Young Adventurers' Guide anthology series.
DSP Publications DSP Publications LGBTQ genre fiction, imprint of Dreamspinner.
Dunhams Manor Press Limited-edition weird fiction, mostly chapbooks.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing EDGE-Lite
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing
Canada. Novels, anthologies, collections. Tesseracts anthology series. EDGE-Lite is the ebook imprint.
Egaeus Press Fine limited editions of "morbid and fantastical works"
Eibonvale Press Eibonvale Press UK. "Publishers of horror, magic realism, slipstream and the surreal"
Elsewhen Press Elsewhen Press Small English publisher of speculative fiction (largely novel series).
Elder Signs Press Elder Signs Press Dark fiction and horror; sf and fantasy with a dark bent.
EMP Publishing Twitter EMP Publishing Creepy Campfire Quartlerly; "horror, science fiction, speculative & Christian fiction". Editor: Jennifer Word.
Engen Books Engen Books Speculative fiction from Newfoundland authors. Editor: Erin Vance.
Evil Jester Press Evil Jester Press Horror. Novels, anthologies, and comics.
Ex Occidente Mount Abraxas Fine printings of weird fiction. Located in Bucharest.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Falstaff Books Falstaff Books Paranormal, horror, fantasy, etc. North Carolina. Editors: John G. Hartness, Jaym Gates, Jay Requard.
Fedogan & Bremer Fedogan & Bremer Mythos & weird fiction in upscale editions.
Figuration Press Facebook Figuration Press "Focused on alternate visions of the future and alternate ways of understanding the world, particularly in ecological contexts." Into the Ruins magazine.
Frith Books Frith Books Small press specializing in speculative fiction and cross-genre works.
FurPlanet Productions FurPlanet Productions Anthropomorphic/furry fiction. Publishing Publishing "Social-political and Progressive Speculative Fiction; Feminist SF; Queer SF; Eco SF; Multicultural SF; Cyberpunk". Publishes a magazine and occasional themed anthologies.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Galaxy Press Galaxy Press Publisher of L. Ron Hubbard and Writers of the Future
Gateway Gateway UK publisher of classic science fiction and fantasy; an imprint of Orion.
Gollancz Long backlist in print, and many new SFF publications. Imprint of Orion.
The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers Erie Tales and Recurring Nightmares anthology series. Ghostlight magazine.
Grey Matter Press
Grey Matter Press "Publishers of Dark Fiction - horror, spec-fic, SciFi, thriller, fantasy, suspense." USA
Grim Oak Press
Grim Oak Press Published by Shawn Speakman. Fantasy, mostly by a group of friends of the publisher; limited editions; Unbound/Unfettered anthology series.
Grimbold Books Grimbold Books "Science fiction, fantasy and dark fiction" England
Grinning Skull Press Grinning Skull Press Horror. Grave Markers chapbook series.
Guardbridge Books Guardbridge Books Small publisher; fantasy and science fiction, nonfiction about the genre.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Harper Voyager Harper Voyager Impulse Harper Voyager (US) (UK)
Harper Voyager Impulse (US) (UK)
One of the biggest genre publishers; an imprint of HarperCollins. Harper Voyager Impulse is digital-first.
HellBound Books HellBound Books Publisher of "horror, bizarro, erotic horror, dark erotica [and] poetry."
Haverhill House Haverhill House Publishing Small independent horror publisher.
Hex Publishers Hex Publishers "Horror, science fiction, crime, dark fantasy, comics". WORDS zine.
Hippocampus Press Hippocampus Press Mythos and other horror.
Hydra Publications Hydra Publications SFF, mysteries, thrillers.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
IFWG Publishing IFWG Publishing
IFWG Publishing International
Speculative fiction and children's books.
IFWG Publishing Australia IFWG Publishing Australia Dark fiction by Australian authors; children's books. SQ Mag.
Immanion Press Immanion Press Storm Constantine's publishing house. Her own work and kindred spirits; paganism.
Independent Legions Publishing Independent Legions Publishing Italian horror publisher.
Indigo BHC Press/Indigo An imprint of BHC press. UF, PR, fantasy, space opera.
infinity plus infinity plus UK-based publisher of science fiction and other spec fic.
