Feature:90089 Validate or correct date formatting

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  • Feature:90089 Validate or correct date formatting OPEN An editor submitted a publication date as YYYYMM-DD which I accepted and then corrected as ISFDB interpreted it as 0000-00-00. At present ISFDB works with YYYYMMDD or YYYY-MM-DD. My thinking is that that some up-front validation could allow for
    • YYYY
    • YYYYMM
    • YYYY-MM (it took me a while to train the fingers to add -00…)
    • YYYY-MM-DD
Other patterns would be refused with help on the correct format/syntax. The YYYY, MM, and DD value ranges can be validated too with the year allowing 0000, 1000 to now+2 years, and 8888. Marc Kupper 14:34, 29 Dec 2006 (CST)
(Copied from Community Portal as it seems relevant to this issue Marc Kupper 23:41, 3 Jan 2007 (CST)) When one wants to create a New Title, the date entry can apparently consist of nothing but 1956, say, instead of 1956-00-00 and that date then appears when the book is posted. But, as I have just discovered on my own (and Marc has pointed out to me) if one wants to *add* a date to an already existing Title, then one *has* to use the YYYY-MM-DD format in order to get anything at all to show up. A very minor quibble, to be sure, but life is tough enough without one more inconsistency to remember, hehe.... Hayford Peirce 18:53, 3 Jan 2007 (CST)