Feature:90098 Put COVERART back in pub content pulldown

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A while ago, Al took the "COVERART" title type out of the pub contents pulldown in edit pub. This was at my suggestion, because the app had integrated the cover art title into the field at the top for artist, on the parent title, so there was no need ever to enter something down in the contents section.

I'm now wondering if there is a reason to bring it back, for Ace doubles. The consensus on Ace Doubles was that they should be entered as an OMNIBUS, with the author uncredited; they should then have contents of two NOVELS, each crediting the appropriate author. The difficulty with cover art is just the same as with the authors; entering two artists makes it look as if they collaborated on the artwork. So I think there should be two COVERART records for a dos format book. Al, would that cause display problems?

If it wouldn't (and I could understand if it did, because of the integration with the Artist field) then I think dos format books should have two COVERART records. For the one I've been working on, for example, "The Silent Invaders" cover is by Emsh, but the flip side, "Battle on Venus", is unsigned. I think this should have a COVERART with a title of "The Silent Invaders", so that there is no apparent implication that Emsh did both covers (of course he may have, in this case, but I don't want to assert that).

I'm hoping that the only problem would come up if there were two COVERART records, both of which matched the pub title. Under the approach I'm suggesting, neither COVERART record would match the pub title. What do you think -- is this the right approach? If so, Al, you'd have to add the COVERART back to the pub contents pull down. Mike Christie (talk) 09:08, 6 Jan 2007 (CST)

I’d agree with that – I just grabbed three random doubles and for all of them the cover artist was different on the flip side. Marc Kupper