Infinivox Audio "year's best" science fiction anthologies, selected by Allan Kaster


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
JABberwocky Literary Agency JABberwocky Literary Agency SFF-specialist literary agency that also puts out e-book editions of clients' reissued or exclusive works.
JournalStone Bizarro Pulp Press
Trepidatio Publishing JournalStone
Bizarro Pulp Press - JournalStone
Horror press. Also publisher of Dark Discoveries magazine.
King Shot Press King Shot Press "Micropublisher of radical fiction." Cody Goodfellow, Chris Lambert, etc. Horror, crime, literary weirdness.
Kipple Officina Libraria Kipple Officina Libraria Italian science fiction and horror publisher. Some publications in English.
Laksa Media Laksa Media Groups Inc. SFF anthologies for social causes.
Lethe Press Lethe Press Speculative fiction of gay interest. Headed by Steve Berman.
Luna Press Luna Press Publishing Scotland. "Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, in both fiction and academia."


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Martian Migraine Press Martian Migraine Press Weird fiction (usually erotic), weird erotica, transgressive fiction, Cthulhu Mythos.
Meerkat Press Meerkat Press Genre fiction, poetry, other fiction. USA. Anthologies ed. Tricia Reeks.
Midnight Street Press Midnight Street Press Horror anthologies and collections. Hellfire Crossroads series.
Mischief Corner Books Mischief Corner Books LBTQ urban fantasy and romance.
Mocha Memoirs Press Mocha Memoirs Press "Women authors in science fiction, fantasy, and horror." Also romance.
Moondream Press Moondream Press Speculative imprint of Copper Dog Publishing. Anthologies, poetry, novels. Sha'Daa shared world anthology series.
Month9Books Month9Books YA and middle grade.
A Murder of Storytellers A Murder of Storytellers Horror. Group of Oklahoma writers.
Mythic Delirium Books Mythic Delirium Books Mythic Delirium magazine; Clockwork Phoenix anthology series; collections. Publisher: Mike Allen.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
NEHW Press NEHW Press New England Horror Writers. Yearly anthology series.
NESFA Press NESFA Press New England Science Fiction Association; anthologies, nonfiction, historical collections, con publications, etc.
NewCon Press NewCon Press SFFH; novels; anthologies and collections (mostly retrospective). Publisher: Ian Whates.
Night Shade Books Night Shade Books SFF; year's best (Clarke, Datlow). Owned by Skyhorse Publishing since 2013.
Oldstyle Tales Press Reprints of pre-WWII supernatural fiction; also the Yellow Booke anthology series (new ghost stories).
Orbit Hachette Advanced Search (Orbit) Orbit One of the biggest genre publishers; an imprint of Little, Brown (Hachette).
Orford Parish Books Orford Parish Books "New England Folk Horror." Editor: Tom Breen. Small group of authors: Matthew M. Bartlett, Jonathan Raab, Joseph Pastula et al.
Omnium Gatherum Omnium Gatherum "Dark fantasy, weird fiction [and] literary thrillers"


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Parvus Press Parvus Press Space opera, fantasy
Permuted Press Permuted Press Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction.
Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing Dark fiction, including horror, science fiction, and crime. Dark Moon Digest magazine.
Phoenix Pick Phoenix Pick Science fiction, especially space opera and Mil-SF. Reprints of Heinlein et al. Galaxy's Edge magazine.
Pink Narcissus Press Pink Narcissus Press LGBTQ-friendly fantasy press.
Post Mortem Press Post Mortem Press Dark fiction, with some sf and fantasy.
Prime Books Prime Books Science fiction & fantasy. Specializing (not exclusively) in reprint anthologies & collections, incl. those edited by Paula Guran.
Procyon Press Procyon Press SFF imprint of Tayen Lane Publishing. Annual anthology series.
PS Publishing PS Publishing UK-based publisher of limited editions and hardcovers (science fiction, fantasy and horror). Publisher of the Postscripts anthology series.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Ragnarok Publications Ragnarok Publications Fantasy and SF, tending toward the action-filled.
Rampant Loon Press Rampant Loon Press Adventure-oriented fiction; Stupefying Stories magazine.
Raw Dog Screaming Press Raw Dog Screaming Press "Cross-genre", "dark, deviant, off-kilter".
ReAnimus Press ReAnimus Press Ebook editions of out-of-print work.
Resurrection House Underland Press
Arche Press
ROTA Books Underland Press
Arche Press
ROTA Books
Publisher: Mark Teppo. Imprints: Underland Press, "on the fringes of genre, both literary and weird;" Arche Press, speculative fiction of the less weird sort; ROTA Books, semi-genre, such as crime crossovers.
Rosarium Publishing Rosarium Publishing Speculative fiction & comics "with a multicultural flair".


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Saga Press Saga Press Imprint of Simon & Schuster.
Sarob Press Limited editions of weird fiction.
Scarlet Galleon Publications Scarlet Galleon Publications "Horror, suspense, and mystery fiction".
Shadow Publishing Facebook Shadow Publishing Horror and weird fiction anthologies and collections.
Shadow Work Publishing Shadow Work Publishing Horror.
Shadowridge Press Shadowridge Press Dark fiction from Tracy L. Carbone and others. Also reissues.
Shoreline of Infinity Publications Scotland-based magazine and occasional science fiction books.
Short, Scary Tales Publications Short, Scary Tales Publications Horror novels, comics, novellas, and collections.
Side Real Press Limited edition hardcovers of "supernatural and weird literature past and present".
Sinister Grin Press Sinister Grin Press Horror and (usually dark) science fiction. Publisher: Travis Tarpley.
Small Beer Press Small Beer Press Slipstream, crossed genres, literary fantasy. Magazine: LCRW.
Snuggly Books Snuggly Books Strange and offbeat literature; also translations of French and Italian Decadent works.
Solaris Solaris Speculative imprint of Rebellion Publishing, along with Abaddon and 2000 AD (comics).
Spatterlight Press and Spatterlight Press Jack Vance's books.
Spectral Press Spectral Press "Stories of the ghostly and supernatural." Novellas and anthologies; limited edition chapbooks; annual Christmas ghost story anthology.
Sportula Sportula Spanish spec fic publisher, founded by Rodolfo Martínez and publishing him and others; a few English books.
Springer (Science and Fiction) Springer "Science and Fiction" Nonfiction, anthologies, and novels examining the intersection of science, fiction, and the public's thinking, at a popular or semi-academic level.
Stitched Smile Publications Stitched Smile Publications Horror and dark erotic fiction.
Stone Skin Press Stone Skin Press Literary speculative fiction, weird fiction. Ties with gaming. Editor: Robin D. Laws.
Story Spring Publishing
Story Spring Publishing Small press in Illinois. Patricia Burroughs and others. Editor: Diane (Annie) Tarbuck.
Subterranean Press Subterranean Press SFFH, specializing in high-quality hardcovers and special editions.
Supposed Crimes Supposed Crimes "GLTBQ publisher focusing on genre fiction"
The Swan River Press Supernatural, gothic, and fantastic fiction; small editions; run by Brian J. Showers in Ireland.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Tachyon Publications Tachyon Publications Fantasy and SF with a literary bent; mostly short fiction collections.
Tacitus Publishing Tacitus Publishing Yearly anthology.
Talos Press Talos Imprint of Skyhorse Publishing. Founded 2013. New & reissued spec fic.
TANSTAAFL Press TANSTAAFL Press Thomas Gondolfi, publishing his own work and a few others; libertarian-oriented.
Tartarus Press Tartarus Press "Literary supernatural/strange/horror fiction," specializing in collectable limited hardcovers but also publishing paperback & ebook editions.
Telos Publishing Telos Publishing Principally horror; also science fiction, erotica and romance, cult TV, etc. England.
Thinking Ink Press Thinking Ink Press Short collections, chapbooks, and miniatures.
Third Flatiron Publishing Third Flatiron Publishing Quarterly anthology series. According to their self-description, they prefer big ideas in short form and have a taste for irony and satire.
Ticonderoga Publications Ticonderoga Publications Australian SF, fantasy and horror publisher. Anthologies edited by Liz Grzyb and others.
Titan Books Titan Books Broad-ranging genre publisher; UK.
Tor Books (US) (UK) (US) (UK)
The largest genre publisher, putting out books in nearly every subgenre. publishes short fiction and novella chapbooks.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
UFO Publishing UFO Publishing Unidentified Funny Objects anthology series; other humorous SFF; publications by Alex Shvartsman.
Undertow Publications Undertow Publications "Weird fiction and strange tales"
Unsung Stories Unsung Stories Literary spec fic; weird fiction. Imprint of Red Squirrel Publishing.
Valancourt Books Valancourt Books New editions of old literature, especially but not entirely supernatural.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Weasel Press Weasel Press Beat literature, furry literature. Haunted Traveler anthology series.
Wicked Ink Books Wicked Ink Books Themed anthologies (SFF) by a group of authors.
Wildside Press Wildside Press Besides the works of John Gregory Betancourt, mostly publishes classic reprints, including "megapack" ebook omnibuses and anthologies. Also the magazine Weirdbook.
WMG Publishing Fiction River WMG Publishing Genre books (SFF, crime/mystery, etc.) Dean Wesley Smith, Kristen Kathryn Rusch, Fiction River anthology series.
WolfSinger Publications WolfSinger Publications The Lorelei Signal magazine; anthologies; short SFF novels. Publisher: Carol Hightshoe.
Word Horde Word Horde Horror and dark fantasy. Editor-in-chief: Ross E. Lockhart.
WordFire Press WordFire Press SF and fantasy of a fast-paced sort; humorous SFF. Publishers: Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta
Written Backwards Written Backwards Horror, especially of a psychological sort. Chiral Mad anthology series.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Zagava and Facebook Fine printings of weird fiction. Germany, but publishes in English.
Zombies Need Brains and Facebook Kickstarter-funded themed anthologies. Publisher: Joshua Palmatier.


Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
47North 47North SFF imprint of Amazon Publishing. Created in 2011. Centered on ebooks (Kindle) - novels, short fiction, serials.

Other Publishers of Interest

Publishers who produce a significant number of genre books though not specializing in them. Where possible, publisher and Amazon search links have been limited to SFFH publications.

Publisher Imprints Website Amazon Search Notes
Airship 27 Airship 27 "New Pulp" press.
And Other Stories And Other Stories Literary fiction, largely translations. UK.
Annorlunda Books Annorlunda Books General publisher. Novellas, novels, anthologies of classics.
Avon Avon Romance Avon Books (SFF - US) (SFF - UK)
(Paranormal - US) (Paranormal - UK)
A subsidiary of HarperCollins, publishing mostly romance.
BEAT to a PULP BEAT to a PULP Ebook/paperback publisher of pulp fiction, with a monthly webzine.
Bedside Press Bedside Press Comics--women and diverse creators. Publisher: Hope Nicholson.
Bella Books Bella Books Lesbian lit, incl. fantasy & paranormal. Listings for lesbian books by other publishers.
Bibliotheca Alexandrina Bibliotheca Alexandrina Publishing arm of an organization devoted to reviving ancient religions. Anthologies of fiction in a polytheistic framework.
Blackstone Publishing Blackstone Publishing Popular fiction, nonfiction, and reprints.
Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Children's Books (UK)
Bloomsbury USA
Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Bloomsbury Circus (Fiction) (Children) (USA)
Bloomsbury Publishing
Bloomsbury Childrens
Bloomsbury USA
Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Bloomsbury Circus
UK-based publisher with a US branch. Large number of publications for children/teens.
BOA Editions BOA Editions
BOA Editions Ltd.
Poetry and literary fiction.
Bold Strokes Books Bold Strokes Books Lesbian (and GBT) lit, incl. fantasy & paranormal.
Coffee House Press Coffee House Press Literary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
Comma Press Comma Press "publishes short story anthologies and single-author collections" Science fiction and other genres. Collaborations with scientists. Global writers and translations. Based in Manchester.
Dark Horse Books Dark Horse Books Comics, occasional prose.
Darkhouse Books Darkhouse Books Mysteries. Two (so far) SF anthologies edited by Andrew MacRae.
Dreamspinner Press Dreamspinner Press Gay romance.
ECW Press ECW Press (SFF) Canada. General popular fiction and nonfiction.
Egmont Books Egmont
Egmont Books
UK company with a large children's division.
Entangled Publishing Select Otherworld
Scorched Entangled: Select Otherworld
Entangled: Covet
Entangled: Scorched
Romance: the paranormal imprints are Select Otherworld and Covet, plus, in part, Scorched (erotic romances).
Exile Editions Exile Editions "An independent literary publisher based in Toronto." Exile Book of... series.
Flame Tree Publishing Flame Tree Publishing (SFF) (Literature) Gift books & calendars. Gothic Fantasy anthology series. Classic fantasy, gothic, mystery novels.
Games Workshop Black Library Games Workshop
Black Library
Warhammer 40,000 tie-in books.
Hachette Book Group Back Bay Books
Disney/Hyperion Books
Forever Yours
Headline Eternal
Hodder & Stoughton
Hodder Children's Books
Hodder Paperbacks
Little, Brown
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Mulholland Books
Orchard Books (UK)
Tinder Press
Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Hachette Advanced Search Back Bay Books (SFF)
Disney-Hyperion (US) (UK)
Forever (Paranormal - US) (Paranormal - UK)
Forever Yours (Paranormal)
Headline (SFF)
Headline Eternal (Paranormal)
Hodder & Stoughton (SFF)
Hodder Children's Books
Hodder Paperbacks (SFF)
Little, Brown and Company (SFF)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (SFF) (Children)
Mulholland Books (US) (UK)
Orchard Books (UK)
Tinder Press
Enormous conglomerate. The SFF imprint Orbit is listed separately here. The advanced site search allows searching by imprint but not by genre (only fiction in general). The UK Orchard Books imprint is not to be confused with the same-named imprint of Scholastic.
Harlequin Harlequin Nocturne
Carina Press
Harlequin Teen
Harlequin MIRA
Mills & Boon
Harlequin (Fantasy)
Harlequin (Paranormal Romance)
Harlequin Nocturne
Mills & Boon Nocturne
HQN Books (SFF) (Paranormal)
Mills & Boon (SFF) (Paranormal)
Carina Press (SFF) (Paranormal)
Harlequin Teen
HQ Young Adult
MIRA (SFF) (Paranormal)
Mira Books (SFF) (Paranormal)
Enormous publisher of romance and fiction for women; subsidiary of HarperCollins. The UK imprints are under the Mills & Boon umbrella.
Harmony Ink Press Harmony Ink Press Teen/New Adult LGBTQ+ fiction
HarperCollins HarperCollins (UK)
Harper Perennial
Katherine Tegen Books
Balzer + Bray HarperCollins (SFF - US) (SFF - UK)
Harper Perennial (SFF)
Ecco (SFF)
Katherine Tegen Books
Balzer + Bray
SFF imprint Harper Voyager is listed separately above, as are the romance imprints Avon and Harlequin; other imprints of interest include Harper Perennial, Ecco (literary fiction), and the children's/YA imprints HarperTeen, Katherine Tegen Books, and Balzer + Bray.
Harry N. Abrams Abrams Books for Young Readers
Amulet Books Abrams Books for Young Readers
Amulet Books
Publisher of mostly books about art and illustrated book. Children's books imprints are Appleseed (babies and tots), Abrams (picture books), and Amulet (middle grades and teens).
Head of Zeus Head of Zeus "General and literary fiction, genre fiction and non fiction."
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Educational books and instructional materials for children; school editions of fiction.
Inkshares Inkshares Published according to reader orders based on a sample. All genres fiction and nonfiction.
Macmillan Faber and Faber
Farrar, Straus & Giroux
First Second
Henry Holt
Macmillan UK
Macmillan Children's Books
Children's Books / Macmillan UK
Picador USA
SMP Swerve
Square Fish
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Griffin
Thomas Dunne Books
Macmillan Advanced Search Faber & Faber
Farrar, Straus & Giroux
First Second
Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Macmillan (US) (UK)
Macmillan Children's Books (US) (UK)
Picador (US) (UK)
Square Fish (US) (UK)
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Griffin
Swerve (Paranormal)
Thomas Dunne Books
One of the Big Five. The SFF imprint Tor has been listed separately.
Northwest Press LGBT-themed comic books and graphic novels. Occasional prose publications.
Open Ink Press Romance, etc. with a focus on queer romance and underrepresented authors.
The Overlook Press The Overlook Press (SFF) Publisher of R. Scott Bakker, Walter Moers, and other occasional genre works.
Pegasus Books Pegasus Books (SFF) Mostly nonfiction; their "Fiction" category includes some speculative novels.
Pelekinesis Pelekinesis Small "literary-minded" publisher; story collections, poetry, etc.
The Penguin Group Berkley Books
G. P. Putnam's Sons
Kathy Dawson Books
Penguin Books
Penguin Books (US)
Penguin Canada
The Penguin Press
Puffin / Penguin Books (UK)
Puffin / Penguin Books (US)
Riverhead Books
Speak / Penguin
Speak / Penguin Books (US)
Viking UK
Viking Books for Young Readers Berkley
Dutton (SFF)
G.P. Putnam's Sons (SFF - US)
InterMix (SFF) (Paranormal)
Kathy Dawson Books
Penguin (Literature - US) (SFF - UK)
Penguin Books (Literature - US)
Penguin Classics (UK)
Penguin Press (Literature - US)
Puffin (US) (UK)
Riverhead Books (Literature - US)
Speak (US) (UK)
Viking (Literature - US) (SFF - UK)
Viking Books for Young Readers (US)
A huge conglomerate of subsidiaries. The main ones for speculative fiction are Ace Books and DAW, listed individually above. Their website allows searching for SFF across all imprints simultaneously.
PM Press PM Press (SFF) (Literature) Radical, Marxist and anarchist literature. Outspoken Authors series. Publisher of Terry Bisson.
Prospective Press Prospective Press "Genre fiction" (crime, sff, romance, etc.) and non-fiction.
Ramble House Ramble House Crime (reprint and modern), reprints of supernatural and weird pulps.
Random House Alfred A. Knopf
Ballantine Books
Crown Publishers
Delacorte Press
Doubleday (UK)
Vintage Books
Vintage (UK)
Vintage Digital (SFF) Knopf (Literature)
Ballantine Books (SFF)
Crown (Literature)
Delacorte Press
Doubleday (SFF - US) (SFF - UK) (Literature - US)
Random House (Literature - US)
Vintage (SFF - US) (SFF - UK)
Vintage Digital (SFF - US) (SFF - UK)
A division of Penguin Random House. The SFF imprint Del Rey is listed separately.
Salt Publishing Salt Publishing (SFF) British literary fiction publisher.
Scholastic Scholastic Press
Scholastic UK
Scholastic Paperbacks
Chicken House
Orchard Books Scholastic Press
Scholastic (UK)
Scholastic Paperbacks (US) (UK)
Chicken House (US) (UK)
Orchard Books (US)
One of the largest children's publishers. The Orchard Books imprint is not to be confused with the same-named imprint of Hachette.
Simon & Schuster Aladdin
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Atria Books
Emily Bestler Books
Gallery Books
Little Simon
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Paula Wiseman Books
Pocket Books
Pocket Star Books
Simon & Schuster UK
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Simon & Schuster Children's UK
Simon Pulse
Washington Square Press Aladdin
Atria Books (SFF)
Atria/Emily Bestler Books (SFF)
Emily Bestler Books (SFF)
Gallery Books (SFF)
Little Simon
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Paula Wiseman Books (US) (UK)
Pocket Star
Pocket Books (SFF - US) (SFF - UK)
Scribner (SFF)
Simon & Schuster (SFF)
Simon & Schuster UK (SFF)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Simon & Schuster Children's UK
Simon Pulse (US) (UK)
Touchstone (Fiction - US) (Fiction - UK)
Washington Square Press
One of the Big 5. The SFF imprint Saga Press has been listed separately.
Skyhorse Publishing Sky Pony Press
Arcade Publishing Skyhorse Publishing
Sky Pony Press
Arcade Publishing
US publishing company; SFF imprints Talos Press and Night Shade Books are listed separately.
Stone Arch Books Stone Arch Books Books for grades K-9.
Three Rooms Press Three Rooms Press Literary fiction, memoir, poetry translations, drama and art "inspired by dada, punk, and passion". Current publisher of Robert Silverberg.
The Unnamed Press The Unnamed Press (SFF) "Literature from around the world."
Walker Books Candlewick Press
Walker Books
Candlewick Press
Children's books; Walker is the UK branch, Candlewick US.
Wilde City Press Wilde City Press Gay fiction.
Yen Press Yen On Yen On Manga translations; Yen On is for light novels.